Best Indoor Cycling Bikes – 2019 Reviews and Guide

A lot of people never like waking up in the early morning hours to go for a run or walk or just hit the gym. Others don’t feel comfortable working out in a spin class with too many people around. If you feel the same way, you can opt for getting an indoor cycling bike to use in the comfort of your home.

Nonetheless, it is not just about getting any, but you must get the best indoor spinning bikes out there. Some of the things to consider when choosing a spin bike include the resistance, material, technology, as well as the support. To make your search easy, here are some of the best indoor cycling bikes to consider.

Top 4 Best Indoor Cycling Bikes

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Black

If you are looking for a premium, exotic indoor bike, the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Black is for you. The bike is sturdy, with a top-notch quality, and it has a super stylish look.

The bike runs on the revolutionary Eddy Current resistance system. It features a magnetic resistance, rather than the traditional friction resistance. The magnetic resistance system will ensure that you have a quieter workout without exerting too much pressure on the pads. Also, the magnetic resistance system is extra durable than the friction systems.

The Keiser M3i Spin Bike comes with a belt-drive that doesn’t need any maintenance. Nonetheless, you’ll need to lubricate it, tighten the bolts, and clean it as well. On the other hand, the frame of the bike is made of aluminum and stainless steel.

So yes, it will withstand impacts and rust. It can take a maximum weight of 300 pounds, and it won’t shake when you are spinning it. Furthermore, the handlebars are made with sweat-resistance materials to offer you a strong grip.

One major technology that makes this spin bike stand out of others is the magnetic resistance technology. It also features a computer display that shows the RPM, gear resistance level, time elapsed, heart rate, etc.

This spin bike is perfect for you if you are willing to spend some extra bucks. It is quite pricey, but it’s worth every dollar. It is quieter, super-sturdy, stylish, and runs on a groundbreaking technology.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Spin Bike

This bike is affordable, comes with an elegant design, and delivers accordingly. This spin bike comes with a 40-pound flywheel that is heavy, but still smooth. It runs on a Calliper Style resistance system, which gives you a reliable workout. This resistance system is just like the one that runs on a typical mountain bike.

If you want to align the bike, you’ll need to adjust it accordingly. However, it is less reliable than the magnetic and direct friction systems.

The stability of this bike is another great feature. You can ride it when sitting or standing without experiencing any shaking or wobbling. Also, the solid crankshafts on the pedals offer a better support if you ride it when standing. The bike supports a maximum of 275 pounds.

The spin bike is made of a stainless steel frame that is firm and sturdy. The maintenance is also less demanding. You will have to lubricate the chain, tighten the bolts, and change the Calliper brake pads when they wear out. Keep in mind that the fitted brake pads can last for at least six months.

It doesn’t come with a fitted computer console, but you can mount a portable bike computer. A simple portable spin bike computer may easy to use for this bike. This indoor cycling bike is a great choice if you want an affordable unit that is reliable as well.

Sole Fitness SB700 Spin Bike

The Sole Fitness SB700 Spin Bike comes with good support, heavy and smooth resistance, as well as a sturdy frame. This bike offers a 48-pound flywheel that will give you a challenging and smooth spinning experience.

Furthermore, it means that you will have a smooth, consistent, and quiet workout. The felt brake pads, along with the frictionless magnetic resistance system makes the bike run quietly.

The bike is also sturdy since it is made of a strong, steel frame that is aluminum-shrouded. With this material, you will be sure of a spin bike that is durable enough. It is also rust-resistance.

This is one of the best spin bikes that come with advanced technology. The bike has a computer display that shows the RPM, calories, time, distance covered, and speed. Furthermore, you can mount a portable bike computer. It has programs that can be adjusted and even controlled by the heart rate.

This unit is strong, and it can support a maximum of 350 pounds. It has adjustable saddles and handlebars, well as large and cushioned pedals. These features allow you to ride the bike when sitting or standing.

Fitleader FS1 Indoor Cycling Bike

The Fitleader FS1 Exercise Bike has some cool features that make it a decent spin bike to buy. It is also one of the spin bikes that monitor your heart rate as you spin. This unit runs on a magnetic resistance system that you can adjust using the lever on top of the frame.

The bike has eight resistance levels, which gives you an amazing workout experience. This makes it a good choice for both beginners and professionals. Even though this bike is lightweight, it does have a sturdy frame. It is made of durable steel bars and frame. This bike will withstand impact or even a heavy person on it.

The bike has leveling feet located under the stabilizer bars to prevent rocking and wobbling when you are spinning. The solid frame of the bike can support a maximum of 293 pounds. You can ride it when sitting or standing without shaking.

It also has a 13-pound flywheel. However, the pedals are low-quality, which might not last for too long. It features a console that displays the basic information like, distance, time, speed, RPM, as well as calories burned.

There are sensors on the handlebar, which will show your hand pulse on the console when you grip the handlebar. This spin bike performs decently, but it is not as durable as other bikes on the list.

Best Indoor Cycling Bikes

Final Verdict

When going through the cycling bikes, you must ensure that you choose one that delivers accordingly. The bike must be comfortable enough, adjustable, with challenging resistance, and easily portable.

You should choose a unit that will give you a good workout experience. Consider the maintenance of the spin bike before you decide to buy it. You don’t want a spin bike that would cost you too much time and money to maintain.

Stick to your budget, and do enough research before making up your mind. All in all, choose a spin bike that works for you according to your workout goals and personal needs preferences.

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