The Best Torque Wrench Buying Guide You’ll Ever Read

Finding the right torque wrench for your mechanic shop doesn’t have to be a hassle! Our easy-to-read and comprehensive torque wrench buying guide will give you all the information you need to make the best possible decision.

In this fun and easy-to-read guide, you will get an incredible insight into the best that the world of torque wrenches has to offer. You will understand what to look for in a torque wrench and get an eye on the best currently on the market today.

Best Torque Wrenches [Comparision]

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Things to Consider Before Buying Best Torque Wrench

Before reading through our torque wrench reviews, it is a good idea to take the time to understand what to look for in these tools. Each wrench has a variety of different benefits and amenities to consider before making your purchase.

The Size of the Wrench

Are you planning on working on very small or extensive projects? How comfortable do you feel holding a wrench for an extended period? These considerations are important when buying a torque wrench. Avoid buying a model that is the wrong size or which is uncomfortable for you to use. In this way, you’ll prevent a serious buying mistake.

Available Head Sizes

What heads are you planning on using on your torque wrench? These measurements matter a lot when choosing a wrench. See if your wrench comes with a kit with various heads.

If it does, try to find a package that offers the most number of heads. Though it’ll cost more in the short-term, it’ll save you money later by helping you avoid having to buy new heads in an emergency.

The Type of Torque Wrench

There are many different torque wrench models from which you can choose. Here are a few torque wrenches you can consider:

  • Click-type torque wrenches
  • Electronic torque wrenches
  • Beam torque wrenches

The click-type are used in most professional mechanic shops because they use a click to notify when you have the correct amount of torque.

However, some prefer electronic torque wrenches because they make a louder beeping noise when you are done with the adjusting.

Last is the beam torque wrench. These are usually frowned upon in a professional setting because these wrenches are the least accurate type.

All of these wrenches operate in more or less the same way. However, the electronic wrench is considered the most precise.

The Accuracy Rating

When looking at a torque wrench in the shop, check the side for its accuracy rating. If it is lower than five percent, don’t bother. Most high-quality wrenches are even higher than five percent.

You should also look on the box for a certificate of calibration rating. This evaluation should also include the starting date of the calibration.

Some manufacturers may try to ignore this need by not printing their rating on the box. That is never a good sign of quality. If you can’t find a certificate of calibration rating and a starting date on a torque wrench, buy another model. You’ll thank us later.

Build Material

Most torque wrenches are going to be built mostly out of metal with some plastic parts. Inspect the wrench to see how much plastic it contains.

Typically, you’ll find plastic mostly near the handle and the head of the wrench. Try to find one that has the least amount of plastic possible.

 Best Torque Wrenche Reviews – 2019

TEKTON 24335 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench

This high-quality wrench has many great amenities and features that make it worth buying. Let’s take a look at its features and its cons.

High-Contrast Dual-Range Scale

When using this wrench, you can adjust its pressure and position with this high-contrast dual-range scale. It is very easy-to-read and will give you precise measurements, avoid mistakes, and keep your tool operating at a very high level.

Reversible Ratchet Head

During a fast-paced and heavy-duty project, you don’t want to waste time making mistakes. With the reversible ratchet head of this torque wrench, you can:

  • Reverse the direction of your wrench
  • Decrease the torque level
  • Remove lug nuts more quickly and efficiently

Wide Range of Calibration

Surprisingly, this little wrench comes with a +/- rate of about four percent. This adaptability means that you can avoid tightening your lugs too far or too little. In this way, you can avoid stressing or breaking parts. It also makes this wrench more adaptable for different project types.

All-Steel Construction

The steel construction of this tool avoids the problems caused by using plastic tools. While you will spend a little more on this wrench, you won’t watch it fall apart in your hands under too much stress. It is also resistant to weathering problems and even avoids rust fairly well.


  • Not as diverse as other wrenches on this list
  • Click-type build is not as advanced as other models

Final Thoughts

We suggest this wrench to a wide range of potential users. While it lacks the usage diversity of other wrenches on this list, it is reliable and sturdy enough to suit most professional needs.

It is also a great choice for amateurs who are just trying out a torque wrench for the first time. Don’t be afraid to invest in this wrench. You might find that it offers you all the benefits that you need.

CDI 1002MFRPH 3/8-Inch Drive Adjustable Micrometer Torque Wrench

While our first torque wrench is an excellent choice, this model is among the most respected of its type on the market today. Here’s why it is well worth your consideration if you are looking to spend a little money on this professional-grade torque wrench and what to expect from it.

Laser Scale

Accuracy is an important consideration to take into account when using air impact wrench. The precision-based laser scale of this model will provide this wrench with:

  • Pin-point accuracy
  • Easier-to-use control
  • Easier adjustability

Wide Torque Range

While all the torque wrenches on our list have limitations, this wrench has the widest range of possible torque. It has a minimum of 10-foot pounds but a maximum of about 100. As a result, it is among the most robust and adaptable of all of the wrenches include on our list.

Positive Lock

During the middle of a job, you want to make sure that your wrench is fully locked and won’t come off during adjustment. The positive lock of this tool includes a spring-loaded lock ring that is:

  • Easy to adjust
  • Simple to open
  • Strong enough to resist weathering damage

Easy to Set

Another common problem that plagues many torque wrenches is a poor set. This concern will cause the wrench to slip. With the precise and easy-to-set nature of this particular wrench, you’ll never run into that serious problem.


  • Higher plastic concentration
  • Steeper learning curve than other wrenches

Final Thoughts

We think that this is a great wrench for a skilled amateur mechanic. There are two main reasons for that. First of all, we love the laser and its ability to guarantee you almost infinite precision.

We also think that the positive lock makes it easier for amateurs to master. While both of these items have a learning curve, it is one that most should be able to overcome.

Neiko 00206A 1/2 Inch

This Neiko torque wrench is a great addition to any toolkit. It holds up well against even the most featured-filled torque wrenches on our list. Taking a look at its features and benefits should convince just about anybody of its overall quality and usefulness.


Long Breaker Bar

Working a tough nut is not a problem with the fairly long breaker bar of this wrench. At about two feet in length, it provides you with the maximum amount of torque possible. As a result, you can easily remove just about any stubborn lug nut.

High-Quality Chrome Vanadium

The construction quality of your torque wrench should never be in doubt. The chrome vanadium of this wrench is an excellent tools choice because it is:

  • Stronger than other types of steel
  • Resistant to weathering damage
  • Handsome to the eye

Flexible Rotating Head

An excellent torque wrench needs a strong rotating head that can hit just about every angle. This little wrench has got you covered.

It has a 180-degree flexible head that can be adjusted in many different ways. As a result, you should never have a hard time getting your wheels changed.

Spring-Loaded Ball Bearings

High-quality ball bearings ensure that your lug wrench will run smoothly and efficiently. The spring-loaded bearings included in this wrench are among the most efficient and effective on the market today. They have been carefully balanced and lubricated to create the smoothest possible operation.


  • A little larger than other wrenches of this type
  • May take a little longer to understand

Final Thoughts

The flexibility of this wrench gives it a diversity of use that just about cannot be topped. It also has one of the best lubricated and smoothest actions of all the wrenches on the market today.

These amenities make it an excellent choice for a broad range of amateur and professional mechanics.

Precision Instruments PREC3FR250F

This wrench comes with a variety of amenities and features that you can’t get on any other torque wrench on our list. As a result, we think it is the perfect choice for a wide range of users, including professionals and newbies.


Ergonomic Grip Design

Your grip should be comfortable and easy on your torque wrench. With the ergonomic grip design of this wrench, you will find this wrench is:

  • More comfortable in your hand
  • Easier to use
  • Simpler to adjust

Using a torque wrench with a more comfortable handle helps streamline your operation and make everything a little more efficient. It also helps keep you from developing the kinds of problematic blisters that can derail your work for a few days.

Adjustment Knob

The easy-to-use adjustment knob eliminates problematic spring tension problems and makes it easy to quickly and efficiently adjust your tool. Even better, it can be locked into place during more repetitive uses as a way of keeping you from having to change your torque multiple times.

No ‘Turn Down’ Needs

After you finish up with most torque wrenches, you need to turn them down to keep them operating efficiently. Thankfully, that is not a problem with this model.

Instead, you can set it to the side, and it will be ready to sit between jobs. You can even store it immediately after use in a way you can’t with other torque wrenches.


  • Less torque range than other wrenches on this list
  • Has a tendency to slip during use

Final Thoughts

While we wish this wrench had more range on it, we are pleased with its ergonomic handle and the easy-to-use adjustment knob. Beyond these features, we also enjoy that it doesn’t need to turn down after use. In fact, we’d go so far as to say this is one of our favorite torque wrenches on this list.

TEKTON 24340 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench

Last, but not least, is this wrench model. It has many great amenities that make it a wrench worth considering. In some ways, it may just be the most well-rounded entry on our list. It is simply that good.

Reasonable Calibration Range

Like the other TEKTON on our list, this wrench has a calibration range of +/- four percent. As a result, you can avoid the kind of damage that occurs if you use the wrong level of torque.


This great torque wrench has a click-operation method that:

  • Increases torque accuracy
  • Improves your adjustments
  • Provides a guide to adjustment strength

As we mentioned in an earlier section, click-operation torque wrenches are among the most popular with professionals.

We can safely assure you that the click-operation on this particular wrench is the most accurate and easy-to-use type. Even amateurs should have an easy time using this particular model.

Clear Scale

A simple-to-read scale is a great feature that should come on every torque wrench. This particular model comes with a clear dual-range scale that is easy to read in situations with low light. As a result, it is a reliable and effective wrench.

Sturdy Steel Construction

All TEKTON tools come with a sturdy and reliable steel construction. As a result, you should be able to rock it with this torque wrench for years or more. With no plastic parts to wear down, it is among the sturdiest wrenches on our list.


  • Stiff when compared with other wrenches
  • Can get “stuck” during some adjustments

Final Thoughts

With a solid calibration range and a strong steel construction, this is among the best torque wrenches available on the market today. It is great for amateurs because it is easy to use and accurate.

However, even professionals enjoy this wrench due to its clear scale and nearly flawless click-operation build.

How to Use a Torque Wrench

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of the best torque wrench for your needs. However, you should also better understand how to use one of these high quality tools.

While those with years of experience likely won’t need to read through this guide, anyone who is new to the benefits of torque wrenches should read this section carefully.

In this section, we’ll go over the ways you can adjust the torque wrench, how to attach it, how to turn it properly, and the methods necessary for using it on other projects also you can use jack stand for your car repairing safety.

With our help, you will become a master of the torque wrench and will more efficiently use your brand new tool in a more streamlined and efficient manner.

best torque wrench

Cleaning It Before Using

Check the inside head of your wrench to ensure it isn’t dirty. While this isn’t a significant step, it does help avoid stains and scratches on the interior of the air impact wrench, and on the lug nut. Just wiping it down with a damp cloth and drying should be more than enough.

Setting Your Torque Wrench

Gauge the size you need to work your torque wrench correctly and then use the adjustment tool to set its size. This process is crucial because it will ensure that your wrench doesn’t slip when you are using it.

Fitting It on Your Lugs

After setting your torque wrench, you need to slide the ratchet head onto the lug nuts carefully. Push the wrench onto the lugs snugly and press to hold the wrench in place while you turn. You may need to get on your knees during this process, so wear knee pads to avoid injury.

How to use a Torque Wrench Properly

Turn Very Carefully

Place your torque wrench on the item you want to adjust. Carefully turn it counter-clockwise to loosen or clockwise to tighten. Never use a striker bar to hit the torque bar as this can damage the torque mechanism.

Tighten in Sequence

If you are using your torque wrench on a multi-screw project, always tighten everything in sequence. For example, a wheel should have a particular course that you need to follow.

Typically, the sequence is done in a clockwise motion but will vary depending on the vehicle. Never tighten the nuts all the way at first. Continue to follow the sequence until you are done.

Final Verdict

Reading through our torque wrench reviews should give you an idea of which model is the best for your needs. The TEKTON 24340 is one of our favorites because it has a wide range of great features that make it stand out among its competitors on this list. However, the CDI 1002MFRPH has one of the best positive lock mechanisms on the market today.

When it comes right down to it, we think that any of these models would be among the best torque wrench for your needs. So why not rent a few from a local shop and see how they operate on your lug nuts?

It is a good idea to take the time to perform this simple process because it could help you find the best possible torque wrench for your needs. You’ll be surprised at just how different each wrench model can be when you try them out on your own.

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