How to Use a Baitcasting Reel

Fishing is not simply casting the bait and waiting for the catfish for example to get hooked-it is an art, and therefore you should consider some tips that will make you catch the species you ever want. The experience of fishing with a baitcasting reel can be a very aggravating experience for the beginners.

There are some few things you should know before you attempt the fishing with any of these reels. Nevertheless, once you get the right tips on how to handle them, you will now see why they are nowadays becoming so popular means of fishing.

How to Use a Baitcasting Reel [Step by Step Guideline]

What You Need To Have To Become a Professional Baitcaster

What many people don’t know about the bait fishing reels is that this equipment also has their reputation. They are tricky to handle, and therefore the users require to have a lot of patience and endless effort practicing on how to handle the gadget.

Once you acquire the right techniques, coupled with the zeal, you will now be on the right way to being a professional reel bait caster.

Professional Baitcaster

What You Need To Know About the Baitcasting Contraption Holding Position

If you want to get it right with baitcasting fishing reel, you should know that baitcasting reel is a process that anybody who wants to be a professional handler should observe solemnly.

The first thing you should do is to master how the reel is handled correctly. Many beginners would assume that the correct position to hold the reel is to hold it upright; however, this isn’t the correct way to hold the contraption. The correct way to hold it is discussed in details down here.

How You Should Professionally Operate and What You Should Avoid

You should use your thumb as your brake against the spool when you are casting. What you need to do is to simply press the lever downwards with your thumb and keep it on the spool so that it can prevent the bait from free falling.

With a beautiful and smooth motion, cast it, and immediately your lure hit the surface of the water, then try to press your thumb against your spool all over again to prevent the overfeeding or the backlash.

Alternatively, you can also try to push your thumb against the spool prior your bait even touches the water surface.

How You Should Apply The Brakes to Your Bait

The knob to apply the brakes is located on the same side as where your handle next to your drag.

Here you will need to press down the casting lever on the reel and let the lure fall freely on the water’s surface you can also learn to cast. Once the lure hits the water’s surface, the spool should cease from spinning.

If you notice that the spool has not yet stopped from spinning, then you should tighten brake. Baitcasting reel, offer anglers enhanced control which ensures that the lures can be placed anywhere, even right up to the lake’s shoreline.

baitcasting reel brake

Doing The Baitcasting is a More Critical Task That Requires Skills

The first thing to know is that all bait casters work well with heavier lines. You should never attempt any fishing line that weighs anything under 12 pounds. You should not fill your spool to the brim, instead leave at least a 1/8 of an inch from the top of your spool.

You do not need to jerk your rod or whip it; it may make your lure travel a bit slower than the line of your spool and may lead to a dreadful backlash.

Backlash means when your spool gets overfed, and then your line ends up becoming a tangled mess. The backslash is a common occurrence with the bait casters and also a common complaint. When you have proper techniques of baitcasting, you can simply avoid it. To master this skill you require to do a lot of practice, and you will finally become professional baitcaster.

Advantages of the Modern Baitcasting

The advantage with the modern baitcasting fishing reel is the fact that they come with centrifugal brakes in place. These brakes become the ideal system for helping the beginners.

These brakes often act as an automated thumb and therefore helping you get full control over the spool.

How to use a Baitcasting Reel


As a conclusion, it does not matter either whatever the brand of baitcasting fishing reels you have in store, but what matters is how skilled you are to drive your baitcasting reel.

You should be well conversant with the tricks employed. As a rule of thumb, you should learn fishing and angling since there are no expert anglers are made in a single day. A lot of effort and patience are also acceptable.

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