Best Tap And Die Set – 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

Have you ever been in the situation where you’re doing some repair work and as you go to screw in a bolt you discover that the thread has been stripped? So off you go down to your local hardware store to find a new bolt.

You search for hours but just can’t find the right size. What do you do? Having your own tap and die set will fix that problem as you’ll just be able to re-thread the stripped bolt quickly and effortlessly.

So if you’re an electrician, an auto mechanic, a general handyman or even a model train enthusiast, you’re going to need the best tap and die set to create specific nuts and bolts that you may need or to re-thread ones that have been stripped.

Basically, a tap and die set is used to create screw threads. A tap is commonly used to form and create threaded nuts and a die is used to create a bolt with a thread on it from a steel rod.

Best Tap And Die Set [Comparision]

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Benefits Of The Best Tap And Die Set

A good tap and die set has many benefits especially if you get one which is in both SAE and metric measurements so that it can be used for any project that you may need it for. The main benefits include:

  • You can easily create threaded holes in sheet metal for electrical boards and boxes.
  • You will be able to create your own nuts and bolts when repairing mechanical engines.
  • You can effortlessly re-thread stripped bolts or bolt holes when repairing auto parts.

Handymen and model railway enthusiasts will be able to create replacement nuts and bolts in sizes which are not readily available at the hardware store.

Here’s our selection of four of the best tap and die sets available at various price points to suit any budget:

Top 10 Best Tap And Die Set

GearWrench 3887 Tap and Die 75 Piece Set

GearWrench 3887  Tap and Die Set is an excellent tap and die set for the price and is ideal for home handymen and hobbyists. It has enough pieces to get you through most jobs and is of good quality.

Ratcheting “T” wrench and adapters which makes it easy to use. The Patented Twist Lock Guide system reduces back walk of die guide and keeps the dies centered while you’re cutting the threads.

The sturdy blow mold case to keep all the parts together and is easy to take around with you to job sites. There’s also an index holder for taps so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

This tap and dies are made from carbon steel for durability and longevity. The reversible lever with a 5-degree ratcheting arc eliminates hand-over-hand turning. This is great for working in tight spaces.

The Auto-locking feature allows for safe removal of the tap adapter. An added advantage is that the taps and dies are in both SAE and metric measurements.

In this tap and die set you’ll find a tap and die ratcheting “T” comfortable wrench, a small and medium adapter, a die adapter, a sliding “T” for the adapters, 34 taps, 34 dies, an SAE and metric screw pitch gauge, a #5 screwdriver and a blow mold case measuring 17″ x 10″ x 2.5″ to keep everything neat and tidy.

Greenlee DTAPKIT 6-Piece Combination Drill and Tap Set

This combination drill kit allows you to both drill and tap plus countersinks in one single operation with a single drill bit. Greenlee DTAPKIT 6-Piece is designed to work with 16-10-gauge mild steel and will make tapping and drilling holes super easy.

Great for professionals who work in electrical, heating or air conditioning and anyone who needs to drill & tap holes in thin metal enclosures.

This set is constructed from toughened steel for greater durability. The drill bits are back tapered beyond the tap to prevent any thread damage which could be caused by over-drilling.

There’s also a deburr/countersink feature on each drill bit after the back taper so that you can easily countersink the screw or bolt. With this set, you can tap any 10-gauge metal including aluminum, brass, copper and mild steel so these bits have a huge variety of uses.

The hex shank size is 1/4 inch to fit most power drills including cordless drills and the set includes 5 drill bits, a quick change adapter plus a compact plastic case. Replacements and extra drill bits are also available separately.

This is an excellent drill set for electricians and other tradesman working with thin sheet metal as you can drill and tap at the same time.

Irwin Hanson Machine Screw – Die And Drill Set

Irwin Hanson Machine Screw high-quality 117-piece set is ideal for maintenance professionals and auto mechanics. It’s made in the USA so you can be assured of excellent quality and longevity.

This is a very comprehensive set which includes everything you’re ever likely to need. It’s made from high carbon steel for durability and you can be assured that it will last you for many years to come.

The screws, taps, dies and drill bits are in both SAE and metric measurements so you’ll have exactly the right tap or die for any job that you need it for.

This is an excellent set for the tradesman due to its high quality and will help you to create clean threads without too much effort.

In this comprehensive set you’ll find 34 taps, 34 dies, 36 high speed drill bits for pairing with the taps, a “T” handle wrench, an adjustable “T” handle tap wrench, a two-in-one wrench, one standard gauge, one metric gauge, a screwdriver, 5 screw extractors and a handy carry case to keep everything together.

Micro SAE Tap And Die Set

A basic 32 piece tap and set in a convenient plastic storage case. Would make a good starter set for any hobbyist or model builder.

This convenient Micro SAE Tap and Die Set is made from high-speed steel and is surprisingly good quality for the price. It can be used with both metal or plastic.

It’s a convenient set to have on hand if you only want to use it occasionally and is ideal for hobbyists or the home handyman. The set is ideal for model railway enthusiasts, for using on electronic test equipment or for repairing clocks or jewelry.

Included in this set are 4 taps, 4 dies, a “T” wrench and a plastic storage case. It’s the perfect set to keep in your work drawer, your tool box or the glove compartment of your car.

TEKTON 7561 Tap and Die Set, Metric

If you are looking for a high-quality tap and die set this model number 7561 from Tekon is worth having a closer look. It has 45 pieces and is made from high quality hardened tungsten alloy with high-speed steel construction.

TEKTON 7561 Tap and Die Set is perfectly suited for cutting new material or even repair threads which are slightly damaged.

It also comes with different flute plug taps ranging from 3 to 6. It has a tapered coarse finish and the fine taps can be started quite easily. Over threading is not a problem. It also has a nice storage case which help s a lot in keeping everything neat and fully organized.

It certainly offers the best value for money. It comes with tap wrenches of different sizes and dies stocks, dies stock adapters, split dies and as mentioned above a quality storage case. It is by and large a quality product which walks the talk in terms of performance, durability, and value for money.

Neiko 00911A Tap and Die Set

Neiko 00911A Tap and Die Set is a premium 40 piece tap and die set and it could be in line for being considered as the best tap and die set in the market today. It is perfectly suited for repairing and cutting screw threads.

The threading process is easy to start. It is made from high quality and tough alloy steel of GCr15 types. The blade hardness is of high quality and offers the best of thread cutting performance.

It has a titanium coating which helps a lot in making it corrosion and dust resistant and durable. It also comes with a hard case which helps in safe storage and protection and helps in professionally organizing things.

It comes with plug type taps of different types apart from hexagonal dies. It also provides with the adjustable tap wrench, T-handle tap wrench, die wrench which is adjustable, and of course protective storage case.

On the whole, it is without any doubt a complete and reliable solution for all tapping and threading solutions.

TruePower 02-0554 Alloy Steel SAE/Metric Tap and Die Set

Coming from the house of TruePower 02-0554 Alloy Steel SAE, this is strong and high quality 60 Piece Alloy Tap and Die set perfectly suited for various threading, essential tools and tapping jobs.

Apart from being known for its long lasting and highly durable materials and manufacturing processes. It is perfectly capable of renewing and cutting both external and internal threads to the most exacting standards.

It also comes with two pitch gauges and various other tools and attachments. The entire product weighs 4.3 pounds and has a total dimension of 16 x 9 x 2 inches. It is made in China but is perfectly suited for local use.

The dies come in different numbers ranging from #4 to #40. It also has fractional taps and dies ranging from 1/4 inches to 28 and as far as 1/2 inches are concerned there are 27 of them.

There are a number of other attachments too that are worth mention. It is a good product offering very good value for money.

Lang Tools 2581 26-Piece Thread Restorer Tap and Die Set

Lang Tools 2581 26-Piece Thread Restorer has been at the forefront when it comes to offering quality tap and dies set and therefore this 26 piece thread restorer is being watched closely by many customers and critics.

It comes with 7 SAE Course Dies apart from 6 SAE course taps and 6 SAP fine taps. It is made in the USA and is priced reasonably and there is no doubt that it could be considered as one of the best in the market today.

The entire package comes with the best storage facilities and weighs around 1 pound. It has a total of 26 pieces making it a complete and holistic solution as far as far as threading and tapping needs are concerned.

It has quite a few favorite customer reviews in its favor. The tap and die set is made of high-quality steel which prevents it from rusting and other problems.

You can go ahead and blindly buy this product. Be sure, you won’t have to regret your decision later.

Neiko 00908A SAE and Metric Tap and Hexagon Die Set

There is no doubt that this specific model of Neiko 00908A SAE and Metric Tap and Hexagon Die Set is one of the best in the market for a number of reasons.

The dies and taps are made from the best quality alloy steel. It is perfectly suited for making high-quality new tools or even for repairing damaged and worn out threads.

It has a total of 34 pcs of tap and 34 pcs of die making it one of the most comprehensive ones in the market. It also is housed in a professional and well-designed storage case making it easy to carry without any difficulty.

The total weight is 7.1 pounds and the entire case has an overall dimension of 19.8 inches x 12 x 2.4 inches.

When all the above things are looked at in totality there are reasons to believe that it could be a perfect buy which could be a part of our home for a long time to come.

GearWrench 3886 Tap and Die 40 Piece Set Metric

Though this could considered as an expensive tap and die set it is of very high quality and coming from the house of GearWrench 3886 Tap and Die, there are reasons to believe that it comes with a rich history and proven track record behind it.

It has a total of 40 pieces set metric and it is famous for its great looking storage kit which has been exquisitely designed.

The molded cases can take knocks because it is quite sturdy. The taps and dies lock in lace perfectly well. It is made from the best quality carbon steel which ensures long life and complete protection from corrosion and rust.

All in all, there is no doubt that it is one of the best taps and die sets available on the market today. It also comes with a quality storage facility and this goes a long way in ensuring that it stays protected from the elements of nature at all points of time.

Bottom Line

We hope that anyone who is looking for the best tap and dies set should find exactly the perfect setting for their particular needs from the above selection.

So whether you’re a trades professional like an auto mechanic or electrician or a model train enthusiast or another hobbyist, one of this tap and die sets are sure to be just right for you.

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