Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel Review

Are you looking for a spinning reel that will take your fishing experience to a whole new level? Great, the Okuma Trio fishing reel is exactly what you need. Typically, the best fishing reel is that which is versatile, efficient, and one that offers unmatched affordability.

Does the Okuma Trio High-Speed Spinning Reel tick all the above boxes? Yes, it comes with a vast range of incredible features which are meticulously integrated to guarantee the best outdoor experience. It is designed with an innovative system that ensures the spinning reel functions effectively on every cast.

Without further ado, let’s look at the key features that make this product stand out from the rest.

Okuma Trio High-Speed Spinning Reel  Review

Hybrid Rotor

What makes the Okuma Trio High-Speed Spinning Reel so spectacular is the quality of materials used to design it. The primary objective behind this is to offer maximum output while ensuring that the fishing equipment is as light as possible.

Moreover, the stamped aluminum used to make the rotor comes in handy to help keep the flex down, which is beneficial when you are using a braided line or fishing for large fish. It is also worth noting that the handle of this spinning reel comes with a rubber grip to guarantee a comfortable grip.

Anti-Reverse Bearing

Just like other spinning reels on the market, the Trio Spinning Reel features an anti-reverse bearing, but it is efficient and smooth than all the other models in the market. We realized that the anti-reverse system is comfortable to use and ensures that it is set quickly and securely.

Furthermore, the anti-reverse bearing helps to reduce resistance, which is handy when you are fighting big fish.


Did you know that a fishing equipment that is resistant to rust is more likely to last longer? Yes, this is why the Okuma Spinning reel comes with an anti-corrosive feature to ensure that your investment will not disappoint you.

Remember, all fishing equipment is exposed to water, and hence they are vulnerable to corrosion which may impact it adversely. Corrosion does not only reduce the lifespan of your spinning real but its effectiveness as well.

Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

Everyone would agree that each and every aspect of the Okuma Spinning Reel is designed for stable and smooth operation, and it comes with nine stainless steel ball bearings that to offer maximum control. Moreover, the bearings ensure that every return is smooth and fast.

Cross-Over Design

Another reason why this spinning reel is quickly garnering the favour of users all over the globe is its cross-over design that is resistant to flexing. Consequently, it has become a users favourite over the past few years, and the trend is likely to continue.

Furthermore, it features two graphite plates that are attached to the aluminum stem to ensure that the weight of the reel is kept to a minimum.

A Multi-Piece Design

We appreciated the unique multi-piece design of the spool which helps to increase drag pressure while providing an efficient return.

Multiple Drag Washers

The drag washers that have been incorporated in this spinning reel comes in handy to dissipate heat when your line is running out, ensuring that the reel functions smoothly and efficiently. Also, it comes with oiled washers and it features a waterproof seal that has been appreciated by many users.


  • Versatility: are you looking for a spinning reel that can be used to fish both large and small fish? Great! Okuma is the best pick for you.
  • The Okuma spinning reel features a durable construction which can survive even the harsh conditions and it can survive being submerged in water.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to handle.
  • It comes in three different versions, and it is pocket-friendly you can carry it to wherever you go without any hassle.


  • The size of the spool is not large enough. They wished it came slightly wider to hold more line.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, everyone needs the best spinning real for an exciting fishing experience. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or just a beginning reel for the angler, the Okuma Spinning Reel will definitely suit your needs.

Constructed with lightweight materials, the Okuma can reel in large salmon without flexing while its high spinning speed is able to keep up even with faster trout.

Finally, the price of this product is unmatched, and you will hardly find a fishing reel at a price as low as this one. Buy yours today, and you won’t regret. It might be what you need on your next trip.

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