Best Shower Base In-depth Guide & Reviews For 2021

Slipping off the floor while having a shower could lead to a severe disaster. Or at the bare minimum, it could cause you a big embarrassment especially if your loud fall attracts your housemates to rush into the bathroom to help your naked self-up. Even the latter effect is enough reason for you to pay extra attention when buying a shower base.

Today we are going to be covering our top 8 shower base models. I’ve gone through each of them carefully and thoroughly to find the best shower base to suit the needs of anyone. There are a lot of cool features in every model.

I will present today, but one shall reign supreme. Let’s look at some of the models and break them down! In the end, this is going to be a personal decision based mainly on preference.

We hope to leave you a little more informed, and a lot more excited about your purchase without further ado, let’s dive right in.

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Best Shower Base Reviews

1. Bestbath 30×30 Shower Base – Shower Kit with Center Drain

Slipping in the shower is the least of your worries when you buy the Bestbath Shower Base. This shower base is straightforward to clean, and it has a slip-resistant floor. It is a durable and high-quality scratch-resistant shower base with a gel coat to ensure stain resistance.

It is one of the best shower bases on the market today. This white colored shower pan requires no mud setting and is very safe to use. The strength of the product is at its peak as its bottom has a wood cored support. To install your shower base, you may choose to do it without hiring anyone.

The product comes with instructional material that gives a guide on how to go about its installation. You can become an installer overnight! The dimensions of the Bestbath shower base is 30 inch W by 30 inch D by 6 inch H.


  • High-quality scratch & stain resistant gelcoat
  • Requires no mud setting
  • Anti-slip shower base for safety
  • Includes instructional material
  • Easy to clean

2. DreamLine SlimLine Center Drain Single Threshold Shower Base

We kick off the list with the DreamLine SlimLine 36 by 60-inch single threshold. They boast an excellent and popular material base, called acrylic. Let’s talk about that Acrylic is becoming increasingly popular; however, it has its problems and limitations.

One of the main challenges with acrylic is that the size is difficult to negotiate. The process of manufacturing acrylic shower bases is difficult, and it cuts down the options for sizes.

An interesting tidbit about this shower base is that you can choose which side your drain goes in. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but we’re talking about acrylic, a material legendary in its inflexibility.

It’s nice to have the option, and the option is there should you wish it. This is one of the best shower bases that ride the line of affordability and quality.

3. KOHLER K-9394-0 Archer Shower Base

The next item on our list is a little flashier than the first, the Kholer K-9394-0, coming at an affordable price. Contoured design and unique drain system give it a classic appeal that’s sophisticated as well as functional.

Don’t worry, it won’t whip out a gun and chase you through the streets like the terminator. It’s cheap on the pricey side, but when you’re going for quality and looks, this is one that stands out. One of the most interesting aspects of this shower base is that the drain is in the center, as opposed to being on one side or the other.

Sounds like a small idea, but when you think about the advantage of such a simple effect, it can make or break the deal. The only downside I can think of is if you specifically need the shower base drain to be on one side, as with the first model.

Aside from that, this is a beautiful alternative. Two thumbs way up on this one and where the price is concerned, If you’re not worried about the color, white is nearly and cheaper than the biscuit color.

4. DreamLine SlimLine Single Threshold Shower Base

We would like to share about our next shower base which comes in similar to the previous shower bases. There is a certain amount of compromises made for such a reduction in cost, but they are well worth it. This one isn’t as cosmetically pleasing. However, what it lacks in glamor it makes up for in functionality and bang for your buck.

If you’re looking for something that is good quality, and a little on the lower end of the budget. You can’t go wrong with this one. It hits all the main key points in terms of material rigidity, texture non-slick surface, and a wide range of sizes to choose from one of the few that stands out in the price range of things.

Something of note for this shower base is the extreme range of available sizes. It really stuck out as we were looking things over, and it comes in multiple colors as well.

5. Swanstone FF03454MD.010 Veritek Center Drain Shower Base

You can be impressed with this one after buying this shower base. When you go to read our expert guide and it’s amazing features like size, dimension, color, and expensive cost, then you can make your decision which will be right for you.

The shower base design is standard, and it has a modern facility. It feels unnecessary in light of the cheaper models available that can do the same thing. It only weighs 28 pounds, so it will be easy to install in your bathroom.

It comes in only one color white and it is the highest quality shower base. It is also American-made high-performing surfacing solutions for the bath and kitchen. I haven’t found out why, but there is undoubtedly some quality control discrepancy. This feels like an attempt to rapid sell a failed item. All in all, you can do a lot better at a low price.

One of the only cool features of this shower base is that it’s made from a material called veritek. This is something that the Swan Co. have developed aside from the actual shower base itself. It will not mold or mildew.

6. DreamLine SlimLine Left Drain Double Threshold Shower Base

If you want top quality and highly durable shower base, DreamLine can be the best choice for you. Their SlimLine Base is strengthened with fiberglass so you can use your shower pan for a long time without issues. Your safety is assured with the SlipGrip textured flooring which ensures slip resistance. You can go with your mind to rest.

Furthermore, this beautiful colored shower pan is stain resistant, all thanks to its glossy acrylic finish. Maintenance just got more comfortable for you. The shower base comes in various attractive colors to suit your taste and style. This double threshold type of shower base has the dimensions of 34 inch D by 48 inch W x 2 3/4 inch H.

It comes with a drain opening located towards the left of the shower pan. If top-quality and excellent performance is what you seek, then this might be the best shower base option for you.


  • Double threshold shower base type
  • Durable construction
  • Installation is easy and quick
  • Comes in multiple colors


  • Requires professional installation
  • Only has drain opening; comes with no drains

7. STERLING KOHLER Company 72181120-0 Ensemble Shower Base with Right-Hand Drain

This 60 by 32 inch Sterling Ensemble shower base was built with excellent and reliable Vikrell material to ensure you get nothing short of durability and strength. It had a shiny and smooth surface, many thanks to its high gloss finish. With the high gloss finish, cleaning of the shower base is effortless and will take little time.

What about its aesthetics? It’s has a beautiful design that will remain so for a very long time. Also, you can replace your bathtub or shower with the standard 5ft size with this sterling shower base without having to move the drain.

It is as convenient as that! I particularly love this shower base for its convenience and looks, it can fit perfectly in any bathroom design. Further, the shower base is in accordance to the National Consensus Standards.


  • Comes with a Right-Hand Drain
  • Easily replaces a standard 5 ft with the drain in place
  • Attractive design
  • Durable and strong shower base


  • Requires professional installation

8. DreamLine SlimLine Corner Drain Neo-Angle Shower Base

Here is another shower base for you if you care about non-slip, durable and beautiful shower bases. The DreamLine SlimLine Neo-Angle Shower Base is one of its kind for all its unique qualities. It features fiberglass for additional strength and durability as well as high gloss acrylic.

These ensure your base lasts for a long time while given it a top-notch finish. The surface of the shower base has a SlipGrip texture with grip resistance. As you shower, your safety is absolutely assured.

What about its maintenance you ask? Not to worry, this Neo-Angle Shower Base is stain resistant as it features a glossy acrylic finish. You can clean up your shower base in the most convenient manner. The corner of the shower base locates the drain.

Even though it requires a professional to install it, it takes little time to complete the installation. As you want it, so will you get it. This shower base comes in various beautiful colors to suit your style and taste. You can choose to go with white, black or the biscuit color the choice is yours!


  • Stain resistance for easy clean up during maintenance
  • Fast and easy installation
  • SlipGrip textured floor surface offers slip resistance for safety
  • Features a SlipGrip textured floor Neo-Angle Shower Base the It bases are fiberglass reinforced for durability


  • Short edges
  • Require professional installation

Best Shower Base

Bottom Line

Alright, we’ve made it to the end. After experts review of these top shower bases, it can be said with no small amount of sureness that they are all more than capable of getting the job done.

These top reviewed the best shower bases are worth a trial for all they feature and offer. Buy any of those and say goodbye to shower accidents and disasters.

They are easy to clean up when the time for maintenance comes because of their stain resistance. Personally, this part of the whole thing excites me. The days of scrubbing with all your might are gone!

Also, each of the top shower panel bases has terrific designs. You might begin to invite your guests to your bathroom even when they don’t need to use it. Apart from the safety those shower bases bring, they also add life and color to your bathroom. These and more reasons made me love and recommend those shower bases, and I will do any day anytime!

Our expert guider would like to recommend you Kholer K-9394-0 shower base although others shower base can be right for you. The price is different depends on a different kind of shower base. I hope that you enjoyed the informative article, and you can make your valuable decision! Good Luck!

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