Burris PEPR Mount Review

If the optics and rifle are not paired with the right mounting system, you can never experience perfection. Good quality optics feels good when it is paired with a great scope mount system. Sadly, most of us ignore the worth of scope mounting system. Maybe that’s why we struggle for a better result every single time.

For accurate and consistent shots, a tight and secure connection is more than necessary. Let me tell you why the scope mounting system is important:

  • An excellent mounting system ensures accuracy and consistency
  • Reduce the waste of ammunition
  • Save a lot of time in the ground
  • Eliminates the need to re-zero scopes
  • Keep the scope securely in the right place

But to get all the benefits you have to have one of the right scope mounts. Who else is better than the Burris PEPR Mount? Without any doubt, the Burris P.E.P.R. QD Scope Mount 30mm is one of the best in the market today. The construction quality, performance and every single feature of the product are impressive. It is covered under warranty for like and made of highest quality materials.

Besides, it is tested several times for full quality and reliability. Let me tell you everything about the product in details:

Burris P.E.P.R. QD Scope Mount

Reviews of the Burris P.E.P.R. Scope Mount

Why choose the Burris P.E.P.R. QD Scope Mount?

The questions are obvious, why choose this product? What will you get from it? How is it better than other products in the market? Well, you will find the answers to those questions here. Let’s see:

Construction Quality

The construction quality of the product is outstanding. As we all know Burris is the highest quality optic name in the market. So, you can understand the quality of the material they used to create the product. Their product will last even a lifetime that’s for sure.

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Installation System

Most of the standard mounting system comes with complicated installation system. The Burris PEPR is different in this. The installation system is pretty straightforward.


Out there in the market, you will see lots of high-dollar products. But why should you buy them if you find that kind of quality in this product? For such quality, the price of the product is just inexpensive.

Multiple Mounting Option

The mount is exceptional, period. It comes with smooth rings or pica tinny topped rings that will offer you multiple mounting options. The item is hefty but in the sense of quality.

Quick Disconnect

The quick disconnect system is fantastic and flawless. It returns zero perfectly every single time. The users don’t have to take any kind of hassle. You will experience excellent eye relief with the height as well.

All the above points are the reason to pick this amazing mount. As I said earlier every single feature of the product is mind-blowing. I am sure I already proved my point. But does the product have any negative side? I am afraid the answer is yes.

Everything in this world has its strength and weakness. Thankfully, the weakness of the Burris PEPR Mount is not pretty serious. Still, I believe you should know. Let me show the drawbacks quickly:

Burris PEPR Mount Review

What are the Drawbacks of Burris PEPR Mount?

The locking mechanism on the QD lever is one point of frustration. It is not as impressive as expected. They are painful to use. So, the manufacturer should consider this factor seriously and update it as early as possible.

Other than the locking mechanism we didn’t find any serious issue. The weight seems a bit heavy for us. But stronger products weighs a bit more, you cannot deny that. Overall, the weight is good, I think.

Let’s have a look at the highlights of the product quickly:


  • Ensure Secure Fit and feeling
  • No accidental come off
  • Holds zero removing and remounting
  • Strongly constructed will survive a sudden drop


  • A bit heavy
  • The locking mechanism needs to improve

Bottom Line

It’s true that you will come across so many options while looking for a good quality scope mount. I can assure you that nothing is better than the Burris PEPR Mount. Everything in this product is simply awesome. The construction quality, performance, the price is better than ever. Still, if you have any difficulty, you can re-check other options.

At the end of the day, finding the matching mounting system matters the most even if you pick this one to consider this factor seriously. If the mounting system doesn’t match with your budget friendly rifle scope, it is just useless.

One needs not to spend a lot on the mounting system. The price of the product is reasonable as well.  The above product is impressive, no offense to others. Still, the preference is yours. You should pick one that feels right for your rifle and scope.

I am leaving you now. We would love to hear your experience and feedback about the product. Feel free to share with us. Many more are coming soon!

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