Best Telescopic Fishing Rod in 2021 – For Beginners and Experts

Fishing is not only a widely practiced economic activity but also an adventure and a hobby which many people enjoy worldwide.

Are you a person who loves fishing? Does fishing give you pleasure? Fishing as one of the hobbies is one of the greatest experience to have.

Every time you can catch a fish seems like the enjoyment and satisfaction you can have will give you great joy.

In Fishing, the equipment needed is essential. The fishing rod you must use should be durable. Many fishers broke their fishing rods every time they caught big ones. It’s a frustration when a big fish is caught and the rod cannot withstand the tension.

The following are the best telescopic fishing rod durable enough and very ideal in saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, and boat fishing.

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod Reviews – 2021

1. PLUSINNO Telescopic Retractable Fishing Pole Rod

This Fishing rod is a high-density Carbon Fiber mixed with fiberglass which makes it one of the most durable fishing rod. It has stainless steel, hooded reel seat for avoiding corrosion and a foregrip for the comfort of anyone who will use it.

The design of this product is very attractive and it is skillfully made using sophisticated technology that provides excellent touch feeling for the telescopic fishing rod.

It is also a lightweight rod as it is made of with carbon material and has a very reliable quality.

This telescopic fishing rod is portable which means it is retractable and is very convenient carrying around also with an extended handle. But, you need to consider that fishing reel and rod holder is not included in this product.

It also incorporated with baking varnish process making it waterproof without fading. The carbon fiber used in this rod has a very high elasticity that can withstand significant pulling force. It has also a balance between the swing wheel and the guide ring that will result in a smoother and more balanced operation.

Its line guide is made up of steel frame carbon oxide to have a smooth and easier line outlet enabling the fisherman to have an easy time catching fish. The handle has sweat absorption, anti-skid, soft and comfortable because it is made from EVA material.

Some tips for installing is to put Teflon on the screw threads so that when you tighten the rod, it won’t be undone easily.

Another thing to remember is to use lock snaps or swivels in your line so you can always have your line attached and ready to go.

Having this excellent quality, this fishing rod is one of the best telescopic fishing rods for your old man. It is also an excellent gift for Father’s Day to make father jumping with joy.

2. Sougayilang Collapsible Telescopic Fishing Pole

This fishing rod is also one of the best telescopic fishing rods. The Sougayilang Black Hawk Telescopic Fishing Rod is made of 24-ton high-density Carbon Fiber and E-glass composite for great power and sensitivity.

Its lightweight and perfectly balanced gives anyone who’ll use it less fatigue. It is one of the fishing rod ideals for a fisherman who want to catch big fish as it can handle approximately 10-20 lbs of fish so the price is worth the try.

The authentic reel seat is made of corrosion resistant CNC machined Aluminum for worry-free fishing. In addition, the three-point welded stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts for the braided or mono fishing line is approved for saltwater corrosion resistance and power control.

It is also lightweight and portable that will surely fit in a car trunk, boat hatch or the backpack.
This will surely let you travel to your favorite fishing site too and enjoy fishing wherever and whenever you want without even worrying about the length of your fishing rod as it is retractable.

It is also suitable for the spinning reel and with a plastic cap for the protection of the guide rings on the pole. A bag for protection of the rood is also included.

It also has various sizes and lengths available for freshwater fishing, saltwater surf fishing or inshore fishing.
Having this fishing rod, surely you will enjoy fishing more than you do without worrying about the durability, flexibility, elasticity, and power of your fishing rod.

With this, fishing will be stress- free, worry-free and catch big fishes can be anticipated without breaking your rod worrying about the amount you spent.

Thus, fishing will cause you more fun and enjoyment. Probably, one of the best gift for your father or grandfather.

3. Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod

Goture Portable Carbon fiber telescopic fishing rod as one of the best telescopic fishing rod, it has a high quality, charismatic design, for it is made with Carbon Fiber mixed with Fiber Glass making your fishing pole hard and durable.

This rod adopts to international leading X 45 degrees of cross carbon fiber technology. It has high elasticity and lightweight.

The carbon fiber used in this pole has 98% content which is 10 times durable compared to steel bars. Moreover, the distribution of carbon filament is well-distributed to avoid fracture.

The hardness of SIC ceramic guide rings is higher yet the weight is lighter and the heat dissipation is better. The guide rings have adhered with an international advanced epoxy resin that prevents the rings from falling.

It is also elegant and high-end because it is incorporated with NM piano baking varnish using the latest vacuum coating process that will give its user a good hand feeling.

It also has adjustable full metal screw reel seat, luxurious texture, flexible adjustment position that can be moved up and down which effectively fixes the fishing reels making it practical and convenient.

Its handle uses high-grade extended anti-skid handle. Its lightweight feature will surely reduce the fatigue of hooking big fish.

Admittedly, this fishing rod is graded first class, with an ultra-hand power, ultra-light, mirror technique, and 46T carbon cloth.

Having this fishing rod, quality time fishing with stress-free and worry-free experience. This fishing rod is one of the most ideal rods for saltwater boat fishing or inshore fishing. You will surely won’t worry about breaking your rod and the amount you’ll spend on this pole.

Remember, you need to buy the fishing reel and rod holder separately as it is not included in this package. Fishing is undoubtedly an excellent way to relax. It is an enjoyable hobby that can elevate your mind.

Another thing that you can have about it is the joy of catching fish and of course, you will enjoy eating the fresh fish you’ll catch.

Equipment used in fishing must be durable and will not make you feel worried about breaking. It should be elastic to withstand the tension in pulling especially when big fish will be caught and will eventually won’t lead you to frustration.

Furthermore, telescopic fishing rods are also ideal for tugging with the big fish that will be caught.

4. PLUSINNO Combos Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod

If you are a beginner and you are looking for the best fishing experience, this is the ultimate product for you By simply pressing the “select” button during your purchase, you have a direct access to features such as a full kit with carrier bag containing necessary fishing accessories such as one fishing rod, fishing reel, several fishing lures, fishing line, and fishing hooks among other accessories essential to make your fishing a successful adventure.

These accessories are just enough and once you purchase the fishing kit from the highly reputable suppliers, there is no need of looking for additional accessories anywhere else.

The quality and durability of the fishing pole are highly enhanced by carbon fiber together with fiberglass which gives it the hardness that enables you to catch a range of fish varieties, from small to large.

It is further perfected with the perfect elasticity that prevents it from breaking during your fishing sessions. With completely hooded reel seats made of stainless steel, you don’t have to be worried of seawater corrosion.

Other features which you are going to enjoy this unique fishing rod is a comfortable grip it offers due to its EVA Foregrip. This ensures no sliding at all and makes the process of fishing even more enjoyable.

The design of this telescopic fishing rod makes it convenient to carry and move around with it since it features a closed length design.

For enhanced strength, you can easily make use of instant anti-reverse power drive gear which is equipped.

5. YONGZHI Pocket Fishing Pole Ultralight Travel Telescopic Spinning Rods

This is another product designed with all the salient features to enable you to get out for your fishing adventure in style and with enthusiasm.

First, once you purchase this fishing rod, you will have a stress-free fishing session as the pocket fishing rod is conveniently designed in such a way that it is so short when you pull it back and long enough when you pull it out.

Whether you are planning for deep sea fishing or on-shore fishing, this fishing equipment is made with a super-hard telescopic fishing rod and metal reel to withstand and manage the weight of large fish types such as catfish.

Similarly, the strong combination of hard and durable fiberglass and carbon fiber make it most suited for boat travel during freshwater fishing.

Apart from freshwater fishing, the Pocket fishing rod can also be used conveniently for saltwater fishing due to its strong anti-saltwater corrosion properties made enhanced by steel hooded reel seats.

An additional advantage of the reel is that reel seat locks lock it on tight.
You will find the smooth stainless steel guides together with ceramic inserts to facilitate in securing longer casts as well as minimizing friction to the line.

Any fishing enthusiast, whether you like fishing in the sea, river, stream or lake, can get much out of this fishing rod.
You can make money by converting your hobby into your economic activity and lead life happily as you enjoy fishing with this extraordinary telescopic rod.

6. Eagle Claw PK56TS Pack-It Spin Combo Telescopic Rod

Eagle Claw Pack Telescopic fishing rod is designed in such a way that keeps you comfortable throughout the sessions of your adventurous fishing.

Its lightweight nature makes fishing enjoyable to use and perfectly convenient for beginners too. If you are looking for the best fishing experience, this spinning telescopic rod comes to you as an ultimate solution to all your needs.

Although the reel might not be as strong as other models, it can be great for fishing on the shore.

For both bass fishing and freshwater fishing, this is a great bargain to acquire since it is Preloaded with the line.

Both lure weight and line weight have been designed to match and therefore increased efficiency while fishing.
The fiberglass construction gives it an advantage together with its EVA foam handle which ensures that you make a perfect grip in order to get the most out of tour fishing adventure.

This model of fishing rod is a perfect way to train your kid in the great adventure of fishing and teach the skills in him/her.

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod


In a nutshell, fishing as an adventure has been made possible with the above described three best fishing rods. Each rod is designed in a special way to meet the individual needs of different fishing enthusiasts.

Your choice on the best model is therefore dependent upon your own individual needs in reference to the salient features, pros, and cons of the above discussed telescopic fishing rods.

As a final verdict, based on the product’s features, one can anticipate and will surely conclude that these fishing rods are among the best telescopic fishing rods they’ll ever have Surely it is worth the money to be spent and will let you experience the pleasure of fishing.

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