Duravit Toilet Reviews in 2021 – Top 3 Models Reviewed

It cannot be denied that having a great toilet at this age is essential. Yet, it is one of the most overlooked aspects of the bathroom in many, modern homes. No household is ever complete without a bathroom that’s immaculately clean.

The good news is, with proper research and care, you will unearth some impressive models for your bathroom space. For genuinely fantastic choices for your bathroom, look no further than the Duravit brand. The firm has a home to some great products that put other competing toilet brands to the sword.

From excellent flush power that’s efficient in its water usage, to the artistic designs in every model, Duravit toilets never disappoint.

Our Top 3 Picks Indeed, the firm has released many excellent products since it was founded. However, to help you make an informed choice from the options available, we have selected three of the highest-performing ones.

Top 3 Duravit Toilet Reviews

1. Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle Toilet

The Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle toilet is renowned for its modern design and low profile. Available in white only, it finds its space at the bottom-half of Duravit’s that have a mid-range price.

The lid covering the square toilet adds to the unique design and as a result, your bathroom gets that extra spark.

Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle Toilet

The toilet also boasts great functionality and efficiency. You will no longer need to wait a few minutes in between flushes. The in-built dual flushing system will spare you the blushes and all you need to do is to activate the same.

You should easily find the chrome button that serves this purpose at the top of the toilet.

Additionally, the product makes use of open rim flushing technology to give perfect results with every flush even when the water supply dwindles. As the rim is more accessible too, it is easier to clean when compared to the traditional or campaign toilet.

However, even as you proceed to make a purchase, be advised that the toilet is bought separately from the toilet. All the same, you will get unrivalled service should you decide to go ahead and spend your money on the toilet.

2. Duravit 2225090092 Toilet Bowl Wall Mounted Starck 3

Here is another of Duravit’s products that are in the middle of the price range. The toilet is round shaped and comes only in white. Its wall mounting technology makes it perfect for bathrooms with small square footage.

This, also, ensures a thorough clean beneath the toilet is possible; a functionality not available with older toilet models.

Duravit 2225090092 Toilet Bowl Wall Mounted Starck 3

Furthermore, the in-built technology for washdown flushing enables the minimal use of water per flush. This feature allows for greater noise absorption of noise ensuring a truly tranquil experience every time. That this Duravit toilet boasts certification from WaterSense, also, points to its running being environmentally friendly.

The tank and carrier being hidden away within the walls portray a clear appearance that’s bound to leave rookies quite amazed. As well, this semblance of independence boards well with the bathroom aesthetic giving the space a post-modern feel.

Should you not fall in love with the product after purchase, you can make use of the warranty period to have it replaced. This becomes especially useful on the rare occasion when you get a defective product. The company will always be ready to replace this with a similar, perfectly working version.

3. Duravit 2120010001 Toilet Starck 3

Here is another excellent product. This version comprises a one-piece toilet, from the Starck 3 collection, that is floor mounted. The single piece design includes an elongated bowl for extra comfort with sufficient space to fit a 12-inch rough in the single flush mechanism.

Though it’s a single flush toilet, it packs high efficiency as every flush uses only 1.28 gallons. This has seen it meet a great objective that is water conservation. To this end, the toilet meets all the various requirements stipulated under the WaterSense criteria.

Duravit 2120010001 Toilet Starck 3

It does, however, have some drawbacks. Firstly, you will have to purchase this Duravit toilet separately when you click “buy on this product”.

Additionally, some toilet accessories increase the functionality of the toilet significantly but they come at a cost. One such product is SensoWash. It is purchased together with a bid get a spray that leaves you refreshed after every use.

Additionally, the toilet height is below the 17-inch height recommended by ADA. Despite this, the shape, color, style and water efficiency is what should win you over. The price is, also, quite reasonable and all these positives combine to make the product an excellent choice for your bathroom.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Duravit Toilet

Duravit is a company that specializes in the manufacture of bathroom fixtures and related sanitary ware. Other than toilets, they are, also, renowned for producing cabinets, bathtubs, urinals and everything in-between.

Their operations began in 1956 and from the manufacture of porcelain goods, they have grown to be a premier source of bathroom fixtures that are bold and with fresh artistic designs.

Duravit Toilet Reviews

So, before making your purchase, here is what you should consider;

The Product Range

Decades of experience have come with hundreds of differentiated products over the years. The most popular toilet ranges include; Vero, Starck 3, Durastyle, Happy 02, and DuraSquare. Each range possesses unique features and it is, thus, upon you to figure out what will work for you.

MaP Testing

This test reveals the toilet’s flushing performance. The scale starts with the 0 – 250 grams range and this represents the toilets you should avoid. Then you get toilets in the 250-350 grams segment.

They are good at best so don’t expect superior performance levels. The 600 – 1000 grams section is the ultimate level and with the best performance.


How about we pause and learn how big our rough-in is. Knowing how big the size is key to leaving the perfect amount of space behind the toilet’s tank. 12-inch rough-ins are most common. However, some toilets come with 10 or 14 inches.

How to Install Duravit Toilet


Here you will have two distinct choices. Do you want a wall or floor mounted toilet?

For the longest time now, floor mounted toilets have been the preferred option. However, the wall mounted option is quickly catching on for it needs only minimal space and the tank can be hidden out of sight.

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, Duravit makes one of the most beautiful toilets in markets today. Each product boasts a unique elegance with their clean yet simple design. Any would, thus, be ideal for any bathroom and it is why you should consider one of the three options above with your next bathroom remodel.

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