How to Cast a Baitcasting Reel

Fishing this season is a great idea to spend some fun time around the fresh water. Before you begin your journey to the river banks, I would advise you to follow the instructions in this article.

The article is intended to lift your level from novice to seasoned fisherman. The casting rehearsal with baitcasting reel may look a vast stone in catching fishes, but once you master it you will be enjoying every moment of it.

Sounds like fun? So let’s get started!

How to Cast a Baitcasting Reel [Step by Step Guide Line]

Stretch Your Reel In

The first thing you need to do is to reel the line in the water so that your bait gets into the water properly and is about six to twelve inches from the tip of the rod.

It is the most important step in catching fishes and all your strategy depends on how you reel in.

Let it go deeper until a fair depth point is reached. It is crucial to identify a suitable spot from where you feel that you could hook fishes.

Stretch Your Reel In

Have a Hold on your Reel

The whole process will be of no benefit if you cant hold your reel properly. For this, all you need to do is to place your thumb over the reel winder.

Cast the suitable bait with the hand with which you want to retrieve then hold the handle with the other hand. Hold the reel tightly, so it doesn’t slip or moves while you cast or retrieve.

This requires some good practice to do it properly. You can also place your thumb at a right angle instead of placing straight on the spool.

Have a Hold on your Reel

Make Sure that your Reel Handle Points Up

If you want to go for a perfect catch and wish to face little resistance while retrieving then point your handle upwards in such a way that you can use your wrist while you cast.

Bend your Arm

Bending your arm will make this whole process a lot easier and will provide you a bit more relaxed position to cast. Casting may take time, so if you don’t bend your arm at a suitable place you might get some pain in your arm.

Bend your Arm

Arc your Rod Forward

Lift your rod in a forward position until it reaches your eye level. This could be about thirty degrees above the horizontal surface.

While lifting the rod you need to lift your thumb also to let the bait move forward in the direction of the target. You can also sweep it forward in a 10 O’clock position.

Stop the Bait when it Reaches the Target

Once you think that your bait has reached the target, place your thumb over the reel spool to stop and wait for the fish to hook into your bait.

Patience is required in this process and a slight movement could cause trouble. You will also need to master the timing at which the bait must be stopped.

However, if you don’t stop your bait at the right time, the spool will continuously take spins and it will be difficult to straighten the spool out before you can retrieve the lure.

Time to Retrieve

Now when the target hooks on your bait you need to stay calm and focus. Sometimes we get too excited and move the rod that the hooked fish escapes. The best way is to retrieve slowly and smoothly.

Protective Measures

You also need to adopt some of the protective measures such as Wear protective clothing and stand in a safe location to avoid falling in the water. It is better not to catch a fish than to put your life in a great danger.

How to cast a baitcaster : YouTube


Using the techniques mentioned above will surely give you an edge over your competitors while in a competition and you will gradually become a pro fisherman. It is always exciting to check the latest gadgets in the market.

While buying a cheap baitcasting reel, you need to see that if it has cast control break or not and its size. You should always choose a bait-casting reel which fits your hand properly and gives you the flexibility to cast easily.

For older baitcasting reels you can visit antique shops where you will be able to find one suitable for you. The bait you are going to choose must also be of appropriate size so you can hook to the maximum!

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