5 Simple Steps on How To Clean Shower Grout Mold

It is essential to learn how to clean shower grout mold. Cleaning the shower grout sealer makes it attractive and improves the integrity of the bathroom. Once the shower grout mold forms, they become unpleasing to everyone. If they are left for a long time, the bacteria and the mildew can be toxic. Gladly, without cleaning skills or expensive products, you can get rid of them.

How to Clean Shower Grout Mold

Molds attach themselves to many areas. Consequently, it is tactful to learn how to clean them. However, whether you want to use scouring powder or Eco-friendly cleaners, the process is not complicated.

Cleaning shower grout mold requires shower scrubbing, and once you have cleaned them, it is necessary to maintain a mold-free grout. Here are the 5 simple steps on how to clean shower grout mold.

1. Choose Cleaning Products

Since there are many cleaning products on the market, choosing the perfect cleaning products might be challenging. Before buying the products, think about the cleaning products you need to use. You can go for Eco-friendly laundry detergents or strong chemical ones.

If you notice your grout mold removal is a huge task, seeking professional services might be a good option. However, if the problem is not so bad, your local hardware store salesperson can recommend the best products for you.

Choose Cleaning Products

2. Surface Cleaning

If you are planning to do the cleaning task by yourself, it is essential to note that mold can hide under the soap-scum. Hence, you should be prepared to do a general surface cleaning. Do it before you start cleaning the stains and the shower grout.

Begin by sprinkling the whole surface area with baking soda, and then wipe with a cloth sprinkled with some vinegar. When wiping, ensure you pay special attention to the grouted parts.

Then rinse using warm water and let those tiles dry. After a few minutes, repeat the process is making sure there are no white remains on the surface after the entire place is dry.

How To Clean Shower Grout Mold

3. Shower Grout Scrubbing

Pick a small bowl, and make a paste of washing powder and warm water. You may need to wear gloves to ensure your hands are safe. Then start by applying the paste to the moldy grout using a scouring pad.

Scrub the molds and other stains forcefully but ensure you do not scratch the grout between the titles. To some people, it may not be an easy process. You need to apply some force when scrubbing. If the mold stains are not well cleaned, you can use a toothbrush to have a deeper cleaning.

After you have finished, rinse the area using warm water and let all the tiles dry. You might be required to repeat the entire process again and again before all mold stains are totally gone.

Shower Grout Scrubbing

4. Use of Anti-Mold Spray

You may also be required to use an anti-mold spray to ensure you eliminate the mold-causing bacteria completely. When spraying, ensure you spray all the coats that have been affected consistently. Make sure you leave the grout and the tiles wet and soaked and leave the anti-mold spray to dry during the night.

The following day, re-apply the anti-mold spray and scrub the tiles and the grout with a soft-scrubbing pad. Then rinse the entire surface with warm water.

Use of Anti-Mold Spray

5. Mold Prevention

Even though it is not possible to prevent mold from forming, there are several strategies you can use to prevent it from recurring. Always get rid of all excess water in the shower.

It is also good to use Eco-friendly spray weekly or after some time. When scrubbing the bathroom, do not just clean the surface but also the grout as well.

Bottom Line

When planning to clean shower grout mold, you need to be well prepared. Always wear protective-gear to ensure you do not breathe the spores. It is essential to note that mold can cause several health issues and when inhaled and can lead to several health conditions.

Also, the area should be well ventilated to make sure the cleaning spray does not overwhelm you. If you notice the affected area is large and may look a tough task for you consider engaging professionals. In some cases, mold removal might be risky and the only people who can handle the task are experts.

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