Best Bathroom Mirrors in 2021 – To Add Elegance To Your Decor

For most people getting the best bathroom mirror is always challenging. A bathroom constitutes part of your home and should give a good impression at all times. When building houses for rent or sale, getting the suitable bathroom mirrors should also be your priority.

Being in the interior design sector, I always get lots of questions in regards to what is the best bathroom mirrors. Yes, it’s true that the accessory has been existing for many centuries but people still have difficulties choosing a particular piece.

Recently, I saw it worthy to reviews the mirrors that are currently available in the market. To do this, I paid attention to the size, weight, reflection clarity, wiping, cleaning ease, durability, quality, versatility, and affordability. In my view, the following are among the top bathroom mirrors in the market.

Best 10 Bathroom Mirrors – 2021

1. Large Simple Rectangular Streamlined 1 Inch Beveled Wall Mirror

The design of this mirror is simple and elegant. You can hang it up in your master bath horizontally or at any other angle and get the best experience. The edges are classy and have a nice bevel. Though it is somehow heavier, the picture wire can hold it correctly.

Large Simple Rectangular Streamlined 1 Inch Beveled Wall Mirror

If your bathroom is relatively small, then this mirror will fit you. It is a tiny mirror that will make your bathroom look a bit larger. It is easy to set it up and use. All you need is to hammer up the hooks about 20 inches apart and hang it up.

This mirror comes with polished edges that enhance its safety and appearance. It has instructions and hangers that will enable you to set it up with ease.

Take a measuring tape, hammer and follow the instructions to mount it correctly on the wall. It will work best if you place the hangers half the distance from the faucet.

2. Hamilton Hills Large Framed with 3 Inch Angled Beveled Mirror Frame

In case you want a modern and streamlined mirror, the Hamilton hills wall mirror will be the best. It looks absolutely beautiful and simple enough to give an industrial tone. The Beveled edge has been designed with the touch of elegance. It is versatile and blends well with any luxury bathroom.

Large Framed Wall Mirror

If you buy this mirror, you will be amazed by the quality of craftsmanship it has been employed. Installation of this mirror is simple; you will need about two hooks for it to hang properly. Though it is somehow heavy, it blends well with any bathroom.

This mirror comes with D-ring brackets that allow you to hang it either horizontally or vertically. It does not come with any hardware that helps you mount it on the wall, so you will find the best mounting system that will install the mirror properly in the wall studs.

3. Moen DN2692BN Glenshire Frameless Pivoting Bathroom Tilting Mirror

This mirror is designed well and looks beautiful. When you compare with similar mirrors, this one comes with great value. It blends well with any bathroom.

It is not a small mirror as you may think; it has dimensions from the bottom to the bottom and from the hinges. From these dimensions, the glass part of the mirror looks like an egg shape.

Moen DN2692BN Glenshire Bathroom Oval Tilting Mirror

To install this mirror from Moen is quite simple. You can go through the detailed instructions and follow the required procedure.

First, you have to locate the mounting plates then install them for the hinges that attach the hooks and the mirror to the plates that you have mounted on the wall.

If you are tall or short, this mirror will not disappoint you. It is high quality and will fit any place in your bathroom. It blends well with any bathroom making a small room look big. Though the design of this mirror is excellent, it is made to be typically mounted on dry walls not wooden.

4. MCS 15.5×21.5 Inch Wall Mirror

This is a mirror which will blend well with your hardware and fixtures. The size is good and comes with great value. The two hooks have been placed in different positions, and you will have to install it on the drywall anchors. When you are installing for the first time, ensure that the hook is 1/2 inches from each other.

MCS White Wall Mirror

The wall of this mirror is white; this brings a unique style and sophistication to your bathroom at the horn. The ridge framed also improves the decor of your bathroom, and you can use this mirror even in your living room or bedroom.

The MCS mirror is made of high-quality material that looks nice. This mirror coordinates well with sink and bronze fixtures and is suitable for your guestroom bathroom.

The frame and the beveled glass looks luxurious, and you can use these mirrors in the bathrooms to increase the value of a house when selling it.

5. SONGMICS 8” Two-Sided Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

This is a dual sided mirror that is perfect for putting up makeup on your bathroom. It is made of stainless still that will stay longer even in humid environments.

This mirror comes with 7x magnification that allows you to put up the right makeup in the bathroom before you embark on your daily routine.

SONGMICS 8'' Two-Sided Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

This mirror comes already assembled fully; all you need to do is to remove the non-chrome mounting plate before you set it up.

Remove the small screws on the bottom and the bottom and set the tabs in such a way that it points into the room or away from the wall. Use the screws to reattach the small holes on the mounting plate and you are done.

6. Sandberg Furniture Oil Rubbed Bronze Wall Mirror

You will find the Sandberg Furniture 14217 in the home bathroom, salon, commercial washrooms, and many other places.

According to most consumers, the mirror has a practical size and doesn’t take up too much space in the bathroom. It mounts either vertically or horizontally and the included instructions should help you in the installation.

Sandberg Furniture 14217 Wall Mirror

Installing the mirror is straightforward courtesy of the D-ring brackets. I also like the simple and clear instructions and the beveled edges which improve safety. It doesn’t get dirty or stained easily and is easy to clean.

The mirror may be a bit small for large bathrooms or public washrooms. The glass is a little thinner and it’s important to mount it properly to prevent it from falling and breaking.

7. Umbra Hub Wall Mirror – 24 Inch Round Wall Mirror

The Umbra Hub wall mirror is also another popular pick on the market. You probably have seen it in living rooms, washrooms, entryways and other places.

One thing I agree with most people is that it is ideal for high traffic areas thanks to its fairly large size. It has a round design that should look nice in different decors be it the home, commercial setting, office, and other places.

Umbra Hub Wall Mirror

From what I have heard from my users, the mirror has a “thick skin” and together with the rubber edge should handle the intact, vibrations, and shocks well. Some people, especially the ones living in a small apartment or studio, use it to make the small space appear larger.

The mirror has a large size for easy viewing, features a round shape that complements most decors, and protective rubber trim. It also has clear reflections, durable and easy to install.

The mirror is somewhat heavy in comparison to some of its alternatives and may not appeal to people who love square or rectangular shapes.

8. Better Bevel 22.5″ x 34.5″ Frameless Rectangle Mirror

People who are into classic designs will appreciate this wall mirror. I have seen it in bedrooms, bathrooms, walls and other places.

Like other mirrors in this review, it blends well with various decors and uses D-rings for support. The frameless design creates a seamless appeal while the bevel edge enhances its elegance.

Frameless Rectangle Wall Mirror

The wall mirror has a sleek modern design and looks amazing in most settings. It doesn’t corrode or rust even in a wet environment and I give credit to the silver backing. Installing and removing the accessory is simple and requires no advanced skills or sophisticated tools.

I find the mirror to be a little plain due to the basic rectangular shape. And although the D-rings provide excellent support and easy hanging, they have placed a little awkwardly.

9. SIMPLIHOME Urban Loft Bath Vanity Décor Mirror

If it wasn’t for its fairly heavy nature, this bathroom vanity mirror would have been top on this list. The white mirror installs easily on the wall and has a functional design or suit everyday use.

The Simpli Home Urban mirror looks unique and classic courtesy of the solid wood frame. This makes it a good choke for people looking to enhance the bathroom decor. Other than the bathroom, this unit is okay for the living room, entryway, and washrooms.

Simpli Home Urban Loft Bath Vanity Mirror

It has a nice classic appeal and is also very clear. The bevel edges feel and look safe to the user whereas the heavy-duty design offers reliability and longevity. Wiping and cleaning the vanity mirror is also easy and it does not corrode, tarnish or rust.

I find the mirror to be a little heavy and this may affect handling or carrying. You also have to ensure it mounts properly to prevent it from falling from the mounting point.

10. Elegant Home Fashions Madison Wall Mirror

The top slot on our best bathroom mirrors goes this white mirror from Elegant Home Fashions. The standard unit comes in an Elite styling and suits bathrooms, bedrooms, and foyer.

It will appeal mostly to users who love the classic appeal courtesy of the pure-white finish that blends in nicely with the engineered-wood construction.

Elegant Home Fashions Stratford Collection Framed Mirror

It features a standard size that fits well in most spaces and doesn’t require special tools or skills to install. The mirror has an amazing reflection and super sleek edges to complements its good looks. And like the rest of the mirrors on this review, it’s easy to clean and doesn’t corrode or rust.

The mounting holes are a little small and maybe a bit challenging to fit it. Some consumers also say that the mirror is a tad bit heavy.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Mirrors

When having a challenge finding the best one for your bathroom, go through this guide and choose the one which best meets your preference.

Take into consideration the size of your room and get a design that will blend well and improve the decor of your bathroom.

Best Bathroom Mirrors

The bathroom mirror plays a vital role in your day-to-day life. It helps you apply makeup and cosmetics, aid you in shaving your beard, hair, or mustache, style your hair, or simply making sure you look good before you step out.

To cater to different demands, manufacturers offer all kinds of mirrors. They come in different shapes (circular/round, square, rectangular, oval); others feature a protective rubber around their edges, while others are plain.

A good mirror ensures that you have the best experience while in the shower and helps to improve the general decor of the bathroom.

This review will enable you to get an insight into the top bathroom mirrors currently in the market based on the real users, ratings, price and other features.

Bottom Line

In summary, this article entails the best bathroom mirrors reviews that are currently in the market. A good mirror should feature modern properties and still comes with great value. It should have detailed instructions that enable you to mount it quickly on the wall and should not be too heavy.

In the above review, I have summarized what I believe to be the best bathroom mirrors in the market. They have clear reflection, don’t get dirty or oily easily, are easy to wipe/wash, complement many bathroom decors, and are also high quality and decently-priced.

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