Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Having a small bathroom may be challenging when it comes to space utilization and decorating. However, your bathroom could appear spacious, stylish and well organized with simple bathroom decorating ideas.

A small bathroom may look bigger when neutral colors are used on the floors and walls of the bathroom extending up to the best toilet. Use of the same color would create the appearance of a continuous space unlike the use of different colors which makes the bathroom look small.

Adding a skyline opens your bathroom making it well lit. Well, bright bathroom appears to be more spacious than a darker one. All these basic ideas could be incorporated with other creative ideas to make your bathroom spacious.

Some of the small bathroom decorating ideas that you could apply to your small bathroom space include.

Use tiles to lure the eye

You may have a small area that you perceive it as big. Yes, our perceptions differ with reality when it comes to space. You can play with perception boundaries by adding tiles the side walls of your small bathroom.

The psychology behind tiling walls is that it is difficult for the eyes to differentiate where a tile begins and where it ends. The eyes perceive a larger space when they see continuous objects. An excellent example of floor and wall tile that has such effect is marble a large flat looking tile used in wall decor.

Use tiered storage and build in shelves

We store various items such as shaving gels, lotions, face scrubs, brushes, hand towels and many others in bathrooms. With small bathroom storage of such things could be a problem. However, the use of tired equipment made of wire helps save space while storing everything comfortably.

Tiered storage has sections made in tiers. One stand could hold most of the bathroom accessories while standing in a small space. Having built-in shelves for keeping the bathroom organized. An organized bathroom looks spacious than a disorganized one.

Tiered storage also has the additional benefit of helping to soundproof your bathroom. If your bathroom walls are particularly thin adding some shelving and filling it with towels will help dampen both incoming and outgoing sound vibrations helping to turn your bathroom into even more of a peaceful oasis, read more tips about bathroom sound reduction here.

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Fix units of wall-hung

Instead of placing things on the floor of the bathroom, use a wall hung toilet. Hanging fixtures allows more floor area to be visible creating more space. The bathroom cleaning becomes, and there is more air circulation. This way, the bathroom appears neat and spacious. You may use the area under the wall hung for keeping toiletries. Wall integrated taps also save a lot of space.

Have your shower fixed at the corner

If your bathroom has minimal space, don’t be like people with huge bathrooms. They love placing showers at the center of the bathroom. For you, setting a shower at the corner will help you manage your small space.

It is one of the great small bathroom decorating ideas. Having your shower at a corner leaves more space for bathtub as well as your tiered storage (remember you are using tiered storage). It also gives an appearance of a spacious bathroom.

Hang towels at the back of your bathroom door

Most people with small bathrooms tend hanging towels at on the bathroom walls. Hanging items on a small space make it look stuffy. It is a bad idea to do that in a small bathroom.

The best practice to decorate your bathroom is hanging the towels behind the shower door. Having your bathing towels hung behind the door, make the bathroom appear not only spacious but also well organized.

Use an oval sink

Fixing an oval sink on your small bathroom would make it look great. Oval sinks are beautiful and occupy lesser space as well. Things that take less space are what you need for your small bathroom.

A bathroom is one of the areas of our houses where we visit every day. You may not look at the store or the kitchen, but taking a shower is a must. Therefore we should try to make the bathroom look more organized and spacious.

In most cases, a bathroom is a shared utility, and each must have space where they can keep and retrieve their bathroom items easily. Again rental houses tend to have small bathrooms, and the tenants have to devise their ways of creating extra space.

With the above small bathroom decorating ideas, you can have your small bathroom look great and spacious. Try these bathroom hacks and enjoy some space in your bathroom.

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