Mystery Tackle Box: A Unique Gift Your Father Will Love

Everyone loves surprises and when it comes to surprising your old man on Father’s Day or on his birthday, nothing serves the purpose better than a Mystery Subscription Box (MTB). It’s one of the best subscription boxes around and it’s specifically tailored for people who are passionate about fishing.

The whole idea is to help your father discover new tackles, fishing lures or baits. It comes in three different plans – Gift MTB, Regular MTB, and Pro MTB.

Why Will You Father Love This Gift Box?

Since the subscription box is all about creating mysteries, your old man will not stop getting surprised. Each month, he will be wondering what he was going to receive. The element of surprise is what makes the subscription box a unique service.

So, every month is special for the old man. Other reasons that will make your dad love this subscription box include:Mystery Tackle Box

Product Variety:

Considering that the items are packed to surprise the final recipient, the company always tries to be unique each time. Therefore, they pack a variety of fishing supplies every month to plant a smile in your dad’s face each time he receives the package.

User Guide:

Though your dad may be unfamiliar with some of the fishing products, the gift box come with a user guide to help him learn how to use them. So, you don’t have to be there to explain the applications to him unless it’s really necessary.

Monthly Prize:

Every so often, the company runs a social media challenge. It’s quite popular on Instagram. The idea is for the customers to upload pictures of their catch online. The lucky one can receive interesting monthly prizes. If your father is on social media, he’ll definitely love the idea.


Each time a gift is sent to your dad, stickers are included that your dad can attach to his boat. They are easy to customize.

Why is the Subscription Box a Great Fit for You?

There are several reasons why MTB is a great subscription box for you. As aforementioned, you have three different plans that you can choose for your dad. Each of the plans is unique in its own way and you are guaranteed to save up to 40% if compared to ordering the fishing supplies directly from the supplier.

Whether your dad likes ice fishing or reeling, there is a suitable box to cater to his needs. Ordinarily, the subscription fee starts from $15 a month, which is quite reasonable considering the content of the box.

Unique Gift Your Father Will Love

Additionally, you can customize the boxes before they are sent to your dad. Though the contents are supposed to be mystical, you can specify the type of fishing that your old man is passionate about so that the gift can match his needs. Other benefits of the subscription box are:

Zero Shipping Costs:

After paying the subscription amount, you are not expected to pay any shipping charges. So, you can budget for your spending each month.

Mobile Alerts:

This is one of the recent additions and is meant to inform you about the availability of new releases, promos, and exclusive discounts.

Though there are other fishing subscription boxes, MTB is the original and most reliable option. It’s what you need to regularly surprise your father with a fishing gift.

The subscription amount is reasonable and you have the opportunity to enjoy coupons for Mystery Tackle Box on Coupon Cause for all the three plans.

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