Penn Squall Level Wind Review

The PENN Squall level wind reel is a series of bait casting reels used for fishing. This reel series is a successor to the GT series of reels that have been in use for ages.

The PENN Squall Level Wind reel has taken up some of the excellent features of the GT series. It then adds improved gear ratios and an instant Anti-Reverse bearing.

This reel comes with a graphite frame and side plates. Some of its main features include marine grade pinion and bronze gears. These combine well with the PENN HTR100 Versa drag system for unbeatable performance. The PENN Squall level wind reel is quite impressive and will hardly malfunction.

Penn Squall Level Wind Review and Features

The PENN Squall level wind reel performs exceptionally well. Its performance is mainly a result of the improved and innovative features. Here are some of the most outstanding ones.

Forged and Machined Aluminum Spool

The graphite frame is light enough for continuous use yet sturdy enough in use. It makes different fishing much easier process with fewer troubles compared to other wind reels.

Line capacity rings are marked 1, 2, or 3 or full line capacity. You can clearly see the markings on the sides of the spool.

The Instant Anti-Reverse System

This system is a hit with many fishing enthusiasts. The instant Anti-Reverse system effectively eliminates back play on the rotor any time the hook is instantly set. This impressive system is enabled by the one-way bearing found in the reel.

Lightweight Frame and Side Plates

The frame and side plates are made of lightweight graphite which makes it sturdy yet light in use. The sturdy frame ensures there is precise gear alignment regardless of the weight of retrieve load.

The HT-100 Drag System

This is a high tech drag system that has been tested to ensure no significant change to the drag washers even after prolonged use. The system is made of carbon fiber material which decreases the friction as it heats up. This helps maintain a smooth drag as the level of the spool fishing line.

Braid Ready Reel

The PENN Squall level wind reel is designed for use with braid lines. Unlike the monolines, braid lines do not stretch and this results in greater direct reel pressure. Not all reels can be used with braid lines.

However, the Penn reel is absolutely at home with these stronger lines.

Features the Latest Technology

The PENN Squall level wind reel features the latest technology developed by engineers in recent times. An example of the technology includes the drag system known as Dura-Drag.

This system is tough and durable. It enables the reel to endure high heat and frequent use with little damage.

It is Durable and Wears Well

If you are true fishing enthusiasts, you will appreciate the durability of this reel. It does last a long time if used well You can imagine that even after 3 years of constant use and the occasional misuse, its performance remains amazingly good.

Great Value for Money

Plenty of users will agree that the price a customer pays for this great Penn reel does not compare to the quality they get. This is a great product with excellent performance, lasts a long time, is well designed and absolutely reliable.


The PENN Squall level wind reel is an affordable fishing reel with plenty of great and improved features. It is a favorite with many fishing enthusiasts. A lot of them have only great things to say about this reel and here are some of them.


One disadvantage of this reel is the counter sticks that make it difficult to reset. Another challenge that user has pointed out is that after a couple of years’ use, the counter lens cover can come off.

Penn Squall Level Wind Review

Bottom Line

As a fishing enthusiast who needs a reliable, solid and convenient reel, you will be impressed by the Penn Squall level wind reel. You will love its solid performance, its ability to handle a lot of rough and tumble and its impressive features.

Lots of fishing experts agree that this is overall a truly great reel. You can purchase it online at different outlets and if you use it well, it will last for long.

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