Nikon P-Series Riflescope Picatinny Mount Review

If you are paying attention to modern shooting sports, then you will get to see the interest among people about the riffle. Regardless of talking about the rifle, it is important to talk about its performance. An expensive, high-quality rifle without a scope will shoot less successfully. Moreover, if the scope is not mounted correctly, then the experience is nothing but a disaster.

In this article, I will discuss one of the best scope mount available in the market. Well, I am talking about Nikon P-Series Picatinny Mount. But, before going to that specific product, we would look at some other fact about the scope mount.

Nikon P-Series Riflescope Picatinny Mount

Reviews of the Nikon P-Series Riflescope Picatinny Mount

What makes a Mounting System Great?

Hunting or targeting objects, a rifle scope mount is a must for long range shooting. They are commonly made of steel or aluminum. Whereas, steel mounts are durable and suitable for minimizing the effect of backfire. Aluminum mounts are lightweight so you can use them for hiking.

Scopes mounts are mainly of two types; one is fixed-mount, and another is detached-mount. If you are planning to use an extent for only one gun or rifle then fixed mount is a sturdy and stable option for you. Or else, if you determine to use a single scope in multiple guns then detached-mount is the best option.

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Size and Fit

We use some mounts for a different rifle at a time. You may find difficulties sometime if they don’t match perfectly. For example; the bases and rings used for the small gun may fall apart in case of backfire if we use from a large rifle. So you require to make sure that they fit well with the right base and rings size.

They should be of the same diameter and height of scope. Before a shoot, make sure that mounts matched the scope and rifle properly. Please install them by an experienced gunsmith.


Select your desire to mount with better quality. It has to be of such quality that can hold the scope until you are done. The strength of the mount is most considerable. Choose the steel mount for a heavier scope and aluminum mount for the thinner scope.


It has to be as flexible as possible. It must be designed in a way that anyone can manage them.

Considering all these facts, we must say Nikkon P-series rifle scope mount meets all the criteria. In case of your doubt toward this mount, I am here to clear this. It is my responsibility to do so. Let’s start with the details:

Why is Nikon P-Series Mount for 1 Inch Tube a top pick?

The Nikon P-Series Riflescope Picatinny Mount is perfect for sticking your standards sized scope to a rifle. They are best for maintaining the accuracy, strength and attractive design. Yes, this is the reason why I am telling this as best among all. Still, to clear your confusion let’s discuss some details features about this;

Changeable Mount

Nikon features 2-piece reversible mounts that ensure the flexibility. It allows you proper positioning with the target. These adjustable mount rings accommodate your scope. So you can place in a comfortable position for shooting.

Solid Construction

This mount system is the built-in USA. It comes with a sturdiest yet lightweight construction. It holds the rifle tightly. As they are lightweight, you won’t feel any extra weight in rifle while shooting.

Easy to Install

You should give it an extra point as it is very easy to install. You don’t need any professional to install. Well, that sounds good for inexperienced and newbies.


It has a tight lock along with Picatinny rails. So they are compatible with the flattop tails.


It is a versatile mount system that proper mounting height with proper forward positioning. As a result, you will get optimum eye relief and proper shooting rifle position.

Overall, we must admit that the Nikon P series mount is one of the best scope mount available in the market.

nikon p series riflescope picatinny mount

What are the flaws of Nikon P-Series mount?

Though you will hardly find any flaws of the Nikon P series mount. But after extensive research, we finally got some issues. They didn’t mention the material they used in the mount. It seems aluminum, but it is our assumption. We observe an imperfect finish on metal. Also, the rings are not removable. That means you have to control both the ring and the base.

Different issue noticed by the user that not so affordable price. Yes, they are of a bit high price. But, if we compare all the fruitful features, you will realize the price is acceptable.

Though they are not among any serious issues, we can ignore them. Other than that, Nikon P series mount is a must try for hunters. In case you are not struck in reading the entire article then here is some sneak-peak of Nikon P series mount:-


  • Sturdy construction
  • Compact reversible design
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Tight lock on Picatinny rails
  • Proper height adjustment and positioning
  • Virtually with eye relief


  • Rings are not removable
  • The imperfect finish on metal


We tried to reach you to all the specification of Nikon P series rifle mount. When it comes to using a reliable mount for your optics, then Nikon P series rifle mount is the best option for them. It’s easy to use, and installation has been lauded as its strong point among all where it’s lightweight and metal finish has been the matter of debates.

On the other hand, its compatibility with durability makes it superior among all.  We would suggest you check them once for sure. Overall, the Nikon P series mount is worth considering. If you have any inquiry, then let us know in comment box below.

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