Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel Review

The fishing industry has seen some great innovations in the last few years that now it is much simpler to do the saltwater anglers. There are amazing services provided by various companies, but Penn is a reputed name in the world of fish lovers.

The love for the fishing and perfections is what makes the Penn a stand out among others who are offering similar services. Penn offers some really awesome products for fishing lovers and Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel is a perfect example of beauty with ruggedness.

Penn Battle II  simply an amazing product for the saltwater spinning reel with its near perfect design and smooth working. As a game fisher, you must know more about such objects and how it can really help you with your game fish.

Want to Know More About It? Then You are at the Right Place.

Features of the Penn Battle II

The product Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel is made to give a helping hand when you go to conquer a big saltwater game fish.

Its durable design and heavy duty construction are what makes a perfect fit to go side by side with you when you got to those big saltwater game fish and use saltwater anglers to get the right catch.

There are many similar spinning reels are the market at the current time and every single one is promising good bait but is it enough for you to buy something of importance?

There are various features of Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel that might interest you before you make your final payment for the fishing reel.

Durable, Hardcore Design

The spinning fishing reel may look a tiny companion compare to the creatures roam free in the sea, but it really got the hardcore design and durability to last long without much of a complaint. It is designed to conquer big saltwater game fish and its design suits perfectly for heaviest duty.

Full Use of Metal in Manufacturing

The Battle II Spinning fishing reel is made up of full metal, which means the body of the reel is dull metallic. The other parts of the spinning reel like a rotor, sideplate, and bail wire are also made up of heavy duty metal.

The Aluminum is the main metal that use to make these parts so that the reel is really strong and durable to offer services for a long period of time.

Powerful Drag System for Smooth Drag

The spinning reel from the Penn is made to offer powerful drag when you need it and the drag never hitches or create a jerky movement during the work which offers smooth drag.

The drag system of the spinning reel uses HT-100 carbon fiber to provide a smooth drag. It is perfect for a powerful drag and that too without a hitch.

Anti-Reverse Bearing

The anti-reverse bearing is something that most users want in their spinning reel, but not every reel has that feature. Penn Battle II Spinning fishing reel is the best fishing reel to offer instant anti-reverse bearing.

You don’t have to fear the pullback and the stainless steel sealed ball bearings with fluid cranking ensure that you get smooth operation even at the time fierce time.

Superline Spool

It is another important feature of Battle II Spinning fishing reel. The Superline Spool is one of those features that set Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel apart from the ordinary spinning reel.

Superline spool allowed users to use it with no backing as well as offer a variety of fishing line capacities like 1/3, 2/3 and full capacity.

These are some of the most loved features of the Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel and most of the users are hooked with these features available in one single package to fulfill all their demands and need of modern-world game fish.

Pros and Cons:

Although the product is full of good news still there can be various cons and pros left behind undisguised and here the list to make it more convenient for users to make the right decision.


  • Made for heavy-duty work and will never disappoint
  • Got durability to last for years if taken proper care
  • Great drags with instant anti-reverse work wonder together in one machine
  • Two-sided carbon fiber and lubrication from Penn keep the washer running smoothly
  • Available in six sizes which help in selecting the right one


  • Heavy
  • Makes noises at times
  • Need to store properly to avoid any accidental damage


Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel from the house of Penn is a perfect product with various features. If you are a fisherman and want something good for everyday work then invest in this machine and rest assure, you will not regret making this decision.

This spinning reel got everything one can think in a reel with great performance. You don’t need to spend money on new products every now and then, just select any of Penn’s Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel will do just fine.

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