10 Best Hand Dryers in 2021 – Top Models Compared

Over the last decade, automatic hand dryers seem to have attracted a lot of attention, and a tremendous increase in demand. It is an environmentally preferable, and a more hygienic option as to the conventional paper towels.

It could also be based on its cost efficiency and convenience. There have been innovations in this technology, with several key players in the industry making quite impressive strides.

The hand dryers effectively dry your hands after you use the bathroom. There can be a lot of alternatives to choose from to find the best hand dryer. Hand dryers not only guarantee hygiene but preserve the environment as well. The best hand dryer needs to be efficient, budget-friendly, durable, reliable and fast.

We will take a look at some of these high-quality automatic hand dryers available, and see what presents them the edge over the rest.

10 Best Hand Dryers

1. Blue Storm High Speed Hand Dryer

When it comes to automatic hand dryers, you’ll find the Blue Storm High-Speed Hand Dryer; to be one of the preferred options in the market.

With a completely touch-less mechanism enabled, you get your hands as good as dry in less than 15 seconds. It saves you thousands of dollars yearly on paper towels and shuts down automatically to save energy.

Blue Storm High Speed Hand Dryer

This is a beautiful product and your satisfaction is guaranteed, with a 5-year warranty. The blue storm hand dryer is environmentally friendly and can be easily installed. Research has shown that; the use of hand dryers can’t spread airborne bacteria, it is also ADA compliant.

Using the Blue Storm High Speed Hand Dryer; helps you save 75% when you compare it with conventional hand dryers, and 95% when compared with paper towel cost.

It is drip proof, and the motor type is 15/16HP, has dual ball bearings and a 700W brush type. It has a heater thermal protection, and adjustable warm airspeed. It has an isolation class of 1, and power cuts off after 60 seconds.

2. XLERATOR XL-BWX Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer

XLERATOR XL-BWX is a special kind of surface mounted hand dryer with a thermoset polymer cover, which provides a strong resistance and heavy reinforcement from mechanical impact and rusting.

It also has a 1.1 nozzle that is able to reduce the noise by 9DB; with its fast airstream that can dry your hands completely in less than 15 seconds.

XLERATOR XL-BWX Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer

The speed is much faster than conventional hand dryers. It is approximated to be over 3x the speed of the conventional ones. It is also environmentally friendly and earns some LEED credits for its low energy consumption.

It is Certified Frustration-Free and has an operating frequency of 60 Hertz. The current rating is 55 amps; the power rating is 1500w, 277volts. It has a height of 12-11/16 inches, a depth of 6.6875 inches, length 11-3/4 inches.

Also, it has an infrared sensor that triggers the drying mechanism when you place your hands. The drying stops after about 35 seconds or as soon as you remove your hands. It also has some endorsements from reputable Green associations.

3. Awoco Compact Stainless Steel Automatic High Speed Commercial Hand Dryer

The Awoco Compact dryer comes with a round air outlet; which provides a concentrated airflow for speedy drying and low energy consumption. With an infrared sensor, the dryer is able to detect hands from 6-8 inches away.

It comes with detachable and washable air filters, which help in filtering over 99.97% bacteria. It also prevents the deposit of dust particles into the machine. It has a compact design which helps it fit comfortably, and it makes less noise during operation.

Awoco Compact Stainless Steel Automatic High Speed Commercial Hand Dryer

Awoco Compact Stainless Steel Hand Dryer is a UL certified equipment and has a 1-year warranty. This warranty covers repairs, technical support, replacement of defective parts, etc.

Automatically adjusts air temperature to save energy; in winter it produces hot air, in summer it delivers warm air. It has a thermal regulator which ensures children’s hands don’t get hurt and it can be easily installed.

It has waterproof properties, a power rating of 1150w, 110-120V, 50/60Hz, with a max current of 1350 watts. It has a carbon brush motor type and a stainless steel shell. The dimensions are as follows, width 6.8 inches, height 10 inches, and depth 6.2 inches.

In addition, the airspeed is 60m/s, has overtime protection of 45 seconds. The pack also comes with installation accessories and a manual.

4. Alpine Hazel Automatic Hand Dryer

This hand dryer is a polycarbonate hand drying device, which ensures durability, lasts longer, and is corrosion proof. It delivers high-speed drying and ensures 100% antibacterial and antimicrobial operations. It is also incredibly resilient.

With an elegant and solid design, the hand dryer promises to be a prestigious and stylish bathroom accessory. It’s easy to install and comes with a wall template. It is also highly efficient and no touch is needed during operation.

Alpine Hazel Automatic Hand Dryer

Afforestation has been a significant cause of global warming, and sudden climate change. It’s a known fact that paper towels are made from wood; which comes from trees. With the innovation, the rate of afforestation is expected to reduce drastically.

Alpine Hazel Dryer completely saves the cost of purchasing these paper towels and helps the environment by making the use of paper towels unnecessary. It also has ultra-quiet high-speed properties.

It has noise cancellation features; which make it sound like whispers during operation, thus bringing the noise to a minimum level. This is very useful in hospitals and organizations; where the noise from some dryers could be disturbing.

It has the following specifications; the width is 9.5 inches, the height is 10 inches, and the depth is 9 inches. It also weighs 5 pounds and comes with an infrared sensor.

5. Excel Dryer XLERATOReco XL-BW-ECO Hand Dryer

Are you looking for an affordable yet elegant and efficient hand dryer for your home or office, then this is a perfect choice. Excel Dryer XLERATOReco XL-BW-ECO dryer is fitted with improved control features such as sound and speed control.

Excel Dryer XLERATOReco XL-BW-ECO Hand Dryer

To help with troubleshooting, it comes with an externally visible LED light. It draws 4.5 amps, and therefore more than one unit can be installed on one circuit. This feature reduces the cost and time of installation.

It provides over 95% of savings than paper towels. It measures 11-3/4W x 6-11/16D x 12-11/16H. The housing is made with heavy-duty zinc alloy that is rustproof. For strength and durability Rib is reinforced.

6. PowerPress AHD-2001-00 Automatic Commercial Hand Dryer

Pension and CO. dryer is an impressive high-speed hand dryer that just takes 10 seconds before drying your hands. It is one of the most energy-efficient hand dryers in the market.

It is installed with noise reduction nozzle making it ideal for hospitals, hotels and shopping malls. It comes with an automated ON/OFF switch that ensures hygiene.

PENSON & CO. Super Quiet Automatic Electric Hand Dryer

The dryer comes with a durable ABS cover that prevents rusting and wear and tear. As it can survive adverse conditions hence, no long-term operational costs need to be covered.

7. FCH Household Hotel Commercial Hand Dryer

If you happen to need a hand dryer for commercial or household use, FCH Hand Dryer will be your perfect choice. This portable and waterproof dryer is compact sized this makes it easier to install and operate.

FCH Household Hotel Commercial Hand Dryer

Being automatic makes it quite convenient to use. This smart hand dryer makes it to our list because of its energy efficiency and speed. As compared to conventional hand dryers, this saves 70% energy and dries your wet hands in a few seconds.

8. XLERATOR XL-SBX Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer

If you are in the exploration of a powerful and super speedy hand dryer, then this is the right one. It is best since it only uses 5.5 amps at 277V. The dryer is fitted with a brushed piece of steel cover and this aids in making sure that the iron part will never rust and tear and damage.

XLERATOR XL-SBX Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer

The noise-reduction nozzle reduces noise up to 9dB. The high-velocity air stream works faster conventional hand dryers. It is fitted with a nozzle that rotates every 10 to 15 seconds. It is one of the most user-friendly hand dryers in the market.

9. Automatic Infrared Hand Dryer Electric Restaurant Bathroom by SR

SR Automatic Infrared dryer is the perfect choice when it comes to efficient, durable yet budget-friendly hand dryer. It is mountable on the wall and being automatic makes it easier to use. It has no buttons to push so there is no risk of transmitting germs.

Brand New 2011 Model Automatic Infrared Hand Dryer

Anyone new to using hand dryers can use this hand dryer easily. It comes with electric shock protection and thus making it child-friendly as well. The hand dryer is CE approved.

This device requires less maintenance because there are no rolls of paper to remove now and then. This is an infrared automatic hand dryer. It has an infrared sensor that turns off the dryer immediately when the hands are removed thus conserving energy.

What to Consider Before Buying Best Hand Dryer

As we progress further in life and technology, new needs arise in various sectors. When it comes to standard toilets, hand dryer is one of the most in-demand product at present.

Hand dryers are usually the substitute to the paper towels that were in use earlier. These were found at almost every public toilet, in schools, malls, hospitals, etc.

Best Hand Dryer

If you are thinking to replace your old paper towel with something like a hand dryer, many questions come to mind. The question you instantly ask yourself is what the best hand dryer is? But to answer this question, you need to take a lot of things into account. These things include your budget, the spectrum of your need, the efficiency of the product and so.

There are a lot of opportunities to choose from as various brands are offering multiple hand dryers with different features. Every hand dryer has its unique set of features, but you need to decide what suits you the best.

Power and Speed

A more powerful hand dryer offers more speed. The more the speed is, the quicker is the product in drying your hands. But more powerful hand dryers come with more noise as well.

Noise Level

You cannot get rid of the noise in hand dryers, but noise reduction nozzles can reduce the noise to a reasonable amount.


Nobody wants to make a worthless investment. While purchasing a hand dryer make sure to take a look at the material that forms the product. Hence, always make sure to look out for a more durable product.


A lot of brands are offering decent quality hand dryers in the budget range. If you are ready to go exceeding your budget, then the market offers a lot of products that are environment-friendly and efficient. Make sure to spend your money on a good product.

These are the significant factors to consider while choosing your right-hand dryer. The hand dryers mentioned in our list of the best picks considering budget and performance. Always go through our list before making a purchase.


The hand dryer is a reliable and efficient solution for bathrooms whether it is for public restroom use or household use. There are a variety of features they offer and hence choose after a careful analysis of your requirements.

The list of high-quality hand dryers continues. However, the ones listed here have proven to possess some outstanding qualities, which have placed them on a higher level than the conventional hand dryers.

Some of the qualities include; high-speed drying features, noise reduction or cancellation features, low power consumption, high hygienic properties, no touch properties, infrared sensors, modern design, and quality, etc.

With these requirements, these hand dryers have proven to be one of the best products currently available in the market. We strongly recommend them for their high quality, efficiency, and of course; guaranteed satisfaction and value for your money. Hope you found these helpful, thanks for reading.

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