10 Best Shower Radio Reviews – Final List After Our Rigorous Test

Who doesn’t like singing in the shower? If you had the best shower radio, you would virtually be a rock star right? Well, we’ve got a list of the best shower radios for your bathroom entertainment.

What would you say if you had a radio that you could actually take into the shower with you? Here’s a list of the best radios to use in the shower and start your day or end your night on a high note; literally! The whole family will love these and they’re great gifts.

Are you ready to listen to your favorite list in your bathroom? Here are the top 10 shower radios you could consider to give up your bathroom with your need here.

10 Best Shower Radios For 2021

1. Sangean H201 Portable Waterproof Shower Radio

What makes Sangean H201 radio more than just an ordinary radio is its high reception capability. Don’t underestimate the DX capability of this small radio.

This portable radio can receive low-frequency radio at distances as 300 miles away. That’s quite a fit if you ask me. Most portable radios of this caliber can hardly manage 100 miles from the transmitting station.

Sangean H201 Portable Waterproof Shower Radio

This makes it ideal for the shower too considering the interference that is characteristic of the bathroom environment. Bathrooms are also designed with smaller windows set high up.

This can lower the ability to received signals for radios with weaker receivers. This is good news especially for people who love swimming and tend to drift outside radio grid. Try this one out!

However, although the Sangean H201 is advertised as being a shower radio, you should be careful while using your radio in a bathtub. At times this radio cannot withstand being submerged completely in water.

2. Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker by Hydro Beat

Hydro Beat is arguably the best speaker brand in the market for only two main reasons; power and quality. The HB BeatBox speaker is the hallmark of HB speakers.

It’s amazing how so much power can be packed in a speaker the size of my palm. The HB BeatBox is able to produce a loud enough sound to boom across an entire room depending on the area of the room.

Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

It’s cased in a tough, resistant plastic casing that makes it shockproof and waterproof. No qualms even if it drops, the casing provides the needed protection.

Overall, this is the best speakers for those that like their music loud but can’t stand carrying the large and heavy speaker around. The HB BeatBox will do the trick perfectly well.

3. Shower-Mate Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Shower-Mate speakers and speakerphone is the ultimate shower companion you can think. It not only allows you to have the perfect showering experience, but it also allows you to set up plan your entire day while at it.

Specifically, Shower-Mate speakerphone converts your bathroom into a temporal office through its hands-free calling feature. You can make that urgent call reminding your secretary to put the final touches on your report or just to find out the day’s itinerary on a busy day.

Shower-Mate Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Shower Mate is very portable and it can easily fit into your jeans pocket. This presents it versatile and can be used in your car or office as well.

The suction cup at the back of the Shower Mate speaker also allows you to attach strategically on the smooth surfaces in your bathroom. If it doesn’t stick on your tiled bathroom walls, it’ll stick on the mirror.

4. Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Shower Radio

The HB Illumination is the best portable speaker for people who love spending time at the pool. It is equipped with an ace at the top that makes it highly water resistant.

Obviously, water and electronic devices don’t mix. You’ve probably learned the hard way to keep your electronic devices as far away from water as possible. The HB Illumination is an exception.

Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Shower Radio

It comes with IPX7 standard meaning it can remain intact and functioning as good as new even after being submerged in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.

Its stylish design made of plastic and rubber makes the HB Illumination really cool and durable. The rubber acts as a shock absorber and prevents your speakers from damage in case it drops.

This lightweight serves you in two ways; makes carrying it a no big deal and ensures that the rubber is sufficient to protect the speaker from damage.

In my opinion, this speaker is not only perfect for your music needs while in the shower, but it’s also great for the outdoors as well.

5. BassPal Shower Speaker, IPX7

The BassPal Bluetooth speaker is similar to the HB Illumination in many ways. It has the same IPX7 specifications making it highly water resistant. They also share the same high-quality sound output.

However, the BassPal has its base sound capability enhanced to up to 5W HD loud speakers. I was skeptical of the bass capabilities of this speaker until I tried playing 24K Magic on a friend’s BassPal. The bass quality was great even at high volumes.

BassPal Shower Speaker, IPX7

The LED mood lights at the top of the speaker can also have a relaxing effect particularly if you’re the kind of person that enjoys your meditation with some background music.

Unfortunately, BassPal’s FM radio is rather weak. You better stick to your collection of favorite music for this one. The Bluetooth range is rather short too. It has 650mAh battery for up to 8 hours of playtime without any backup.

6. iFox iF013 Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This speaker can go anywhere because it is waterproof! Its round shape and compact size make it perfect or traveling. With advanced Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and high-quality sound, this speaker will make you the life of the party.

iFox iF013 Bluetooth Shower Speaker

With 5w speaker sound boosting and perfect FM tuning, you’re sure to get excellent quality from this speaker. Not only can you use it in the shower, but you can stick it to the wall, your boat, the car window, or anywhere else that can hold the suction.

The 8 battery playtime life is an extra bonus when choosing this wireless Bluetooth speaker. The blue and black design of the speaker has buttons for easy changing of the volume or station. Connect this wireless speaker to any Bluetooth compatible device such as a cell phone, tablet, or car for the ultimate experience.

7. Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Shower Radio

Enjoy a party in your bathroom with this light up wireless Bluetooth radio. It’s flashing lights look’s very beautiful and attractive around your shower.  Equipped with a high-quality 5w output power speaker, you can take this to any party, event, outdoors or even connect it to your cell phone for games. With a built-in hands-free speaker, you’ll be able to answer your calls with ease.

Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Shower Radio

You can completely immersible in up to 3 feet of water, this speaker will still perform for up to 30 minutes. Able to stick to most surfaces, this wireless Bluetooth speaker even floats on water. The anti-distortion function prevents the loud sound from changing and holds a crystal clear sound for your listening pleasure.

Preset your favorite channels for easy listening and enjoyment. Use the easy to use buttons to change the color of the lights on the speaker and pump up the party. The built-in LED lights on top of the speakers flash in a variety of colors to change your mood.

Your shower won’t ever be the same! Turn your shower or event into an experience.

8. Sony ICF-S80 Splash Proof Shower Radio with Speaker

Carry this portable wireless speaker anywhere you go. This portable speaker comes with a detachable rubber handle for easy hanging in the shower. The great sound of this radio is loud enough to hear your music over the shower.

The speaker boasts a sound surprising for this portable radio. Hear the tunes you like without worry of the signal fading or worrying about short battery life. Don’t let the small size fool you.

Sony ICF-S80 Splash Proof Shower Radio with Speaker

Its size makes this splash proof radio perfect. With 100 battery hours for long listening, this will be great for road trips or keeping the kids occupied. There are five preset buttons on this speaker to program the channels of your choice.

With its square shape for stability, there’s no need to worry about the speaker falling over. The buttons are numbered and easy to operate for recognizing your favorite stations. The radio comes in all white with a blue rotary dial.

9. Conair Home Shower Radio

This sleek, black shower radio is compact in size but gives a big sound. Made with an easy hang-on hook, feel free to take this compact radio along with you anywhere. There’s a station dial for channel selecting and AM/FM tuning for listening variety.

Button dial for volume allows you to control the sound level while enjoying your music. This comes in handy if you are changing locations. There’s also a convenient ON/OFF button for on the front of the speaker.

Conair Home Shower Radio

Light in weight and small, the Conair Home Shower radio adds flair to your bath time. Create the experience of your choice with your music selection while having a relying shower. You’ll leave your bathroom with an upbeat mood and ready to begin your day.

The black and silver colors make this home shower radio very attractive in size and design.

10. Pyle Shower Radio Waterproof Portable Speakers

How about a mini rotary speaker to take wherever you like? The Pyle shower radio comes with a strap for easy hanging. The AM/FM tuning radio takes 2 x ‘AA’ batteries (not included) and has a built analog tuner with an antenna.

Pyle Shower Radio Waterproof Portable Speakers

Its water resistance makes it suitable for you to enjoy your music anywhere. With Marine Grade IP44 water-resistant design, this shower radio can stand up to the challenge. Whether in the bath, a pool, or washing dishes, you’re good to go.

Square shaped for stability, one can stand this speaker on any surface. Its lightweight makes it easy to lift for any age. Bring the party to you!

This compact wireless radio comes with a radio frequency range of 540 to 1600 KHz for AM tuning and 88 to 108MHz for FM tuning.

How to Choose the Best Shower Radio

Do you immensely enjoy your time in the shower? It’s perfectly understandable if you do, and you’re certainly not alone. This is a special time for most people.

Many successful people will tell you that they got their breakthrough ideas while in the shower. Having a cozy shower allows you to shift from the lull of sleep into a sharp and rejuvenated mood. It’s a special part of the day.

At other times, you just want to wash the stresses of the day with a leisurely session in your bathtub. There’s nothing that adds flavor to your experiences in the shower than your favorite music.

Each of the radios featured would be a great buy. There’s something to fit everyone’s needs and these speakers will make a great gift. Stuck on your window and easily tucked in your bag, the practical features of these radios are what make them fun. They’re easy enough for the kids to use and simple enough for grandma to operate.

The simple designs make this convenient purchase more than worth the costs. There’s something here for any buyer with any style and fun convenient listening pleasure. Who would’ve thought having your favorite stations on the go would be so easy.

Your performance at work will be enhanced since you’ll be revitalized every morning. Music has a way of relaxing you. You’ll tend to be stress-free, an important ingredient for healthy living.

In addition, your good mood will rub onto others at your workplace. You’ll have more meaningful relationships with family and workmates. It’s very likely you’ll maintain a pleasant personality at work.

Therefore, you have no excuse for making your rain showers livelier. There’s a lot of benefit in making sure your mornings are entertaining. It puts you in an excellent mood that is reflected throughout your day.

Bottom Line

There are numerous shower radios on the market. However, this is a list of carefully tried shower radios that are readily available in the market and at the right price.

These shower radios are available in the online marketplace. So you can read our expert reviews before buying your best shower radio then make your right decision to choose the best radio for your shower.

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