How To Clean A Bathroom Floor

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, but over time, we forget to take care of a special room where we begin and our day. Many people have attested to having borne great ideas while in the bathroom and it is a safe space where no one will intrude when you having your time.

Even though they won’t tell you, but your guests and friends will judge you with the level of hygiene of your bathroom floor. The bathroom is used several times a day for different purposes. This means it gets lots of damages on a daily basis, and as a result needs regular sanitation and toilet cleaning.

It’s a fact that most people hate washing the bathroom. Unfortunately, no one has built an Android or a Phone App to accomplish the task. As much as you the cleaning your bathroom, it has to be done anyway. This is a simple yet professional guide on how to clean a bathroom floor.

Follow these simple steps to clean your bathroom on a regular basis.

How to Clean a Bathroom Floor Step by Step Guide

First, Sweep the Bathroom Floor

Whenever you are cleaning any floor at home, it is a tradition to start with sweeping the floor. The intention of sweeping the floor is to get rid of loose dirt, alternatively vacuuming the floor will work miracles. If you skip sweeping all the loose dirt will be clogging at the corners of the room.

Sweep the Bathroom Floor

Warm the Tiles

Warm a bucket of water and sprinkle some on the bathroom tiles. Warm water loosens the surface, making it easier to clean with your cleaner. If you have not done a general cleaning of your bathroom for some time then it won’t be a bad idea of pouring some hot water on the tiles, considering the quality of your tiles.

Clean Bathroom Floor Using Soapy Water

Clean the entire bathroom surfaces using soapy water. This will be essential in getting rid of bigger particles and help with disinfection of the surfaces. After cleaning the floor surface with soap, rinse properly and let it dry for some minutes.

How To Clean A Bathroom Floor

It’s now Time to Apply the Detergent

After the floor dries from cleaning, it is time to apply the cleaner. Apply the bathroom cleaner on the tiles. An effective bathroom cleaner will guarantee you good disinfection of the floors and do away with all the harmful bacteria and mildew.

Note that it is important to get your cleaner from professionals who will find helpful in guiding you on the most appropriate detergents for your floor type. The right cleaner should do a perfect job in cleaning your bathroom floor.

Scrub the Floors

After you do an excellent job on disinfecting the floor, thorough scrubbing follows. You will need a scrubber with hard bristles. It should not be too rough to cause damage to the floor or tiles.

The detergents have done a great deal of job in loosening the dirt, but you still need to do an excellent job in scrubbing the floors to remove every stain and dirt. Use a small brush and old toothbrush to reach hidden corners and spaces between the tiles.

Scrub the Floors

Rinse the Floor

Once you are done scrubbing, or worn-out, you need to clean the bathroom floors with water. Rinse the floors properly with clean water to get rid of the removed dirt, the detergents, and bad smell. Rinse with as many rounds as you can to get the desired outcome.

Dry the Floor

Drying is very important after doing all the work. If you forego drying, then you may be forced to bin the work all over again. Wet surfaces easily attract dust particles making the floors worse than you started. If you do a bad job drying, then you will leave your footprints on the bathroom floor.

Note that the disinfectants are not friendly to your skin and kids. When cleaning the bathroom, you want to keep the kids away.

You also want to wear protective household gloves, especially when working with the cleaning chemicals. Contact a doctor quickly in case you notice any allergic reaction during or after cleaning.

You also need to protect your eyes to prevent the spillage from your eyes or face. Professional cleaning companies will give you the right direction to take when you get infected or when you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the packages.

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