Best Refrigerator Water Filters in 2019 – Enjoy a Clean Water with a Refreshing Taste

Water filtration is almost a requirement in many homes as it helps in cleaning water by removing microorganisms and traces of chemicals that may infiltrate into our water sources.

This makes refrigerator water filters some of the essential appliances in our households. However, it is advisable to opt for an efficient water filtration system that can filter thousands of gallons of water before asking for the replacement.

The best refrigerator water filter should be able to provide chilled water and ice that tastes and looks like pure water collected from a mountain stream.

We have researched and provided a list of the top products for the best refrigerator water filters as well as the vital information that you need in finding the right product. Besides, we have also discussed the key things you need to know about using and maintaining the appliance properly.

Check the comparison table below for the main features of our top pick products.

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Best Refrigerator Water Filter Reviews 2019

Here is a detailed review of our top picked refrigerator water filter that you should consider when buying one.

General Electric MWF Refrigerator Water Filter

General Electric MWF Refrigerator is our top pick product for the best refrigerator water filter. The product provides an exclusive advanced filtration that filters out traces of different chemicals.

These include reducing toxaphene, benzene, mercury, carbofuran, cryptosporidium, alachlor, giardia, and p-dichlorobenzene. Besides, it renews the freshwater taste, which is usually lost when water is stored in conventional refrigerators.

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The MWF Refrigerator comes with the carbon block technology. This helps in reducing the waterborne contaminants for efficient filtration while offering ice and great tasting water.

Moreover, Genuine GE MWF replacement has met the 42 & 53 NSF/ANSI set standards for drinking water treatment. This means that the product is certified to meet basic, contaminant and safety standards.

The appliance has been tested and proven to reduce traces of pharmaceuticals other contaminants that are not necessarily in all users’ water. These include progesterone, ibuprofen, trimethoprim, fluoxetine, and atenolol. However, for practical and the best filtration results, it is advisable to replace the cartilage after every 300 gallons or six months.

Finally, the manufacturer replaces the refrigerator and part of the water filter cartridge that fails due to artistry or defect in materials at no charge. This benefit extends to both the official buyer and any succeeding owner for home appliances bought within the U.S.


  • Offers exclusive water filtration
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with high-quality filters
  • Durable
  • Restores the freshwater taste
  • Provides great value for money


  • Water comes out with an astringent taste
  • Slightly low water flow
  • Considerably hard to mount the filters

Samsung Genuine DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter

Samsung Genuine is the alternative top product on our list of the excellent water filtration. The product is a refrigerator equipped with an efficient filtration system and includes a water dispenser.

Moreover, the water filter delivers clean water that tastes and looks great while protecting the refrigerator’s components from potential sediment.

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The Genuine Samsung filter applies a revolutionized technology to filter water. This includes a high-grade carbon block that helps in removing 99% several potentially harmful water contaminants. Therefore, purchasing a Samsung Genuine Refrigerator dispenser allows you to enjoy fresh filtered water that is free of contaminants.

The product is available in two different designs that include the French Door or the side by side refrigerator with the water can and ice. However, regardless of the design or whether the water filters are placed inside or outside the fridge, they all help in reducing water contaminants.

Finally, Genuine Samsung water filters are tested and verified by the NSF International, which is a trusted non-governmental organization committed to public safety, environment, and health protection. In addition, the product is designed with a filter light indicator that alerts you when it is time to replace the water filter.


  • Tested and certified for efficient water filtration
  • Comes with a filter light indicator
  • Easy to install
  • Offers excellent value for your money
  • Features an advanced water filtration system


  • Low water flow after replacement of the filter
  • Provides no guarantee of a genuine product
  • Defective water filter

Best GE MWF Refrigerator Water Filter SmartWater Compatible Cartilage

Best GE MWF is compatible with the original GE MWF and therefore can be used as the ideal replacement. The refrigerator water filter offers the same quality and costs a fraction of the price of the GE MW.

Best MWF comes with a superior water filtration system that helps in cleaning out sediments, impurities and removing chlorine. Besides, the refrigerator water filter maintains the usual taste of water and does not filter out any beneficial minerals in your water.

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The product is only NSF 42 certified, which means that it is useful in refreshing the water taste and the color. Therefore, Best GE MWF does not provide any guarantee in protecting the user against chemicals, microbes and pesticides as it is not NSF 53 certified.

It is therefore advisable to choose this Best product plus carbon filter to ensure that your water is safe from all the harmful water contaminants.

Finally, the appliance offers a cheaper and efficient way to save the money you spend on purchasing clean water. With the Best GE MWF Refrigerator, the fresh-tasting filtered water is just a fingertip away. Besides, it also another way of keeping the environment clean as you will no longer need to consume water from plastic bottles.


  • Offers excellent value for the money
  • Relatively cheap
  • Ideal for GE MWF replacement
  • Provides efficient filtration system
  • Easy to install


  • It is not NSF 53 certified
  • Does not offer protection against harmful microbes and chemicals
  • Causes sediments to float in water

GE MWF SmartWater Refrigerator Water Filter Compatible Cartilage

This is another top product that was designed as a cheaper substitute for the original GE MWF water filter. Therefore, this is a better alternative for those who think that the original GE MWF is ideal for them but are working on a tight budget.

GE MWF Refrigerator Waterfall is easy to install as it comes with instructions in the shipping box. This saves you hassle of having to fumble around while trying to guess what to mount the replacement filter into the refrigerator.

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Besides, the Smartwater filter is sold at a significantly lower price without compromising on the quality or the rate of water flow.

The water filter is also useful in filtering out chlorine, and other chemical contaminants affect the natural water taste. Moreover, the Smartwater is also certified for NSF standard 42, unlike the original GE MWF water filter.

This means that the product has been tested and proven to guarantee a certain degree of effectiveness in water filtration. Consequently, the product is highly effective in cleaning out contaminants that affect the taste of the water while leaving beneficial minerals that do not affect the water taste.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Easy to install as it comes with guidance
  • Refreshes the taste of water
  • Leaves potentially beneficial, healthy minerals
  • Quality filter


  • Causes sediments to flow in water
  • Not a straight switch with GE brand water filter
  • Produces bubbly water

Frigidaire PureSource2 Ice & Water Filtration System

Frigidaire WF2CB PureSource2 System is an ideal replacement for part numbers WF2CB, NGFC 2000, NGFC-2000, FC-100, SWF2CB and FC100. The refrigerator water filter features a design that fits in all refrigerators after 2004 with the filtration system fixed on the right top or the front.

Besides, the product also replaces Kenmore part numbers 99111, 9916 and 46-9911 for refrigerators produced by Frigidaire. The filter fits all front-cassette refrigerators models by Frigidaire.

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The appliance features an advanced water filtration system as compared to some of the other products in the market. This helps in reducing the taste and odor of chlorine while also filtering out sediments, making it one of the best inline water filters for refrigerators.

Moreover, the product has also been tested and proven to remove 99 percent of cysts, mercury, particulates, Turbidity, lead, but does not filter out fluoride, which a beneficial mineral.

Frigidaire’s refrigerator water filter is also efficient in reducing Alachlor, herbicides, Atraxine, Toxaphene, Pesticides Lindane by more than 90 percent.

Frigidaire’s WF2CB comes with a slide-in-and-out technology that allows for easier or mounting. Besides, the filter may have resin in the casing, but it is NSF approved as it is created in the sonic weld process.

The water filter lasts longer than most of the products its category as it recommended for a user to replace at after nine months.


  • Enhances cellular macrophage
  • Perfect replacement for most of the modern refrigerators
  • Greatly reduces harmful contaminants
  • Easy to install as it comes with clear instructions
  • Quick delivery


  • Less effective after some days from replacement date
  • It is not a straight replacement for these refrigerators
  • Water leakage as it does not fit properly

LG LT700P Refrigerator Water Filter

LG LT700P is a 200 gallons capacity and six months refrigerator water filter that allows you to keeps your water with a super clean taste.

The product features an excellent filtration system that reduces chlorine odor and taste while cleaning out mercury, lead, benzene and asbestos. Therefore, the refrigerator water filter ensures that your family gets fresher, cleaner and ice.

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The product is also a genuine LG part with a quality filtration system and thus delivers a high performance that you can comfortably depend on. Therefore, replacing the water filter in your refrigerator with a brand new water filter is a wise move to ensuring that it performs optimally.

The refrigerator water filter features a great design that makes it easy to mount during replacement. Besides, replacing your LG LT700PC or LT700P regularly allows you to continue enjoying fresh and ice water that is free of particulates, chlorine and iron.

The performance of the water filter depends on the water source quality and how much you use the filter. However, it is recommended for the water filter to be replaced sometime between 3 and 6 months or as indicated by the manufacturer. The filter indicator on the control panel starts counting the number of months you reset from the day you replace your filter.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Provides NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53
  • Easy to replace
  • No leaks
  • Compatible with most refrigerators


  • Not a straight replacement for Kenmore
  • Easy to confuse the counterfeit for the product
  • Not effective enough in reducing chlorine

Samsung Genuine HAFCU1/XAA Refrigerator Water Filter

Samsung Genuine HAFCU1/XAA Filter is another product that comes with an advanced water filtration system. The Genuine Samsung water filter offers clear and clean water that tastes and looks great. Besides, it filters out sediments, which helps in protecting the other components of your refrigerator.

The water filter applies advanced water filtration technology with a high-grade carbon block. This enables it to filter out over 99 percent of several potentially harmful that could be in your water.

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Therefore, the product allows you to enjoy clean and fresh water right from your refrigerator dispenser without worrying about any contaminants.

The Genuine Samsung allows you to save much money, as you no longer need to purchase water. Besides, the water filter helps in protecting the environment as it minimizes the number of people drinking water from plastic bottles.

The product is also designed with a filter light indicator, which alerts you when it is time to replace your water filter for efficient water treatment.

Finally, the Genuine Samsung Refrigerator water filter comes with a certified performance. This is because the water filters have been tested and verified by the NSF International to meet the water filtration standards.

Therefore, the water filter removes the heavy metals, chemicals that can infiltrate the water source and reduces chlorine odor and taste.


  • East to install
  • Offers great value for money
  • Does not leak
  • Offers both 42 and 53 NSF standards
  • Provides quality water filtration system


  • Relatively expensive
  • Not a straight replacement for filters in some Samsung refrigerators
  • Does not full reduce chlorine taste and odor

Frigidaire ULTRAWF Refrigerator Water Filter

This is a push-push water filter that is designed for all French-Door as well as some side by side model refrigerators. Frigidaire Ultra refrigerator comes with a quality water filtration system that is tested and verified to meet NSF 42 and 53 standards. Therefore, the product reduces unpleasant smells and odor as it clears the traces of chlorine from your water.

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Frigidaire Ultra Refrigerator Water Filtration offers up to six months of clean and crystal water while filtering out 99 percent of microbial agents. Besides, it also reduces other contaminants such as mercury, lead, asbestos and volatile organic chemicals that are associated with health complications.

The product delivers 200 gallons of clean and fresh water with a flow rate of 0.5 L/min or serves for six months after which the manufacturer recommends replacement. However, this depends on how much you use the product as well as the quality of your water source.

Finally, it is advisable to be keen when purchasing the product as the market is full of imitations that display a lower price while claiming to be compatible with Frigidaire water filters.

However, if you want to buy Frigidaire’s water filter, it is only the genuine Frigidaire’s that are guaranteed by the manufacturer to offer a reliable water filtration.


  • Reduces emerging chemical compounds
  • Minimizes chlorine odor, taste and unpleasant taste
  • Offers great value for money
  • Deliver clean water with fresh taste
  • Quick delivery


  • Produces cloudy water
  • Faulty water filter
  • Does not fully restore the usual water taste

GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter

GE RPWFE Refrigerator comes with one of the most advanced water filtration systems. The product is design for use in any modern refrigerator that works with RPWFE or GE’s RPWF but usually used in some GE French-door models.

The water filter has been tested and proven to clear out five traces of chemicals that might infiltrate in your water source. These include progesterone, atenolol, fluoxetine, ibuprofen, and trimethoprim, but these contaminants might necessarily be present in water.

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Moreover, the product’s premium filtration system is certified to reduce cysts that are resistant to chlorine, heavy metals as well as other water contaminants.

The refrigerator water filter is easy to mount during replacement. This is because the water filter design allows for quick fixing without using any tools, but just turning the water off. However, the product does not come with a filter indicator to show a potential failure to alert you when you should replace it.

Best Refrigerator Water Filters Reviews

Finally, GE RPWFE water filter deliver filtered and fresh 300 gallons of water, although this depends on the quality of your water source. However, the manufacturer directs the water filter to be replaced after every six months for the best filtration results.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Works well in filtering out impurities
  • Offer great value for money
  • Saves a lot of money spent on buying water
  • Fits in most modern refrigerators properly


  • Considerably expensive
  • Functions well after for some weeks after replacement
  • Might not last for six months as stated

EveryDrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter

EveryDrop is among the only filter on our list that is certified by the Whirlpool Corporation for use in your Whirlpool, Amana, JennAir, and KitchenAid refrigerator. The refrigerator water filter comes with a Triple Filtration Technology system that is NSF certified to help in reducing most of the common water contaminants.

These include waterborne parasites, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, lead and other heavy metals. Therefore, you and your family can enjoy refreshed, filtered water without the worries of taking in any contaminants.

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Besides, the product has been tested and proven to fit in most of the modern and leading refrigerator brands. Consequently, the water filter is the only straight replacement for the discontinued W10295370A that fits appropriately.

The water filter delivers 200 gallons of clean water that tastes and looks great at a rate of 0.75 gallons per minute. However, it is recommended to replace the water filter after six months to ensure that you enjoy the excellent water filtration results. This ensures that you enjoy the best benefits from your EveryDrop refrigerator water filter.

Finally, the water filter is compatible with most side-by-side refrigerators as well as bottom and top freezers that work with Filter 1.


  • Ideal replacement for Filter 1
  • Compatible with most of the modern refrigerators
  • Deliver fresh and clean water for six months
  • Effective in filtering out harmful contaminants
  • Offer great value for the money


  • Relatively expensive
  • Easily gets clogged after a few months of use
  • Provides water with an unpleasant taste

How to Choose the Best Refrigerator Water Filter

Choosing the best refrigerator water filter for your refrigerator can be a huge challenge due to the number of products available in the market. Therefore, you should be well armed with information about how to choose the right refrigerator water filter that suits your needs and fits properly in your refrigerator.

There are several factors that you should consider when looking for the water filter for a refrigerator. The main features include the following:

Best Refrigerator Water Filters


The first and the most critical factor to consider when buying a refrigerator water filter is whether the product is compatible with your refrigerator. This ensures the water filter fits in the fridge properly to avoid any leaks. The first step and the easiest way to achieve this is matching the brand of the water filter with the refrigerator.

The other part of the equation is trying to find a model of the water filter that is compatible with the specific model of your fridge.

Therefore, we have to do our research thoroughly to ensure that we do not end up picking a filter that is not compatible with our refrigerator despite matching the brand. This is because no water filter can be termed as universal to work and fit in all of their models of refrigerators.

Besides, buying the wrong refrigerator water filter causes water leakages and other fitting issues that could lead to severe problems in the end.


When choosing the best inline water filter for refrigerator, it is important to ensure that the product is tested and certified. This is because it is not any generic water filter that cleans up your water supply as it allergies.

Therefore, checking for a certified product helps in settling on water filter that offers excellent quality, performance and ultimately safety.

However, it is advisable to look for a product with certification by a specific authoritative body that sets particular standards. In this case, NSF International is the trusted body that sets the standards for public health and safety of the refrigerator water filters.

The main NSF/ANSI standards that the ideal refrigerator water filter should meet include standard 42 and 53. The NSF/ANSI standard 42 is about the taste and smell, while standard 53 is for harmful substances.

Therefore, purchasing a product that is certified to standard 42 means that the filter is effective in filtering out the content that alters the water taste or smell such as chlorine.

On the other hand, products that are certified to standard 53 removes harmful substances and might get rid of other elements alter the taste. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a product that is certified to both standard 42 and 53 for fresh filtered water.


Cost is another important factor that influences the decision of many when it comes to buying appliances or their parts, as most people have a limited budget. However, this factor is not as critical as the other two factors.

This is because it is unlikely that one would choose to compromise on the quality, performance or ultimate safety due to the cost of the filter.

Usually, buying products online tends to be cheaper as compared to purchasing from mortar and brick stores. This is most applicable when purchasing genuine water filters and not generic filters, as they are cheaper than the original parts.

Therefore, obtaining a filter online offers a better way to get the product at a lower price rather than compromising some degree of quality to acquire generic products.

Do Refrigerator Filters Remove Fluoride from Water?

Fluoride in water is important in preventing tooth decay by 25 percent according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

However, Excess Fluoride in water is not recommended especially for infants and is also associated with dental fluorosis, which is a cosmetic condition. One of the most economical ways of avoiding taking excess Fluoride in water is purchasing a reliable water filter.

However, it is essential to know that not all types of water filters can reduce Fluoride in your drinking water. The only types of water filters that are capable of removing 90 percent of the Fluoride from water include activated alumina, reverse osmosis and deionizers, which uses ion-exchange resins.

Therefore, activated carbon block filters do not remove or significantly reduce fluoride in your water.

How do you clean the Water Dispenser in a Refrigerator?

The water dispenser on a refrigerator is an important feature that is often overlooked when carrying out the routine kitchen cleaning. However, cleaning the water dispenser thoroughly is important in ensuring that you always enjoy clean water that is free of bacteria and other water contaminants.

Cleaning refrigerator water filter does not often cause any problem, unless if your water source provides hard water. Hard water leads to the buildup of calcium on the filter, which slows the rate of water flow from the dispenser making the cooling process to take longer than usual.

The calcium buildup can easily be cleaned by flushing the water dispenser with distilled vinegar, which dissolves it.

Flushing the Refrigerator Water Dispenser System with Vinegar

It is advisable to flush your water dispenser system routinely with vinegar if you live in an area with hard water to ensure that the appliance continues to function optimally.

However, it is good to understand that other substances can be used instead of vinegar, but this is the most comfortable, efficient and economical way.  This can be done by done by following these steps.

First, ensure that you reach to the cooling system and turn off the water supply. You should be capable of finding a copper water pipe that acts as the supply pipe although not all systems come with the same design. Then, you can then loosen the screws that hold the copper pipe and slide it off the water supply.

Then, using a funnel pour about four cups of distilled vinegar into the water dispenser tube for it flow to the reservoir, but ensure the tube is in an upright position as you pour.

For those with fridges with an ice cube maker, it is advisable to turn it on when pouring vinegar to allow it to clean this system as well. Next, flush the system with vinegar while holding the tap of the water dispenser until everything comes out.

Finally, dip a bottlebrush or an old toothbrush in vinegar and use it to clean the inner part of the system and around the waterspout.

Lastly, connect the water supply pipe to the filter tank, turn the water on, and allow it to flow through until no more traces of vinegar are detected.

This can be done by checking any smell of traces of vinegar by running the water into a glass, and then do a taste test once as the smell disappears. Moreover, it is also advisable to remember to empty the ice cube tray after flushing with vinegar.


In conclusion, choosing the best refrigerator water filter that is compatible with your refrigerator can be a considerable challenge. However, we do not doubt that the products on our list are among the top water filters on the market that you should consider.

We also believe that the information provided here can as well help you in picking other top products from the market if you are not happy with the ones we have reviewed here.

Besides, our product review allows you to learn about the best and most effective ways of maintaining your refrigerator and getting the best from it.

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