Best Shower Filters in 2021 – Our Top Ten Reviews

Chlorine is a common nonmetallic element used to treat water against germs and impurities that could otherwise cause illnesses when ingested.

Nevertheless, it has some drawbacks such as causing skin dryness, itching, having an irritating smell etc. These problems are experienced when you shower with chlorinated water. So, how do you solve this?

The most effective and reliable solution is to use shower water filters. The best shower water filters feature unique designs that allow them to remove chlorine, heavy metals, scale, bacteria, fungi, and other impurities to enhance water quality. This promotes healthy living and enhances the wellness of the user.

Below are some of the top 10 shower filter reviews that we came across after an extensive market research! Read on to benefit from the tips on how to identify the best shower filter and why you need it.

Top 10 Best Shower Filter Reviews

1. AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Replaceable Multi Stage Filter

AquaBliss shower filter has a multi-stage filtration system to help get rid of all contaminants in your water. Its filtration process comprises of KDF 55, calcium sulfite, as well as activated carbon. What’s more, the cartridge in this filter is easy to replace.

It is made with a chrome finish, which gives it a sleek look and enhances its durability. AquaBliss shower filter purifies water at any temperature hot or cold by removing bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine and further, subdues the growth of microorganisms like algae, fungi etc.

AquaBliss High Output Filter- Best Universal Shower Filter

AquaBliss shower filter will enhance the quality of your bath water so your skin, nails, and hair are revitalized. This will eliminate problems like eczema, itchy skin, and breaking hair. Like most other filters, you need to change it after using for about 6 months.


  • It is effective in eliminating skin and hair problems.
  • It effectively works with both cold and hot water.
  • It is versatile as it comes with handheld and overhead showers.
  • It delivers an impressive performance.


  • Some users feel that the carbon filter does not help when it comes to removing heavy metals from the water.

2. AquaHomeGroup Shower Water Filter

Does your water have an unpleasant smell caused by chlorine and other impurities such as heavy metals? If it does, AquaHomeGroup Shower Water Filter has a 15-stage filtration process to remove all these contaminants from your water.

The filter system features Granulated Activated Coconut Carbon, the Dense structure of Polypropylene Cotton, KDF-55, Calcium Sulfite, and Alkaline Ceramic Balls. This helps the filter to improve your water quality, making sure that your hair remains soft and your skin feels great after use.

AquaHomeGroup Shower Water Filter

You can also use the water to bathe your kids comfortably since you will not be worried about any potential skin effects. The filter has a universal connection of 1/2 inches, which perfectly fits all types of showers.


  • This shower filter is highly versatile since it is compatible with a showerhead, a handheld hose, rain shower head, and a combo shower.
  • It comes in a simple design that is easy to install; you won’t need any tools or know-how to set it up.
  • You will get an extra refill cartridge with this filter. Furthermore, the shower filter comes with 5 shower caps and a Teflon tape, add-ons that you will enjoy every time you use the shower.


  • Some users feel that the shower filter should be able to change the water pressure for convenience.

3. Culligan WSH-C125 Shower Filter

Another amazing shower filter is the Culligan WSH-C125 Shower Filter. It is wall-mounted and has a massage function to give you quality time while in the bathroom. It is given a chrome finish that will leave your bathroom looking stylish and durable.

You can install it fast without requiring any tools. It is made with 5 spray settings so you can get the water flow just the way you need it. You may opt for a full spray that will cover your whole body adequately or an enlivening pulse that will massage your muscles satisfactorily.

Culligan WSH-C125 Shower Filter

It will remove the chlorine in your water effectively and with efficiency. It has a reliable flow rate of 2.0 GPM. The spray nozzles are fitted with anti-clog rubber so you can shower without worry.


  • This shower filter is certified by NSF International as per the ANSI Standard 177.
  • You can customize the water coverage using the spray settings as you need.
  • You can easily remove the flow restrictor if you so wish.


  • Some users feel that the low water pressure is inadequate for them.
  • It is only wall mounted, which reduces its usability.

4. Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

AQ-4100 Deluxe two-stage up-flow shower water filter system has a showerhead that is easily adjustable, giving it a good choice for anyone looking for a filter that is easy to install.

It has a carbon filter made of natural coconut shell so it can remove all chlorine traces as well as harsh chemicals. This is complemented by the KDF 55 process media that will bring the water pH to a balance for a quality bath.

The filter system will effectively eliminate mercury, volatile organic compounds, herbicides, pesticides, hydrogen sulfide, and other toxic compounds with the aim of creating pristine water for you.

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

What we love about this filter is that the water it cleans will not only moisturize your skin but also help your hair stay softer and healthier.

You can even choose to use the handheld wand if you are looking to massage multiple body parts as you shower. Alternatively, you could go for the massaging showerhead for a quick bath.


  • It has a handheld wand that you can use to customize your shower experience effectively.
  • With this shower filter system, you can breathe easily while bathing since the water is free from breathable chemicals.
  • It has no effect on water pressure.


  • Some users argue that the filter system does not get rid of chlorine completely.

5. Captain Eco Shower Head Filter

Captain Eco Shower Filter comes with 2 replacement cartridges and a shower curtain to make your bathroom space elegant. It is silver coated so you have a luxurious look in your bathroom.

You can rely on it to remove 99 percent of the chlorine contamination from your water. This way, the water is safe for you, your kids, and pet to take a shower.

The filter features a KDF-55 media comprising of granulated copper and zinc alloys that will remove scale, fungi, bacteria, and heavy metals that are soluble in water. What’s more, the power of this filter system is enhanced by Calcium sulfite.

Captain Eco Universal Shower Filter

It also has granulated activated carbon that is combined with nutshell carbon filters so they can remove volatile organic chemicals, impurities, and other radioactive compounds.

It also features a polypropylene cotton filter that helps get rid of microorganisms, rust, and turbidities that lower water quality. The body is chrome-plated, which makes rustproof. As such, you can use it for years.


  • The biocera ceramic balls are efficient at absorbing the impurities in water and allowing your skin to heal naturally. Moreover, these balls help your body’s metabolism.
  • It has maifan balls that add the mineral content of the water for enhanced quality.
  • It has minimal to no impact on the water output pressure.


  • Some users argue that the maifan balls add too much minerals into the water, which might cause itchiness after a shower.

6. Rainshow’r – CQ 1000 MS Shower Filter

Rainshow’r – CQ 1000 MS Shower Filter will efficiently dechlorinate your water so you can have quality time in the shower. It has a massaging showerhead for convenience. The shower filter can clean up to 25,000 gallons of water.

It has a specially mixed KDF-55 filter media that will get rid of over 90 percent of the chlorine and heavy metals in your water. This provides a long-term solution to your contaminated water.

This, in turn, has multiple benefits to your body because you will be able to maintain your hair better and acquire youthful, radiant skin. You will be free from dry skin and other skin conditions, fading of the hair etc.

Rainshow'r - CQ 1000 MS Shower Filter

For the users living in areas with hard water and using a softener, Rainshow’r – CQ 1000 MS Shower Filter will not interfere with its efficacy.


  • It is super easy to install and remove for filter replacement.
  • After purchasing it, you will get a friendly reminder of when a filter replacement is needed through the timeline.


  • Some users say that this shower filter system is a little bit too pricey in comparison to its competitors.

7. WaterChef Premium Shower Filter System SF-7C

What we love about this sophisticated shower filter system is that it features a sleek design and a deluxe spray wand that can be adjusted easily. It is polished chrome so it will create a luxurious look in your shower room. It is made with high impact plated ABS and metal fittings that make it highly durable and reliable.

WaterChef Premium Shower Filter has an advanced thermal guard that uses a two-stage filtration process to ensure that all the chlorine in your water is removed.

WaterChef Premium Shower Filter


  • This filter system is polished chrome so it is resistant to rusts and its durability is improved.
  • It is made in the USA, which translates to its superior quality.
  • It is versatile since you can use it as a showerhead or handheld showerhead for the convenience and better massaging ability.
  • It is high performing therefore super reliable.


  • Some users say that the shower filter system is not strong enough since it tends to break easily when it falls.
  • Some users feel that chrome finish may not go with the style in their homes.

8. Sprite High Output 2 Universal Shower Filter

This is the right plush shower filter since it comes in white, a color that exudes extravagance. With it, your shower will be chlorine-free, your hair will stay softer, and your skin will feel smoother and healthy. You will also breathe easily since you will not be bathing in contaminated water.

The high capacity filter is designed with a massaging showerhead so you can always look forward to your bath time.

This shower filter system is also fitted with a reversible filter cartridge so it will eliminate the chlorine adequately, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants found in your water.

Sprite HO2-WH-M Universal Shower Filter


  • It is one of the lowest priced shower filter heads yet its quality is in compromise.
  • It will greatly enhance the water pressure in your shower.
  • It is high performing therefore efficient at removing contaminants and reliable for enhancing water quality.


  • Some users argue that this shower filter does not remove all the dissolved solids from your water.

9. New Wave Shower Filter

If you want a good time in your shower, then the New Wave Shower Filter is perfect for you. It comes with a free aromatherapy diffuser ring that ensures you feel good after every shower. This ring is compatible with just about all essential oil types and is steam activated. It helps you feel relaxed and reduces your stress levels. This way, your body will be rejuvenated and your energy revitalized after every shower.

New Wave Shower Filter

Furthermore, this showerhead filter is available in two sleek looks: premium white and designer chrome finishes. You can choose the style that greatly suits your taste and preference.

The cartridge is highly reliable at leaving your water free of chlorine, microorganisms, heavy metals, rust, and scale. It will last up to one year before you need any replacement.


  • This system is a natural water softener, which makes it the best shower head filter for hard water.
  • It is easy to install since you need no tools or technical knowledge and it fits all the standard plumbing systems.
  • It helps to protect the skin against drying and the scalp against flaking.


  • Some users argue that this shower filter system tends to affect the water pressure in the short-run.
  • You may experience problems when trying to separate the filter housing for replacement.

10. Pelican Water PSF-1 3-Stage Premium Shower Filter

The PSF-1 shower filter is available in white and chrome finishes that are voluptuous in style. The refreshing ‘Ocean Breeze’ scent bar provides aromatherapy for relaxation and a nice feeling after a panel shower. It is a great water-saving strategy since it has a flow of 1.5 GPM.

The massaging shower wand is approximately 5 feet long and does not tangle, which makes it easy to use. Moreover, it is made with an “up” design that is extraordinary. It is sold with a clip that will hold your shower accessories for convenience.

Pelican Water PSF-1 3-Stage Premium Shower Filter

The filter will last long having cleaned over 15,000 gallons of water. However, you will require to replace it after 6 months of use. Its simple design is quick to connect, thus making it easy to change the filter when needed.


  • It is easy to install and change the filters.
  • It is effective at maintaining the pressure of your shower.
  • It is ideal for removing synthetic chemicals and contaminants like Chlorine, Chloramines etc.
  • It has three filtration stages to choose from.
  • You can use a massaging wand or showerhead depending on your preference.


  • Some users complain about the lack of a seal, a factor that causes leakages.

Factors to Consider for the Best Shower Filter

Shower filters are essential if you want to improve the quality of the water you take a bath in. This will in turn help your hair and skin to stay healthy. You will also breathe well while in the shower. However, you need to analyze various factors before deciding on which shower filter to go for. Some of these factors include:

Best Shower Filters

Water Pressure

When taking a shower, the pressure at which the water flows matters a lot. Most shower filters have 40 to 60 psi, which is reliable for quality shower time. While shopping, you should request for a tester that will be inserted into the filter in place of the showerhead. This will then read the pressure at which the water will be flowing.

If you notice that the water pressure is low, you should first check for any leaks or clogging problems before concluding the shower filter affected it.

If you use wide pipes in your water system, this could affect the rate at which the water flows into the showerhead.

The Filter System Used

Most shower filters use KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion), which filters out the chlorine, heavy metals, and other impurities from the water. The impurities are trapped by the charges created after the KDF filter is charged as the water goes through.

Other shower filters come fitted with vitamin C, which is commonly known as ascorbic acid. It purifies shower water by reacting with chlorine and other chemicals to neutralize them.

Either of the additives works just fine; it’s up to you to choose which works best for you.


Most shower filters are supposed to be used for up to 9 months before replacing or before a refill is needed. However, the length of your shower and the time you shower will determine how quickly a filter replacement is needed.

The Availability of the Cartridge

Since you might have to replace the cartridge after every 6 months, you ought to research how available it is and at what cost. Go for brands that are easy to get and are cost effective.

You don’t want to keep buying a whole shower filter system every time the cartridge runs out of power. This could be expensive and uneconomical.


Like any other product, you need to check out the brand’s reputation of the shower filter you are looking to buy. This is because a brand’s reputation could determine the quality of its products. Therefore, it is important that you analyze the reviews of previous customers to know how likely it is to satisfy your needs.

More Features to Consider

Some shower filters come with functions, such as maifan balls, that add minerals to your water. Others come with more than one media to enhance their ability to remove rust, bacteria, algae, chlorine, soluble heavy metals, and other impurities. These include polypropylene cotton filter, biocera ceramic balls, or calcium sulfite.

It is important, therefore, to consider the number of filtration stages each shower filter has because it might affect its efficiency in cleaning the water.

Benefits and Tips for Using Shower Filters:

A Healthier Shower

The water you bath it will be free of chlorine, heavy metals, and other impurities that could cause a rash, itchiness, dry skin etc.

Improved Skin and Hair Conditions

Chlorine is known to cause scalp and skin dryness among other problems. Removing it from the water means your skin and hair will be more radiant and youthful.

Better Smell

Some people are irritated by the chlorine smell emitted when they take a shower. As a result, their breathing becomes problematic. Using shower filters cleans off this chlorine, thus helping you to breathe better.

Tips for Choosing the Right Shower Filter

Before buying a steam shower filter, you need to know the chemical used to treat your water. In most cases, chlorine is used. In some cases, however, you will find chloramine in the water. While some shower filters are able to get rid of these chemicals, others are specially designed to remove either.

If you have well water, you are most likely dealing with rust issues, sulfur, and such contaminants. In such a case, review the filtration media used in the shower filter and determine their role. This way, you will be capable to understand what brand is best suited for your needs.

Since you do not need any expertise to install a shower filter, you won’t need to hire a plumber unless you want to. Shower filters are a perfect choice for people who rent apartments because they are easy to install and uninstall.

You should go for versatile shower filters that come in different designs for a variety of choices. These will have a massage head, a handheld shower, and a showerhead.

Additionally, consider choosing the shower filter with multiple regulation settings so you can adjust the water flow rate and pressure for convenience.

Final Thoughts

Shower filters come in varying designs, colors, and features. As such, you should take the time to analyze your needs versus the types of shower filters available. To some individuals, the style of a shower matters because it represents their taste. If you are such an individual, you might need to consider the finish used; you could pick a chrome-plated one, silver, white etc.

What are your thoughts about this article? Do you have any more shower filters that you need to be added to the above list? Feel free to share comments and inquiries about shower filters.

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