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Pregnancy has one priceless perk, in the end, you are blessed with a baby. Before the joyful event, you may have to suffer through some annoying problems that usually accompany pregnancy.

Hip pains, back strains, and lower back pains are just some of the issues you may experience. But what can you do about them? Well, getting the best pregnancy support belt can be an excellent solution to a lot of these problems, and all you have to do is pick the right belt.

As there are many possible options available, here is a review list of belts that clarifies the question of the best pregnancy support belt.

Best Pregnancy Support Belt [2019]

NEOtech Care Maternity Belt

This pregnancy belt, from the reputable NEOtech Care brand, offers a number of useful features to expectant moms. It is adjustable, with a Velcro fastener, to fully accommodate the growing belly.

It comes with a special lift attachment, which serves to relieve pressure even further. The lifting enclosure also helps to make sure the belt stays in place.

The material of this belt is pleasant and breathable; the lining is an elastic nylon/cotton combination.

The entire idea behind this support belt is that it eases the lower back pain by evenly distributing pressure; 4 flexible side panels are meant to achieve this. Because of these features, this particular belt is quite supportive and remarkably distributes the weight evenly.

However, the most significant weakness of this belt actually comes from its effective support system; considering it is a 3 piece, it is a bit of a challenge to take the belt off and put it back on again, after each bathroom visit.

Also, it may not be as discrete as some other belts on the list. An in at, the NEOtech Care Maternity Belt may not offer complete discretion and the most comfortable use, but it does offer fantastic support and effective weight distribution.

AZMED Maternity Belt

The AZMED Maternity Belt is, in fact, a belly wrap, which serves to support pregnancy weight and ease problems associated with this weight.

It is specially designed to help with the pelvis and hip pain, as well as back strains. In addition, it also aims to provide light compression in the area of the abdomen, for greater comfort.

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This particular belt can be used during the post-pregnancy period; it can be used to support the weakened muscles of the abdomen.

Additionally, this belly wrap can prove effective in correcting poor posture, so it definitely is multi-functional. Unlike the NEOtech Belt, the AZMED Belt is more discreet and somewhat easier to use. The breathable material of the belt ensures you are barely aware that you are wearing it.

However, its size, although stated to be universal, may not be the right fit for everyone; the belt may feel too small or too big to some expectant moms. Also, the edges of the belt may feel too rough for some, and the belt may roll at some movements.

In conclusion, although it may not be as comfortable as similar belts, the AZMED Maternity Belt provides pain relief and almost complete discretion.

GABRIALLA Elastic Maternity Belt

This elastic maternity belt is specially designed to cater to the needs of expectant moms who love exercising. It offers the necessary medium support to the lower back and hips; with such help, you don’t have to give up jogging when pregnant, though caution is always recommended.

In addition to easing the lower back pain, this belt may help reduce the problem of stretch marks. Also, what distinguishes this belt from similar belts, is that it has pockets, where you can put therapy packs to help with aching joints. These hot or cold packs stay in place whatever you do, thanks to the pockets.

Unlike other belts, the Gabrialla Belt is quite versatile; it offers light, medium or strong support, and comes in various breathable materials.

In addition, it comes in various sizes, for complete comfort and various colors, for a dash of style. It is completely adjustable, unlike the AZMED Maternity Belt.

However, just like the NEOtech Maternity Belt, the Gabrialla Belt also may prove challenging to remove during bathroom breaks.

In conclusion, the Gabrialla Maternity Belt may prove inconvenient during bathroom visits, but it offers excellent support, even during light exercises.

Bracoo Maternity Belt

This pregnancy support belt is considered to be especially easy to adjust; apart from the broad Velcro fastener, it also features another tightening belt.

The Bracoo Belt is primarily designed to hold the lower back muscles, in order to help lessen uterine prolapse. It can be used during pregnancy, as support, and after pregnancy, as a body shaper.

This belt is particularly effective in easing various pain; back pain, soreness, and also pelvic muscle pain. It is quite discreet, just like the AZMED Maternity Belt, but it is less likely to move; it has one strap to fasten it, and another strap to help adjust it properly.

However, it may happen that the edges of this belt start curling up after some time of use. In addition, the universal size of the belt may prove to be too loose or too tight for some; you might have to adjust it frequently.

Also, this belt may be somewhat less comfortable when you are sitting down, as it may feel too tight. To sum up, the Bracoo Maternity Belt may be less comfortable at times and need more adjustments, but it definitely helps with pregnancy pains.

Pregnancy Support Belt

Bottom Line

In conclusion, all 4 belts reviewed have their perks and downsides. The Bracoo Maternity Belt and the AZMED Maternity Belt offer more discretion but are not the most comfortable solution. Their universal size may pose a problem to some, but they can be effective in pain relief.

The Gabrialla Maternity Belt and the NEOtech Care Maternity Belt may prove inconvenient during bathroom breaks, but they offer more perks overall. They provide complete comfort and reliable support, so even though they are not very discreet, they are still a valuable asset to expectant moms.

The Gabrialla Maternity Belt especially stands out, perhaps as the best pregnancy support belt; its array of sizes, types, and colors available, as well as additional pockets, make it an effective choice.

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