Best Spinning Reels Under $100 – 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

Are you an adventurer angler looking for the best spinning reels under 100 dollars that is perfect for both fresh and salt water? Don’t worry as we have got you covered by offering you an explanation of reels that will solve your problems.

Many people like fishing but they are not sure of the type of spinning reels to use in their fishing activities. Some reels can only be used in freshwaters only while others are multipurpose. The spinning reels come with different features that make them suitable for different fishers and different purposes.

The top 5 products in our list are some of the most efficient and flexible spinning reels that have stood the test of time with an excellent reputation in the market. Besides giving you a deep understanding of some of the best fishing reels, this guide keeps you within budget.

Best Spinning Reels Under 100 Dollars [Comparison]

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First, we will discuss a few benefits of affordable fishing reels:

  • You can enjoy satisfactory sports fishing on a tight budget
  • It is effortless to use making it an excellent choice for beginners in the sport of fishing
  • Such spinning reels provide good distance as well as accuracy for the best fishing outcomes
  • Spinning reels are a better choice compared to the bait caster
  • They form great gift ideas for the loved one who loves fishing

Best Spinning Reels Under 100 Dollars –  2019 Reviews

As promised, we will now provide you with informative and helpful reviews of ten top spinning reels that purchase for less than $100.

Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel

Investing in a good quality baitfeeder spinning reel for fishing is a very crucial job. With an abundance of choices in the market, it is tough for users to make a thoughtful decision.

However, based on factors such as durability, ease of use and cost, some of the avid fishing enthusiasts recommended Okuma Avenger bait feeder fishing reel as one of the best quality bait feeders at present.

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It has a great combination of grade reel and Okuma’s specialized live bait line feeding system. Not only that the ABF series is made up of ultralightweight machine spools are fitted with smooth oil absorbent felt washers.

The bait feeder system lets a fish catch the bait and be able to run without getting dragged. The lever disengages the machined spool and allows the live line to run freely. The tension can be easily adjusted with the help of rear adjustment.

The On/Off lever located at the back of the reel automatically disengages the bait feeding method to let you fight the fish with the first drag system.

One of the best things about Avenger ABF is that it’s entirely made of a graphite body. A superior corrosion resistant material is meaning you don’t need to worry about the wear and tear of the machine over the time even after frequent saltwater use. It’s designed for saltwater fishing, but you should make a note that it should be cleaned thoroughly to prevent corrosion and rust.

Many features contribute to the convenience of using this machine. For example, it has a lightweight spool style, known for the capability to enhance the fluidity and consistency ease of use.

This durable and lightweight reel gives you all the advantage of fishing in both salt and fresh water and can be easily used to catch small as well as large fishes. The graphite construction is corrosion and rust resistant and sturdy enough to catch and pull a larger biting fish.

It gives you complete control over the fishing line. It is perfectly designed for those who are occupied in catching clever fish in long journeys.

Penn Fierce II Spinning Fishing Reel

The Penn Fierce II reel is a great choice which offers an exceptional value. It is a quality piece of fishing equipment that is ideal for fresh water. The Penn Fierce II is available in a variety of models, so it’s easy to find one that meets your needs.

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The reel has a die-cast aluminum construction which makes it strong. The full metal body and side plate keep the gear precisely aligned even under heavy loads. They also add to its durability and ensure a reliable reel in the long term.

This means you wouldn’t have to worry about the reel giving way when you catch a heavy fish. The Fierce II can maintain a heavy load quite well. In fact, it is designed to offer reliable performance in the most terrible conditions.

Four shielded stainless steel ball bearings help keep things moving smoothly. They provide smooth spinning over the life of the reel. These ball bearings give you the capacity to handle any size of fish.

The drag is essential for applying pressure on the hooked fish and also for letting out the line as you retrieve your catch. A smooth and high-quality drag helps you improve your catch. The Fierce II is equipped with a drag system which provides silky smooth drag under all conditions.

The super spool has rubber inlaid into the spool. This means that you can directly go to the spool with the braid of your choice and you don’t have to back it with mono.

Anodized and machined aluminum handle and spool provide a smooth touch as well as a smooth spin. So there is less wear on the line and on your hands.

Okuma Trio High-Speed Spinning Reel

Featuring an extraordinary crossover construction the Okuma Trio High-Speed Spinning Reel is a great selection. It has a hybrid body consisting of graphite and aluminum. The arbor is graphite while the lip is aluminum.

The hybrid spool ensures the fishing reel is durable as well as lightweight. The materials used in the construction also ensure Okuma Trio is saltwater resistant making it possible for you to fish in the ocean without worry.

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The device also features Okuma’s Precision Dual-Force Drag System (DFD) technology. The technology incorporates the two sides of the spool thereby optimizing high-end drag force, smooth operation and efficiency.

Promoting further smoothness of operation are Precision 10 ball bearings, one anti-reverse bearing, and bushing. This gadget is also optimized for distance and accuracy allowing you to catch almost any fish you set your mind yet on.

Besides performance, efficiency, and strength, Okuma Trio High-Speed Spinning Reel is designed for increasing beauty. It features a contemporary design with a unique blend of black and orange colors; the perfect color combination for the gents.

Okuma Trio Ladies Edition High-Speed Spinning Reel

Its predominantly graphite body construction makes it extremely lightweight. Because of this, it is a unique edition for ladies who love fishing. The color blend of cool black and shouting pink makes the spinning reel the delight of ladies.

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No wonder it is used by professional anglers all over the world. It features hybrid spool design with an aluminum lip and graphite arbor.

The Precision Double Force Drag System (DFD) technology of the spool is specially made to optimize high-end drag pressure, overall operational smoothness and efficiency. This also allows for precision and good distance.

This spool reel is well balanced and stable thanks to Okuma’s innovative crossover hybrid design. It is lightweight, portable and designed for ease to use. You do not need any technical training to use this fishing reel.

It has stainless-steel ball bearing as well as a quickset anti-reverse roller bearing to ensure safety and smoothness of operation.

KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels

This reel looks very attractive and it is brilliantly finished. It features have some unique design foldable handle that enters directly via its main gear allowing you to have full control of the device.

This Summer Spinning Reel from KastKing is very lightweight offers effortless casting. This is because of its narrow graphite design as well as computer balancing system.

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It also features high strength 2-color anodized aluminum spool along with a high launch lip for farther casting. If you are looking for the top quality reel for a long fishing line, it can be an excellent choice for you.

These features make this reel a fantastic choice for beginner angler who loves fishing. It performs smoothly thanks to 9 quality ball bearings as well as one instant stop single-way anti-reverse bearing.

Its Superior Drag System delivers excellent stopping power of up to 20 pounds. Furthermore, the reel’s great mesh drive gear, main shaft made of hardened metal and precision-machined pinion gear maximize fish fighting power.

Okuma Trio Standard Speed Spinning Reel

Okuma is well known for the production of some of the best fishing gears although the company has not been there for too long.

The Okuma Trio Standard Speed is among the most affordable fishing reels but its high quality and strong reel. It has two main distinguishing features that set it apart from its competitors- Crossover Body Design and Crossover Spools design.

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Most fishing reels feature single-plate design for the body but Okuma’s Trio uses stamp aluminum stem with dual side plates. Stamped aluminum is extremely strong when compared to the usual die-cast material for other reels.

This reduces the chance of flexing of the shaft and the gear leading to better alignment. Graphite is the lightest material and it is used here to reduce the overall weight of the reel.

Trio’s spool utilizes an innovative technology, which houses the drag system in an Aluminum Drag Chamber. This greatly increases stability and promotes smoothness of operation.

The reel also features DFD (Dual Force Drag) technology, which delivers tension on the spool from bottom to top adding to smoothness and helps in dissipating heat.

sea fishing reel

Other great features responsible for this reel’s above average performance include a hybrid rotor, high-density gearing, corrosion resistant coating, computer balanced rotor equalizing system and rigid forged aluminum handle. There are many other lovable features you will appreciate when using this fishing reel.

Rose Kuli 12+1 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings Fishing Spinning Reel

Rose Kuli Spinning Reel is a wonderful choice for an affordable freshwater and saltwater fishing reel. It is built from a patented body design with roller cover sealed system that joins to form a reel capable of withstanding dust and water.

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Generally, Rose Kuli is lighter and stronger than many other reel brands currently in the market.

This spinning reel operates smoothly. It features 12 high quality and corrosion resistant ball bearings plus 1 rapid set anti-reverse bearing for an instant stop when desired.

The reel’s strong precision brass gears, stainless steel main gears, and reinforced body make it one of the most reliable and dependable fishing reels.

Rose Kuli fishing reel features durable CNC machined aluminum spool with uniform line lay, more fishing line capacity as well as internal grooves for lube retention.

It also boasts of an alloy drive gear. The strength and power of this reel will allow you to catch saltwater fishes making it ideal for professional open sea fishing.

Besides the above main features, the Rose Kuli 12+1 fishing reel features a corrosion-free graphite body and a router with computer balance system.

The maximum drag capacity of this reel is 19 pounds. Imagine what a 19-pound saltwater fish would look like that is what to expect with this spool reel.

Mitchell 308PRO-C Reel

Mitchell 308PRO-C Reel is a marvelous fishing reel for those who want to enjoy the outdoor fishing experience. It represents the height of innovation and technological advance in sports fishing industry.

It will allow you to enjoy quality fishing through user-friendly features, simple design and tested quality.

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The 308PRO-C Reel features a durable and robust body thanks to the advanced polymeric material used in its construction. This material is advanced because it features a new technology that makes this particular material stronger than the standard polymeric material used in other reels. For this reason, this Mitchell fishing reel can withstand years of hard fishing.

It is fitted with 10 high-quality stainless steel ball bearings along with an instant anti-reverse.

good fishing reel

To ensure additional smoothness, perfect gear mesh, and durability, the reel features high-performance gears. Its multi-disc system designed to provide accurate adjustment as well as consistent performance.

In addition to the above main features, Mitchell 308PRO-C has Bail Halo designed to optimize durability, strength, and reduce line twist in order to deliver flawless retrieves and casts. The design also includes an aluminum spool and handle.

KastKing Mela II Spinning Reel

KastKing Mela II Spinning Reel is one of the newest spinning reel models in the market. It features an elegant, contemporary design that is packed with several great features. It is the best choice for those looking for a light, smooth operating and powerful fishing reel.

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The design Mela II features aircraft-grade aluminum with the honeycomb structure for added strength while reducing weight. The reels are armed with precision brass gears, triple-disc carbon drag washers, hardened metal main shaft as well as interchangeable left or right hand machined CNC aluminum blade.

One of the things responsible for the quality and performance of a spinning reel is the level of smoothness of action. The KastKing Mela II is fitted with 10 + 1 deep-race smooth ball bearings made of corrosion resistant material, exquisite aluminum spool, CNC machined aluminum handle, instant stop anti-reverse, and a spare graphite spool.

The other impressive features you will appreciate with this affordable fishing reel include new specially designed line roller capable of reducing the chances of line twist and user fatigue.

Goture Spinning Fishing Reel

Latest fishing reels usually have fittings helping in throwing distance and precision, together with retrieving line. Therefore, the Goture GT-S series reels place a fresh spin on the conventional reel’s world which mirrors an enhancement and exactness that is the conclusion of a decade of development and research.

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Goture GT-S has a rough rotor and graphite frame that rattles round upon the waves and are accompanied by the lightweight double-anodized aluminum spool.

This spinning reel has a multi-drug system having Japanese oiled drag washers that enhance its operability. It also has 6 ball bearings and one rapid-set anti-reverse roller bearing.

Goture GT-S is made of superior quality materials. The compact model does not allow rusting of parts or easy damaging and, therefore assures durable performance in both saltwater and freshwater. Versatile Goture GT-S can be utilized for ocean beach fishing, stream, reservoir, ocean boat fishing, lake, stream, ocean rock fishing, and pond.

Things to Consider Before Buying Spinning Reel

After you have made the right decision to buy the excellent spinning reel for your favorite sport of fishing, the next important thing is to set out and complete the process.

However, it is imperative that you know what constitutes the best when it comes to spinning reels so that you do not go wrong. Here, you are going to find out more about the things you need to consider before buying spinning reels.

Best Spinning Reels Under 100

Material for the Reel’s Body

Also referred to as reel housing, the reel body is an essential factor to consider if you want to get the best fishing reel for your needs. Usually, reel body is made of aluminum, graphite or a combination of both.

Aluminum is very strong, heavy and durable but flexes only slightly. Graphite, on the other hand, is much lighter, less strong and flexible. You can choose aluminum if you want a strong reel and you are not worried about weight.

A hybrid body with both aluminum and graphite is great because it exhibits some degree of strength (usually strong enough) but also lightweight.

The Number Of Ball Bearings

The smoothness of operation is a significant factor in choosing a spinning reel. The quality and number of ball bearings determine it. Most brands have 9 ball bearings but the number can vary from 4 to 12.

The best spool reels have five or more ball bearings and increasing the number seems not to make much difference in the smoothness of action.

The Gear Ratio

This is given by a numerical ratio such as 6:1. If the ratio is high, the reel has faster retrieval speed. It is an extremely important factor to consider. The highest ratio is 7:1 while the lowest is 4:1.

This means spinning reels with the gear ratio of 7:1 have the fastest retrieval speeds while those with the ratio of 4:1 have the lowest retrieval speeds. A medium retrieval speed of gear ratio 5:1 seems to be favored by many anglers.

The Anti-Reverse Handle

The anti-reverse handle plays a vital role in guarding against unexpected unwinding of the handle of the fishing reel. This is important because of your safety as the user of the reel.

Choose a model which has a lever or a switch placed at the end of the reel that controls the anti-reverse handle. This makes it easier to use.

The Quality of the Reel’s Drag

Depending on the type or species of fish you intend to hunt, you need to choose a drag system of reliable quality. The spinning reel must be able to withstand the pressure and drag exerted by fish that has been caught in an attempt to free itself. Choose a reel whose drag system can match the type of fish you want to catch.

The Measurement of the Spool

Lastly, you need to consider the measurement of the spool. A large or wide spool is capable of accommodating more lines and vise versa. Some of the best brands have spinning reels that carry 3-4 size markers.

You need to be keen on checking the spool to know the quality of the line. You can also know the lay of the line. Great fishing reels have lines that appear to lie on the spool. Such a configuration makes it easy to cast because of reduced resistance.

Tips on Fishing with Spinning Reels

Final Thoughts

Having the right spinning reel makes your fishing experience more enjoyable. However, buying the right one is another challenge to many both experienced and starter’s fishermen. Some spinning reels are only suitable for fresh waters only, while others are multipurpose.

The above reviewed are some of the highest quality spinning reels that will give you or ever supersede the value for your money. Most important features such as drag power, strength, weight, distance, and precision are optimized for these particular brands of spinning reels.

Now that you have learned about the various spinning reels, it is now your turn to buy the one that will fully satisfy your wants. Good luck!

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