Best Maternity Underwear – Soft and Comfortable Wearing for Pregnant Women

When you become pregnant, comfort is always the main key to maintaining your sanity. You find that your everyday underwears are not fitting you well since your hips are spreading out and your bumps are growing.

Most of the pregnant women are forced to size up their current undies. But you should always consider investing in some special maternity underwears. These underwears are designed to fit your pregnant body specifically.

However, finding comfortable and cute maternity underwear that are not granny pants is a luxury. Fortunately, there are lots of stores that carry underwear that you can wear during pregnancy and postpartum.

With our help, you can be able to find the best maternity underwear that will guarantee you maximum comfort as your belly starts to grow more prominent, and even after you give birth.

Below is a look at our pick of the top maternity underwear currently on the market:

Top 3 Best Maternity Underwears

Intimate Portal Women Under the Bump Maternity Panties

When buying maternity panties, you need to find something that will offer you maximum comfort. This is what you get with the Intimate Portal Under the Bump pregnancy underwear. The panties are made from cotton and spandex, which makes them comfortable, breathable, absorbent, and also durable. They also come with a crotch inner lining, which is made of 100% cotton fabric.

The design is another thing you will love about these maternity panties. They come with a bikini-like design, which ensures that they fit nicely under the bump without putting any pressure on you. The front of the panties rises low to provide you with more comfort, while the back rises high to offer you maximum coverage.

Another fantastic thing about these pregnancy panties is that they come in light colors. This helps you to notice any kind of discharge that you should report to your doctor, as well as signs that you could be in labor.

If you are also looking for something to wear postpartum, these Intimate Portal panties are your perfect option. The comfortable cotton fabric of the underwear and the low-rise waistline makes them ideal to be used as regular panties after delivery.

You will also love the fact they are sold in a multi-pack (pack of three available in various colors) and they also come at a very affordable price.

Giftpocket Women’s Under Bump Maternity Panties

If you are looking for something that is comfortable, stylish and fun to wear during pregnancy, then these Gift Pocket maternity undies are what you should go for.

The maternity undies are made from a stretchy fabric that is 95% cotton and 5% fabric. They also come with an inner lining that is made from 100% cotton material.

Therefore, they are super-soft and comfortable to wear, as well as breathable. The fabric used to make the undies also has antibacterial properties, which prevents the growth of bacteria, thus reducing the risk of bacterial infections.

What you will love most about these undies is the design. At the back, they are designed to offer you maximum rear coverage, which guarantees you maximum comfort. However, at the front, they come with a unique v-scoop design, which gives them a low rise. This helps to ensure that they fit perfectly under the bump without applying any pressure.

The stylish v-scoop design, combined with the attractive color and prints, helps to make these maternity undies very stylish, and this, in turn, helps you to feel sexy during the pregnancy. The elegant design of the panties also makes them ideal for wear as regular underwear after delivery.

PIDAY Women’s Under the Bump Cotton Maternity Hipsters Panties

PIDAY Maternity Hipster Panties are another one of the best maternity underwear you will find on the market. The pregnancy panties are designed using 95% cotton and 5% cotton fabric. They also come with a 100% inner lining, which is made from 100% cotton fabric.

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The cotton fabric is natural combed, and it offers a good stretch as well as a soft underside. This helps to make the undies comfortable and breathable. The cotton lining is also white in color, which allows you to detect any body discharges or signs of labor quickly.

The design of the panties is quite stylish, and it features a V-shaped, low rise design on the front and moderate full coverage at the back. This helps to ensure that they fit perfectly under the bump, without putting any pressure on your belly. The full rear coverage at the back also ensures that the undies do not roll or slip when wearing them.

They come in a pack of 5 undies and are available in a variety of stylish colors: Beige, Pink, Blue, Purple, and Gray.

Things to Consider Before Buying Maternity Underwear

When it comes to underwear, each and every person has their own personal tastes. Therefore, the above maternity undies might not fit your personal tastes or preferences. However, this should not be a cause for concern as we can still help you choose something that is perfect for you.

Best Maternity Underwear

Below is a look at some of the top things to consider when buying maternity clothing, which will help ensure that you pick something that is right for you.

The Material

One of the essential things to consider when buying maternity underwear is the material. For maximum comfort, you need something that is soft, stretchy, and breathable. This makes cotton undies the best option for maternity underwear as they are super soft and breathable.

The Style

Another thing you have to consider when buying maternity panties is the style. There are two main styles that are available on the market under the bump undies and over the bump undies. Your pick between the two should be based on your personal preference, i.e. which style will be the most comfortable for you

When considering the style, you should also take into account other things such as colors choose something attractive, design chooses something that is sexy, and so on.


Size is another crucial factor to consider when selecting maternity underwear. While the standard practice when it comes to buying underwear is to pick something that is your correct size, with maternity undies, you should buy something that is slightly bigger than your right size.

This will give you a small allowance for the growing belly and any added weight, thus ensuring that they serve you during the entire period of the pregnancy.

Final Verdict

Finding comfortable maternity clothes is important during pregnancy, but the right maternity underwear is a must-have. The above undies are some of the best maternity underwear on the market, and they can help to provide you with maximum comfort during pregnancy and after delivery.

However, if you prefer something a bit different, you can still be able to choose undies that meet your personal taste with the above guide. Whatever you want, just make sure it is something comfortable and breathable, and if possible, have fun with the colors and design.

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