Sterling Toilet Reviews in 2021 – Top Models Compared

If you are looking for a tough, durable and efficient toilet then Sterling has long been one of the names at the top of most people’s list. Despite having been around for over 110 years, their reputation has been built not just on sheer functionality.

The truth is that these toilets also look natural and graceful against any style of bathroom decor. Even better, not many Sterling toilets are going to break the bank either. Their products are priced firmly in the middle range making them an affordable solution for any residence or commercial property.

So which are the best Sterling toilets currently on the market? Well, it depends a lot on what you are looking for, so we’ve selected three of the finest for you to consider. Each of these Sterling toilets excels in its own right, so settle back and take your time to peruse these magnificent bathroom thrones.

Top 3 Sterling Toilet Reviews [2021]

1. STERLING 402025-0 Karsten 12-Inch Rough-in Round Front Toilet

STERLING 402025-0 is an elegant yet discreet option that measures fractionally below what we’d perhaps consider ‘standard’ size. Naturally, this makes it an excellent option for those living in smaller apartments and would prefer to keep their bathroom as spacious as possible. Thanks to utilizing a round front bowl, the actual toilet bowl is as large as you’d expect from any other Sterling toilet. It is simply more space efficient.

Sterling 402025-0 Karsten 12-Inch  Rough-in Round Front Toilet

Although the slightly smaller scale doesn’t matter for a second think that this compromises on quality. Crafted from vitreous china, the base is as solid as anyone would need and this provides an attractive and easy to clean stylish glossy finish.

Do be aware that this toilet typically ships without a toilet seat, but be assured that fitting one of your choosing is extremely straightforward and even your reviewer here managed to attach one in less than a minute!

So far this is all well and good, but there is one absolute stand-out feature that sets the Karsten apart from many other similar priced toilets on the market. It has a fantastic dual flush capability. All Sterling dual flush toilet reviews make a great play on this factor, and it is indeed so important that at risk of unoriginality we’re going to do the same.

Using the two-button actuator to choose between a 0.8 gallon flush for light waste or 1.6 gallons of flushing power for heavier loads can offer fantastic savings on your household bills. Using the light flush alone is estimated to save a household of 4 a staggering 24,000 gallons of water per year.

Overall, this is a truly outstanding toilet that is as reliable and efficient as it is space efficient. Understated style and comfort add even more to this excellent offering from Sterling, and it would make an ideal option for those with smaller/half bathrooms wishing to improve on their water efficiency and cut those bills!

2. STERLING 402078-0 Windham 14-Inch Round-in Round Front Toilet

Ever get that feeling when looking for a new toilet that you just want one that will work for years to come? Well, STERLING 402078-0 offering from Sterling may just happen to fit all your family needs. That extra 2″ bowl size compared to the product above may not sound much, but it does add a little extra comfort.

However, this is also pretty space efficient and again features that round front bowl. Not only would this be right at home in a primary bathroom, but it could also fit very snug into a secondary or en suite lavatory too.

STERLING 402078-0 Windham 14-Inch Round-in Round Front Toilet

Something you may also notice regularly mentioning in Sterling Windham toilet comparisons is that this toilet is extremely simple to install. Sometimes connecting a new Standard toilet especially in older bathrooms with plumbing dating back to the 20’s – can prove to be quite the headache.

Fortunately, the Windham toilet features a very ergonomic three-bolt installation system. Those with basic plumbing experience ought to be confident in being able to connect this toilet up themselves without the need to hire pricy contractors.

Now for the all-important flushing. While the Windham does not offer dual capacity, it settles on a straightforward and quite frankly very sensible 1.28 gallons per flush.

By our estimation, that’s a suitable volume for general domestic use and going to handle pretty much anything thrown at it comfortably. Remember also that the 9″ x 8″ water surface will go a long way toward reducing stains and preventing residual odor.

In a nutshell, the Sterling Windham is a quality all-rounder. A private toilet that is going to suit pretty much anyone. What it lacks in bells and whistles it more than makes up for in sheer functionality, offering a combination of practicality and reliability that you’d always expect from a Sterling product.

3. STERLING KOHLER 402028-0 Karsten Toilet

Quite possibly the first question that may have popped into your mind, dear reader, is what on earth an “elongated” toilet is? Well, STERLING 402028-0 is quite simply longer than the typical bowl and is correspondingly also slightly narrower.

Like the two toilets we’ve already discussed, this is a space-efficient option but in this instance takes on more of an oval instead of round design. Built using Class A vitreous china, it is non-porous and provides a straightforward smart glossy finish that polishes up very nicely indeed.

STERLING 402028-0 Karsten 12-Inch Rough-in Elongated Toilet

One nice feature of this model compared to what we’ve already seen is that it incorporates a sanitary guard. This discreet but ever so useful addition helps to prevent splashes of wastewater from finding themselves underneath the water tank. It may not sound like much, but in a family environment with the toilet in use throughout the day it is a very useful inclusion.

As for flushing, we’re happy to say that the Karsten also includes that ever so useful dual flush system again 0.8 gallons or 1.6 gallons. Just using the lower settings will pay for the toilet over just two/three years by water savings alone, so factor that in as a major plus point.

Anyone who thinks 0.8-gallon flushes are less hygienic/efficient will be pleasantly surprised. A lot can go down when delivered with the reassuring pressure offered by the Karsten toilet.

Of the three toilets we’ve discussed here, this would be a personal favorite. The combination of the elongated style and that dual flush functionality make this reliable, sleek and a toilet that is sturdy enough to last for many years to come. Top marks well earned!

A Four Point Guide to Buying Your STERLING Toilet

OK, so we’ve seen three of the best offerings from Sterling and hopefully, you’ll have noticed that there are some key factors to consider before making any purchase. Not every toilet is suitable for every bathroom. So here’s a quick checklist of the main issues to bear in mind before taking the plunge.

Sterling Toilet Reviews

1. Get the Style Right

You may think this should come way down the list of priorities but mark my words if a toilet doesn’t seem ‘right’ when installing against your bathroom decor, it will subtly irritate you for years to come!

Sterling is a decent choice for this very reason their range tends to be suitable for anything from a wood-paneled effect to a glossy tiled and marble style. No matter which manufacturer you opt for, do some homework and find which specialize in the kind of décor that you prefer for your bathroom.

2. Space Matters

Obviously, there’s no point installing a huge toilet in a tiny bathroom. But if space allows, then there’s also an argument that space efficient toilets may look a little odd or out of place. Don’t forget that when replacing your toilet it is the perfect time to consider the possibility of repositioning it. Most likely you’ll need a plumber for the pipework, but even just a few inches one way or another can make the room feel much more spacious.

3. What Style Suits You?

There are pages and pages of glossary terms used in the contracting industry to describe toilets. Some explanatory such as corner toilet or water saving toilet. But how about ‘reduced projection’ toilets that have a shorter depth than usual or ‘wall frame’ the tank is suspended from the wall?

Just to complicate things even further, there’s not much in the way of standardization with many companies switching and inventing labels wherever they see fit. The best way around this is to check out online or even better have a look in person at a showroom.

4. Can You Install It?

Last but not least, when looking at the after-tax figure also consider how you are going to get your toilet installed.

Most manufacturers take a very dim view on honoring warranties for toilets that have been damaged during a botched installation they can tell!. Anyone who knows what they are doing should be able to remove the old and install the new within an hour, but hiring a professional is, of course, going to add to the cost. It’s ultimately your call just remember to budget for it.

Final Verdict

So hopefully this little guide to some of the best affordable Sterling toilets on the market right now will have helped highlight the things also to consider when looking to replace a WC.

Sterling is without question one of the superior brands to look for if you want something that will last many years, do the jab and looks at home in any household. It really is worth taking the time to make sure you choose the right toilet for your needs though. Sure it may not be the most glamorous of household purchases, but you will be using it every day for a long while so best to make a good call rather than rush in head first.

We’d have to recommend always looking for toilets that do offer some kind of dual flush because just think about the water use and how it will over time lead to considerable savings on your home utility bills. Those savings will in time cover the cost, or you could use those bucks to improve another area of the home. As with everything, the choice is yours. Best of luck!

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