Best Marine Battery for Trolling Motor Reviews with Ultimate Guide

The best marine battery for trolling motor features a special design that makes them ideal to power trolling motors.

Unlike the conventional car batteries, trolling motor batteries hold their charge for long, are resistant to vibrations, and they are shock resistant.

Moreover, the good trolling batteries have a fast cycle, are heat resistant, and spill proof. We have scrutinized the best marine batteries to help you purchase one that suits your needs and budget.

We have also suggested some considerations that you ought to take into account when shopping and maintenance tips to help you extend your battery’s lifespan.

 Top 5 Best Marine Battery for Trolling Motor [Comparison]

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Best Marine Battery Reviews 2019

VMAXTANKS Vmax857 Tm AGM 12 Volt 35AH Marine Deep Cycle Battery

VMAX857 is designed to provide the best in class performance at an affordable price. Unique from most trolling motor batteries, this type features treated plates that last long while enhancing the battery’s strength and performance.

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When fully charged, VMAX857 can last for 4-9 hours. However, the duration may vary depending on the size of your motor battery as well as your trolling runtime.

The 12-volt VMAX857 battery stands at 6.1 inches high and measures 7.7 inches long by 5 inches wide. This size can fit onto trolling motors like Sevylor, and MinnKota. Its integrated handles let you move it easily.

Like its expert reviewed above, VMAX857 is constructed from heavy-duty lead-tin alloy to last long. Besides durability, this heavy-duty construction also enhances performance in float and cyclic applications.

Another reason why VMAX857 features in our top list are its maintenance-free operation. Unlike those batteries that require regular addition of water and other electrolytes, this model features the sealed lead acid technology that eliminates issues of lead-acid leakage and electrolyte loss resulting from gassing and evaporation.

Furthermore, the sealed lead acid technology lets you position the battery in any orientation.

This trolling motor battery features the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology. The AGM technology makes VMAX857 immune to vibrations that can reduce the battery’s lifespan.

In fact, the battery can last for as long as eight years when used as recommended. Hence, VMAX857 is one of the long-lasting trolling motor batteries.

Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Optima Marine D34M is a 12-volt marine battery that is thoughtfully designed for starting and deep cycling. This trolling motor battery stands 7.8 inches tall, 6.88 inches wide, and 10 inches long. It weighs 43.5 Pounds. Optima Marine D34M has a reserve capacity of 120 minutes.

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Like its competitors reviewed above, this trolling motor battery features the sealed lead acid technology that minimizes electrolyte loss resulting from spillage, gassing, and evaporation.

Besides preventing electrolyte loss, the sealed lead acid technology also eliminates maintenance costs and environmental pollution. You can position the battery in any position.

Apart from the non-spillable design, the Optima is the best battery for trolling motor as it features the spiral cell technology. As claimed, the spiral cell technology makes the battery tolerant to extreme temperatures and humidity.

This is the reason why this battery is preferred as an excellent option for a sure-starting and strong cranking during inclement weather.

Furthermore, the spiral cell technology facilitates more running time, faster charge time, and an extended battery life. In fact, this trolling motor battery can last twice as long as the ordinary trolling motor batteries.

Another reason why this engine battery features in our list is that it is 15 times more resistant to vibration than the regular batteries out there. This implies that the battery has an excellent tolerance to the wear and tear that result from motor vibrations.

Different from its competitor BlueTop batteries that have a dark gray used for starting engines, this BlueTop model with a light gray case is meant for starting as well as cranking. Therefore, you should be keen to ensure that you buy the right type for your trolling motor.

Vmaxtanks MR107 12V 85AH Marine AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery

The most important virtue of this battery is a beautifully designed physical and chemical structure. These batteries go through a unique kind of treatment during their manufacturing which makes them strong and reliable. What are some of the trolling battery’s strong features?

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Its dimensions of 7.7X 5X 6.1 inches and a lifespan of 5 to 8 years of excellent drift service make it one of the best trolling batteries available.

The grids structure of VMAX is a key reason behind its near-perfect performance and life for the angler’s applications. Remember you are going to be using it for both cyclic and float applications.

Another thing, a charger is recommended for enhanced use of this battery. Just to drum up the point, you don’t need to maintain this trolling battery thus there is no provision at all to worry about adding any water to the tanks or to even see the gravity rate of the battery’s electrolyte present.

That this battery uses AGM which is present in between the plates makes it one of the best-wet acid batteries on the market today. The plates as well as the electrolyte inside the battery, are tightly installed inside a tank which has a hard seal. This is what makes it spill-proof. No wonder this is a top rated trolling battery.

However, in case you intend to use it on a 5001b warn winch, know that it will provide you with the power but for a limited time. To solve this you might have to get a power inverter to make the battery work better.

Optima Batteries 8027-127 D27M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery

This is one of the top-rated marine batteries you will get for trolling. Unlike other batteries that you can use for either engine starting or deep cycle application, this battery will surprise you; it can work both ways.

That is not the only surprise in store for you. When you charge this battery you will notice it can take as much as a 100A without overheating.

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It is up to fifteen times more resistant to vibration; meaning it is much more durable than other batteries in this range.

So, if you want to manage your space due to the tiny size of your trolling boat, this battery is meant for you. It is compact and small enough to fit in tight spaces.

In addition, it is lightweight, and will therefore not add unnecessary weight to your boat. Of course, you will love this; the battery is a dual purpose battery so you can use it to troll or day or to crank your motor; the choice is yours.

VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100Ah Marine Deep Cycle AGM Battery

This is one battery that will deliver the power you need. It uses state of the art heavy duty grid providing stunning performance and service in both cyclic and float applications and The 12 V 100Ah comes with the following appealing features:

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It is a maintenance free battery, its SLA/ AGM spill-proof with a characteristic of high discharge rate. It offers long service life and with a wide range of operating temperatures. It can be mounted in any position and resists shock and vibration.

What do all these mean to you? For one the fact that the battery is rechargeable means you will not be planning to replace it anytime soon. Once the charge runs low you just plug it into the mains and have it fully charged anytime. On the same note, it saves your money; remember you don’t have to incur maintenance costs.

Nothing can be as disappointing as a battery that spills over even on the slightest of tilts.

The good thing about this trolling battery is that it is spill proof. In case you have used trolling batteries that limit you on how to mount them, you know how inconveniencing it can be With the 12 V 100Ah Marine Deep Cycle AGM Battery, you have the chance to decide the most convenient way to mount it on your boat or Kayak.

Oh, and talking of vibrations and shock, you don’t want a battery that adds to the vibrations you experience from the waves and rave of the engine. This battery offers you all these and more.

Optima Batteries 8006-006 34M BlueTop Marine Starting Battery

Unlike its sibling reviewed above, Optima BlueTop marine starting battery is dark gray in color, and it is only intended for starting a trolling motor engine. Therefore, you cannot use it for cycling.

Optima BlueTop Marine is a 12-volt motor battery that stands 7.8 inches tall and measures 6.88 inches wide by 10 inches long. It weighs 38.4 pounds, and it has a reserve capacity of 100 minutes.

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Similar to its competitor sibling, Optima 34M trolling motor battery features the sealed lead acid technology that shields its electrolyte loss from spillage, gassing, and evaporating.

In addition to preventing electrolyte loss, the sealed lead acid technology also eliminates regular maintenance services like adding water as well as minimizes environmental pollution. You can position the battery in any orientation.

Optima 34M trolling motor battery features the spiral cell technology used in other optima batteries. The spiral cell technology makes the battery tolerant to extreme temperatures and humidity. This is the reason why this battery is preferred as an excellent option for sure starting during inclement weather.

Furthermore, the spiral cell technology facilitates more running time, a faster charge time, and an extended battery life. In fact, this trolling motor battery can last twice as long as the ordinary trolling motor batteries.

Another great feature why you would want to buy this motor battery is that it is 15 times more resistant to vibration than the regular batteries in the market. Therefore, this battery can withstand the wear and tear resulting from regular vibrations.

12V 55Ah Power Boat Pontoon Electric Trolling Motor Deep Cycle Battery

Might Max Power Boat Pontoon is a rechargeable trolling motor battery designed from heavy duty calcium-alloy grid. Like most motor batteries, the Power Boat pontoon is shock and vibration resistant.

Based on these features, the battery can work at optimum performance in float and cyclic applications. This implies that Power Boat Pontoon can also withstand the wear and tear resulting from vibrations and shock.

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As marketed, the 12 volt Power Boat Pontoon has an amperage of 55 AH, and it measures 9.02x 5.43x 9.13 inches. It weighs 38.58lbs.

Besides being a trolling motor, the battery’s high discharge rate also lets you use it in hobby toys, as an emergency power back up, powered lawn and garden tools, or in golf carts. Its fold-up handles let you carry the battery with ease.

The trolling motor battery is sealed, spill proof, and maintenance free. This is an important feature as it minimizes issues of lead acid and other toxic substances spillage into the water.

You can position the non-spillable battery in any orientation. Unlike the conventional car batteries, Powerboat Pontoon saves you from the hassle of adding water or electrolyte to keep your battery running.

Another top reason to purchase Power Boat Pontoon for your trolling motor is its ability to tolerate extreme temperatures. Therefore, whether you are trolling in the winter or the summer, the battery will deliver optimal performance.

Minnkota Trolling Motor Power Center

MinnKota trolling motor power center is designed for small motor boats that lack a built-in battery chamber. This trolling motor power center measures 14.9x 8.7x 15 inches, a reasonable size that can accommodate group 24 and 27 trolling motor batteries.

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It is light implying that it does not add unnecessary weight that can compromise your trolling motor’s performance.

Among the top features that make up this motor, power center is an integrated battery meter that lets you monitor you’re trolling motor battery level. Besides helping you monitor the battery level, the meter also lets you know when it is time to recharge your trolling motor battery.

Another great feature on this motor power center is the easy access battery terminals for a hassle-free connection. You don’t have to open the power center to access the battery’s terminals.

Design wise, MinnKota trolling motor power center is black, and it is constructed from a durable plastic material to last long. The motor power center is molded to resemble a typical trolling motor battery.

Other features on this trolling motor battery case include the locking strap that keeps your motor battery secure and integrated handles for carrying your battery.

Other notable features on this battery case include a pair of 12-volt accessory plugs used for a connection and two manual reset circuit breakers. One of the circuit breakers is a 15-amp breaker for the plug-in accessory, and the other type is a 60-amp breaker for the trolling motor.

The circuit breakers protect both the battery and the trolling motor from electrical faults. The case’s standard package comes with rubber strips and metal strips used to attach it onto your trolling motor.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Marine Battery

The market offers numerous trolling motor batteries that differ on their type, amperage, lifespan, price, and many other factors. For this reason, choosing the right battery from the variety will depend on your skills in differentiating an excellent product from the rest.

Best Marine Battery for Trolling Motor

Below are some considerations that can help you make an informed buying decision:

Battery Type

Ideally, there are two types of trolling motor batteries: the standard lead-acid wet cell and the sealed lead acid battery. The conventional lead-acid wet cell batteries are the most affordable option in this category.

They can last for as long as two years and they require regular maintenance. This type of battery cannot tolerate vibrations and are spillable.

On the other hand, the sealed lead acid motor marine battery is a pricey alternative that is sealed to prevent spillage. Most people prefer this type since it lasts longer than the ordinary batteries and is maintenance free.

Moreover, this kind of batteries is built to withstand vibrations and extreme weather.


Price is another consideration that you ought to take into account when looking for the ideal trolling motor battery. In fact, you can find a good battery that falls within your budget range by taking your time to shop around for discounted trolling motor batteries.

However, before you invest in a small budget trolling motor battery, we suggest that you research it to ensure that its quality is not compromised.


In most cases, reputable manufacturers of quality products. This is because top manufacturers produce quality assured batteries, they have excellent customer care skills, and their products have a reasonable price-quality ratio.

Some of the reputable companies in this industry include Vmax tanks, MinnKota, and Optima. However, our recommendations are not conclusive.

Therefore, you should feel free to shop from other reputable companies out there provided you carry out a research of the product to ascertain its quality.


Some cheap trolling motor batteries can last for as short as six months while excellently designed batteries can last an average of four years.

For this reason, we suggest that you spend some time shopping around for batteries designed to last. Such batteries are vibration and shock resistant, non-spillable, and they can tolerate extreme temperature and humidity.

Reserve Capacity

Trolling motor batteries are not created equal. Some batteries can hold their charge for long while some can only hold a charge for a short duration. As such, if you love trolling for long, we suggest that you shop around for a battery with a good reserve capacity.

Maintenance Tips

Despite the fact that most trolling motor batteries can last an average of 3-4 years, only a few live up to the lifespan. This is because most people do not follow the maintenance guidelines suggested by the manufacturer.

Below are some of the maintenance tips that help you extend the battery’s life:

Keep Your Battery Charged

Experts say that improper charging is one of the primary reasons why most batteries do not last as long as advertised. For this reason, the experts recommend that you recharge the battery after every use and new batteries should be charged fully before use.

You should also use approved battery chargers since undersized chargers may take long to recharge the battery while oversized chargers may lead to overheating.

Boost Charge an Unused Battery

You should always charge your trolling motor battery before you store it. If you store the battery for an extended period, we suggest that you boost charge them frequently. Boost charging should be done once a month for those living in warm climates. Those in cold climates can boost charge their battery once in two months.

Batteries should Never be Discharged below 80 Percent

Battery experts say that if you use a battery discharged below 80 percent, you are likely to be overworking it. Besides overworking it, you also speed sulfation, a factor that can reduce your battery’s lifespan.

How to Choosing the Right Marine Battery

Mind the Temperatures around Your Trolling Motor Battery

Extreme temperatures can result in irreparable damage to your trolling motor battery. For instance, freezing temperatures can spoil the battery’s plates or even repress the chemical processes that generate electricity.

On the other hand, high temperatures can accelerate self-discharge.


Batteries can accumulate dirt, grime, or dust while stored or when they are being used. Therefore, regular cleaning is necessary to avoid problems associated with dirt.

You can use clean water and a mild detergent to clean the terminals and the whole battery. After cleaning, use a dry cloth to wipe the battery dry.

Final Verdict

A trolling motor needs a deep cycle battery for an excellent performance. Unlike the conventional lead-acid batteries, the best trolling motor batteries are non-spillable, and they hold their charge for a reasonable period. Moreover, these batteries are designed to resist vibrations and shock.

Since trolling motor batteries are not created equal, we suggest that you buy from a reputable manufacturer to avoid cheap batteries that can make trolling a difficult task. We hope our article helps you purchase the best marine battery for trolling motor that will give you peace of mind.

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