Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel Review

Fishing is a favorite hobby for many people around the world. To enjoy success in it, you need to use the right type of equipment.

Are you a casual fisherman or a professional angler? If you want to catch the biggest fish, you need to use special tools such as the Okuma Avenger Bait Feeder.

Designed with special features such as a patented live line bait feeding system, this spinning reel is well respected for its effectiveness. To learn more about it, here is a comprehensive Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder Review.

Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel Review

Winning Design

The Okuma Avenger baitfeeder is the best spinning reel that is refined and allows you to fish with precision. After a decade of research and development, a tournament grade spinner and Okuma’s live bait feeding system were combined to make it.

Smooth Performing Components

This spinning reel is categorized under the “ABF” series, features precision-crafted ultra smooth operation and contains 6 ball bearings that are sealed. Moreover, the spools are CNC machined and have felt washers which are oil-soaked to resist rusting and give you years of service.

The Live Bait System of Feeding

This reel uses a uniquely-designed live bait feeding system. This is where it has a lever that is easy to reach behind the handle that you can disengage from the spool to make the fishing line run free.

Adjustable Free Spool

The Okuma Avenger baitfeeder has a rear adjustment feature that works exactly like a rear drag and allows you to adjust the tension of the free spool. By using this feature, you can reduce the tension of the spool such that your catches bite on the bait and run without feeling the drag that your reel experts.

Combines Quality and a Strategic Hooking System

The Okuma Avenger baitfeeder is built using quality materials such as machined aluminum, corrosion-resistant graphite and stainless steel. Thanks to this high-quality construction system and a tension adjustable reel, your catches can run with bait until you exert pressure and reel them in.

Available in Various Sizes

To fit your personal preference, this affordable spinning reel is manufactured in various sizes. These range from size 20 to 90 and give you the freedom to catch various types of fish such as rockfish, catfish, stripers and walleye.

Special Equipment Combination

To construct the Okuma Avenger baitfeeder, a collection of special fishing equipment is combined. They include Japanese-oiled drag washers, a brass pinion gear that is precision machine cut, patented S-Curve Oscillation System, bail wire made of stainless steel and a Hydro Block watertight seal to protect the inner parts of the spinner.

Some other special parts of this spinner include a total of half a dozen ball bearings made of steel, a cut brass pinion gear, die-cast aluminum handle and a graphite body that is resistant to corrosion which provides you with quality service for decades.

To ensure that you are able to cast the reel perfectly, the unit has a rotor equalizing system which is computer balanced.

Gives You an Upper Hand In Every Catch

To boost the chances of catching some fish on every outing, this saltwater spinning reel allows you to disengage the reel spool and let your catch run freely for a while. After that, you can use the micro-adjustable dragging system to control the bait and disengage whenever you are ready to reel in your catch.

It is User-friendly

The Okuma Avenger baitfeeder is well known for user-friendliness. This is provided by an On/Off lever at the rear of the reel which you can simply disengage and use the main drag to fight your fish.

Portable, Effective Size

This baitfeeder spinning reel measures 12 x 12 x 6 inches, weighs 3 pounds and can be perfectly used with a 15-inch fishing rod. This makes it durable, effective and ideal for fishing light bite catches during windy days.


  • Precision-crafted smooth construction containing 6 ball bearings
  • A unique live-bait feeding system
  • An adjustable spool
  • Available in various sizes
  • It is compact and portable


  • Bad material combination of plastic and aluminum to make the handle
  • It becomes noisy inside after continuous use in saltwater

Bottom Line

If you love to fish in the oceans and catch big fish, the Okuma Avenger bait feeder is the spinner for you. It is built with patented technology and gives you control over the tension of your reel. In this way, you can double your chances of catching a trophy size fish on your expedition every time.

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