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Sharpstone Grinder Review


If you are looking for a high quality and smooth cost-effective grinder, the SharpStone Grinder would be an ideal choice for you. This amazing Sharpstone Grinder’s tools are specially made with aluminum material that might be guaranteed to be of superior quality and durable. So our expert guide discusses in this article featured Sharpstone Grinder Review.

Features of the Sharpstone Grinder

Quality Material

This product is made of heavy duty aircraft type aluminum coupled with stainless steel and small wire mesh that only allow pollen to pass through. The aluminum material used to build this product constitutes to additional protection from rusting.

It is also made of high quality that ensures its increased durability and reliability when in use. Efficiency is provided since the wire mesh only allows for pollen to penetrate it.

Strong Grind Razors

Sharpstone grinder comes with sharp razors that can cut through any herbs despite their hardness. This feature makes sharp stone one of the best grinders on the market today. Within a few twists, the sharp teeth have the ability to break buds and get excellent ground herbs falling through the holes.

Also, these grinders are made in different sizes ranging from small, medium and large. The user has, therefore, the liberty to choose the grinder that impresses them according to the intended capacity.

Nicely Fit Lid

This grinder has a magnetic lid that consists of two strong neodymium magnets for ensuring the container stays put when in use. It also provides a firm grip when you are grinding your herb. The grinder can be turned upside down without pouring the contents inside.

This grinder also contains telling 0-rings to makes twisting easier when grinding your herb. The lid also ensures the herbs remain fresh until required. You can take a break from grinding your herbs and still be assured of quality results at the end.

Cali Crusher

This is one of the top features that make Sharpstone Grinder an outstanding grinder from among of the grinder. The Cali Crusher grinder makes compact pellets that are filtered by the screen before going to the bottom of the cup. You can be assured that you get the best herb grinding from the Cali Crusher as it leaves no stone reversed.

The finest product is gotten at the end as the entire herb is squeezed. The product also features a scraper and a pouch. The scraper tool helps you to collect the pollen from the grinder. There is no need to worry about how you will get even the finest pollen as this feature will come to your rescue.


The work of the screen is to filter the pollen. It is specially designed only to allow the penetration of fine pollen. This display is guaranteed to work with optimal performance and deliver the best results. You are assured to get quality pollen once they pass through the screen.


  • Comes in different sizes to suit varied customers
  • Have sharp teeth that cut through all herbs
  • Contains the smell of herbs
  • Tight lid to ensure a firm grip when grinding
  • Build with quality material hence its durability


  • Has slightly larger holes.

Features at a Glance

  •  100% Authentic Sharpstone Brand Grinder.
  • Made from Heavy Duty aircraft grade billet aluminum.
  • Stainless Steel Screen W/ tested micron count.
  • Comes with Cali Crusher Pollen Press

Final Verdict

It is without a doubt that the sharp stone grinder is the finest grinder that can be found in stores. It is certified and proven to be of high quality and guaranteed by experts.

Therefore, there is no need to worry when purchasing this product. All the features are diligently incorporated together to result in a superior grinder.

You can rest assured that your money never goes to waste when you decide to invest in a fine stone grinder. Next time you think of purchasing a grinder remembers sharp stone is the best choice.

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