Best Screw Extractor – Quick Guide To Remove Any Type of Broken Bolts

Screws are commonly used tools in our homesteads for various purposes. Quite often screws or bolts wind up breaking below the surface of the material it is threaded into when we try to remove them. In such occurrences, a screw extractor is used to get rid of the remaining part.

A screw extractor is a tool that is comparable to a screw only that is has a reversed and tapered thread. Some people may have heard it for the first time, but it is a highly efficient and reliable tool in any household.

It may be a bit hard to tell or identify the excellent screw extractor in the market due to the quality difference in the various products.

Well, that is no longer a problem. We have compiled the best screw extractors to save you the trouble.

Top 5 Best Screw Extractor – 2019 Reviews

IRWIN HANSON 53227 Hex Head Multi-Spline Screw Extractor Set

The Irwin Hanson Hex Head extractor set provides a durable product that covers an excellent variety of sizes fora mid-range collection. The ability to have most of the sizes needed in a compact case is invaluable to those that have to carry a bunch of tools on a daily basis. The total weight is four pounds, which means each extractor has a solid build.

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The spiral flutes assist in the extraction process by allowing a deeper grip as the tension increases. There is no difficulty presented in using the extractors, but it is better only to use a corded drill. You will get a better result without any slip.

The size of each extractor is etched into the side, along with the size of the corresponding drill bit needed. This is perfect for those that refuse to clog the memory with unnecessary numbers. You can open up the extractor set and quickly find exactly what you need.

This extractor set includes 25 that range in size from 1/8-inch to 7/8-inch. The plastic carrying case is reasonably durable. The extractors are made of high-grade carbon steel. You are more likely to lose one before having them break.

This product works best in retrieving broken screws and bolts in a high-torque environment. Simply lightly hammer the extractor in to get a bite and you will more often than not achieve excellent results.

This is a great set for those that run into problems with standard sizes. It is somewhat pricey for having a limited choice of 25.

Damaged Screw Extractor and Remove Set by Aisxle

The incredibly low price definitely gets this product noticed, but it does have a few limitations. They are correct in their being able to work with any size screw, but this is not the perfect set for someone trying to remove hardened steel bolts.

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The set of four extractors are made of hardened steel that is tempered twice to add durability. This does make it a stronger set than previous versions, but it is limited to the size and types of screws that can be removed. Screws made of softer metals are the best candidates to be removed without any trouble.

The small, sturdy case and ability to contain four extractors and corresponding drill bit end make it a breeze to carry with you anywhere. You just flip the drill bit side and you are set with the right extractor. It makes the process simple, quick and sure.

This is not the set of extractors needed for a heavy shop and garage use. This is the perfect set to have around the house for removing annoying screws that break and get in the way.

The price is impressive, but the limited scope of the actual jobs it can do might make it fall down on your list of “must-have” tools. This is still a beautiful set to have around for the tough small jobs.

Alden 8440P Pro Grabit Broken Bolt and Damaged Screw Extractor

This handy pack of four extractor/drill bits is easy to use and it is hard to go wrong in choosing the right size for the job. The reasonable price is the initial draw, but the great performance will have you glad you made the purchase.

These extractors are made of M2 HSS steel and twice tempered for added strength and endurance. These are perfect for around the house, or in the garage. Unlike some other brands, these are capable of removing stuck screws and bolts.

This widens their scope of usability to removing stuck bolts in automobiles. This extractor set can save a lot of time, money and aggravation.

The specially designed drill bit allows you to create a hole without punching, hammering, or tapping before. The bit will automatically center and get you the size opening needed for a sturdy grip.

You can extract screws and bolts in sizes that range from #4 screws to 3/8-inch bolts and everything in between. Remove screws and bolts like Hex, Phillips, Tory, Square Drive, Tamper Proof, Slotted and more. The projects it can assist with seem endless. This may not be a tool you need to use frequently, but when the need arises it is critical.

It seems unnatural to drill a hole in reverse, but this is necessary to get the directional needed for the extractor. As long as you follow these instructions there should be no trouble removing any stuck screw or bolt.

The price is amazing for the level of performance this set of tools offers. Although it may not be the perfect set for someone running a professional mechanic service, it will more than do the occasional job at hand.

Rioa screw extractor Damaged Screw Remover and Bolt Exctractor

This one is a four-set screw extractor that has been best bolt extractor due to its high quality and efficiency in getting rid of broken screws. It is made from hardened tool steel which has been hardened twice which makes it extra firm and durable.

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The set of four has different extractors with different end of tool bits that work with any size of screw or drill. The serrated tip end on this screw extractor smoothly goes into any damaged screw head and removes it with ease.

The 2 in 1 drill bit and extractor tool gets rids of fastenings faster no matter the size of the screw. They are however not for commercial use.

The different devices in the set have specified the sizes that they can manage which makes it easier to use since one knows which tool to use before trying them all out. The first one deals with the smaller diameters and increases up until the fourth one.

It has been known to get rid of stripped screws faster mostly. The packaging also provides the user with clear instructions on how to use the tools which make it reliable and user-friendly. The tools also do not afflict damage if used on walls for example when used to mount Television sets.

Damaged Screw Remover and Extractor Set

The damaged screw extractor set is efficient, and a must have a set toolbox for screw removal. The hardened tool steel has proved its quality; it is made from which has been hardened even more for extra rigidity.

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The set tools are known to quickly get rid of stripped broken, damaged or stuck screws. They also remove deck screws, free-spinning screws even the rusted ones. They are also cost-effective due to their accommodating prices as compared to other extractor tools while they still maintain their quality.

The casing is also sturdy and closes tight preventing the bits from falling all over the place in case they fall on high grounds. They also have retainer slots to hold down the bits in place.

They also provide information on how to use the tools for those unfamiliar with it which are sent through a follow-up email from the company. They provide detailed instructions and also go an extra mile by providing other ways to extract screws.

Moody Tools 58-0670 6-Piece Screw Extractor

The Moody tools screw extractor set is suitable for removing broken or stripped screws although their effectiveness to remove the stripped screws is not assured.

The set includes six interchangeable handles, two double-ended screwdriver blades and four double-ended screw extractor blades.

The small screwdrivers and extractors are reversible and double ended and are equally efficient on both sides. They come in twelve different sizes and styles which provide options for the user.

The blades are made from hardened steel which makes it stronger and less susceptible to wearing off. Their handles are made of blue anodized aluminum which is light and last longer.

The handles have a knurled grip which provides finger control. They also have a pocket clip which provides secure storage and a vinyl pouch which ensures the organization of the set.

The hex-shaped swivel top reduces rolling whereas the click ring secures the blade when it is inserted into the handle. All these features promote the user-friendly nature of the moody toolset.

The set of tools have been known to cover a range of applications such as the elimination of small broken or damaged screws and the repair of small electronic devices or also eyeglasses. They provide a good service that only covers the repairs of any defective parts for as long as they were used in the right way.

However, they are considered as a last resort due to their inability to get rid of stripped screws and the lack of documentation on how to use the set of tools. Lack of documentation has seen most of the users neglect this option.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Screw Extractor

The time has come to settle the debate on which is the right extractor of the six listed here. The Alden 8440P Pro Grabit is the winner. There are numerous reasons, but the biggest being the low price for the quality.

Best Screw Extractor

The compact storage is another great feature that allows it to be carried anywhere with ease. Factors to consider when buying a screw extractor given below.

Size Matters

The Irwin Hanson set seems very rugged, but the size limitations make it impractical to use on some smaller screws and bolts, or around the house. The Pro Grabit is easy to use and includes both the drill bit and extractor on the same tool. You have to struggle to find your own drill bits with the Irwin Hanson set.


The price of both the Easy Out and Pro Grabit are rather comparable, but the level of quality is like night and day. The Easy Out extractor set is limited to performing well with softer metals and screws only. The Pro Grabit can handle screws and bolts in a variety of styles and sizes. This is the best value and top pick of all explored here.

Type of Screw

Not much can seem more annoying and frustrating than trying to get a project done and the head of a bolt or screw snaps off. Getting it out after this type of mishap can be expensive, depending on what item you are talking about.

Breaking off the ends of spark plugs and the heads of motor bolts can really cost an arm and a leg to have professionally removed. A simple solution is to purchase an extractor set and get the bolt or screw out yourself.

Bottom Line

With all the information provided it all comes down to the user to decide which the best screw extractor for them is. The ability of a screw extractor to work efficiently depends on the quality, size and the type of screw.

Hard steel may not be used to soft metals since it would only make matters worse the opposite applies to hardened metals on thin blades. Although users may also use cost-effectiveness as a factor to determine the ideal screw extractor for them, the screw extractors work best.

Keeping in mind screw extractors are a complete necessity in every household the above options provide the required services effectively.

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