Best Time of Day To Go Fishing

You Need To Know Regarding The Best Time of Day To Go Fishing


What is the best time of day to go fishing? In case you like to indulge yourself in fishing pursuits than this particular query must be lurking in your mind.

Personally, it has been observed by me that the ideal time to do fishing will be early in the morning and also late in the evening. This does not imply that fishing at other times of the day is not okay.

In fact, I have succeeded in catching lots of fish during noon or even late at night although early morning and late evening seemed to suit me in most cases.

However, things might not be the same in your case and in the subsequent paragraphs, we have thrown some light on what is the best time to go fishing during the day.

Before delving deeper into the subject, let us discuss the different factors that are going to affect your fishing times.

When is The Best Time to go Fishing?

In case you would like to know about the best time to go fishing than it is worth considering the factors mentioned below which will affect the behavior of the fish thus determining the perfect time when you can expect a good haul.

Light and Temperature

Fish, similar to the human beings, do not like the strong sunshine during the midday and prefer the early morning as well as late evening sun instead.

In fact, the fish will feel more comfortable to move around in the early morning when the temperature of the water is ideal for them.

On the contrary, late evening is even more preferable to cast your line since the sun will be comparatively mellower as compared to the morning.

Light and Temperature

It is the natural propensity of the fish to move towards the cooler and the more in-depth waters where they’ll be more comfortable once the sun becomes quite bright and hot.

For this reason, early mornings and late evenings are perhaps the most appropriate times to catch fish in case you like to practice top and shallow water lures.

During these times, the temperature is not only cooler but the light is also much lower which is according to the liking of the fish. At this time they usually prefer the shallows for feeding.

The bright and strong sunshine during the day cause minimized surface oxygen, an increase of the gale as well as higher surface water temperature and, consequently, the fish prefers to relocate to the deeper areas of the water.

Under such circumstances, an angler will find deep fishing baits, fishing reel, rigs as well as lures to be the ideal method of fishing.


The behavior of the fish is affected to a great extent by the different seasons and they tend to come out in hordes during particular times of the year.

Fishing Seasons

As a matter of fact, you cannot depend solely on spring when it comes to catching fish since the fish will bite on and off; however, your chances of making a good haul will enhance significantly when the temperature drops down at the end of the season.

In case you are able to steer clear of the hot and sultry sunshine than summer won’t be inappropriate either.

Winter is however not an ideal time for fishing whereas during fall you can expect times when there is a lot of fish to catch.

Moon Phase

Fish are influenced significantly by moon phases. During the full moon, fish prefer to stay close to the water surface. The reason why they prefer the full moon is that the light helps them to locate their food without much problem.

Moon Phase When Fishing

However, there are fluctuations in the moon phases similar to tides and temperature. In fact, you will find a couple of times to be ideal for fishing, i.e. between sunrises and sunset.


The activities, as well as behaviors of the fish, are also influenced considerably by tides. They usually shift to the shallower areas in search of food during falling or rising tides.

These shallow areas provide the fish with an abundant supply of food. They prefer to move along with the movement of the tides.

Fishing Tides

It will be a smart idea to observe the manner in which the tides are moving which will help to find the correct spot for fishing.

In case your calculation is not wrong, you will be able to catch plenty of fish in the long run.


Your chances of making a good haul will depend on the strength as well as the pattern of the wind to a great extent. In fact, the water is going to be pushed by the wind thus surfacing the foods to the distant shoreline where you can expect to catch fish in abundance.

Fishing Wind

Consequently, it will be ideal to fish at a particular point where you need to cast into the gale in case you prefer to fish on a stormy day from the shoreline.

Cloudy Days

An ideal time for fishing will be the cloudy weather because of the fact that light is not able to penetrate directly in the presence of the clouds. As a matter of fact, during this particular time, the fish prefers to move vigorously through the waters in pursuit of food.

Fishing Cloudy Days

As compared to a sunny day, the cloudy day will be an ideal time for the fish to be more active rather than hiding themselves as some particular locations or close to any shad.

While it is cloudy, a fish prefers to scatter throughout the water and it is feasible to catch them in abundance at these times.

Bottom Line

After going through the facts as mentioned earlier, it should be by now clear to you what the appropriate time to go fishing is.

You must be expecting to catch plenty of fish while you prepare yourself to go fishing; however, it is really surprising to comprehend the fact that not many anglers have much idea regarding when to fish in the waters.

Apart from this, many of them also do not know about the movement of the fish during different times of the day.

Bear in mind that the behavior of the fish is affected significantly by quite a few factors and it is imperative to understand them properly which will enable you to turn into a successful angler eventually.

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