How To Replace Two Handle Shower Valve

Nowadays, people from various fields of study tend to fix easy tasks such as replacing two handle shower valves at home. This task is quick and easy when having proper tools to do it. Apparently, many homes have the best shower valve with either single valves or double valves.

Replacement of a single handle shower valve is as easy as of double handle shower valves, meaning the procedure is almost the same.

Shower valves have complications of not working and perhaps are leaking. Replacement of shower valves follows these steps that are very simple to use and work with.

Follow these steps to replace two handle showers with new ones.

Step 1: Stop the Water Running

Before the replacement begins, make sure the water in the entire home is turned off. You should off the main switch of the water line before starting your work. Put rags on the floor of the working area to avoid the area being wet and be slippery.

Open the two handle shower valves to allow them to drip all the water therein. Make sure that all the water is completely drained off. This is done to allow the free flow of air through the pipes so that during replacement of the shower valves, water will easily flow back within the pipes on turning on water.

Stop the Water Running

Step 2: The Cover Plate of the Handle

This is usually known as the handle cap, which must first be removed to reach to the screws fitted underneath it. A flat head screw is used to open up its sides and pull off the cap from the handle.

The cover plate of the two shower handles is found at the middle of the actual handle for each. Place the cover plates of each handle in a safe area that they do not get lost in the process of replacement.

The Cover Plate of the Handle

Step 3: Remove the Screws

On every handle, after removing the cover plate, a screw is seen which you will need to unscrew. The screw attached the shower valves to the handle. Therefore, use the 4-in -1 screwdriver to remove the screw.

You can oil the screws to remove the rust and offer easy unscrewing. Place the screws removed from each handle in safe reach to avoid getting lost.

Step 4: Remove the Shower Handle

This is the actual handle that attaches the valves. Therefore, it needs to be pulled at its middle stem area. Some actual handles need to be removed with plumbers pulling sockets instrument.

In this stage, it is easy since what is needed is to remove the handle with great care by pulling slowly using force. Make sure you do not exert too much force that leads to damage.

Remove the Shower Handle

Step 5: Replacing Shower Valves

Replace the shower valves on the handle of the stem of the handle. This is done by using the handles screws fitted into the middle of each handle. Tighten the screws with the screwdriver.

Put on the water, to test water flow through the valves replaced. This is running the ware back on for a short while and turning the water off.

Step 6: Fix Back the Cover Plate and Finish

This is the last stage which only involves the replacement of the cover caps to its sockets. Press the cover caps in their sockets until they are firm and rightly positioned. This is only finished up when the fifth procedure has been tested to be working properly. Then on completion, turn on the water.

How To Replace Two Handle Shower Valve

What You Will Need

  • Take a 4- in-1 screwdriver
  • It is the fundamental instrument of the plumbing. It is used to wind and unwind the screws
  • A Flathead Screwdriver
  • It is used to open and pulling off the cover plate/caps
  • Penetrating Oil
  • It is used in a rusted screw to ease the unscrewing process
  • New Shower Valves
  • They are used for replacement purposes

Replace Two Handle Shower Valve

In conclusion, a two handle shower valve replacement can be learned and carried out by anyone. This process can take about 30 minutes to 1 hour. The reasons for replacing a double handle shower valve could be due to leaking water or rusted handles and valves.

In the procedure provided, you need to follow through them systematically to disassemble and assemble together the two handle shower valve body. Knowledge and practice of two handle shower valve replacement makes you cut the cost of labor, and increase capability skill to fix this task when it occurs at your home.

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