Best Shower Scrubber – Top Power Scrubber Tested & Reviewed in 2021

Everyone likes a clean and sparkling bathroom but cleaning it one of the hardest tasks, right? Of all the rooms in a house, the bathroom, and shower to be more specific, is the hardest to clean. It has a lot of surfaces: smooth bathtubs, tiled floors and walls, and sinks. All these are exposed to moist and wet dirt on a daily basis and tend to get dirty without being noticed.

The grouts gradually change color, slime and scum accumulate in the drain and dirt sticks on the tiles. You could try cleaning these the old-fashioned way using a simple brush and a mop, but chances are you will get fatigued, and hardly remove all the dirt.

Luckily, modern technology has offered us some of the best shower scrubbers to help get the job done easily. There are diverse designs of bathroom scrubbers that can clean all the surfaces of your bathroom. Some of these scrubbers are electric-powered thus saving you from all the back-breaking scrubbing.

Given the array of scrubbers that are available in the market, it can get quite difficult to select one. You have to consider so many factors choosing the brushes of the scrubber. We have keenly analyzed multiple scrubbers and come up with a comprehensive list of the best shower scrubbers.

Top 10 Best Shower Scrubbers [2021]

Bet Overall
Drillbrush Green Kitchen Cleaning Drill Brushes - Stainless Steel Sink Cleaner/Copper Sink Cleaner -...
Item Weight
10.4 Ounces
Rechargeable Battery
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Tub and Tile Scrubber- Cordless Power Spin Scrubber for Bathroom, Floor, Wall, Floor, Scrub Brush...
Item Weight
2.7 Pounds
Rechargeable Battery
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OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber
Item Weight
12.6 Ounces
Rechargeable Battery
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CUH Cordless Power Scrubber with Rechargeable Battery for Bathroom Kitchen 6 Brushes 1 Scouring Pad
Item Weight
0.16 Ounces
Rechargeable Battery
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Clorox Scrubtastic Multi-Purpose Surface Scrubber and Cleaner, 1 Pack, White, Grey
Item Weight
2.95 lbs
Rechargeable Battery
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Reviews of the Best Shower Scrubber

1. Drillbrush All Purpose Bathroom Surfaces Shower

This is one of the best bathroom power scrubbers for handiest and convenient. To start with, it comes in the design of a powered hand drill. This is very comfortable to hold and maneuver while cleaning.

Additionally, you can add extensions to the handle to save you from bending while cleaning the floor.

This Drillbrush is a powered scrubber is effortless cleaning. You simply operate it and let the motor do all the scrubbing.

Conveniently, it is cordless. You, therefore, need not worry about getting a power source to your shower room. The battery does not add much weight to the cleaner, as it is less than a pound in weight.

Being a product of Drillbrush, the All Purpose Bathroom Surface scrubber is compatible with an array of brushes. It comes with three different sizes and shapes brushes: two round brushes, 4 inches, and 2 inches in diameter.

The larger brush works well for large surfaces like floors while the 2-inch brush enables you to clean those hard-to-reach spots. The third brush works well for cleaning corners, and edges.

The brushes are also made of nylon bristles. These are durable and strong enough to clean tubs, tiles and grouts, and other surfaces.


  • It is a powered cleaner; no need for muscle
  • The design of a drill is convenient to handle and clean with
  • Comes with multiple brushes, and with various options of bristle toughness
  • Excellent for cleaning grout


  • It gets tiring to carry this scrubber for long hours.


2. OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber

From appearances, it looks like a fancy mop. But make no mistake, this is a thorough scrubber that was designed for cleaning tubs and shower floors.

The handle of this OXO scrubber measures 26 inches but can be extended to 42 inches with a simple twist. This saves you from banding over while cleaning floors. The handle is also attached to the mop with a pivot. You can, therefore, adjust the angle of the cleaner as you work on your floors.

With this, you can comfortably clean while standing. The handle is also extremely lightweight and has rubber to improve your Antimicrobial grip sponge for thorough cleaning.

The OX0 Good Grips Scrubber has a unique cleaning sponge. It is made of rough fabric that is well aerated. It retains water while cleaning thus making rinsing easy.

Additionally, the sponge can be used for cleaning not only tiles and bathtubs but kitchen floors and even ceramics. The scrubber head is also replaceable Shaped to clean corners, recesses, and grout lines.

This scrubber has a unique pointed and, rather than the standard square or round shape of mops. The pointed and allows you to reach corners and recesses easily. You can additionally lift it up to clean grout.


  • Comfortable to use; no bending
  • Scrubber head is thorough, and also replaceable
  • Can clean multiple surfaces


  • The handle may be difficult to adjust
  • In general, this is a perfect scrubber if you wish to clean without getting on your knees


3. Shower, Tub, and Tile Power Scrubber Brush by Drillbrush

This is the best power scrubber from Drillbrush. It comes in the shape of a hand-held drill. It is a versatile tool that can be used for cleaning not only bathroom and shower surfaces, but also kitchen stoves, ceramic surfaces, and even house floors.

This is quite a convenient cordless powered motor for cleaning. It saves you from all the hard work of scrubbing. At the same time, it does not need to be constantly plugged into a power source. When fully charged, the battery can last you for close to an hour.

Two different brushes for versatile use. This scrubber comes with two brushes: a 4-inch round brush for cleaning surfaces, and a dome-shaped brush for cleaning walls, corners, recesses and other surfaces.

Additionally, you have the option to select the desired texture of the bristles, from nylon bristles for cleaning fiberglass and carpets, too stiff red bristles for sliding doors and gutters.


  • It is a powered cleaner, requires no effort
  • Easy to hold and handle
  • It is quite versatile


  • The 2 brushes are large, and therefore hard to clean crevices, drains and other little spots


4. Homitt 3pcs Power Spin Scrubber Replacement Brush Heads

This is a powered scrubber that can be operated while standing. It eliminates both the need to bend, or manually scrub while cleaning your shower. It is, therefore, the ultimate toilet bowl cleaning tool for those with a back problem, or for any other reason, need not do any manual work.

This Homitt scrubber is built for comfort and the extendable arm with control buttons. It has a sleek 21-inch handle that can be extended by the press of a button.

The handle additionally has a button for controlling the rotations of the brush. This way, you can fully operate the scrubber while standing.

When it comes to versatility, very few scrubbers can match up to Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber. It comes with four brushes for different surfaces around brush for uneven surfaces such as bathtubs, a flat brush for wide flat surfaces such as tiles, a smaller flat brush, and a corner brush which is conical in shape.

The Homitt scrubber is a corded portable scrubber. It comes with a powerful battery powered motor that rotates at the frequency of 600 RPM. This is strong enough to clean even the roughest of floors. Its 3.65V and 4300mAh battery provide all this power. This battery can last you a good hour when fully charged.


  • Comfortable to use; no scrubbing, no bending
  • Versatile use
  • Powerful motor for thorough cleaning


  • It is a bit pricey
  • In general, the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber by far outranks most shower scrubbers regarding features

5. CUH Cordless Power Scrubber

This is an all rounded cleaning tool that works well for tiles, bathtubs, marble, and even kitchen floors. It comes as no surprise as CUH is known for making versatile cleaning tools.

The CUH Cordless Power Scrubber fully equips you with all the brushes you need for cleaning all kinds of surfaces of the six brushes, two of them have bristles lined up on the side in a circular manner.

These can be used to clean corners, grooves, slits, and crevices with ease. The kit also includes a hard brush and two brushes with metallic bristles.

The CUH Cordless Power Scrubber weighs less than a pound. It is also cordless, hence easy to maneuver. Its battery is rechargeable and powerful enough to deliver up to 220RPM on its motor. It is also designed with a central handle, making it really easy to handle.


  • Battery-powered, so no effort needed
  • Has different brushes for every surface; 6 brushes and a scouring pad
  • Excellent for cleaning corners, crevices, and grooves
  • Sleek design for easy portability


  • Needs a lot of bending while cleaning

6. Vandora Tub and Tile Scrubber- Cordless Power Spin Scrubber

This is a scrubber that employs a lot of creativity in its design. It is not only easy to use but also dismantlable for easy portability.

The scrubber has an extension for convenient use. The extension is long enough to be handled from a standing position. For easy portability, it can be dismantled and separated from the head. This way it is easy to store or carry the scrubber.

The Vandora Tub and Tile Scrubber can be used on various kinds of surfaces irregular bathtubs, flat tiles, and even sharp corners and crevices. This is thanks to its various brushes. Battery powered complete its portability aspect; this power scrubber is cordless. A 3.6V inbuilt battery powers it.

This can be easily recharged from a port on the extension arm. When fully charged, it can power the scrubber for close to two hours.


  • Powered, it requires no effort for scrubbing
  • Extremely portable; cordless, and can be disassembled
  • Four brushes for different surfaces
  • Powerful battery


  • Subject to damage; this is due to all the moving and dismantlable parts

7. Clorox Scrubtastic Multi-Purpose Surface Scrubber and Cleaner

As the name of scrubber suggests, this is a multi-purpose cleaning tool. It is equipped with a powerful motor, multiple brushes and a long extension for easy cleaning.

The Clorox Scrubstatic motor can rotate a brush up to 300 RPM. This is powerful enough to thoroughly clean any surface, including rough tiles with dirty grouts. All this is powered by its inbuilt battery which can power it for more than 30 minutes non-stop.

The default design of the handle is a bit short and requires banding. You can, however, adjust it by adding a provided clip-on extension. This way you can work while standing, or even reach for high surfaces such as crevices on the ceiling.

The scrubber comes with a rounded brush, a conical one, and a flat one. These enable you to clean irregular surfaces, grouts, crevices and corners, and also flat surfaces such as tiles.


  • Has an extendable arm
  • Its battery powered, so no need for muscle when cleaning


  • It has few brushes hence not versatile enough

8. Ellesye Electric Spin Scrubber

This is a pretty standard hand-held scrubber that can be used in a standing position. Ellesye Electric Spin Scrubber has an arm that can be extended to 40 inches.

This is comfortable enough to work while standing, thus saving your knees and back from all the work.
It is a powered cordless scrubber. In line with saving you from back-breaking work, the scrubber comes with a motor that can rotate its brush up to 300 RPM.

This cleans more thoroughly than any human hand while saving you all the effort needed. A 2150mAh battery powers this motor. It is rechargeable and can sustain intense cleaning for more than an hour when fully charged.

The scrubber comes with a flat brush for tiles, walls and other flat surfaces, around brush for irregular surfaces, and a pointed brush for cleaning corners, crevices, and all the hard to reach spots. It, therefore, leaves no inch of your shower untouched.


  • It is a powered scrubber; so no much effort needed
  • Has a long handle allowing you to operate it while standing


  • The scrubber is not versatile for use on various surfaces

9. Fuller Brush Tile Grout EZ Scrubber with Adjustable Handle

This is a simple yet very effective shower scrubber. It is made of a long handle, and a thorough cleaner on its end.
Fuller Brush designed this scrubber with your back’s health in their mind.

It extends from 29 to 52 inches. This is long enough to serve even a six-foot-tall individual with no need for bending. The handle is also padded with rubber for a comfortable grip.

The brush can be moved in so many angles and motions in order to clean those hard to reach spots. This is thanks to the pivoting on the junction of the brush and the handle. Additionally, the brush is only 1 inch wide. This is narrow enough to reach all spots.

V-shaped bristle arrangement for cleaning grout. This is an intelligent innovation from Fuller Brush design team. The bristles narrow down to a V-shape, forming a pointed and that can clean grouts, corners, and crevices.
The bristles are also tough enough to handle any floor, but without leaving scratches.


  • Very long handle
  • It is comfortable and requires no bending
  • V-shaped bristles for cleaning grout


  • It is a manual cleaner, a lot of effort is needed in scrubbing
  • Serves floors only In general, this is an excellent brush for manual scrubbing of your shower floors


10. Foxtrot Living Grout Brush With Long Handle

This is another simple brush. It is explicitly designed for easy cleaning of grouts and shower floors. This scrubber has a pole with a telescopic range. It can be adjusted from 33 to 53 inches.

This guarantees comfortable scrubbing, with no banding at all. The pole is also lightweight, ensuring that you don’t get fatigued while cleaning.

This is a design incorporated to serve the purpose of cleaning grouts specifically. The edges of the bristles form a narrow straight line that easily reaches grout. The very same feature makes the brush suitable for cleaning corners, crevices and other hard to reach spots.

The pole is attached to the brush using an adjustable pivot for easy cleaning. At this point, you can adjust the angle of the handle to as low as 20 degrees. This allows you to reach far spots on floors and clean high walls.


Best Shower Scrubber

Final Verdict

In conclusion, there are a good number of shower scrubbers that can help make your cleaning easier. The above list is a compilation of the best shower scrubbers that are currently available in the market.

Considering how effective each brush is at making cleaning easier, we managed to reach a verdict on the overall best scrubber. This is the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber. It is the most comfortable brush. You simply stand and move the scrubber while its battery-powered motor does all the scrubbing.

It is also quite versatile and works on all surfaces including house floors and kitchenware. You can, however, check out the rest of the scrubbers, as they are pretty decent too.

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