Pflueger President Spinning Reel Review

The Pflueger President Fishing Reel is an attractive and an entirely functional reel that allows fishing enthusiasts to take their love of fishing everywhere. Pflueger President Fishing Reel incredibly redesigned plenty of excellent features that both amateurs and professional fishers will dearly appreciate.

Whether you’re a beginning angler or an expert who has been in the fishing industry for quite some time, the Pflueger President fishing reel will deliver your desired results.

The reel has a standard quality construction so that you can use for a couple of years. It will provide you with endless hours of amusing fishing with family and friends.

Pflueger President Spinning Reel Review

For such an incredible value, you truly cannot go wrong with the smooth design, power, and functionality of this Spinning Reel. Some of the appreciable features you will find in this fishing reel include.


The Pflueger Reel is incredibly lightweight. It weighs about one pound hence making its transportation easy. Besides, the spool comes with a hole-like structure which lowers the mass of the kit and enhances comfort when fishing.

Long Lasting

Longevity is an important factor to consider in your fishing kits. The President fishing reel is a long lasting fishing equipment. Fishing enthusiasts have been using different brands of the Pflueger kits for over a decade without any complaint.

Ball Bearings

The reel has a ‘9 stainless steel’ bearing system that gives it a smooth working potential. However, its 6920 model has six ball bearings, and its functionality is not a cutting-edge either. The bearings provide efficiency by reducing friction between moving parts. This design ensures that the reel moves nicely, and smooth under the load.

Anti-Reverse Bearing

This is a standard feature found in every decent fishing gear. What makes Pflueger President fishing reel anti-reverse bearing unique is the one-way- clutch that has a sure-click bail.

Value for Money

This reel is a sure bargain for your money. It is designed with a long-lasting and good-looking aluminum. It’s also equipped with modern features that you would want in any good fishing reel. Besides, the kit is available in 5 different weights, and every size has its merits depending on your preferences.

Ultra-Light and Small

Another great feature about Pflueger President Reel is its light-weight and size. The kit can be easily transported and handled when fishing. Its small size does not affect its performance even when catching big fish.

Drag System

The President fishing reel is a well-known reel due to its smooth and incredible drag. It’s easy to adjust especially when the fish is on. The maximum ‘drag-pressure’ shown by the company is 10lb for a 6935x & 6940 models and 9lb for a 6930x model.

Soft Touch Ergonomic Knob

The knob makes it easier for the user to grip. Ideally, the Pflueger Company has employed this simple but smooth dimpled knob design to make it easier on your finger tips; it just fits well.

Braid Ready Spool

The ready spool is made out of aluminum and is sorted allowing the braid to be tied straight to the spool. A series of vertical rubber grommets allow the slippery braid to grip the spool. Besides, there is no need for mono backing.

Corrosion Resistance

Aircraft- grade aluminum knob provides extra durability. The lightweight graphite body & rotor; stainless steel and oil-felt drag; an entire reel consists of sturdy plus durable material, keeping the best fishing reel corrosion free.


  • The reel has quality design & refinement
  • Nine bearing system
  • Easy to switch right to left
  • Has a good casting distance
  • Has an elegant design
  • The graphite body & rotor makes the reel durable and light


  • The reel has one spool
  • Not sealed for hard water/salt water
  • Reported drag issues
  • Cheaper look and feel

Final Verdict

The President fishing reel performs flawlessly. It is incredibly smooth and maintains it design even after many years of usage. Besides, the reel is not big. It’s surprisingly strong and lightweight. This fishing rod provides a smooth cast, retrieve, as well as drag.

It requires less maintenance and works better compared to other fishing gears that are up to four times the price. The reel can also be used to handle large fish with ease.

All in all, if you are thinking of purchasing an affordable fishing reel that will save you money and ensure efficiency when fishing, Pflueger President fishing Reel is a kit you should consider.

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