Decor Star 004 SS 64″ Shower Panel Review

The Decor Star 004 SS shower panel is one of, if not the best looking shower system available today.

The aesthetically pleasing shower panel boasts a solid, one-piece stainless steel body to give it durability rarely seen before. That means, in addition to its amazing look, its high-quality design ensures it will last for ages.

It features four stages to give you the widest range of options for the best possible shower the rain shower head, handheld shower wand, horizontal massage spray, and the unique waterfall spout. Each one offering a distinct experience.

With the Decor Star 004 SS showering doesn’t have to be a boring obligatory routine anymore.


  • Awe-inspiring minimalist design
  • Solid single piece construction
  • Waterfall function
  • Handheld shower wand is stunning
  • 100 total horizontal spray nozzles
  • Thermostatic control
  • All shower functions can be used together


  • Expensive
  • No digital display
  • Has a safety feature that limits maximum temp.
  • Hard to install

Decor Star 004 SS Review

What’s Good?

Awe-Inspiring Minimalist Design

Hands down the Decor Star 004 SS is the most beautiful shower panel available today. Its stylish European inspired design is finished with brushed stainless steel giving it an extremely pleasing aesthetic. The curved upper part leads to the waterfall feature and the rain shower head is built right into the body, so you’ll hardly even know it’s there.

The horizontal nozzles are also flush to the panel in keeping with the minimalist style. Furthermore, the knobs are sleek and to the point with not a bit of design waste. The handheld wand fits right onto the side of the panel so if you look from the side it’s nearly invisible, unlike some other clunky panels. It’s a true work of art.

Solid Single Piece Construction

More than being a piece of eye candy, this panel is built for quality and would probably last through a war. The body is made out of one solid piece of steel so you can drop it, smash it throw it, whatever and it’ll still hold up. Although I’m not sure why you’d want to do that because everything is built right into the body, you never have to worry about things falling off or breaking.

Waterfall Function

The Decor Star 004 SS has an unprecedented waterfall feature that pours water from a small slot at the top. Imagine standing under a small waterfall in Thailand with the warm, comforting water cascading down upon you, washing all of your cares away.

Sounds refreshing right? Now imagine being able to have that experience every day without having to spend a fortune to travel halfway around the world. It’s a unique feeling, to say the least.

Handheld Shower Wand is Stunning

While other shower panels have decent performance, what they lack is style. The Decor Star 004 SS has the best of both worlds – style and functionality. The handheld wand on this panel stands out as the leader for outstanding design and practicality.

It’s small enough that it fits right in beside the panel with looking awkward and clunky. But don’t let the size fool you, this wand can pack a punch and can do anything the standalone handheld shower heads can do. It has a 59-inch stainless steel hose that matches seamlessly with the rest of the panel.

100 Total Horizontal Spray Nozzles

While other shower panels boast of eight horizontal nozzles, this panel has a whopping 100. Okay, maybe that’s a bit misleading. It has two sets of 50 jets that are all closely aligned to give you an unmatched shower experience.

Best of all is that they sit nearly flush with the body of the panel in keeping with the sexy design. You won’t find any cumbersome nozzles here. It’s just one less part you have to worry about breaking.

Thermostatic Control

This shower panel features thermostatic control to ensure the optimal temperature for every shower. Essentially what this does is automatically adjusts the mixture of hot and cold water to minimize your chance of being accidentally scalded by hot water or frozen by cold water. So if someone flushes the toilet, instead of having an unexpected shock of hot water, the control senses it and increases the flow of cold water so you won’t even notice. You’ll never have to deal with shower shock again.

All Shower Functions can be Used Together

Yes, that’s right. You can use the rain shower, the waterfall, the horizontal body spray and the handheld wand all at the same time. You’ll be bombarded with a deluge of water like you’ve never experienced before. No other shower panel allows you to do that. The only downside to this is a slight decrease in water pressure. If you like a strong shower I’d recommend using two at the most.

What’s not so Good?


I’ve said it before with all of the other shower panels. It’s going to cost you more than a typical shower head but that’s because you get a lot more. Imagine buying a top of the line rain shower head, a waterfall spout, a handheld device, and a horizontal body spray individually. First of all, it would look ridiculous. Second, it would probably cost more than a single shower panel unit.

No Digital Display

Unlike the other panels, there is no fancy digital display. Instead, there is a thermostatic control which hopefully keeps the temperature at your ideal setting.

Has a Safety Feature that Limits Maximum Temp

While this feature might be good for kids who don’t the right temperature to shower at, for others, it’s not quite warm enough.

Installation is Tricky

There are no installation instructions so you very well might need a professional to come in and install this panel. It’s not as straightforward as the other ones and it’s easy to kink the water lines resulting in a much weaker flow. You may also need to buy longer hoses as the ones that come with it are very short. Just keep that in mind.

The Verdict

Overall the Decor Star 004 SS is a pretty good shower panel although I wouldn’t suggest it over the Blue Ocean or the AKDY panels.

In terms of looks, the Decor Star stands way above the rest. It looks like it belongs in one of those bathrooms that you see on home design websites or TV shows. It’s a true work of art in that sense. The features are numerous and unique, especially the waterfall feature.

On the other hand, the water itself isn’t quite hot enough for some people and the horizontal body sprays are underwhelming. And for the price, I’d expect a digital display.

If aesthetics are your main concern the Decor Star 004 SS is a solid product, but if you value performance over looks, there are better, if less attractive options out there.

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