Best Flushing Toilet in 2021 – Expert Reviews & Complete Guide

Hello and welcome to our top 10 reviews of the best flushing toilets. Perhaps you are building a new home, or you are remodeling your bathroom. In either case, you must be at pains looking for the best model which is within your budget. A balancing act between quality and affordability can be tricky.

For your sake, we have drafted a list of hundreds of our preferred models. From the list, we have shortlisted top 10 best dual flush toilets which we have researched, analyzed and reviewed. We hope the review will help you arrive at the right decision.

We will also discuss a list of factors that helped us arrive at the decision. Further, we thought it wise to include a few benefits of this type of toilets. Once you make an important choice, learn how to fix or replace your new flush toilet later in the article.

Let’s now begin to discuss each of our ten choices to appreciate the reasons why we consider them the best flushing toilets among the many models currently in the market.

Top 10 Best Flushing Toilet

1. TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake bathroom

Toto is one of the most successful and famous brands in the market when it comes to toilets and other bathroom fixtures. This sleek, high-profile dual piece design flush toilet is what you will need for your new bathroom. It is highly efficient and features state-of-the-art technologies for optimal performance.

One such technology is designated Double Cyclone. This technology ensures a powerful, quiet operation each time. Another technological sound feature is the SanaGloss. A super-smooth, ion barrier glazing works to clean your toilet bowl with each flush. This reveals the toilets cotton white finish that will complement your bathroom décor.

The toilet’s trapway is computer designed and wide. It measures 2-1/8 inches. The innovative styling of the TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake is unique. Unlike many brands currently on the market that follow their competitor’s engineering, designing and refining flush toilets; TOTO has unique models that feature TOTO’s patented technology.

The toilet features a wide water surface and universal height. In fact, the unit complies with ADA height recommendations. It features a flow rate of 1.64 gallons per minute with a water consumption rate of 1.24 gallons per flush.

This high efficiency will see you save as much as 20 percent in water use. This will help you save a lot concerning your utility bills.

Going by what people who have had a chance to install this dual flush toilet say you can depend upon the unit to serve you for years without requiring replacement. It is a dependable flush toilet that will perform optimally in residential bathrooms, hotel bathrooms, and even office bathrooms.

Special Features:

  • Double cyclone technology for powerful and quiet operation
  • SanaGloss technology cleans your toilet with each flush
  • 2-1/8-inch computer trapway for efficient flush
  • A flow rate of 1.64 gallons per minute for water economy

2. Dometic 320 Series Standard Height Toilet w/Hand Spray

The Dometic 320 series is a standard height toilet with hand spray. It is perhaps the best household flush toilet which you can also use in your recreational vehicle without a problem. Its dimensions make it an ideal flush toilet for large frame individuals.

It has many design features that make it one of the highly-efficient, most magnificent performing toilets.It features a deep elongated bowl made of ceramic. The design makes the toilet efficient in water use and strong enough to resist impact and pressure exerted by its users.

It features an enameled wood that provides levels of comfort you may not experience with the smaller flush toilets meant for RVs. By now, you must have learned that the Dometic 320 series toilet is made for RVs.

The toilet features pressurized full-rim flush designed to deliver a bowl cleaning rise with every flush. Do you hate hand flushing? I do, and that fuels my love for the Dometic 320 series. It is designed with an ergonomic single-direction foot pedal.

The pedal provides for easy, hands-free flushing for additional hygiene advantages. The flush pedal is extremely ergonomic. You can press it partially to add water.

The 320 Dometic is available in bone and white colors with a vitreous ceramic finish. You can choose between standard and low-profile heights depending on your preferences. An extremely low flush technology is design to use as little as 0.5 liters or 1-pint of water with each flush. Imagine what this would mean for your monthly utility bills.

Special Features:

  • Specifically designed for recreational vehicles
  • Can be used successfully by large framed individuals
  • Elongated deep bowl for the comfort of use and ergonomics
  • Pressurized full rim flash cleans the toilet with each flush
  • Fitted with single-direction foot pedal for hands-free flushing
  • The low flush technology uses 0.5 liters/1-pint of water per flush

3. TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake 2-Piece Toilet with Elongated Bowl and SanaGloss

TOTO is at it again with another great piece that will not only improve the performance of your bathroom but also improve its interior décor. The toilet’s contemporary high profile design makes it an ideal choice for modern homes. It comes in two components that are usually shipped in two different packs.  The two components are the bowl and the tank.

Like other TOTO toilets, this unit features SanaGloss. The technology presents super smooth and ion-glazing that cleans your toilet with each flush. A wide flush valve measuring 3 inches that is 125-inches larger than the usual valves guarantees fast flush.

An equally great technology is the G-Max flushing system that delivers powerful, quiet and commercial-grade flushing performance. The toilet’s trapway is wide, fully-glazed and computer-designed. The high profile, elongated close is complemented with a 12-inch rough-in.

These features are meant to boost the performance of this dual flush toilet. It features low consumption at a rate of 6 liters per flush or 1.6 gallons per flow. The flushing action is siphon jet.

To complement your bathroom décor, TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake 2-Piece is available in various colors and even materials. This particular unit is made of vitreous ceramic known that is cotton white and will remain sparkling clean for years. Serious background research guarantees its quality by tens of professionals. It comes in one size measuring 28 by 19.5 by 28.5 inches.

Special Features:

  • SanaGloss technology cleans the toilet with each flush
  • 3-inch wide flush valve for a powerful flush
  • Elongated design with a 12-inch rough-in
  • Low (1.6 gallons per flush) water consumption for water economy
  • Wide, fully-glazed computer designed trapway

4. American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4

Add luxury to your bathroom with the Champion 4 flushing toilet from American Standard. This right height single-piece toilet is so designed to eradicate any chances of clogging. You know what clogging can do to your plumbing. This and many other features and specifications are responsible for the excellent performance you will witness with this unit.

Champion 4 is fitted with a 4-inch piston action accelerator flush valve. This unique valve is capable of pushing water three times the speed of conventional valves. Such property allows the valve to dump 360 degrees of water in the toilet bowl in under a second. This translates to high efficiency and great performance.

The toilet also boasts of a low consumption rate of 6 liters per flow or 1.6 gallons per flush. The result is lower water bills. This also means cleaner wash with minimal (if any) water wasting. Its wide-open fully glazed 2-3/8-inch trapway offers flushing efficiency.

This trapway is potentially industry’s largest. Such trapway is able to move 70 percent larger mass than 2-inch trapway and more than 40 percent larger mass than the common 2-1/8-inch trapway.

Another unique feature of the Champion 4 is EverClean technology. This defines an antimicrobial surface on the interior and exterior of the bowl.

This discourages the overgrowth of odor and stains that fuel the colonization by bacteria, mold, and mildew. It will take you a very short time to clean your toilet. Even after years of use, the surface will remain as clean as ever.

Special Features:

  • Perfect height single-piece design eliminates clogging
  • 4-inch piston action accelerator flush valve for powerful flushing
  • Low water consumption for eco-friendliness
  • Industry’s largest (2-3/8-inch ) trapway removers 70 percent larger mass
  • EverClean technology with antibacterial properties

5. TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank, Cotton White

Its contemporary and high profile design will add luxury and functionality to your toilet. This flushing toilet operates quietly and powerfully. These features are made possible by the G-Max flushing system.

Ask anyone who has had the chance to install this flush toilet from TOTO and he or she will tell you it delivers commercial grade flushing performance. You can only imagine the experience you will have with the toilet if you were to install it in your bathroom.

The wonderful flushing performance is also a function of its wide 3-inch flush valve. This valve size is 125 percent larger than the conventional 2-inch valves seen with most other brands and models. Efficient flow is provided by the toilet’s wider, 2-1/8-Inch computer-designed, fully glazed trapway.

Its water consumption rate is 1.6 gallons per flow which is efficient and economical. It is therefore not surprising that the toilet has WaterSense certification. You do not have to worry about cleaning and maintaining the toilet. The SanaGloss feature will ensure your toilet self-cleans with every flush.

Special Features:

  • Contemporary high-profile design for modern homes
  • SanaGloss feature ensures the toilet self-cleans
  • G-max flushing system delivers powerful, quiet and professional performance
  • Low consumption (1.6 GPF) Siphon-Jet flushing action
  • 12-inch rough in provides for easy installation

6. Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Elongated Aquapiston Flush Technology Toilet

KOHLER prides on being one of the best brands when it comes to bathroom appliances. Their core pillars include pushing the flushing power, excellent toilet design, and superior bowl cleanliness.

The KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa meets the high standard set for KOHLER products. It has state-of-the-art features and specifications commonly seen only with luxurious models.

First, Santa Rosa is designed to help you conserve water. This unit is extremely water efficient. It only consumes 1.28 gallons per flush which are among the lowest consumption rates in the industry. According to the KOHLER, the toilet can enable you to save up to 16,500 gallons of water annually. Even more amazing is that it conserves that much of water without sacrificing performance.

Although it is gravity flush type of toilet, do not expect it to clog like the other conventional models featuring the same flush mechanism. Its design features a chair-height, elongated seat that provides the comfort of use.

Its design adds a contemporary touch to your bathroom décor. The design also boosts its performance. The elongated design is not only functional; it also helps to conserve bathroom space.

The KOHLER 3810-0 is readily available in a wide variety of KOHLER colors. The aim is to allow you to find a toilet colored in a manner that will complement your bathroom décor. The unit boasts of a WaterSense certification.

This should give you the confidence that experts also know it’s a great flush toilet. However, it may not be as quiet as other toilets but it offers excellent performance.

Special Features:

  • High water efficiency with a consumption rate of only 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Powerful and advanced gravity flush action
  • Elongated chair-height seat
  • Comes with a water-tight 1-year limited warranty

7. Toto MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated Toilet

TOTO is clearly the winner when it comes to the best flush toilets currently in the market. Their Ultramax II Het is another model that you will find irresistible to add to your bathroom. It may not be among the cheapest flush toilets.

However, it is undoubtedly an affordable model that is armed to boost the performance of both commercial and residential lavatories.

It is a WaterSense certified high-efficiency toilet with consumption rates of as low as 1.28 gallons per flush or 4.8 liters per flush. This helps with water conservation. You will conserve up to 16,000 gallons of water in one year. Imagine what that could mean for your efforts to conserve the environment and protect your pocket.

It features universal height for optimal comfort. The bowl measures 16-1/8-Inch rim in height. The seat, on the other hand, measures 17-1/4-Inch. The tank is 28-3/8-inch high and 16-9/16-inch wide.

The design is one-piece. The aim is to minimize the space that the toilet would ordinarily take in the bathroom.  The cotton white finish will complement any bathroom décor.

The Cyclone Flushing technology with an elongated bowl means high efficiency and performance. The technology also guarantees a quiet, swift and powerful flush every time. Furthermore, the SanaGloss technology ensures smooth, ion barrier glazing that cleans the bowl of your toilet with every flush.

The SanaGloss ceramic glaze prevents mold, mildew, debris, and other stains from sticking on either side of the bowl. Your toilet will stay as clean as white as when you first installed it.

Special Features:

  • One of the most competitively priced flush toilets
  • Very low water consumptions save your expenditure on the water bill
  • Cyclone flushing technology for efficiency and performance
  • SanaGloss feature cleans your toilet with each flush

8. WoodBridge T-0001

If you are looking for the best dual flushing toilet then look no further than the WoodBridge T-0001. It features a luxurious modern design with a rectangular button. This is a far cry from the usual oval buttons seen with conventional brands. The rectangular button is clean and sleek to behold. The toilet will compliment any bathroom décor.

The unit is designed to make cleaning easy. This is made possible by a skirted trapway that creates an elegant look and promotes effortless cleaning. The coating on the inner side and outer side of the bowl does not allow dirt, debris, and odor to grow. This means well for your health and that of your family members.

WoodBridge boasts of siphon flushing system. The flush is fully glazed to deliver super-silent and powerful flushing. You do not have to worry about leaks and clogs because such will not happen. It features an all-in-one package design. Each package will come inclusive of the pre-installed toilet seat, floor bolts, and wax ring as well as installation instructions.

The seat is high profile. It self-closes with a rapid release design. You can thus easily get the seat off to clean or tighten as necessary. It is chair high and extremely comfortable. You can comfortably sit and enjoy reading your favorite magazine or newspaper column without worrying about pain in your bottom.

best dual flush toilet

WoodBridge offers a 5-year limited warranty on all porcelain parts against staining or fading of the glaze. There is also a one-year limited warranty on the soft closing seat and the siphoning system.

Special Features:

  • Rectangular button design is luxurious
  • Skirted trapway looks elegant cleans easily
  • Advanced siphon flushing system
  • Comes in all-in-one package
  • Seat boasts of a rapid release design

9. Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet

Niagara Stealth has sneaked into our top 10 list of the best flush toilets largely dominated by TOTO. It is one of the top-rated flushing toilets currently in the market. It features no fabrics and imported components. This means quality, reliability, and efficient performance. The design is two-piece meaning it may come in more than one box.

That notwithstanding, the Niagara Stealth features many great features and specifications all meant to boost its performance. The first of these features is the pressure-assisted flushing system. Such a system uses gravity that is supported by pressure to flush water with mass. This reduces any chances of unnecessary clogging or leaking even with heavy use.

The ultra-high efficiency flush consumes on 0.8 gallons per flush.

Considering the models on our list, Niagara Stealth is perhaps the most efficient flush toilets so far. You might wonder what such low consumption would mean for the flushing power of the toilet. Well, those who have had the opportunity to install this flush toilet are satisfied with its performance.

The manufacturer maintains that a single flush is good enough. No need for double flushing. This assertion has been confirmed by the many individuals who have installed the unit. Another lovely thing is the price of this unit.

flushing toilet reviews

It is one of the most affordable models currently in the market. You can get it at half the price of the most expensive model in our review. Although affordable, its performance is that of the high-end models. However, you will have to buy the seat separately.

Special Features:

  • Ultra-high efficiency flush toilet
  • Consumes just 0.8 gallons of water per flush
  • Pressure-assisted flushing system
  • One of the most affordable flushing toilets

10. Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT 48 One Piece Toilet

Featuring white finish vitreous China propylene, Saniflo 023 is one of the ideal toilets currently on the market. It is actually a self-contained toilet that comes in handy if you want to create a half bathroom in a tight space where conventional flush toilets will never fit. The unit is small but extremely compact with stainless steel and neoprene components.

Unlike most flush toilets that we have reviewed here, the 023 does not have a tank. How then does it flush? Well, this innovative oval office has its flushing mechanism built in and totally electric. It is fitted with a 0.3 horsepower, 3600 RPM motor that drives the flushing action.

The normal running time of the motor is 10 to 15 seconds. The flushing action is very powerful. All you will need is a single flush and the waste is gone.

This unit discharges both the toilet water and wastewater in a sink. This macerating toilet is extremely water efficient. It uses just 1-gallon of water per flush. Installing this flush toilet will not only conserve your space; it will also save your pocket by reducing your utility bill expenses.

The self-contained, compact design makes Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT ideal choice for physically challenged individuals who need easy access to a toilet.

This toilet can fit in tiny spaces such as under the stairway and garage conversion. You can also install it as half-bathroom in the bedroom. This unparalleled versatility makes the 023 a wonderful flush toilet to include as an extra half-bathroom anywhere appropriate. It is also a wonderful accessory if you have a physically challenged individual in your home.

Special Features:

  • Unique electric flush toiled powered by 0.3 horse power motor
  • Uses a paltry 1 gallon of water per flush
  • Self-contained compact design saves installation space
  • An ideal choice for physically challenged persons

How to Choose the Best Flushing Toilet

No one wants to purchase a terrible flush toilet. However, sometimes we find ourselves with a flawed model simply because we did not have enough information to help us make the right choice.

In addition to the above reviews of the top 10 flush toilets, we now provide you with additional information to guide you in making an informed choice. First, let’s discuss the types of flush toilets available in the market.

Best Flushing Toilet

We can recognize three types of flush toilets. They all differ in design and flushing mechanism. You need this information to help you make the right decision.

Traditional Single Flush Toilets

Several years ago just about every home had a flush toilet. These older oval offices used pressure siphoning mechanism to flush waste from the toilet bowl. The moment you activate the flush mechanism, all the water in the tank would flow through siphoning pipe to eliminate the waste.

The problem with such traditional models was the tendency of the siphoning system to clog. They also tend to be noisier than modern types.  While some brands have managed to create more sophisticated siphoning systems that have a lower tendency to clog, newer models are much better.

Low-Flow Flush Toilets

The US federal government was not comfortable with the water wastage associated with the single flush toilets. In 1992, the Federal Energy Policy introduced an act that required all new toilets installed in the US to use water not exceeding 3.5 gallons per flush. This led to the introduction of the so-called low-flow toilet models that complied with the new act.

Initial productions also used a siphoning system that was made more efficient. They could use 4.8 liters or less per flush. However, their efficacy in performance was always dogged by the requirement to flush twice to eliminate waste. Many toilets today are low flush models that consume even lesser water per flush but do not require double flushing.

Dual Flush Toilets

There are new generation flush toilets that were invented in Australia. They usually use gravity assisted flushing system. Activation of a flushing system opens large a trap door (referred to as trapway) through which the waste materials from the toilet bowl flow out. The mere size of the trapway minimizes any chances of clogging.

The designation dual means it has two (dual) setting mechanisms that drive the operation.  You might see a button and a lever or two buttons in a few cases. The lever operates low volume flush while the button operates high volume flush.

The low volume flush gets rid of liquid waste while the high volume flush expels solid waste. Thus you will conserve water when flushing liquid waste. Single flush models use a high volume of water for all types of waste.

Benefits of the Dual Flush Toilets

There are many benefits of dual flush toilets over conventional toilets. The benefits all boil down to environmental impact, cost saving and low maintenance. Here is a brief discussion on each of these benefits:

Environmental Impact

Wastage of water is one major contributor to environmental degradation. Humans use far too much water for their needs. All these at the expense of other natural organisms that also need water to grow and develop. The dual flush toilets usually feature high-efficiency flushes that use a minimal amount of water per flush to move waste mass.

This way, it saves a lot of water that could have been wasted with conventional toilets with single flushing mechanisms. Such toilets are usually compliant with NEPA and meet the WaterSense standards for water efficiency.

Cost Saving

In a world where financial needs are limitless yet the resources to meet them are always scarce, wise people make savings by any means available to them. The lower water usage driven by the dual flush toilets translates into reduced water bills.

The initial cost of a dual flushing toilet can be high but ultimately, the toilet will save you thousands of dollars in water expenses.

Low Maintenance

The older toilets commonly referred to as single flush toilets use pressure siphoning systems to get rid of toilet waste. This siphoning system may be efficient but extremely prone to clogging. At times, it may not mount enough pressure to move waste.

This way, it will require continuous monitoring to prevent dangerous clogging. Dual flush toilets normally use gravity. When the flushing system is activated, a trapway is opened and the wastewater flushes with pre-selected volume. This produces a clog-free operation.

How Do You Find the Best Flush Toilet?

We know that each person has his or her own taste and preferences. We have presented you our picks but we also understand that you may not find among them your desired model. Should that be the case, then use of this helpful buying guide to give your direction.

Here is what to look for the flush toilet:

Toilet Style

Toilets are available in either of two styles: Single-piece or double-piece. The most common of these is the two-piece style. It describes a toilet that has a bowl and a tank separately but bolted together. Such types are usually bulky and therefore occupy appreciable space. They also tend to be cheaper. Their spare parts are also easily available.

The single-piece models lack any seam between the tank and the bowl.  As the name sounds, the tank and the bowl is one unit. The style is modern and compact with the ability to fit into smaller spaces. Since there are connecting parts where bacteria can hide, single piece toilets are generally easier to clean and maintain.

A rare toilet style that is gaining popularity with some individuals is a wall-hung or wall-mounted toilet. The only problem is that such models require unique plumbing that may prove challenging to add to an existing bathroom.

Waste modifications may also be necessary. The wall-mount style is gaining popularity, especially with new homeowners. If you are looking for the superior flush toilet then I would recommend a single-piece model.

Rough-In Dimensions

Rough-in measurement is perhaps the most important consideration. The dimensions of the rough in will determine whether or not the toilet will fit into your bathroom space. Rough-in describes the distance between the wall in the rear of the toilet and the center of either the bolds that mount the toilet to the floor or the drainpipes.

This is especially important if you are replacing your existing toilet. Get the measurement of the rough in. Let it guide you in finding the best dual flushing toilet for replacement.

The new toilet’s rough in measurement should be a little bit lower than the original measurement. Standard rough-ins measure 12-inches but you can also find 10-inch and even 14-inch versions in traditional homes.

Toilet Bowl Shape and Height

There are two toilet bowl shapes you can choose from – round bowl or elongated (oval) bowl. Round bowls will save your bathroom space. They are also less costly. However, you may find them wanting when it comes to comfort and ergonomics. Elongated models are more comfortable and ergonomic. However, they tend to be expensive and consume a lot of space.

When it comes to height, you can choose between standard or universal height models. The standard height ranges from 14 to 15 inches rim from off the ground. The universal height (also known as comfort or right height) measures 15 to 17 inches off the ground to the rim.  I would prefer the latter. An elongated bowl of universal height makes the best toilet.

The Flushing System and Tanks

The size of the bowl tank is none issue because most models come with comparably sized tanks. What should tickle your curiosity is the flush valve size. It differs from one model of the toilet to another. The valve is located right at the center of the tank. It serves to release water reserved in the tank when the flushing mechanism is activated.

A larger valve releases a higher flow rate with each flush compared to smaller valves. A higher flow rate translates into a powerful flush which is more efficient in eliminating waste materials.  They work great with water-efficient models such as the ones we have included in our top reviews.

The two common flushing systems are pressure siphoning and gravity-assisted systems. The pressure assisted models depend on pressure to force water down the valve into the trapway. Gravity assisted models are quieter and simply depend on gravity to move waste. Dual-flush models may allow both mechanisms to improve water consumption efficiency.

Water Consumption

I believe you do not want to get yourself on the wrong side of the law. The federal government prohibits new toilets from using more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. A good number of the high-efficiency models feature a water consumption rate that’s much lesser than that the rate stipulated by the federal law.

Make sure you check the water consumption rate of your preferred flush toilet before you bring it home. Ensure you buy one that has a low consumption rate. However, make sure that such a consumption rate does not sacrifice the performance of the toilet. Also look for WaterSense and APA certifications on the toilet before you purchase it.

How to Fix Problems with Flush Toilet

You can be stranded if your toilet begins to have problems with flushing. Maybe flushing is incomplete, weak or inappropriate. Other problems may include leaky seals, clogs and slow emptying of the bowl. Here are some common problem and how to fix them:

Problem 1: Phantom Flushes

Phantom flushes define the water that trickles into the bowl spontaneously. This happens as though someone has activated the flushing mechanism yet no one did. Such toilets have a problem of cutting off and on spontaneously.

The problem is with what plumbers call a flapper or flapper seat. To solve the problem, just empty the bowl and the tank. Then you can check the flapper seat. Clean the flapper seat if dirty or replace it if damaged.

Problem 2: Water Trickling Into the Tank

This is the symptom of a leaky supply line. You will hear a hissing sound coming from the tank. In this case, look for any problems with the float, the bullock, and the refill tube or the inlet valve assembly. As water comes it the inlet valve, the hissing sound emanates.

It could be that the flat needs adjusting or is sticking. Go ahead and check the refill tube. Adjust it if necessary. If none of your efforts yield any results then you may be forced to replace the entire Bullock assembly.

Problem 3: Weak Flushes

A weak flush means the bowl empties slowly. This often results from clogged holes underneath the rim of the bowl. You can solve the problem by using a strong wire to gently poke into each hole to remove the debris. You can use the same wire to weaken any debris that may be blocking the siphon jet.

Problem 4: Leaky Seals

Any standard flush toilet has on it at least five seals. Each of these seals has the potential to leak. In case of any leaks, check each of the five seals. If any of the seal’s leaks, tighten it or replace it altogether. Usually, the largest seal exists where the tank meets the bowl.

Any fault here will cause a major leak. To replace the seal, you will have to drain the bowl and the tank. You will be forced to turn the water up and down to access the seal better.


How To Fix Slow Flushing Toilet Tips

Problem 5: Clogs

Many people dread clogs for good reasons. They are simply risky to deal with.  Unfortunately, clogs are the most common toilet problem. To remove a clog, you will need to have some sort of pump. You may use a force-cup plunger but it is only effective for small clogs.

For bigger and most serious clogs, use a closet auger. To unclog, insert the tip of the auger into the drain hole. You can then twist its handle while you push the rotor downwards. Be cautious not to damage your bowl.

Final Verdict

At long last, we are in the last part. I hope you have found our review informative, comprehensive and thus helpful. If you agree then we are confident you are on the right path in your search for the flush toilet currently in the market.

The information is even helpful if you are searching for the best dual flushing toilet. A flush toilet is not a cheap investment. You have to be wise in making the decision. The information in our reviews and buying will help you greatly in making the right decision.

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