Best Paper Towel Holder – Great Addition to Your Smart Kitchen

If your home happens to have one of those busy kitchens that come with modern designs, then you’re familiar with how uncomfortable it can get having to encounter wet objects at every single turn you make.

So the right place to put your paper towel roll once you pull it off your shopping basket will undoubtedly be the dispenser. Nothing beats the convenience of quick tidying like grabbing and pulling off the right amount of towel roll without any of the sheets going to waste. It’s always recommended to have a paper towel roll that you can quickly grab to dry your hands or wipe out drops of water from the countertop.

At the same time, having your paper towels in one place means you’ll never stumble looking for them through drawers or cabinets when you accidentally spill something and need to clean it up fast. They develop in a lot of shapes and sizes, making your choice dependent on the type of kitchen you have.

We’ve reviewed some of the best paper towel holders available today, to help you pick the right one for your home.

Best Paper Towel Holder – 2019 Reviews

OXO Good Grips SimplyTear Standing Paper Towel Holder

The Oxo Good Grips paper towel holder was designed for an excellent one-handed tear every single time. The stainless-steel arm which is fitted with a flexible spring aims to adjust for rolls of all sizes, from the smallest roll with a few pieces of the jumbo-sized rolls.

The towel edge is designed with sufficient dexterity to offer struggle-free ripping while the internal resistance protects the rolls of paper from unraveling if grabbed while on the go. The non-slip ring and stainless-steel base ensure the paper towel Holder is well secured in place.

The Oxo SimplyTear Paper holder, which is made of brushed stainless steel, is a must-have item for any kitchen because of its utility and elegance.

Loading the Oxo paper holder is easy. All you’re required to do is let the arm pivot away from the center pole and allow it to lock open so that you can easily slip the paper towel right over the rod.

Another huge plus is no matter what brand or size of paper towel you prefer to buy; the arm is designed to adjust to the width of the roll automatically. The stainless steel arm keeps the edges freely accessible at all times, so you don’t have to waste time looking for the edge.

Kamenstein Perfect Tear Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

If you’re tired of struggling to have to tear a paper towel off from one place, or having your holder tip over every time you feel the urge to tug on a towel, then the Kamenstein Perfect Tear Wall Towel holder puts all the hassle to an immediate stop.

It is designed to enable you to tear and pull with one hand, giving you a pleasurable swing of the hand. It holds both small and oversized rolls, and there is no sudden unraveling at all.

This paper towel holder’s 11-inch wire cage is constructed entirely of metal that packs a shiny stainless-steel finish. Its ingenious ratchet system holds the rolls firmly and allows for smooth, one-handed operation. The massive arm is firmly secured to the wall for a horizontal dispensation.

The inner wire roller is designed to fit any size of the roll, and in most cases, the paper towel roll simply slides on and off the roller without having to remove the finial. It is arguably one of the most pocket-friendly paper towel holders in the market today.

Prodyne M-913 Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

This smartly designed paper towel holder utilizes the natural spring of the stainless steel offer’s easy loading, and a firm grip off the wall.

The stylish rubber ball holders keep the rolls in place and provide friction as you tear and there is no danger of the roll rolling off by stressing the natural spring of the stainless-steel brushes.

Designed for today’s ideal kitchens, the Prodyne M-913 can be mounted under the cabinets or on the wall and comes with all mounting hardware accessories. If you want to spruce up your laundry room or bathroom, this is the best option and it can also be perfect for compact spaces like the RV, cabin, and lodge, apartment and also on the boat. It measures 13″ long by 2-3/8″ wide and the space between the two rubber balls is 8″ wide.

UpGood Countertop Paper Towel Holder

If you’re looking to shop for a new towel holder but would like to avoid drilling into your cabinets, walls or backsplash, or perhaps would love sleek and elegant kitchen utensils that remind you of works of art. Then you should get frustrated when your rolls tip over and unravel.

If you seek a solution to the above issues, then the UpGood Countertop Paper Towel Holder has you covered. They unabashedly present the unique and wisely crafted paper towel dispenser that you have ever come across.

Not only does it not ends with a stylish design, but is also equipped with a massive base that features four soft silicone tabs to protect your counters and grant you peace of mind.

The UpGood Countertop paper towel holder can only be described in superlatives. Few paper holders can compare in ingenuity, style and sophistication, and the class that the designs impacts on any countertop.

The spring-activated tension arms ensure there are no unnecessary features and the sturdy non-slip base is designed for stability to ensure the paper towel won’t tip over when reaching for a sheet.

The cute black iron casing prevents both accidental entanglement and unraveling. Although the UpGood paper towel holder is not intended to be a one-handed solution.

It stands out for its unique, highly-functional and durable functionality that will be the envy of everyone who visits your friends and family. The UpGlood is designed to hold small, medium and large rolls.

Vertical One Handed Paper Towel Holder

This heavy-duty towel holder design for office and kitchen countertop fits any size towel roll. The stainless-steel construction gives it a long-lasting and beautiful appearance in your kitchen or office and the one-handed grab and tears motion of your hand is another added pleasure.

The manufacturer’s added extra weight to the non-slip base to ensure it never shifts whiles you pulling off the paper sheets. There are no levers, spring-activated arms or buttons and all you need is just slide you fresh paper towel rolls down, and there you go.

The Vertical One Handed Paper Towel Holder makers went back to the drawing board and made a brand new process to ensure quality with this new and improved design. This design came from years of failed and frustrating attempts as the levers had to be removed, knobs adjusted and readjusted and especially the struggle that went into one-handed tearing of the sheets.

All that you need to do is slide your new roll of paper towel over the tapered silicon shaft and let it hold the roll firmly. With your other hand occupied elsewhere, quickly grab and tear away a sheet of paper towel without any stress.

It will work well all the way to the last layer. Have fun!

InterDesign Orbinni Paper Towel Holder

This paper towel holder is unobtrusive when mounted on the underside of a kitchen cabinet, clearing up space for your activity. It can also be wall-mounted horizontally or vertically, your call. InterDesign is well-known for their simple looking yet stylish designs, and this towel holder is no different.

It is made out of durable steel and it’s rust-resistant, so don’t worry about splashing water on it Since it is available six different colors: bronze, chrome, matte black, pearl gold, pearl white & satin nickel, it will fit well with any kitchen design.

The bar itself is 11 inches long, supporting standard towel size. Only two screws are needed to install it, making it a simple job for anyone. It’s not flawless though the distance between the bar and the wall or cabinet can be too small for larger towel rolls, at only 2.5″, and it requires both of your hands to rip off a piece.

Greenco Chrome Paper Towel Holder

Greenco offers a different take on a paper towel holder with this vertical countertop one. As opposed to a wall or cabinet-mounted one, this one is portable. You can take it to the dinner table, place it out of the way if you have to, or take it with you when watching a movie and eating.

Its chrome design makes for a nifty appearance, fit for most modern kitchens. It’s lightweight, since it has a wire-like construction, despite being made out of durable metal. It won’t bend or break as easily as you might think.

Another nice thing about the Greenco Chrome towel holder is its dimensions. At 13″ high, it can accommodate any size of towels. It has a diameter of 5.75″ so it fits even the thickest rolls.

Like the previous one, this paper towel holder will also require both hands to use, since it doesn’t have a tension system in place. The base of this holder has three feet, holding it steady most of the time, although it does tip over sometimes.

DecoBros Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

This fixed paper towel holder is another top choice for homeowners who want more space in their kitchen. It can be mounted on a wall, a cabinet door (inside or outside) or on the underside of your furniture.

DecoBros’ holder has a more robust appearance than the others on this list, with its industrial-like design, but we found that it still looks great in any modern home. Chrome finished and made out of heavy gauge steel, it certainly makes for an interesting choice.

It’s easy to install, with just two screws to hold it It has about 3″ of space, so it’s suitable for the thicker towel rolls as well.

The end of the bar features a knob you can twist to hold the paper towel roll in place, but we’ve found that with some brands, the roll can still be pulled out. The oval shape of the bar helps the paper towels from unraveling when you rip off a piece.

Spectrum Diversified Over the Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

If you’re not handy with even the simplest of tools, maybe you can pick this paper towel holder from Spectrum. It doesn’t require any screws or installation of any kind. You can place it in a cabinet or other furniture, just slide it across.

Most people who pick this one are interested in clearing up as much space as possible, with paper towels hidden on the inside of cabinets. The part that slides on the door has a padded foam lining which protects your furniture from scratches, as well as making the holder sit still when pulling on it.

As for the design itself, it’s very simple and effective made out of a steel wire bent at the end to keep the roll in place. We found the brushed nickel color to be suitable for most modern kitchen designs. On the other hand, you’ll most likely use it on the inside, so you won’t see it that often anyway.

simplehuman Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

This is definitely suitable for enthusiast kitchen designers, it fits well in the ultra-modern home with its stainless steel look. Similarly to other mounted paper towel holders, it can be applied to the wall, cabinet door, or the underside of furniture.

We found it just as easy to fix as any other paper towel holders. Standing out from the others on this list, simple human’s holder features a tension spring, making it easy to rip off towels with just one hand perfect for multitasking.

Changing rolls is also easy to press a button to release the cap at the end which also holds the towels from falling off. The bar is long enough at 13.1 inches, also providing enough diameter to fit even the largest of paper towel rolls.

The single downside of it might be the price this is the most expensive one on the list, but also one of the excellent paper holders out there.

Best Paper Towel Holder

Final Verdict

Nowadays, the modern kitchen needs as much space as possible, what with all the appliances around and various items you require when cooking, so a paper towel holder is a welcome addition.

In an average American home, a family will most certainly use a paper towel more frequently than any other cleansing item in the house. You will most likely grab a paper towel more often than you power the microwave oven or your coffee maker and even more often than you switch on the TV.

From wiping off a small stain on the counter to helping with deep cleaning of the children’s area or the bathroom, every place a mess is likely to be found, so too are paper towels.

All the best paper towel holders above are designed for convenience and a superbly made unit will not only add to your comfort but can also increase the value of your home as well as save you money over time, as it has the added advantage of keeping your paper towels drier and cleaner.

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