The Best RV Toilets in 2021 – Top 10 Models Reviewed!

Choosing the best RV toilet is tricky because a variety of choices exist. Each type of toilet offers its own pros, cons, and benefits to consider before purchase. Additionally, it is imperative that the toilet is properly sized to fit the available bathroom space in your RV.

Brand and price are equally important considerations to keep in mind as you sort through the products available. But, those considerations are just the start of many important to make to ensure the best product is found. Don’t waste time and money on an RV toilet when this guide provides useful information that alleviates that headache.

Below you’ll find the top 10 RV toilets recommended by consumers and experts alike, as well as information that will help you decipher the right toilet for your needs from the best options.

Top 10 Best RV Toilets

1. Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet

Dometic is a name often recommended by RVers who demand quality. This white standard height toilet in the brand’s 310 series is one of the most popular. Measuring 19 x 15 x 20”, the toilet uses a 360-degree Vortex flush that rids waste the first time around thanks to the powerful jet-steam water flow. The ceramic bowl resists dirt and grime but is easy to clean when it’s time to freshen the bathroom area.

Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet

An ergonomic handle is a special feature that users enjoy. The Dometic 310 toilet has an 18” seat height. Installing this RV toilet is simple. Only two bolts (included) are needed, and installation is complete in under 30-minutes. At a 23-pound weight, the toilet is light enough for one-person installation if necessary. An optional spray handle is available to use to clean the toilet.

Although maintenance may become necessary to keep the toilet properly working, expect this to be needed only minimally and seldom when the unit is cared for properly. Most users appreciate the low-maintenance quality the Dometic toilet offers. Backed by a two-year warranty, this is a high-quality standard toilet that will exceed expectations time and time again.

2. Thetford Aqua Magic V RV Toilet 31672

Suitable to use in an RV, the Thetford toilet has many features that help it stand out from the competition. It is a toilet that has been on the market for some time now because it never disappoints. What is there to love about the Thetford Aqua Magic toilet?

First, the textured lid is a nice advantage that keeps the toilet looking great for a long time ahead, since it resists scratches and many other types of damages that ordinary units sustain. Next, the 20” seat height is taller than the average toilet height, providing users easier access and enhanced comfort. This toilet uses a single-pedal flush system. Simply push down on the pedal to rid waste. A 100% bowl flush is guaranteed every time.

Thetford Aqua Magic V RV Toilet 31672

Users enjoy the benefit of choosing their flush level (half flush or a full-lever flush) to save water. The toilet stands 17 1/2 “, is easy-to-install, and includes a 2-year warranty in the unlikely event that a problem occurs with the product.

Weighing a mere 10-pounds, this is one of the most lightweight toilets sold today. It is easy to install the toilet in a matter of minutes without a second person there to help. Expect many great years using this toilet when it is added to your RV.

3. Dometic 320 Series Standard Height Toilet

The Dometic 320 series standard height toilet is another customer favorite. As mentioned, the Dometic brand is one that many people prefer because they offer great toilets and prices to match. There is little wonder why the brand is a crowd-pleasure, particularly this model.

Dometic 320 Series Standard Height Toilet

The 320 series toilets are durable and designed to enhance your RV’s space. Using a full-size wood-style seat, the toilet is always comfortable and stylish, two important qualities for your space. The toilet uses a water-efficiency system that reduces the amount of water used in each flush. It is an excellent toilet for anyone that enjoys using minimal amounts of water.

Plus, this product includes s hand sprayer! Gravity flush leaves no water behind, while the tall rim ensures that spills never occur. The last problem you want is an overflowing toilet in the RV! There is an ergonomic foot pedal on this toilet. Use this pedal to flush and get waste out of your life!

4. Palm Springs Outdoor 5-Gallon Portable Toilet

The fourth recommended RV toilet sold today is the Palm Springs Outdoor 5-gallon portable toilet. Many RV users enjoy the versatility this toilet puts in their life and of course, the low price and warranty that is included with the product.

It is easy to install inside the RV sing a couple of screws, but it is also easy to take out onto the campsite, the tent, and other locations of your choosing.

Palm Springs Outdoor 5-Gallon Portable Toilet

This portable toilet has a 3-gallon clean water tank and a 5-gallon dirty water tank to ensure there are never any mix-ups and that you always have the right amount of water to do the job.

This is a one-piece tank made from a high-density material that will not leak. That is a very important quality to find in a toilet that is being used in the RV!

It arrives at your home ready to set up and use at any location. Measuring 16.5” in height, the toilet is affordably priced and certainly a great addition for any RV traveler who appreciates versatility and durability.

5. Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

The 5.3-gallon Camco Standard Toilet is a customer favorite and no one will question why after learning a bit more about the product.

It has a great price point, which is another attraction to the product. The sleek square shape provides a unique appearance to the RV, but that is only the beginning of great qualities. Plus, there is a warranty that adds peace of mind to the purchase.

Camco Standard Toilet

The easy-to-install toilet features a detachable tank, a feature most others lack. Side latches on either side of the toilet safely secure it to the ceramic bowl. This quality toilet is easy-to-maintain and will not cause a lot of disturbance over the years.

Furthermore, the Camco toilet uses a bellow-type flush that is practically noise-free. Waste is thoroughly removed with just one flush.

What about installation you ask? That is simple, even for people installing an RV toilet for the first time. This is a toilet that is 15.5” x 14.5” x 16” and fits most standard RV units. Make this purchase with confidence since Camco offers buyers an excellent two-year warranty to add to the already long list of benefits.

6. Thetford Porta Potti White Corp toilet

One of the sleekest, most feature-filled portable toilets sold today, the award-winning Porta Pottie is a top-of-the-line product that still maintains affordable pricing. Customers enjoy the style, features, and great prices. So will you.

It features a 4-gallon water tank and 5.5-gallon water capacity that is suitable to use in the RV and at many other outdoor locations. Users appreciate the odor-blocking features this toilet has. Nothing is worse than odors from the bathroom, especially when inside of an RV. That is not a concern anymore when the Porta Pottie is in use.

Thetford Porta Potti 92360

Using a battery-powered flush, make sure you have a few extra on hand! The toilet is easy to relocate to any location and includes a carrying handle to minimize the work.

Other cool features found on the Porta Pottie include a toilet paper holder, tank level indicator, and optional latches that secure the toilet to the floor. The rotating pour spout is another excellent feature the toilet offers. Thanks to this spout, spills, and leaks are eliminated and confident use is yours.

7. Thetford 92814 Porta Potti 345 Portable Toilet

Thetford 92850 Porta Potti 320P is a simple toilet that can be used in the RV, during camping excursions, and for a variety of additional outdoor uses. Affordable, sleek, and easy-to-use, the Porta Potti 320P measures 17” x 15” x 13.4” so it is small enough to use anywhere. It is a toilet that many users prefer over other options and perhaps you will feel the same way.

The height is suitable for most users. A 3.2-gallon water tank is smaller than the tanks on many of the other options but is suitable for short trips and adventures. The seat and cover on the Thetford Porta Potti are both removable so you can clean with ease.

An ergonomic carrying handle is featured on this portable toilet. A rotating pour spot is also featured on this toilet. It prevents spills and other accidents so that sanitary conditions are always ways to maintain. The toilet weighs just 10-pounds.

8. Thetford Aqua Magic V RV Toilet 31667

The Thetford Aqua Magic V RV Toilet model 31667 is the classic toilet that you’ll see in most homes, offices, businesses, and yes, even RVs.

Using a high profile, this toilet has a taller height than many of the other options on the market. It is an excellent toilet option for any user, especially older individuals. The toilet has a single-handle flush system that allows a half flush or a full flush, minimizing water waste and flushes.

Thetford Aqua Magic V RV Toilet 31667

Enjoy 100% bowl coverage with the toilet, minimizing messes, odors, and other problems. The textured lid is scuff resistant, so it is easy to keep your toilet looking great day in and day out. The plastic toilet weighs just 9.4 pounds, making it one of the lightest toilets on our list of recommendations.

All of the supplies needed to install the toilet are included with the purchase. Only one person is needed to install the toilet, which should take less than 30-minutes for most people. It is easy-to-use the toilet and has a sleek style that enhances the appearance of your space. Add an optional hand sprayer if you prefer.

9. Thetford 92853 Porta Potti 550P Portable Toilet

The Porta Pottie 92583 from Thetford is a versatile, portable toilet that you can use in the Rv but can also easily move to the campsite or other location as needed. Thanks to the ergonomic carrying handle, you won’t mind taking this product with you wherever your outdoor adventures may take you. The affordable toilet is one of the best-selling products today.

Thetford 92853 Porta Potti 550P Portable Toilet

The lightweight toilet weighs just 10-pounds, so it is easy to transport without trouble. Odors are not a concern with this toilet because there are a close valve and a closure flap that keep them out of your RV. With a removable seat and cover, cleaning the toilet is easy.

The toilet measures 16.5” tall and is 15” wide. It has a 4.2-gallon freshwater tank with a 5.5-gallon waste water tank. Although heavier than some of the other models listed here, this RV toilet is still lightweight at just 11.4 pounds.

10. Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet is a splurge item that will accentuate your RVs appearance and functionality. This toilet is efficient, sleek, and has tons of features and functions that aren’t found in many of the other toilets on the market today.

There is little question that this product will leave you impressed. Precisely what is it about Nature’s Head toilet that makes it such a desirable, upscale product that people are installing in their RV?

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

This is by far the best composting toilet for RV sold today. It will impress you as it helps you do your part to protect this great wrath. Made in the USA this toilet has a sleek style and upscale stainless steel hardware that accentuates the comfort, ease-of-use, and appearance.

There is a full-size, elongated toilet seat for added comfort, as well as a vent hose and fan that keeps odors at bay. The composting toilet is easy to assemble in a matter of minutes and comes apart just as easily. If you don’t mind the splurge, Nature’s Head self-contained composting toilet is a luxurious product that you’ll certainly warmly welcome to your RV.

What You Should Consider When Buying an RV Toilet

Now that you have a list of the ten best RV toilet options sold today, it’s time to choose the product best-suited for use. With so many varieties of toilets to choose from, it is never easy to make a selection. Before shopping starts, make sure you’ve examined your needs for the product.

You should also measure the space and decide the toilet height that is most comfortable for your needs. Is there a brand that you prefer over another? Do you want a plastic or ceramic made toilet? What kind of budget is in place to make the purchase? Is a round bowl or an elongated bowl best for you? These are some of the most essential considerations to keep in mind when buying the best composting toilet for RV.

Mounting & Features

Mounting options for RV toilets vary and, of course, portable toilets are also optional. You should look at the prior toilet that was in the RV to determine the best mounting system for your needs if you opt to use a mountable product. Floor flanges are popular mounting options, but this is only one of the ways the toilet can mount to the floor.

Spend a bit of time analyzing the features and benefits of each toilet we’ve listed here. Weh you know what each RV toilet has to offer it is much easier to make a selection.

If you want extra features, such as low water or energy-efficient options, those toilets are available. Several types of air systems are also used to dispose of waste. Grinding and gravity are two of the most popular methods.

Toilet Height & Materials

Plastic and ceramic toilets for the RV are available. You’ll need to decide which type you prefer, noting that the material affects the overall cost of the toilet, as well as its durability and functionality. Consider the pros and cons of each toilet style to determine better which purchase is best for your needs.

Plastic toilet models are best for those who want to capture the outdoorsman feel, while the ceramic models give the user a homelike feeling and appearance.

Once you decide the bowl style that you prefer, you should choose next the right height for the toilet that you plan to add to the RV. The typical RV toilet is about 15” in height but this does vary from one product to the next. The higher the toilet, the more like a real toilet it will feel.

Toilet Appearance

It is essential to pick a toilet that is attractive to the eye. Although most people do not put a lot of thought into the toilet’s appearance, it can dramatically impact the overall comfort of the RV, so don’t make that mistake. Most of the RV toilet sold today are white in color, but bone and other colors are also available.

Along with choosing a toilet color, you must also choose the toilet shape and size you prefer. Oval, round, and square toilet options are available. Be sure to take those measurements before deciding to make things a bit easier. Make sure that the toilet will fit into the allotted space!

RV Toilet Using Guide

If you’ve never before used an RV toilet, you probably have many questions and concerns for proper usage. That is completely normal and expected. Using an RV toilet is a bit different than using the toilet in the bathroom at home, but with a bit of practice, you’ll use it just fine in no time.

To ensure that you are using the RV toilet the right way, here are a few tips to keep in mind. Once you’ve gotten accustomed to using the RV toilet, you’ll have all of this information in mind and it will come as naturally as using the bathroom at your home.

Type of Flush

To flush the toilet, located the pedal underneath the unit and press with your foot. Most of the RV toilets feature a pedal flushing toilet system that is easy to operate and efficiently rids waste from the toilet. Once you press the pedal, fresh water will run from the clean water tank as the dirty water disposal tank is emptied into the water tank mounted underneath your RV.

Toilet Paper Type

Most people use two-ply toilet paper at home because it feels better and cleans better. What’s worse than ripped TP when wiping? It is great to use two-ply toilet paper at home, but may not be such a good idea when in an RV.

Switch to a one-ply tissue for the RV toilet. Although you won’t find as many one-ply options, the toilet paper is out there and reduces clogs and other potential problems with the smaller toilet tank found in the RV.

Emptying the Tank

Empty the tank for the toilet every two to three days to keep the restroom clean and odor-free, as well as to prevent plumbing issues that you certainly do not want to endure. RV toilets have tanks that are considerably smaller than those at home.

As a result, you need to make certain the tank is emptied as it should be to prevent problems that could ruin your entire adventure and every plan.

Sanitary Conditions

Additives and chemicals are available for the RV toilet. Consider using them to prevent odors and to ensure the most sanitary conditions possible otherwise.

To keep odors at bay, close the toilet lid after each flush and regularly clean the seat and the lid both. Be sure also to close the flap when finished to keep messes and smells away.

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