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If you keep losing your sockets, here and there, then getting a socket organizer is perfect. It will make your life a lot easier, trust me. Losing sockets can be a real pain when you need to get work done, then you spend hours and hours rummaging to find at least one socket that’s right for you.

The worst mistake you can ever do is to keep the sockets in drawers as many people do. You will most likely lose the sockets and spend a lot of time looking for them if the need arises. With the best socket organizer, you will know where to find the sockets and save time looking for them.

5 Best Socket Organizer [Comparison]

Best Pick
Olsa Tools 3-Piece Aluminum Socket Organizer | 1/4-Inch, 3/8-Inch, 1/2-Inch Drive Socket Rails Hold...
Quality Material
3 Pieces
Model Number
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Hansen Global 92000 SAE & Metric, 2-Row Socket Tray Set - 6-Pieces, Red & Grey
6 Pieces
Model Number
Check Price
TEKTON 1882 3/8 inch Socket Organizers
Model Number
Check Price
Ernst Manufacturing Socket Boss 3-Rail Multi-Drive Socket Organizer, 19-Inch, Blue - 8451A
Model Number
Check Price
TEKTON 1885 1/4-Inch, 3/8-Inch, 1/2-Inch Drive Socket Holder Set, 3-Piece
3 Pieces
Model Number
Check Price

Nowadays, advancement in technology has led to the production of top quality socket organizers that are convenient and easy to use.

Most of them feature clip holders and are designed to hold several sockets at the same time. Here are reviews of top 6 best socket organizers currently in the market.

Top 6 Best Socket Organizer – 2019

Olsa Tools 3-Piece Aluminum Socket Organizer

This socket organizer from Olsa Tools is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a multi-drive organizer. It holds 1/2-Inch, 3/8-Inch & 1/4-Inch drive sockets.

It features rails that can store up to 48 sockets. It comes in three pieces of rails with each rail having a capacity of 16 sockets. This makes the organizer an ideal choice for a space-saving socket holder.

Heavy-Duty Construction

One of the things to look for when shopping for any product is durability. Long lasting socket holders feature strong, solid construction that is capable of withstanding intensive use.

This three-Piece Socket organizer from Olsa Tools is made of strong materials that will not break easily and can withstand impact and weight.

Secure and Sturdy Design

The organizer features ball bearing clips that are spring-loaded designed to hold the sockets tightly in place. The clips can even secure the sockets in place when you need to use the organizer in upside down applications.

The firmness of which the organizer holds the sockets ensure that you never lose any of the sockets no matter where you have to work.

Versatile and Easy To Use

This socket holder is ideal for storing both impacts as well as regular sockets. You will love the ability to slide the rail clips on/off. This allows you to mix and match the sizes on a single rail.

Furthermore, you can spread out the clips just slightly to make it easier to gain access to individual sockets. This feature will also make the rail appear less cluttered.

Possible Drawback

The most important complaint one could have concerning this socket organizer is the enormous length of each rail. While the length is good because it ensures larger holding capacity, it also means the organizer may not fit well into some toolbox drawers.

Furthermore, the rails cannot be bought separately meaning you will have to contend with additional expense even if you only need a single rail.

Hansen Global 92000 Socket Storage Trays

Hansen Global socket storage has been referred to as the king of socket organizers. The organizer allows you to keep all your sockets in its 6-piece set of trays.

The holding set includes six different trays contains 1/4″ Metric, 1/4″ Fractional, 3/8″ Metric, 3/8″ Fractional, 1/2″ Metric and 1/2″ Fractional.

This makes it different from the most other tools that use rails. This organizer may be bulkier than the most models but it is extremely convenient.

Durable Construction

The Hansen Global socket trays are extremely strong. If you want a socket organizer that you can use for years without requiring replacement then this model suffices.

It is made from strong, durable and corrosion resistant ABS plastic. The material is long lasting, lightweight and resistant to oil or gas. This socket holder will take all manner of abuse in your toolbox but remain as good as new.

Easy Socket Identification

The reasons for socket organization is to declutter your toolbox while at the same time make the sockets easier to access. This organizer has taken things a notch higher.

The socket sizes have identification labels or markings to allow you to identify them at a glance. It also features post bases that will allow you to store more sockets.

Greater Security

To ensure that you do not lose even one of your sockets, this organizer offers maximum security. Each of its socket posts has been augmented with extra-thick plastic. This way, it can hold your sockets in place and prevent them from spilling out of place even during upside-down applications. For these reasons, the organizer has is ideal for heavy-duty use.

Possible Drawback

If you have Craftsman products, Hansen Global may not serve you well. Their post bases are rather wide for some Craftsman sockets and they may be too tall to fit into the shallower drawers of some toolboxes from Craftsman. This means you will need a slightly taller toolbox in order to carry the organizer.

Ernst Manufacturing Socket Boss 3-Rail Multi-Drive Socket Organizer

Made here in the United States, the Ernst manufacturing Socket Boss organizer is a wonderful choice if you are DIYer or handyman workers.

It is a universal twist-lock type of a socket set organizer tray featuring three socket rails. It can hold up to 45 sockets with each rail consisting of 15 clips 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch.

Extremely Versatile

You can load the full length of this socket organizer with an assortment of sockets. Alternatively, the organizer allows you to remove or switch individual rails for your preferred customization.

You can add or remove socket clips, trade colors, label socket sizes with stickers, add ratchet or extension holders or exchange drive sizes.

The options are actually limitless and this giving you the versatility to make the most out of your socket organizer.

Compact Set

Unlike the Hansen socket holder reviewed above, this socket Tray from Ernst Manufacturing is perfect for storage on the bench, in a drawer on the go.

A compact set fits a huge set of tools utilizing a limited amount of storage space.

The organizer has handles on each end for easy grab and go. Being lightweight, you can carry the organizer along with you even for extended periods without being fatigued.

Tightly and Firmly Secured Sockets

A good socket organizer should be able to store the sockets firmly to prevent them from falling out, especially when you have to work in awkward places. The twist-lock clips are designed to keep sockets secured for transport as well as prevent tool loss.

The sockets are firmly and tightly secured in place even upside down. The socket rails are also locked tightly in the tray for utmost security. The rails easily unlock with a simple push of a button. Additionally, the rails have been improved with molded end-stops as well as extended space for sockets.

TEKTON 3/8 Inch Drive Socket Holder and Organizer

This is the right socket organizer to use if you are looking for that extra grip to firmly hang your sockets neatly after use. It can clip 14, 3/8 inch sockets firmly into place while in storage. The socket holder works by placing your sockets on the clips then twisting to snap the clips into place.

This also the ideal socket organizer to use if you want to securely hold your clips in a vertical storage position. Its twist-to-lock design enables clips to easily snap into place and securely hold your sockets.

Convenient Storage

It comes with keyhole slots that allow you to mount your sockets to a wall or a workbench vertically. Its 13 inches offers enough storage room to save on space and clatter by organizing all your sockets on one holder.

Extra clips are included and can be added to the back of the socket holder to conveniently store up to 28 sockets in place.

Side Mount Holders

TEKTON brings you excellent socket organizer because it comes with a side mount ratchet and extension bar holder set. The side mould and extension bar holder folds on both sides of the holder to minimize on the space it occupies when storing in your toolbox or mounting on a wall.

Clip Design

Each clip easily snaps into place to hold your sockets together. While repositioning the clips, simply slid the clips up and down the 13-inch holder or remove and re-install then snap each clip on your desired position on the rail.

MLTOOLS Twist Lock Socket Organizer

ML tool twist lock socket tray organizer for you if you have a large number of sockets. It offers you 2 organizer trays, 6 socket rails (3 red in color and 3 blue in color) and 45 clips each 1/4 inch.

It can comfortably hold up to 90 sockets in place while in storage: in a tool box, tool chest, on a workbench or while traveling. With its twist-to-lock clip design, you securely hold and store your tools together.

It is ideal for storing your sockets and tools while traveling because its snaps easily clip tools in place to minimize loss.

Convenient Storage

ML tool socket holder comes with identity stickers that you can use to label socket sizes. It is the excellent socket organizer for you if you have a large number of sockets because it can accommodate a large set of tools on its 18-inch rail.

While organizing your tools, you can also easily add or remove individual clips, trade blue and red colors, add ratchet and extension holders to the rail or swap the drive with different sizes.

Clip Design

It comes with different sizes of socket clips to accommodate different sizes of socket drive; 15 clips each for 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch drive sockets. With its twist-to-lock design allows you to store your tools in whichever position you prefer because they tightly lock your tools together.

If you prefer customized storage, this is the ideal socket organizer for you because each individual rail can be customized to suit your storage needs. It also comes with handles on each end to easily grab the socket rail while working.

Easy Tools Transportation

The twist-to-lock clips securely hold your tools together even in an upside position while traveling. The socket holder has been molded with end stops and it has extended space to provide enough storage room for your tools.

For added security, once the socket rails are locked in the tray they can only be unlocked by pushing a button.

TEKTON 1885 1/4-Inch, 3/8-Inch, -Inch Drive Socket Holder Set

Neatly hold and store away your drive sockets in the best socket organizer using TEKTON. It has a versatile design that allows you to use your drive in multiple ways.

It is ideal for holding your sockets while traveling, storing in a toolbox, or mounting to a wall. It is crafted with high quality and rust-resistant nickel coated steel to serve you for many years.

Convenient Storage

It can comfortably hold up to 16 drive sockets of different sizes. The set includes 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch drive sockets which are securely held together by snapping the clips into place.

While transporting your tools to a job site, this is the good socket organizer to use. It can only be opened by the push of a button thus it is will save you from tool loss.

While storing your sockets and accessories, you can add or remove individual clips to suit your storage needs.

Versatile Design

The versatile design of the socket holder allows you securely store your tools while on the road and to carry or store in your toolbox or tool chest.

You can also securely mount the socket holder to a wall or a workbench to save on space. The clips can also move from one rail to another for a more customized look. For convenient use, mount ratchet and extension bar holder set to the rail to help you organize your sockets.

Solid Construction

If you love the quality, this is this perfect socket organizer to add to your collection. It has been crafted with nickel coated steel and it is fitted with spring steel socket clips that easily snap in to place to firmly hold on to the sockets. Nickel coated steel design is rust resistant and easy to clean.

Best Socket Organizer

Final Verdict

In case you have been looking to buy the ideal socket organizer and you had no idea where to start then the above reviews should act as a guide. I believe you will find at least one of the right socket organizers for your needs.

You can take your time and check them out Personally, I would recommend the Hansen Global 92000 Metric and SAE Storage Trays. It has the largest capacity and ideal for heavy-duty use since I am a professional repair person who also loves DIY projects.

Anyway, you will love the others since they are also excellent in quality and deliver impressive performance.

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