Best Herb Grinder – 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

There are a lot of opportunities when it comes to picking your best herb grinders. To enjoy the best possible smoking experiences then choosing the best herb grinder for vaporizer on the market will play a big role in crafting that refreshing joint.

The herb grinders are also non-toxic, safe grinders. You surely don’t want to purchase the cheap herb grinders at the local gas station. When it comes to buying the best grinders you need to get what you pay for.

This article is going to walk you through choosing the top brand and non-toxic, safe grinder for grind any types of herb very easily and fast way. So read our expert reviews about top 10 grinders then you can take your best decision which would be suited for you.

If you are looking for best herb grinder, you can discover top herb grinder pick for each category. Check out our top 10 herb grinder available now online which your needs. We have also discussed the full review of these herb grinders under the table.

Best Herb Grinder [Comparision]

Why Do You Need A Grinder?

The best manual grinder gives you an amazing experience, and also lasts for years. Here are some other reasons why you need one:

  • Better taste and aroma.
  • Makes your herbs more potent by increasing their surface area.
  • Grinders literally take half the time required to grind by hand.
  • Saves you money because no herb is wasted.


  • If you prefer using fresh natural herbs and spices in your everyday cooking, an herb grinder is a must-have kitchen tool that will help you grind your spices.
  • It is very useful in grinding the leaves of the marijuana plant, especially if it comes with fine screens, as they help to separate the trichomes.

Best Herb Grinder Reviews

Cali Crusher Herb Grinder 4-Piece Black

The cali crusher grinder 4-piece black is the excellent herb grinder on the market today. It is without a doubt the perfect way to grind the herb. It is an excellent herb grinder of choice for every experienced smoker. It is 100 percent American made from heavy-duty aircraft grade aluminum so that it will last long years.

It has a customized pollen scraper and a stainless steel screen, smooth threads, and anodized neodymium 0-ring magnets. It is made of lightweight material and features a nicely knit screen to allow copious amounts of herb to be collected.

It is one of the most affordable herb grinders and works better in the long run because it will last for quite a long time thanks to the super high-quality build.

This herb grinder feels very great to use. It grinds your kief into a lovely smooth, soft, consistent powder that’s ready to be smoked or vaped.

Golden Gate Herb Grinder

The Golden Gate Herb Grinder is a high-value option compared to other elite grinders available on the market. It is a solid finish made of aircraft grade aluminum to offer its maximum strength.

It feels flush like the top end grinders. Another nice perk is that Golden Gate comes with sharp diamond-cutting teeth to facilitate effortless shredding and ultimate grinding experience.

The grinder’s powerful neodymium magnets, amazing closure, odor & freshness control also make it an amazing herb companion.

Golden Gate Herb Grinder is very light, corrosion resistant and smooth. It also has a fine pollen screen that’s well integrated. It is a perfect herb grinder for any person looking for a high-quality premium grinder. The Golden Gate Herb Grinder has high-end features that don’t come at a high-end price.

Platinum Grinders

This is a high-grade aluminum built herb grinder that makes use of the latest metallurgy science. The Platinum Grinder has a deeper and larger herb compartment compared to others on the market enabling you to get a smoother product.

It has a magnetic lid that prevents the contents from spilling out, even when turned completely upside down. For extra toughness and durability, it is equipped precision milled ultra-strength aluminum so don’t be fooled by its affordable price!

This grinder also has sharp diamond-cutting teeth for effortless shredding and extreme efficiency. Its screen filters very smooth pollen into the large catcher and a pollen scraper is also included.

Golden Bell 4 Piece Spice Herb Grinder

The Golden Bell herb grinder is a compact 2-inch grinder with a design that highlights durability and ease of use. Its craftsmanship features a tough zinc alloy construction that guarantees longer periods of use.

It is a 4-piece grinder with three chambers that are separated by mesh screens. These filters are capable of separating even the finest pollen from the large particles.

The Golden Bell herb grinder comes with a magnetized lid that helps to prevent spilling during grinding. Its Poly-O-Ring ensures smooth and frictionless grinding action.

The herb grinder is easy to use, comes in a very portable design and is also very easy to clean. The diamond-shaped teeth can shred your herbs into finely ground spices without the need to exert too much pressure on the cylinders.

The herb grinder comes with a pollen scraper included.

Sharpstone Herb Grinder

Sharpstone 4-piece Herb Grinder is made of aircraft-grade billet aluminum and stainless steel screens with tested micron count. This makes it light and very durable.

At a compact size of 2.2 inches, the herb grinder fits easily in the hand. It offers you a smooth grind without using too much effort.

A high-quality stainless steel mesh filter separates its three compartments. This enables you to grind your herbs to fine, pollen-like grit with ease.

The authentic Sharpstone herb grinder comes fitted with a Cali Crusher pollen press. It is as easy to clean as it is to carry around in your pocket. It comes with a custom-made pollen scraper and a free pouch with every purchase.

Space Case Grinder

With a width of 3  inches and a height of 2  inches, the Space Case herb grinder is capable of grinding a large number of herbs at a go. It is made from aircraft-quality aluminum that is as lightweight as it is durable.

The herb grinder is coated with anodized titanium, which further enhances its durability and strength. Moreover, the titanium coating makes it stick-proof and easier to clean than most grinders.

The grinder features razor-sharp grinding teeth that are sharpened using CNC machining. This makes it easy to operate as it offers minimal resistance when grinding and produces perfectly consistent grinds.

A neodymium magnet helps to keep the lid of the Space Case herb grinder together to prevent spilling when grinding. It comes with a triangular scraper that enables you to collect pollen off the screens and edges.

Black Tie Grinders

The elegantly designed Black Tie Herb Grinder features a 2-inch diameter with a height that is an eighth of an inch. It is capable of grinding moderately large amounts of herbs without the need for constant refills.

The herb grinder uses neodymium magnets in its lid to help keep it in place while the grinding is ongoing. It features 50 diamond-shaped teeth that offer smooth grinding with highly consistent results.

The grinder is made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, which is very durable. Its strength is reinforced by the anodized nature of the aluminum material, which also ensures that it does not lose its elegant appeal.

The grinder features three chambers that are separated by micron steel mesh. It has thirty-two holes that ensure the event filtering of your ground herbs.

Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch Zinc 4 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder

The Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch Zinc 4 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder that features four compartments, which offer different fineness of grinds. It is made from customers both materials in heavy-duty zinc and precisely surfaced CNC aluminum.

It uses heavy-duty zinc and precisely surfaced CNC aluminum to shred your herbs to the desired fineness. The amply sized compartments give you more finished product per grind.

The herb grinder utilizes a strong magnet in its lid to prevent spillage when grinding. It features a smooth and effortless grinding action thanks to its exclusive in-built gear discipline.

Its sieves are easily removable to allow for easy cleaning. Furthermore, it features a design that has curved corners to promote easy access to the bits and pieces that get stuck inside it, using your finger.

The 4-piece herb grinder comes with a free pollen scraper and carries pouch.

Medium Santa Cruz Shredder Black 4 Piece Grinder

The Medium Santa Cruz Shredder is worth mentionable on our page of the best weed grinders. It is the first medium grinder that was designed for medical marijuana patients. The anodized metal of this equipment ensures that no piece of aluminum mixes with your grind. Users of this grinder will enjoy the seven catch thread design that works to prevent cross-threading.

Do you love to see your grinder developing scratches or wearing out? My guess is no. This product features a black anodized coating that prevents those scratches and wears. Another great feature that makes the Santa Cruz so spectacular is the shape of its teeth.

Most teeth are diamond shaped, and hence they can grind quickly and efficiently. Although its price may be relatively high compared to other grinders, it is worth.

Phoenician Herbal Grinder

Phoenician Herbal Grinder is a name to remember when you are looking for a grinder that offers excellent service.

This grinder offers unmatched service because the manufacturer designed this grinder with the user-friendly.

It features a lobe-grip design that ensures that your hands are comfortable during use.

Things to Consider When Choosing The Best Herb Grinder


Grinders are either made of acrylic, metal, or wood. Acrylic grinders are quite affordable but also break quickly. Wood grinders are cool but don’t grind evenly and most come with only one chamber.

Herb Grinder Reviews

The best grinders are built of aluminum and some may have an inner titanium coating a coating to make them last longer. These herb grinders may have two or three chambers.

Number of Chambers

Grinders can have either one to three chambers. One chambered grinders are easy to get but can take longer to get a fine grind and tend to produce uneven pieces.

Two chambered grinders have tiny holes at the bottom, which allow smooth particles to pass through. This ensures even and smooth consistency. Three chambered grinders feature a screen at the bottom which allows kief to be collected, while still allowing you to get that smooth, powdered herb.


You’ll want a three chamber grinder if you want to make hash with kief. A grinder with two chambers will suit you if you only grind and smoke or vape. One chamber grinders are ideal if you just smoke and are not too particular.

You will be able to find a perfect herb grinder that suits your taste and needs if you keep these tips in mind.

How to Use an Herb Grinder

Final Verdict

A herb grinder is a simple cylindrical device that can be separated into two halves. Both the top and the bottom halves are lined with teeth or pegs, which fit in an interlocking manner.

The herbs are placed in between the halves, which are then twisted and turned, allowing the teeth to shred or grind the material. Depending on your needs, the specialization of best herb grinder compartments might benefit you a lot.

Herb grinders come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some have more compartments that offer finer grinds using fine screens that separate the bigger particles from the smaller ones.

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