Best Rifle Scope under $500 – 2019 Reviews with Buying Guide

There are several rifle scopes out there but not all would satisfy the most avid hunter and target shooting requirements. Rifle scopes differ in quality and capabilities, the good news is that there are several great rifle scopes that can be purchased for less than $500.

In fact if you have set your budget at around that range, you are guaranteed of getting a well-made rifle scope if you know the features to look for. These rifle scopes allow you to shoot with more accuracy at longer distances.

The scope of your rifle enables you to zoom in accurately to the target. It empowers you to choose the correct area where you need the shot or strike.

With the increasing adoption of hunting as a hobby in the world, there has been an exponential increase in the number of rifles developed. However, most of them are too expensive to be afforded by the hunters.

This increase in rifles has made it difficult for one to choose the best among the many while maintaining the quality of the shot. The good thing about the riflescopes reviewed below is their ability to be used in different weather conditions. The following is review of the best rifle scope under $500.

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Best Rifle Scope under 500 Dollars

Vortex Optics Diamondback HP 4-16×42 Riflescope

The Vortex Optics Diamondback epitomizes great performance and ideal for target shooting and hunting. This glass comes with protective coverings which ensures that it can withstand the elements without creating blurry images.

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Moreover, it helps the scope maximize resolution while maximizing light transmission. These features makes the scope a great gadget for hunting in conditions of poor visibility. There are glass layers on the reticle, it’s secured between two glass layers for better reliability and sturdiness. The unit permits accuracy points even under low lights.

The scope is made of aircraft grade aluminum which makes it more durable and long-lasting. It can also resist damage from the elements. The scope has a matte finish which reflects off light for better concealment of the shooter.

The scope’s lenses are also coated in order to prevent scratches which may impede the shooter’s view. The scope has a XR layer to prevent reflection. The scope is fog proof and has 0-ring seals and Argon gas purging for shock performance.

The Vortex Optics Strike Eagle is an absolutely multi-covered scope. There are a few layers of anti-reflective intelligent coatings of the scope, expanding the general light transmission.

The reticle on the second central plane keeps up a perfect appearance size. Range estimation is done through the reticle sub pressures. Indeed, even at the most astounding level of magnification, the breeze float rectification and remnant are measured carefully.

There is a tube 30mm tube that is in charge of magnifying the arrangement and bettering the exactness. This likewise gives ideal visual fulfillment alongside water-protection and enhanced quality. Vortex Optics has incorporated a free Vortex Ball Cap with the unit. There is a back closure with the top that is movable with a Velcro to protect your scope.

Zeiss Terra 3X 3-9x50mm Riflescope

This is one of the best rifle scopes in the market. Weighing only 2.6 pounds, the Zeiss Terra 3x is light in weight meaning you will not get tired when carrying it on your rifle while hunting.

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It’s very convenient for carrying even in compromising areas. It has a 50-millimeter objective lens diameter that makes it easy to shoot at even the fast-moving targets. This beast is bright and clear, and this has the effect of making the image to be more evident even when hunting at night.

The images have a high contrast making them more detailed. In case there is too much light, the optics embedded in the rifle scope will absorb them allowing you to see the target better.

What’s more is the fact that it comes with different reticle types that you can choose from. This rifle scope does not have a parallax error of up to 100 meters meaning you will hardly miss your target when hunting. To use it, you will only need 1-inch rings which are easy to come by to scope mount this rifle scope.

The performance of this scope is quite amazing considering its mid-range price. The hunting turrets in this scope allow you to zero the rifle. Also, the turret dials are already preset to suit the different hunting focus ranges you might be in. This riflescope is a must have for any hunter considering it is one of the best rifle scopes under 500 dollars.

Nikon MONARCH 3 BDC Riflescope, Black, 4-16×42

The Nikon MONARCH 3 BDC 4-16×42 rifle scope has all the power and precision for hair-part exactness at outrageous separation, and in addition the adaptability for influencing the shot of a lifetime through thick brush at mid-rang.

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Fueled by Nikon Ultra Clear Coat Optical System, the MONARCH 3 achieves unparalleled levels of preciseness and light transmission from sunset until sunrise.

The MONARCH 3 line of scopes are 100% weatherproof and the rough 1-piece tube will turn out to be the most solid and most elevated execution optic shooters and hunters gun.

This is generally a useful riflescope perfect decision for shooting in the field or on the seat. This Scope incorporates a simple to-achieve side concentration parallax modification for an unmatched sight picture from any shooting position.

Leupold VX 3I 3.5-10x40Mm Duplex

This rifle scope offers 57 MOA of wind-age and rises change with a 1/4 MOA for each snap affect guide toward help adjust for wind float or drift and ballistic drop of the bullet.

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The duplex reticle includes thick posts with a thin crosshair that won’t discourage the objective or target. It is situated on the second central plane, so it is unaffected by magnification.

The simple turn control selector influences changing magnification straightforward, to even with gloves on. The 6061-T6 aluminum coating is lightweight and solid, waterproof, fog proof, and highlights a twin predisposition spring erector framework that helps increment holding power.

To anticipate hazing up of optics when you are traveling through situations with evolving temperatures, the coating is loaded with a blend of krypton and argon gasses. The design is supported by the utilization of Diamond Coat 2 lens coating.

Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20X50 BDC

The Vortex Optics Viper is much lighter and weighs only 2.3 pounds meaning you will hardly feel any weight difference of your rifle when it is attached. It has fully multi-coated optics that deliver excellent transmission of light even in low light conditions.

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The lens of this beauty is 30 millimeters which are quite good since it optimizes visual performance even at considerably long distances. This scope lens has a magnifying ability of about to 10-14 times which is quite a decent scope for a hunter.

Worried about the safety of your rifle scope? This is not an issue with the Vortex Optics Viper since the premium coatings on this rifle make it completely waterproof and stronger. This is important in making your rifle scope give you service for more extended periods of time.

This rifle scope also eliminates recoil meaning that you will be able to get a broader viewing angle while keeping your eyebrow safe at the same time. It has precision spring systems that are and an erector system made of glass that is quite easy when setting up your rifle.

It is easy to change the elevation angles while using this scope thanks to this glass glide system. The glass will ensure that your shot is not obscured since the focus knob adjustments are accurate. The rifle scope has a second focal plane scope that increases the clarity and vividness of targets.

The stellar performance and ease of use exhibited by this riflescope will give you value for your money when you buy it. This scope can comfortably fit on various rifles meaning it will save you money since you won’t need a specific scope for every rifle you own.

Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BCD Riflescope, Black, 4.5-18×40

This is the beast of all, The Nikon PROSTAFF is built with the latest technology updates that guarantee to fulfill the desires of the most demanding hunters.

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It has an eyepiece with 4x zoom ratio that can focus quickly. This means you will be able to focus rapidly even on an image that is in fast motion. The turrets are spring loaded that is quite easy to be turned, what’s more, is that the turrets are zero-reset which makes adjustments when you are shooting quite easy to do.

This rifle scope is fitted with a BCD reticle and the Nikon Spot On ballistic Match Technology that reduces any errors when aiming at your target. Furthermore, the BDC reticle is patented, and that offers different aiming points while you are hunting.

This feature also allows you to get a normal sight picture when you are shooting over shorter distances. The powerful lens of this rifle scope will make shooting even in the thick busy areas a walk in the park. The fully multi-coated optics will allow for the maximum transmission of light that makes it easy to hunt even under low light conditions.

Also, the optical system has layers of materials that will not reflect light. Most hunting expeditions are done at night, and this rifle scope is best suited for such conditions.

Finally, this rifle will keep your eyes safe because it can handle any recoiling of your gun allowing you to get a clear view of the target whether you have eye protection or not

This riflescope can handle abusive weather conditions, but proper maintenance will guarantee long years of sage.

Precisely What is a Rifle Scope?

A basic definition of the rifle scope would be a tube which fits the magnification lens and the reticle which features the purpose of effect or impact of your shot. This makes the rifle scope a little telescope that has a line of sight.

The most important tube of the scope could be designed from maybe a couple of pieces, with numerous users holding one piece tubes are somewhat better performers. The tubes of scopes are for the most part made from high-quality aluminum, which is regularly known as flying aircraft grad.

Yet, a few manufacturers likewise utilize steel and titanium. Be that as it may, titanium models normally add weight and cost.

Best Rifle Scope under $500

What should you look for Best Rifle Scope under $500

Magnification Level

Magnification level is depicted as the point to which an item or object gets expanded when you zoom in on it. This zooming relies upon how far you expect to shoot with the rifle.

For little to mid-shoot ranges, a scope with 15x magnification will do. Scope rifles with elevated amounts of magnification are likewise accessible.

Scope Power

The power of scope isn’t vastly different from the level of Magnification. This is somewhat the general term under which Magnification is depicted.

Sharp expert rifle shooters lean toward something like a 32x extension while thick backwoods deer shooter can manage with 15x ones. Pick one that fits your bill.

Scope Power

Field of View

The width of the range secured by a still picture on the scope is indicated as the field of view. This naturally makes the field of view a vital thought when purchasing.

You can pick a bigger field of view if most targets are quick moving. Experienced shooters regularly like the test of a little field of view.


Reticles are the examples that feature the purpose of effect when you shoot. There are numerous such examples. The least complex ones are the inside dabs and the perplexing ones incorporate a few framework designs.

The duplex reticle happens to be the most widely recognized among the diverse sorts accessible. Most starters are encouraged to begin with these.

Parallax Blunder

The parallax blunder is one that emerges from the way that the reticle and the objective have a place with various flat planes.

Likewise, at whatever point the eye is moving, the reticle is by all accounts moving its position on or past the target. With scopes that have settled central focuses, there is no parallax blunder past a specific range.

Light Transmission

Light transmission is the measure of light that enters the scope. The reflected light is thought to be the biggest impediment of light transmission in scopes.

This is one reason most scopes in the scope of $500 offer multi-coatings to anticipate the impression of light. This element is an unquestionable requirement for any scope in the range.

Quality Determination

It gets hard to make a go if the picture is low quality. There are a few changes that you can improve in the extension to or decrease the determination.

There are likewise a few extensions that give light to pictures and reticles to make it less demanding to take shots oblivious.

Propel Focal Point Coatings

You probably acknowledged at this point the focal point for magnification is among the most necessary parts of the scope.

Actually, the activity of the extension is basically to house the focal lens. The propelled lens point coatings ensure that the lens scope remains secured inside the scope. At a $500 territory, you will get some awesome coatings to secure the focal lens.

Water and Fog Proof

For the individuals who like taking shots at outrageous conditions and in the early hours of the morning, guaranteeing that the scope is shielded from water and fog is exceptionally fundamental.

A few scopes accompany argon gas fillings to shield from the inner fog. These are pretty routinely accessible scopes; however, you should even now cross check before purchasing.

Get the Most From Your Right Hunting Riflescope


When looking for a rifle scope, you should have a clear idea of what you want based on your preferences and the hunting conditions that you are often exposed to Go for a rifle scope that will give you service for a long time while at the same time not compromising quality.

These are great rifle scopes equipped with excellent features that make it easy for a shooter to focus on targets.

Whether you are hunting from a tree stand or stalking animals on rugged and steep terrains, these are rifle scopes that are guaranteed to provide a vivid image under any form of weather or visibility conditions.

They are made by reputable manufacturers, which guarantees their efficiency. The materials used should be of top-notch standards to ensure you get value for your money.

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