Best Gun Oil – Reviewed By Experienced Shooters

Those who have guns understand the importance of gun oil in keeping their firearms working as smoothly as possible. The gun oil is essential to keep the moving parts of the gun and those that grind together from wearing out.

Maintaining a clean and well-oiled gun will not only work for years on end, but it will also function just as expected every time you pull the trigger accurate and clear-cut.

With so many brands that one can pick from, it might be a little tricky to pick out the best from the rest.

The thing is choosing the best lubrication for your firearm could be quite tasking. To help you wade through the various lube in the market, we’ve reviewed the best firearm lubrication available and we hope they guide you in choosing the best lubrication for your gun.

Sticking to the well-known brands to maintain quality and standards, we handpicked the best gun oils for you as below.

Top 6 Best Gun Oil Reviews

Lube Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating Gun oil

Hoppe’s products boast of having some of the safest and finest ingredients in the market and is widely known for producing high-quality gun oil.

And so they did in their No. 9 lubricating gun oil. In just a small bottle that can last for years, they managed to deliver a product that is not only refined to perfection, it has a variety of uses that cover a large number of precision mechanisms.

The best part about this product is that however long it lasts, it will never harden, gum or expire. It is a one-time purchase that can last you for over a dozen years depending on your gun usage.

It comes with a precision applicator that is provided to apply on the small, tiny crevices and areas that would be very hard to reach.

It can be also very suitable for weapons that are to be used in adverse weather conditions such as extreme cold or heat as it does not gum or evaporate.

The feature that stands out most about this oil is that unlike most gun oils that do evaporate almost immediately after application and attract some residue or dirt in those areas, it does not.


  • Its thin viscosity keeps it from gumming up
  • It has a variety of uses that range from fishing reels to hinges
  • Protects the firearm from corrosion
  • Keeps the firearms from jamming


  • It may run a little

Break-Free CLP-4 Cleaner Lubricant Preservative Squeeze Bottle

CLP is very inexpensive and lasts for a very long time, and hence it is one of the most extensively used CLPs.

This was the first gun oil that managed to reach the impossible standard that had been set by the united states military of a gun oil that can clean, lubricate, and protect a gun.

CLP (which actually means clean, lubricate and protect) is a unique blend of ingredients that help to do the three tasks simultaneously. You do not want to buy three products to do the work that can be done by one product.

Tried and tested by the military all around the world and proving itself in all kinds of adverse environment, this is one of the most common gun oils and comes both in spray and drop bottles.

The spray bottle is very convenient to reach all the areas making it a very affordable and excellent option for your firearm.

A weapon at times can get very hot from continuous firing. It is for this reason that this product was created to withstand both chilly temperatures as from negative 65 degrees Celsius to extremely high temperatures of up to 475 degrees Celsius.

It is a synthetic-based oil that is fortified with PTFE to prevent all forms of gun malfunctions by making it possible to function with dirt, sand, or whatever it is that may be clogged in there.

In addition to the corrosion inhibitors that are in the oil to prevent rust and the antiwear additives, CLP’s one of a kind boundary film serves to protect the surfaces of the metal from all kinds of contaminants, e.g. moisture.

It is exceptional that it cannot get sticky or gummy, even under extreme weather conditions.


  • Can withstand adverse conditions as it has a high tolerance for extreme temperatures
  • Tried and tested by the military
  • Easily obtainable
  • Incorporates three features into one
  • Long lasting


  • Does not work on suede

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can Lubricant Cleaner Protectant

This was developed by a German scientist for the German army. With more than 80 years of trust and continuous usage, it comes in a 1.5 to 6 ounces aerosol can, it bears a name that is well known even outside the realm of guns.

This is so because it has a variety of uses that include; cleaning, lubricating and protecting firearms and knives, shining shoes, polishing brass, emergency wound disinfectant and restoring and oiling leather. It is also very biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Ballistol is slightly alkaline. It is for this reason that it manages to neutralize the acid that may come from sweat on the mostly handled areas. This acid can cause rust and corrosion, but Ballistol prevents that. The downside to this otherwise amazing gun oil is that it has a strong irritating odor.

One of the most amazing feats that Ballistol is able to perform is cleaning even the nastiest firearm messes, say black powder weapons. After being fired a couple of times, black powder weapons are not something that you would want to clean because of the significant mess that they leave.

Ballistol, however, is capable of cleaning the messes completely, not leaving any trace. It also minimizes the need for brushing.


  • It is biodegradable hence good for the environment
  • The alkaline effect that it possess neutralizes the effects of perspiration
  • There is not much need to brush when you use it
  • Is usable in the protection of leather
  • Can be used for a large number of household purposes like polishing brass or silver
  • Safe to use as a disinfectant


  • It is not a copper solvent
  • Cannot remove lead
  • Does not work on suede
  • It has an irritating smell

Hoppe’s No.9 synthetic Blend Lubricating Oil, 2.25-Ounce

A highly effective and viscous oil blend, ideally formulated for weapons intended for adverse weather conditions think extreme heat or snow.

Due to its high viscosity, the oil does not evaporate or gum when exposed to the elements this particular feature makes Hoppe’s No.9 synthetic Blend quite useful and gun owner’s favorite.

With the precise oil applicator, you’re sure to apply oil even to the smallest crevice ensuring your firearm stays in top condition and working smoothly.

Even after a shooting outing at the range, use Hoppe’s gun oil to give your firearm a thorough cleaning.
Also for jamming guns or firearms with jerky actions, just apply few drops of Hoppe’s No.9 gun oil and rub it in. I bet you, you’ll notice a huge difference when next you shoot with the gun.

If you are concerned with how long the oil lasts be rested assured that you’re pretty going to be using it for quite a long time.

Hoppe’s No.9 synthetic blend lubricating oil is thin enough to be used as an exterior coating to protect your firearm against rust and corrosion yet heavy enough to stay without flowing off, unlike other lubricating oil that dries off after application and this can attract dust and debris on the surfaces where the oil was applied.

This lubricating oil can also come in handy if your fishing reel, creaky surfaces, or on any machinery needs some oiling. And hey, if you’re concerned about the bad odor the Hoppe’s natural blend is known for. You’ve got nothing to worry about the new Hoppe’s No.9 synthetic blend is completely odorless.

Tetra Gun 004B11 Gun Grease 1-Ounce Blister

Tetra gun grease is a heavy duty synthetic gun lubricant that works well with firearms such as the handgun, rifle, shotgun, and every other weapon in between.

Made with white fluoropolymer which when applied on the metal surface of firearms turns colorless providing a protective exterior to combat rusting and corrosion.

Tetra gun grease comes packed in a small tube with an applicator which eases the task of applying lubricant on any surface including small openings in your firearm.

Due to its ability to work well on a wide range of temperatures, you’re able to use it in any kind of weather and be rest assured your weapon will be adequately protected.

One major concern most gun owners have with lubricating oil is the issue of sticking or gumming, but, tetra gun grease has been shown over time to be non-sticky and hence does not attract dirt, load or debris like many other lubricating brands does.

Made from the highest quality of materials available, this gun grease bonds well to metals, which smooth and protects the grinding surfaces of your firearms from wear and tear.

Hence prolonging its life and keeping it as new as when you unboxed it Suitable for using on rifle bolts, locking lugs, sears, and semi-auto slide and with the low odor you can comfortably apply the grease without worrying so much about the harsh chemical smells.

Also note the instruction on the package about kneading the tube before applying this makes the grease to come out as an even, thick paste.

The exciting thing about this gun grease is its ability to keep your firearm lubricated and clean when stored-in for a long time without noticing any deterioration.

Breakthrough Clean Technologies Battle Born High Purity Oil

If you’re interested in lubricating your firearm with a high-quality product without those pungent chemical smells most gun oil brands are known for, then consider buying Battle Born high purity oil.

Made from a non-toxic, bio-degradable, and non-staining materials this firearm grease is what every gun owner wished for.

You don’t have to worry about whether there’s an unnoticed stain on you, or wondering the lingering harsh smell will dispel or not.

Due to its stickiness, Battle born gun oil is the best for Glocks and similar pistols with the ability to stick and protect all the various surfaces rubbing against each other.

With a proper blending that makes it suitable for the adverse weather conditions especially cold weather. Making it your best option for oiling your firearm during those chilling season and when you plan to store it for an extended time.

Best Gun Oil

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Gun Oil

Gun lubes are an essential requirement in caring for your gun. With it, you’re able to oil and preserve your firearm keeping them functioning just as when you bought it Lubrication prevents the inner parts of the gun from rusting and getting damaged from rubbing against each other.

From our experience and our expert hunter guide, we recommend applying some grease if you intend putting away your firearm for an extended period of time.

This is because grease has been shown to last longer without evaporating like oil, and it can withstand all kinds of extreme weather conditions.

With just a small drop, you’re sure of having your firearm protected from rusting and corrosion for a long time and the best part is. You’ll have a more enjoyable target shooting experience with all moving parts responding smoothly.

How to Oil a Gun | Gun Guide

Final Verdict

Choosing the gun oil that is best suited for you is dependent on some factors such as price, brand and the experience that user have had with the product.

My choice would be the Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can Lubricant Cleaner Protectant. It has a large number of uses and has added convenience to the spray bottle.

It is also strong as it can be used to clean messes such as gunpowder, a feat that other gun oils are yet to achieve. It has been around for a long while and has been tested by the military throughout the years.

If you want to maintain your guns under the same conditions that they were when you first purchased them all through the years, then this is the gun oil that you have been looking for.

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