PENN Slammer III Spinning Reel Review

Every angler has some demands when it comes to hooks and lines. If you have used a spinning reel before, you sure have some demands on how your next one should feel and perform.

Not forgetting that the best reel should work perfectly both in easy and tough conditions, Penn Slammer III Spinning Reel stands out all factors considered.

Are you a pro or just a newbie angler? Either way, Penn fierce 2 spinning reel got you covered in your next fishing adventure. Once you sink deeper into the game you will always want to spend just a little more time in the water.

This article focuses on Penn slammer 3 review as it features multiple innovative features thus giving you a new and better fishing experience. It is utterly dependable and ideal for even the strongest fish.

Features of the Penn Slammer III Spinning Reel

Comes in Various Sizes and Models

Different anglers need different reels based on their fishing environments and the type of fish they aim to catch. With Penn Slammer III, you have eight different sizes to choose from 3500-10500.

Each of the available models has a different gear ratio, braid capacity, and weight. You will, therefore, have the option to carefully select the right reel as you can zero in on the important features for you.

Again, each of these models features a different Dura-Drag system to improve their performance. You will notice that the maximum drag plus weight increases with the sizes of the reels.


Here, weight is never considered to be a significant issue. However, any low gear ratio means each turn on the handle results in a little amount of line being recovered.

On the other hand, with a high ratio reel, you get to recover line quickly. However, you will not get the needed torque when dealing with a strong fish.


CNC gear technology and IPX6 sealed system What makes a reel durable? If you are like me, the construction material says it all.

With seven stainless steel ball-bearings, computer-controlled subtractive manufacturing process (CNC) gear technology combined with internal CNC brass gears, penn spinning reel is extremely durable.

Also, the reel remains solid with no flex any time it fights a fish thanks to its IPX6 sealed system. No water or salt related damages to its internal as it is IPX6 sealed.

Comfortable and Durable Handle

The thick bail wire plus a metallic/rubber ball knob on the handle adds to its durability as well as comfort. The high-quality aluminum construction offers a perfect balance on retrieve thus no wobble when in your hands.

Dura-Drag System Ideal for Heavy-Duty Fishing

If you are into heavy fishing, then you are reading the right article. This spinning reel features a highly innovative drag system thus creating a sufficient drag pressure.

The system offers you a consistent smooth fishing experience as it prevents any damages. It also prevents deterioration during or after a fierce battle with any fish.

Anti-Reverse System

It’s evident that once a fish bites a spinning reel, it begins to swim in the opposite direction. This will automatically result in movement of your handle if your reel doesn’t have an anti-reverse system.

The anti-reverse system prevents possible handle pull back or the reel turning backward while engaging the drag.

Braided Line with Anti-Skid Gasket

You won’t have to deal with slipping line as the Penn Slammer features an anti-skid gasket. The feature makes fishing easy and comfortable.

PENN Slammer III Spinning Reel Review

Bail Trip

You either get a good spinning reel with automatic or manual bail trip mechanism based on the size you choose.

For any size ranging from 3500 to 5500, you get one with an automatic bail trip thus automatically moving the wire from open to closed position.

On the other hand, sizes ranging from 6500 to 10500 have a manual bail trip mechanism.


  • Waterproof- IPX6 sealed system
  • Available in various sizes
  • Great Dura-drag system
  • Anti-skid gasket
  • Automatic/manual bail trip
  • Anti-reverse system
  • Metallic/rubber ball knob


  • Might feel a little heavy for people who have been using other reels in the same category but you will quickly adapt to it.
  • The sizes 6500 to 10500 feature a manual bail trip mechanism meaning you always have to remember to close the bail before retrieving the line.


There is only one thing that most people would wish to change on the Penn Slammer III, and that is its weight. However, you will have an easy time overlooking this as it is the best on performance and durability. It is also the best spinning reel for the best fishing experience, and it will surely serve you for many years.

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