Best Trolling Motor for Kayaks – Top Models Reveled By Expert [2021]

A trolling motor reduces the time and effort kayakers spend on paddling than doing activities like fishing. If you love fishing on your kayak, installing a trolling motor to your kayak can improve your fishing experience.

Today, there are so many trolling motors available in the market that it can be difficult to choose the right one. Most kayakers still do not understand how a trolling motor works.

To avoid damaging your kayak, it is important you purchase a trolling motor which is compatible with your kayak.

Most of the time, the size, and weight of your kayak determine the trolling motor you should choose. Luckily, for you, we’ve crafted this piece to help you make a sound decision, in addition to saving you a significant deal of time.

Top Picks
Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor (30" Shaft)
30 lbs
Shaft Length
30 inch
17 oz
Check Price
Newport Vessels NV-Series 55lb Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Trolling Electric Trolling Motor w/...
Shaft Length
30 inch
22 lbs
Check Price
Best Choice
Minn Kota Endura C2 55 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor (36" Shaft)
Shaft Length
36 inch
29 oz
Check Price
Outsunny 12V Transom Mounted 50-Pound Thrust Electric Fishing Boat Trolling Motor
Shaft Length
34.5 inch
5-7 Persons
Check Price
SATURN 55 Lbs Short-Shaft Electric Tolling Motor for Inflatable Boats, Kaboats, Kayaks and Canoes.
55 lbs
Shaft Length
15 inch
17 lbs
Check Price

Below, we review the best trolling motor for kayak available on the market today. These reviews are a result of intensive research, on-site testing, and consideration of others users’ experiences.

Best Trolling Motor for Kayaks

We’ve considered the specific features of the different trolling motors available on the market, as well as what value they actually offer. Read on to make your next step towards purchasing the right trolling motor for your boating or fishing activity.

1. Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Transom Mount Trolling Motor

If you have been fishing in a kayak for a while, the name Minn Kota should ring the bell. The Endura C2 trolling motor is made by Minn Kota Motors, which has been involved in trolling motors for years.

The Minn Kota Endura C2 comes with superb features which help kayakers with their trolling. This trolling motor has a thrust level of 30 lbs. which makes it an ideal choice for light kayaks used for fishing.

Also, Endura C2 has a shaft that measures 30 inches. Its telescoping handle measures 6 inches, making it easy for kayakers to control the direction of their kayak.

The telescoping handle has the on and off button, in addition to speed and forward/ reverse control. If you are moving forward, there are 5 speeds you can choose from. While in reverse, there are 3 speeds.

The Minn Kota Endura C2 operates on a 12 V battery which makes the trolling motor very quiet. In addition, it has a bearing system that has minimal friction which drastically reduces the noise.

Minn Kota Endura C2 comes with some outstanding features which are the perfect choice for your fishing trip. This is because Minn Kota Motors offer a lifetime guarantee on the composite shaft which is indestructible. That makes the component tough enough so that it can last for years.

The electric motor has a power prop at the base which improves its power in water with heavy vegetation. With this trolling motor, it is easy to install and run on your kayak. It is important to note that Minn Kota Endura C2 is designed to be used in fresh water only.

Using it in salt water would damage the trolling motor within 12 months. Also, you have to determine if the thrust level of 30 lbs and the 30-inch shaft is suitable for your kayak depending on its weight and size.

2. Newport Vessels NV-Series 55lb Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor

This trolling motor is another amazing electric motor that is considered to be one of the best trolling motors for a kayak. This electric motor which is made by Newport Vessels is designed to improve performance on the water and to be reliable.

The Newport Vessels 55 pounds thrust 8-speed electric trolling motor features amazing features and is constructed with the high-quality material. The electric motor features an 8-speed control system that includes 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds for a smooth and easy ride on the water.

It has a 6-inch telescoping handle and a head made of aluminum. With the 55 lbs. thrust, this trolling motor is suitable for a variety of usage in different watercraft.

The 55 lbs. thrust also makes it one of the most powerful electric motor available in the market today. Hence it is popular among small boat, dinghies and kayak owners.

The 30-inch composite shaft comprises strong fiberglass which offers durability and enhances efficiency and performance. The short shaft makes it comfortable and easy to use while sitting in your kayak.

In addition, the 30-inch composite shaft makes it suitable for all types of small boats and kayaks including inflatable kayaks. It has LED battery meter which helps you know how much battery power is left.

This electric motor operates on a 12 V cycle battery. Unlike the Minn Kota Endura C2, which is used in fresh water only, this electric motor is designed for use in both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Constructed of stainless steel material and aluminum head that is durable, this trolling motor is built to last for years. If you love going out fishing, then you should consider buying this trolling motor. This electric motor is not only durable but also powerful, which helps you easily ride on water as you fish.

3. Minn Kota Endura C2 55 Trolling Motor

Another trolling motor by Minn Kota Motors to feature on this list. Endura C2 55 makes it suitable to navigate freshwater with ease. It features a 55 lbs. thrust.

It has a shaft that measures 42 inches and a 6-inch telescoping handle. This makes it easier to control from the inside of the boat for people who are average in length and tall.

In addition, it comes with an 8-speed control system so that if you are moving forward, you have 5 speeds to choose from While you reverse, you can choose from 3 speeds.

This trolling motor has an extra-large winding in addition to commutators which helps in dissipating heat. This helps extend the motor and battery lifespan as it offers cooler operation.

Also, Endura C2 55 comes with a unique bearing system which helps reduce friction. This drastically reduces the noise it emits to avoid scaring fish away.

One of the greatest features of this trolling motor is its battery. It comes with a digital maximize which helps it last 5 times longer compared to another electric motor. This helps kayakers stay in the water for long periods. It has a two-bladed propeller which is durable, helping it cut through water that has weeds without getting stuck.

4. Outsunny 12V Transom Mounted 50-Pound Thrust Electric Trolling Motor

Outsunny 12V Transom Trolling Motor, which offers a commendable thrust of 50 pounds. It’s undeniably among the excellent trolling motors you can make use of for your boat.

Weighing in at only 24 pounds, it offers a remarkable boating and fishing experience, both in freshwater and saltwater. Additionally, it’s specially built to be durable and reliable, regardless of what the water and wind conditions are.

Outsunny is not that much popular. But, that doesn’t imply they build low-quality fishing equipment. For instance, they have constructed the BD-0001 with a rigid body which is conveniently capable of withstanding harsh waters.

The included composite shaft is suitable for small and medium-sized boats and kayaks. It also features a 6-inch telescoping handle which you’ll find incredibly simple to use. Outsunny ascertained that the handle’s grip is soft for enhanced comfort and convenience.

Additionally, you can mount this motor in 10 different locking positions. In turn, that makes adjusting the height significantly easy.

The BD-0001 12V Trolling Motor provides a decent 50-pound thrust. That’s adequate for day to day use. It also offers five forward speeds and three speeds, which you’d be hard-pressed to get elsewhere.

When put to the test on harsh waters, this motor was able to navigate even the fast currents without coming across any problem. The shaft has been designed well to ensure seamless, high-level performance.

The shaft and Motorhead are indestructible. The latter is constructed from composite materials, which guarantees this motor’s durability. It boasts a well-designed impeller, as well.

You can use it in saltwater areas, thanks to the zinc, aluminum, and stainless steel components present in its body. These make it effectively resistant to saltwater effects. Such factors are among what makes the Outsunny among the most solid trolling motors currently available on the market.


  • You can make use of this model both in freshwater and saltwater
  • It boasts an appealing black, solid body
  • It has an indestructible shaft
  • It offers five forward and three reverse speeds
  • It’s amazingly sturdy and durable


  • Speed settings are not working perfectly bottom line

The Outsunny 12V Trolling Motor is relatively less costly than most other similar models. In fact, it offers better features than some of the high-end trolling motors available on the market today.

It’s a favorite option for many fishermen who praise it for its top-notch performance, durability, and versatility. It’s a performer, packing a significant deal of outstanding features for the cheap price.

5. Goplus New 55-Pound Freshwater Trolling Motor, 12V

The Goplus New 55-Pound Trolling Motor is yet another option you’ll want to consider. It’d especially be a worthwhile investment if you’re seeking a high-quality model that guarantees the ultimate, satisfying experience in freshwater.

It’s particularly designed for small and medium-sized boats like inflatables, kayaks with brackets, and canoes.

You’ll be able to control this motor comfortably and smoothly using the integrated 6-inch telescoping handle. You’ll have an easy time controlling it, even in unfavorable weather conditions.

You’re definite to like the 10-point LED light battery indicator in this freshwater trolling motor. That will be of convenient help in effectively showcasing the battery life.

The Goplus New 12-Volt Freshwater Trolling Motor is commendably environmental-friendly. Besides that, it also produces much less noise, preventing fish from swimming away.

The manufacturer has smartly incorporated a 36-inch composite shaft into this motor. They have also designed it to allow for multi-position angle adjustment using the included aluminum mount.

This unit operates using a 12V battery that’s able to deliver 55 pounds of thrust. It’s definite to work well on boats and kayaks which measure up to 16 feet.

The Goplus New Transom-mounted Trolling Motor is highly reliable. It provides its users with the luxury of selecting from five forward speeds and three reverse speeds. That’s certainly an incredible deal of flexibility.

This model is highly dependable as it comes integrated with three propeller blades. As such, you’re assured of smooth movement. You won’t need to worry about maneuvering obstacles like underwater marsh and grass.


  • It boasts a solid, durable aluminum mount
  • It has a flexible and indestructible shaft
  • It operates quietly
  • This model is remarkably environmental-friendly


  • It’s intended for freshwater use only

You’re definite to love this motor’s swift movement. It’s extremely calm and barely makes any noise. You’ll especially find that ideal when fishing as you can move to locations with multiple fish without spooking them.

The package comes included with an operation manual which you can always refer to in case you’re not sure of anything, from installation to operation.

The Goplus New 55-Pound Freshwater Trolling Motor is difficult to beat for the buck. Purchasing this trolling motor for freshwater applications is a decision you won’t regret.

It’s actually likely to exceed your expectations!

6. SATURN 55 Lbs Short-Shaft Electric Tolling Motor

Saturn Inflatable Boats is a popular brand which specializes in motor-driven and human-powered inflatable watercraft. They’re well-experienced in making trolling motors which accommodate a broad range of inflatable watercraft designs.

The unique Saturn Short-Shaft 55-Pound Trolling Motor, in particular, has been designed for kayaks, canoes, and inflatable boats.

This model boasts a unique, short shaft, measuring 26 inches. That reduces the motor’s overall height, making it a lot more compact than most other trolling motors.

This shaft is constructed out of composite material. That helps reduce the motor’s weight, hence, making it much easier to transport. The motor’s throttle is conveniently positioned within close reach. In turn, that allows for easy operation.

The Saturn 55-Pound Short-Shaft Trolling Motor features an adjustable handle, with ten different tilt positions. These will help you operate this motor comfortably. It’s quite simple to maneuver your boat/kayak/canoe with this motor installed on it, thanks to its five forward-speed and three reverse-speed settings.

This model runs on a 12V deep cycle battery that you can purchase from most hardware, auto supply, and marine battery supply stores. On average, you can expect it to run for 3-4 hours on one charge. However, that will depend on the battery’s amp-hour rating.

It’s incredibly simple to mount the Saturn 55-Pound Short-Shaft Motor. You can accomplish that just by setting up a board across your boat’s rear side. You’ll then need to mount the motor to that board.

The Saturn 55-Pound Electric Trolling Motor is saltwater-compatible. You’ll only need to rinse it with fresh water after each use. It’ll keep the motor running smooth, in addition to increasing its lifespan.


  • This model boasts a super-adjustable handle
  • It’s suitable for use on both freshwater and saltwater
  • It comes integrated with a short shaft that’s durable and extremely flexible
  • It provides a powerful 55-pound thrust, making it ideal for kayaks/canoes of any size


  • You might need a bracket to mount this motor if your kayak/boat has a small size

This model takes pride in the broad range of exceptional features it packs. It offers high flexibility when it comes down to operation. You can lift its adjustable handle almost 45 degrees up, making it simple to raise or tilt to achieve the comfort you’ve been pursuing, for long. You can make use of this motor in saltwater and oceans, as well.

Weighing in at only 10 pounds, it’s conveniently compact and easily portable, yet powerful. If you’re seeking a trolling motor that offers high power thrust, then you’ll want to consider the Saturn 55-Pound Short-Shaft Motor. For such an affordable price, you get an incredibly lightweight, top-performance, and durable trolling motor.

7. Watersnake – Shadow Bow Mount Foot Control Motor Trolling Motor

Virtually all Watersnake motors are designed to withstand harsh challenges commonly associated with freshwater fishing. In particular, the Watersnake 12V Shadow FWDR54-48 is just what you require to elevate your fishing experience to a higher level.

It comes integrated with an exemplary foot control unit, with variable speed. In turn, that allows for precise control.

This motor features a maximum thrust of 54 pounds. It’ll enable you to control the speed and power of your boat. You can slow down or turn your boat quickly on the water with the help of the quiet-operating Watersnake Shadow Motor.

Besides, it features a three-blade propeller. These blades are constructed out of top-quality steel. They’re designed to grind any underwater vegetation.

This unit is exceptionally built. It has been proven to be very efficient in dealing with challenges commonly faced in freshwater fishing. It’s increasingly becoming popular, especially due to its effective and top-quality construction.

The 48-inch composite shaft is constructed out of corrosion-free material. That, when combined with the high-quality steel propeller, ensures durability and reliability.

This model has a three-blade propeller which is remarkably efficient at cutting weeds and ensuring continuous operation.

The Watersnake Shadow FWDR54-48 is quite a user-friendly, featuring a simple-to-operate and straightforward foot control. Foot pedal operation enables you to control the boat’s direction on a horizontal motion.

You’ll only need to press down on the motor’s foot pedal to control the speed. Besides, you won’t need to place your foot continuously on the pedal to maintain the boat’s speed at a certain level.


  • The unique footboard allows for accurate control of the boat’s speed and direction
  • This motor boasts a waterproof circuit board that’s fully protected
  • You’re sure to love its lightweight and compact build


  • The installation process can be a little daunting

That only reassures you of its reliability and durability. Most people prefer this unit for small boats because of its lightweight nature and quiet, hands-free operation.

It may serve as an ideal backup in case your boat’s motor gives up at some point. It supplements your paddles and oars. It’s a perfect option for use with small kayaks, watercraft, and boats. It’s undoubtedly a high-performance package!

How to Select the Best Trolling Motor for Kayaks

Are you tired of rowing or you are you looking for more and efficient control options for your boat? Want to get closer to quality and bigger fish without even spooking them? Or could be you are planning to up your fishing game? Then you should give trolling motor a try this season.

Well, you will agree with me that trolling motors comes at different prices as different manufacturers and retailers have flooded the market with both high quality and low-quality trolling motor.

Therefore, choosing not only quality but rust free trolling motor tends to be a relatively challenging task especially if you know nothing about trolling. Read on to discover tips to consider when choosing trolling motor.

So, what is Trolling Motor, anyway today?

A Trolling Motor is a prime self-contained unit or an outboard electric motor which includes the propeller, electric motor and efficient controls that every angler should have trolling motor is then fixed firmly either at the stern or the to an anglers boat bow.

Trolling Motors can be used to either provide auxiliary power for easy boat maneuvering. On the other side, it can be used as secondary propulsion option, thus enabling anglers to cast their baits more easily.

Best Trolling Motor for Kayaks

5 Tips To Consider When Choosing A Top Rated Trolling Motors

Boat Size & Thrust

Angling experts have revealed that when going for quality trolling motors, it is imperative that you should understand your boat. You should also be in the position of predicting the effect of the trolling motor on your boat.

Therefore it I recommended that you should go for trolling motor that will offer enough kinetic energy or thrust to your boat. Essentially it is worthless to have trolling motors that will turn your boat into a kayak which is lacking a paddle.

Therefore, consider being familiar with the size of your boat and compare it with corresponding trolling motor thrusting ability before purchasing one.

Shaft Length

When selecting a trolling motor Shaft Length, it is recommended that you should go for the one with an adjustable length. Going for motors with an adjustable Shaft Length will allow you to adjust your trolling motors depth thus enabling you to be in the position of controlling your boat fully.

Voltage Requirement

Trolling motor are available in three different voltage requirement ability ranging from36, 24, and the lowest being 12 volts. According to boat experts, the voltages are distributed according to the size of the boat whereby a 5-16 ft.

The long boat will be more efficient with a 12 volts motor. On the hand, other factors such as the boat length and the space available on your boat can dictate the voltage requirement.

Different motors have different battery requirements whereby 12 volts trolling motor requires only one marine battery to operate. While a 24 and 36 volts trolling motors need two and three marine batteries respectively.

It is also important to note that 36 volts are trolling engines offer more and an extended water outing than other motors.

Foot or Hand Controlled

Trolling motors come available in two option either hand or foot controlled.

Therefore you should choose a trolling motor according to not only convenience but also taste and preference. On the other side, you may also decide to go for remote controlled motors options as they also tend to be very efficient.

Going for the remote-controlled possibility will make your work to be relatively easy as you will only have to press a button to operate your fishing boat. Thanks to the new technology as it will significantly help you to up your fishing game.


How to Make a Trolling Motor

Features, Benefits & Awareness

When choosing a trolling motor, it is also recommended that you should also consider checking on various requirements such as the construction material used consider going for a trolling motor that is crafted from a stainless material as it will be free from rust thus increasing its efficiency.

Stainless steel propeller shafts will tend to last longer thus allowing you to enjoy the real value of your money.

You may also consider looking for other additions such as digital readouts before commencing on purchasing any trolling motor.

When it comes to trolling motors the big question in most peoples’ mind is what purpose it should be used for. If you are going on a leisurely tour with your kayak, then adding a trolling motor may not be the right choice.

However, if you are spending hour’s everyday fishing, then installing a trolling motor to your kayak may be the best option. This is because a trolling motor helps a fisherman to move faster with their kayak, saving them the energy and time they could have spent paddling.

Boating and fishing are activities you can do during the weekends or on your days off. They’re fun and exciting, right? But, in such activities, the winds can become strong.

The waters can become turbulent, too. To make the most out of these enjoyable activities in the safest way possible, you’ll certainly require the right trolling motor.

A good trolling motor will be of significant help. It’s essentially an engine which keeps your boat adequately powered and running. It plays a key role in ensuring you’re safe as you fish and boat. As such, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best.

You now have adequate knowledge and information on how to choose the ideal trolling motor for your fishing purposes. We have conducted a quality and thorough analysis before coming up with the above five tips on how to select an original motor. It is your time now to read through the above information before picking your desired trolling motor.

Bottom Line

Trolling motors are of significant use in powering and running your boat/kayak during water activities. It’s imperative that you select a trolling motor which fits your boat’s length and weight.

That will save you from unnecessary expenses and damages in the long run. You could be risking your life by having the wrong unit for your boat.

Don’t opt for a particular model just because it’s cheap. Similarly, it doesn’t imply that purchasing the most expensive motor unit gets you the best value.

With the right trolling motor, you’ll be able to maneuver and control your boat in a much better way. It guarantees you a safe, yet fun boating experience, regardless of the current weather conditions.

With many options available in the market today, it is important you buy a trolling motor which fits the size of your kayak so that you can save money. Hopefully, this review helped you know the best trolling motor you should go for.

They offer excellent deals of value, outstanding features, and multiple other benefits. Purchase the ideal motor unit to ensure a safe, fun, and fulfilling experience while boating or fishing.

Good luck!

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