Best Spinning Reel Under $50 – 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

Getting a spinning reel is easy to do. Finding a reel that is actually useful and affordable is another story. You have to look around to find a model that is available for $50 or less. There are a few things that you can do to get the most out of such a suitable reel without having to blow your budget in the process.

Our expert reviewed about cheap rate spinning reels in this article, that are the perfect choice for saltwater and freshwater fishing. All of the choices you will read about our expert guide that is designed to give you the most out of your angling experience when getting out there to go fishing at any place. Read this helpful guide hopefully, you will get the best suggestion to choose the best one.

Top 5 Best Spinning Reel Under 50 Bucks

KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reel

The first choice is the KastKing Summer and Centron Reel. It uses a graphite frame that does not wear out or weaken over time plus a carefully organized balancing system that creates a better grip on your catch. The Superior Drag System also adds stopping power at up to 20 pounds.

The main shaft has a metal body and is solidified to create a stronger layout. The mesh drive gear adds a strong amount of power to get through any body of water.

An alloy drive gear is also included in this model. The pinion gear is machined to create a better grip that maintains much of the power within the reel. The anti-reverse feature does well with keeping this a one-way model. The nine ball bearings and the singular anti-reverse control features are important to make this a choice that runs well.

The anodized aluminum spool mixes well with the handle design. The handle can work for left and right-handed fishers alike.


  • Narrow body is easy to handle
  • Light in weight
  • The handle is fully interchangeable
  • Gear moves smoothly and carefully


  • Wears out your arm quickly
  • Manual close feature struggles at times

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Sougayilang Transformers DK Series Reel

The predominantly metal body of the Sougayilang Transformers DK Series reel offers an attractive and outstanding look but it is more than just a pretty item to bring to the water. Even with that strong body, it is still around 300g in weight depending on the specific model of the spinning reel being used. The 5:2:1 gear ratio offers a great grip while which is easy to grip and twelve ball bearings create a smooth roll and super fast operating with this spinning reel.

The S-curve oscillation system adds a good layout of this spinning reel for line winding needs. The aluminum spool is also mixed with a strong gear easily drag system. The smooth layout and ball bearing system keep the line working without irritation.

This is also versatile as it is available in a variety of sizes for different fishing needs. There are different sizes that offer support for 200 to 240 meters of line.

The Sougayilang model works best for freshwater or saltwater fishing reel needs. It can project line well and keep it under control without risking a great deal of shifting or shaking in the process. This is especially critical for those who need a reel that does not cause a great number of shaking all the way around.


  • Smooth casting motion
  • Suitable for most forms of fishing
  • Easy for newcomers to use


  • Line retainer bar does not always flip back all the way
  • Steel appearance can tarnish

Goture Spinning Fishing Reel Metal Spool 6bb

Another choice for freshwater and saltwater fishing needs alike, Goture Spinning Fishing made this model with a graphite body. The rotor has a matching graphite surface to keep the reel intact without shaking. The spool itself features a double-anodized body.

Six ball bearings are featured with one quick-set anti-reverse bearing added. The drag system uses several disks to create a carefully organized body. This offers a good organization that is easy to prepare and use.

The smooth layout also improves upon the reel’s functionality. The line that is attached to the reel will not wear out or weaken over time as you use this particular reel. This gives off a good body that runs carefully and does not produce a great amount of pressure in the process.

This is available in a number of sizes for different fishing needs. These range from 199 to 391g in weight depending on the capacity of the reel and the ability of it to use a thicker line. The sizing should be chosen carefully based on the rod being used.


  • Does not crack or break apart easily
  • Light in weight
  • Ideal for most forms of fishing including surf and jetty fishing


  • Not as many ball bearings as in other models
  • Not always as smooth as it should be

Sixgill Fishing Spinning Reel 10bb

The ten ball bearings in this fishing reel from Sixgill create a careful guide. Nine of the bearings work for the reel while the tenth is an anti-reverse unit that keeps the line in its place.

These are mixed in a graphite aluminum body that uses a sturdy rotor. The spinning reel’s body is also fully resistant to corrosion which is strong and durable.

The spool uses an aluminum body that pairs with the stainless steel machine shaft on this model. The two features keep drag from being a significant threat. The multi-disk drag system also produces a comfortable alignment.

It weighs from 5.2 to 10.15 ounces depending on the size one orders. The smaller options only have six ball bearings though. Most of the larger models still have the standard ten bearings.

The drag ranges from 16 to 36 pounds in strength depending on the model that is chosen. The overall organization of the spinning reel offers a carefully designed and vibration-free arrangement that is also very easy to apply onto a rod without any problems.


  • Metal shift keeps vibrations from being problematic
  • Brass gears are consistent
  • Relaxed body layout


  • The reel can become sticky
  • Handle needs to be positioned properly

Yoshikawa Baitfeeder Spinning Reel Saltwater Freshwater Reel

The last of the best fishing reels to find for $50 or less is this choice from Yoshikawa Baitfeeder Spinning Reel. The Baitfeeder is a bait-running reel with a small lever at the end.

It is easy to insert a line into the reel. The bail does not have to open for it to be added. The drag adjustment feature is also a little wider and offers a stronger layout for keeping the reel functional and ready to use.

The 10+1 ball bearing arrangement pairs with a multi-disk drag system. The oiled felt drag washers add a quality layout for easy functionality and use.

The 5:5:1 gear ratio also improves your fishing reel upon how the retrieve feature works. In addition, the reel uses a longer casting distance of saltwater and freshwater as it has great ability to support a longer line. It can support up to 270 yards of line, actually, it depends on the size of the reel body. This does well with lightweight, powerful and heavy weight line materials which are able to catch the big fish.


  • Retrieve is fast and smooth
  • The handle is quickly interchangeable
  • Brass pinion adds more power


  • Front drag is often hard to hold
  • Can break apart if too much pressure is applied

Best Spinning Reel Under 50

Final Verdict

These are all great options for the best spinning reel under $50 but in the, end the Sougayilang Fishing Reel is the best choice.

This has a smoother ride and a better gear ratio that offers more support in a variety of fishing situations. This Sougayilang model also uses a better setup for applying line into its body.

However, if you are expert angler or newbie, these spinning reels are the ideal choice that is easy to use and flexibility are concerned. It is a good idea to check out these model which described our expert angler in this article. So if you have any question deep in your mind don’t be hesitated you can tell us any time in our comment box. We are always ready to give you the right answer.

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