Best Pressure Assist Toilets in 2021 – Reviewed By Experts

Toilets are being used for many centuries and utilize the law of gravity and pressure to wash off the waste. But, the pressure associated with such flush is not satisfactory and causes clogging in pipes. The best solution to this is the usage of pressure assisted or power flush toilets.

If the normal flow of the toilet is not meet your demands, you must look for pressure-assisted toilets. Although the shape of these high power flush toilets is comparable, there are many factors to consider before buying any one of them.

Here we have included an in-depth look at the best pressure assist toilets to provide you with a seamless flushing solution.

Top 3 Pressure Assist Toilets [Comparision]

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Best Pressure Assist Toilet Reviews

1. Kohler K-3493-47 Classic Pressure Height Elongated Toilet

Kohler Highline classic provides an Elongated bowl for longer and comfortable seating. Round toilets are actually perfect for people who are looking for a tight seal around the rim.

The design of this High-Pressure toilet signifies the ease of installing and cleaning it. The extra motor and pump in a regular pressure-assisted toilet require maintenance from time to time. But, this two-piece unit is an exception. This Power flush toilet separates the elongated bowl and water storage area.

Kohler K-3493-47 Highline Classic Pressure Lite Comfort Height Elongated 1.4 gpf Toilet

The separation in the bowl and storage area helps in saving a large chunk of money in installation and servicing. Made up of high-quality porcelain materials, it is made to depict durability and reliability.

This high-pressure performance toilet requires only 1.4 Gallons per flush. Available in a dimension of 302 X 212 X 312 inches and the trendy almond color, Kohler Elongated toilet is an ideal blend of high function and universal style.


  • Two piece unit for easy installation and maintenance
  • High power flush with a powerful pump and less water consumption
  • Elongated bowl for an ergonomic and comfortable fit
  • Superior Porcelain material for strong performance
  • Comfort Height Special feature


  • Not completely clog free
  • Shallowing Bowl makes noise while flushing

Bottom Line

If you need a powerful Flushing toilet with less water consumption and comfortable seating then you must try this Kohler Highline Classic Elongated Toilet. But, it is not entirely clog-free and makes a bit louder noise while flushing.

2. American Standard 2467016.020 Cadet Right Height Elongated Pressure Assisted Two Piece Toilet

The American Standard High-Pressure toilet is a two-piece unit that offers high power and water efficiency. This toilet has an elongated 16.5 inches bowl which provides longer and spacious seating. This American Standard product has gained a lot of traction due to its high clog-free design.

American Standard 2467.016.020 Cadet Right Height Elongated Pressure Assisted Two Piece Toilet

Not just it endows an ergonomic feel but the separate curved single lid provides an extra layer of comfort. With the high quality and strong siphon jet action, the process of waste removal can never by tiresome or challenging.

The vitreous China material and the chrome finish adds a soothing look to the toilet. It not only provides with a glossy and clean look but it can also enhance the elegance of your bathroom.

This White right cadet toilet comes with a dimension of 30.2 x 20.5 x 30.8 inches and can be affordable installed using the Floor mounter method. The unit is WaterSense Certified and has a low water consumption of 1.6 GPF. Also, the lids are treated with the EverClean surface to prevent any growth of mold, bacteria or mildew.


  • High-pressure water action while flushing
  • High resistance to clogging
  • EverClean surface for a clean and odor-free toilet
  • It is WaterSense Certified
  • Elegant Chrome finish and Vitreous China material composition


  • Vitreous China is not as Strong as Porcelain (comparatively less durable)
  • Noisier than a standard toilet

Bottom line

The American Standard Height Elongated Power flush toilet is an integrated package of quality and comfort. With a unique and powerful design, this is an ideal choice for complementing your modern appeal.

3. American Standard 2093100.020 Glenwall Pressure Assisted Wall-Mounted Toilet

The meticulous wall mounted Power flush toilet design by American Standard is all you need. With high clog-free structure and low water consumption, this toilet can diminish all your trouble which you get with a standard bathroom. Also, the advantage of a wall-mounted toilet is not one but many.

American Standard 2093.100.020 Pressure-Assisted Elongated Wall-Mounted Toilet

Wall mounted toilets seem opulent and introduce a new grace to the bathroom. Also, they are 12 inches closer to the wall saving a lot of space in a tight-sized bathroom. Moreover, you can customize the height of the toilet according to your need.

Cleaning the bathroom surface is also more comfortable as the toilet doesn’t touch the ground. The high siphonic action technology induces higher bulk while using less water. Along with this, the two-piece unit makes installation and maintenance cost-effective and straightforward.

The chrome finish on the stylish white color provides a gleaming expression. This toilet comes in a dimension of 30 x 195 x 295 inches with a 1-year limited warranty. Also, the Elongated bowl structure intensifies comfort and provides a flawless experience.


  • Less water consumption with 1.6 GPF
  • Sophisticated wall-mounted design
  • Highly pressure assisted flushing with powerful motors
  • Elongated bowl for comfort and longer seating
  • Two-piece design for easy installation and maintenance


  • No Carrier and seat are included
  • Lack of information about the material composition

Bottom line

A fashionable, modern, powerful, cost-effective pressure assisted toilet. Not just it will add to the overall decor of your bathroom but will also help you in providing a clog-free environment with its powerful flushing.

Why Should You Choose Pressure Assist Toilets?

Pressure-Assist is relatively newer than gravity Assist toilet in the market. Although they are a little bit expensive than a standard toilet, they endow a series of features with their strong compression tank. Also, Power flush toilets are becoming cheaper day by day and the elements are widening gradually.

The high-pressure toilets require less water and help you to get rid of clogging. These toilets are a perfect solution for small sized bathrooms as they need substantially lesser space.

How to Select the Best Pressure Assisted Toilets

Here are remarkable and essential tips to consider before choosing any Power Flush Toilet.

Best Pressure Assist Toilets

Bowl Shape and Height

One of the most important steps is to measure the space between the wall and the floor drain, called as rough-in. It is usually around 12 inches but you must make sure that it is not too large.

Usually, there is two types of Bowl shape – Elongated and Round bowl. Elongated provides greater comfort while Round bowl requires relatively less space. It is suggested to go for elongated if space is not a big concern.

Toilet rim height is usually around 14 to 15 inches above the ground but the one about 16.5 inches are ADA approved.

Toilet Style

There are typically three types of Toilet style- Two pieces, one-piece, and Wall mounted toilets. The two-piece toilet is the most common as it is an affordable option. Getting replacements parts are also easy and reasonable.

The one-piece toilet has large rough-in but provides a sleek and stylish look to your bathroom. Also, there are no parts or crevices to be cleaned. However, One-piece toilet can be expensive.

Wall-mounted or hung Toilet is an efficient option for the homeowner Height customization, Easy cleaning, and space savings are the best features about Wall mounted Toilets. However, Wall mounted can be expensive to install and requires a thicker wall.

Water Saving and Flush Power

As high pressure is associated with Power flush toilets, the water consumption is significantly lower The pressure assisted toilets can save up to $90 on water and sewage utility bills per year. Also, the after charges after pipe clogging are substantially decreased saving you a lot of money.

Usually, these pressure-assisted Toilets consume around 1.4-1.6 gallons per Flush. Normal gravity assisted has a water consumption of 3.5 GPF to 5.5 GPF. So, you should choose high power flushing action with the lowest water consumption as it would be cost-effective in the long run.

Which One Should I Buy?

As there are numerous options available, choosing one can be difficult. We have listed our top picks which will bestow you a complete package of strength, performance, affordability, quality, and durability. You can pick the best pressure assist toilets as per your budget, size requirement and design.

To sum it up, Kohler elongated power flush toilet has extremely low water consumption while American Standard two-piece pressure assisted is highly clog-free and has odor-free and easy cleaning surface. American Standard wall mounted power flush toilet is an ideal choice for modern extremists who want to uplift their contemporary appeal.

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