Best Fishing Pliers Reviews and Buying Guide

Whether you are an open ocean angler or a freshwater angler, all anglers know that a beautiful fishing day may turn out to be not so pleasant when you forget to carry a single vital tool. One such tool is the best fishing pliers, which can prove to be quite a versatile and handy tool.

They are invaluable in cutting line, de-hooking catches, bending wire as well as other terminal tackling applications. In extreme cases, fishing pliers can even be handy is extracting hooks in case of accidental hooking.

The market is awash with so many brands and models of fishing pliers but only a few of the brands have the reputation of producing the models. The best fishing pliers should be lightweight, resistant to elements and able to deliver the best performance for both professional and hobbyist looking to have a good time.

We have done our assignment and now we provide you with in-depth reviews of the good fishing pliers currently, in the market.

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Best Fishing Pliers Reviews 2019

Piscifun Fishing Pliers Saltwater/Freshwater

Piscifun is one of the biggest names when it comes to the production of high-quality freshwater and saltwater fishing accessories.

The Piscifun fishing saltwater/freshwater pliers is a testament to the credibility of this brand. If you are looking for the right fishing pliers then you can confidently choose this Piscifun model thanks to a number of great features:

Lightweight And Ergonomically Comfortable

This impressive fishing plier is made from aircraft-grade aluminum which is known to be the lightest materials used in the construction industry. Because of this lightweight, you can conveniently carry the pliers along if you are planning for a long time fishing trip.

Furthermore, the tool comes with a coiled tether, belt loop as well as woven nylon sheath for additional portability.

Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Frame

The aircraft grade, anodized aluminum is not only lightweight but also strong and corrosion resistant. The frame is extremely strong and durable.

It will serve you for a long time without bowing down to damaging effects of oxidation and rust. The machine-cut aluminum handles are also strong for offshore and inshore saltwater fishing.

Replaceable and Sharp Cutters

Fishing pliers are not complete without a cutter. However, the cutter must be strong and sharp. This model of Piscifun fishing pliers is armed with incredibly sharp tungsten carbide cutters designed to be fully replaceable.

This means the pliers can easily cut even the strongest braided lines, fly lines, heaviest mono leader as well as the back line.

Convenient Hook Removal

Besides the super-sharp cutters, this Piscifun fishing pliers boasts of titanium-coated stainless steel jaws to ensure impressive strength and durability when you need to remove the hook.

The jaws are good for different types of hooks currently in the market such as treble and crank hooks with jerk or crank baits. If you are looking for the best fishing pliers then this Piscifun model is a wonderful choice.

Zitrades Fishing Pliers

This great fishing pliers from Zitrades is one of the most versatile tools you can have in your saltwater angler toolbox.

The Zitrades fishing pliers are specially made and equipped with innovative features making it ideal for stripping, cutting and pooling. You can use it for crimping gold only. To achieve these applications, the tool is equipped with a number of great features.

Strong Frame and Parts

This fishing accessory is constructed from a special aluminum alloy that is anodized. Anodized aluminum is lightweight and strong for utmost durability. Each part of the pliers is CNC machined for optimal quality and durability.

In addition to the anodized aluminum frame, this tool has stainless steel jaws that provide durability as well as power making it easy to remove different types of hooks.

Corrosion Resistance

Good saltwater fishing pliers must be able to resist the corrosive effects of saltwater. The Zitrades fishing pliers are made from deluxe aircraft-grade aluminum for superior corrosion resistance and anti-saltwater.

This also means the pliers do not fade no matter how extensively you use it. The pliers also feature very sharp line cutter made of carbide that can easily cut braided fishing line as well as wire steel.

Retractable Coil Lanyard and Nylon Sheath

Inasmuch as you can carry fishing pliers in your toolbox, you have to always have ready to reach when you are in the art of fishing.

This model comes with a holster-style sheath and a lanyard to keep it within your easy reach. The sheath also keeps the pliers from being scratched and promotes easy portability.

Furthermore, the coil lanyard protects the pliers from dropping and getting lost. You will love many other features of this pliers if you check it out.

P-Line Adaro Aluminum Pliers

Made in China, the P-Line Adaro Aluminum pliers is a great choice when it comes to professional as well as hobbyist angling. It is available in one of three anodized colors allowing you to choose what impresses you.

The pliers feature a simplistic design but are well equipped with unique abilities to deliver unparalleled performance.

Lightweight But Strong Construction

Like the Zitrades and Piscifun fishing pliers discussed earlier, the P-Line Adaro is built out of lightweight anodized aluminum that exhibits optimal strength for durability. The pliers can serve you optimally for years despite using it extensively in saltwater fishing.

It also features extremely sharp and durable tungsten carbide cutter specifically designed to cut into the braided line. Replacement cutters are also available for your convenience.

Strong and Powerful Jaws

When comes to jaws, the P-Line Adaro features separate jaws each of which is made of a coated carbon steel for additional strength and durability. The jaws also feature convenient hold-open spring that helps for smoother operation.

Due to the great power of the jaws, the pliers are extremely versatile when it comes to removing hooks. In fact, it can remove the various types of hooks quickly and with ease.

Comfortable and Portable Design

Do you love going out for long fishing trips? You know you need fishing pliers that are not only lightweight but also easy to carry and stow away. You will be happy to learn the P-Line Adaro is optimized for the comfort of use and easy portability.

Its package includes a sturdy nylon belt pouch for easy reach and carriage. It also comes with a strong-coil lanyard to prevent accidental loss and/ or unintentional drop that could lead to damage.

Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers

A good and cheaper alternative to the Piscifun reviewed earlier is the Piscifun Aluminum Fishing pliers. This pliers feature a great construction and deliver high-quality performance making it good for both hobbyist and professional anglers.

Just like all other Piscifun brands, this tool’s has a number of features that determine its incredible performance.

Sturdy and Lightweight Construction

To optimize strength and durability while maintaining a lightweight, this Piscifun fishing plier is built of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. You can conveniently carry this tool in your pocket without worrying about it weighing you down due to excessive weight.

It also features machine cut aluminum handles that are not only lightweight and durable but also ensure optimal comfort and ergonomics while handling.

Handy Fishing Pliers

These fishing pliers is a handy tool to carry along even to your longest and busiest fishing trips. Being lightweight, you can carry this tool in your pocket for easy reach and convenient use.

Alternatively, you can attach it to your belt thanks to a retractable coil lanyard. The lanyard is good for protecting the pliers from accidental loss even if it drops from its holster.

You do not have to worry about losing your tool in the raging waters. Nylon sheath protects the pliers from harm and belt clip allows for easy belt attachment.

Strong Hook Remover

Without the ability to remove hooks, fishing pliers are not complete and thus not worth purchasing. These Piscifun pliers feature titanium coated stainless steel jaws that deliver not only the power to remove different types of hooks but also ensure utmost durability.

The jaws are designed to make removing hooks fast and easy. Aluminum and stainless steel construction ensure optimal resistance to rusting and oxidation, the main causes of corrosion.

Manley Professional Fishing Pliers

Specifically designed for professional anglers, the Manley Saltwater Fishing Pliers is a good choice for you if you are looking for one to take along if you have a competition at hand.

Being 7-1/2 inches in length, the pliers offer perfect grip for any angling enthusiast whether a novice or a professional. It has so many great features that set it apart from its competition.

Spring Loaded Pliers

Spring loading in pliers design means the parts of the tool are held in place by elastic force of a metal, which means the pliers handgrips return into the off position when released.

All the high quality-fishing pliers feature this design and Manley Professional Saltwater Fishing Pliers qualifies as one of the best. The spring loaded design makes this tool ideal for removing small hooks and gripping fishing line rapidly.

Durable Construction and Advanced Coating

Saltwater is corrosive to metals. To go around this, the Manley Fishing Pliers feature a high-grade aluminum construction with anodized coating.

This protects the tool from salt water exposure for optimal durability. Aluminum is one of the strongest yet lightest materials.

The blend makes tool extremely resistant to elements but light enough for easy and convenient use, transport and storage. Its tungsten carbide cutters allow you to cut braided lines with utmost ease.

Convenient Usage

Any tool that is cumbersome to use does not warrant purchasing no matter how great it is. This fishing pliers from Manly Fishing Plier has been consciously designed to eliminate any difficulties with use.

As earlier mentioned the tool is spring loaded. It also comes with a free sheath for storage as well as a lanyard allowing for easy reach as well as preventing any accidental losses in the ocean waters.

Buck Knives Splizzors Multi-Tool

You might be wondering why we have included this tool in our reviews of the best fishing pliers. The answer is that the Buck Knives 0030RDS Splizzors Fishing Multi-tool is more than fishing pliers.

It is an extremely versatile multi-purpose tool the combines many uses into one. This unique ability sets it apart from the rest of the fishing pliers reviewed here. It has many wonderful features.

Multi-Purpose Fishing Tool

This tool features an extremely innovative design that brings together the use of pliers and scissors. Its long nose pliers are cleverly designed for easy, fast and convenient removal of hooks.

The tool’s Splizzors uses an advanced edge to edge pressure that is up to 10 times that of the conventional scissors. The unique and versatile design makes this tool ideal and efficient for trimming, cutting, bending, shearing, crimping as well as hook removal.

Secure and Safe Grip

The Buck Knives Splizzors is fitted with a durable rubberized Dynaflex handle that is ergonomically comfortable regardless of how extensively you use the tool.

For security, the tool is armed with a dependable non-slip for additional control. This multi-tool comes with a unique sheath system that works much like a holster with multi-attachment options and offers an easy portability.

Unique and Functional Jaws

Unlike what you will see in most other models of fishing pliers, the jaws of this multi-tool features micro-serrations that are designed to cut through braided line with ease as well as other high-performance fishing lines.

Durable and Corrosion Resistant

This multifunctional tool is engineered from 420HC Steel that is popular for excellent strength, corrosion resistance as well as edge retention. All the parts are made from 420HC stainless steel and that guarantees exceptional durability.

MadBite Fishing Pliers

Although the MadBite Fishing Pliers is ranked number seven here in our review, it is similar or even better in quality than many others promoted as best are. It is designed for saltwater use but it really is good for any loves angling.

The MadBite is perfect for a number of applications. It has many wonderful features that are responsible for the wonderful performance the tool delivers.

Very Durable Pliers

Durability should be your number one concern when looking for the good fishing pliers. This fishing plier is built of hard, anodized aluminum making it extremely strong, durable and able to resist the corrosive effects of saltwater.

This is why the pliers will outlast other brands by staying bright and resisting fading. It also features a split ring tool as well as stainless steel saltwater-resistant parts.

Spring-Loaded Design For Efficiency

This unit features a spring-loaded design, which makes it highly efficient in removing hooks from your catch and even from your body in case you accidentally hook yourself.

The pliers are also constructed with razor-sharp tungsten carbide cutters as well as non-slip grip handles made of silicon. As you may already know, silicon does not corrode or retain odors, unlike rubber.

Lightweight and Convenient

The tool is made from durable, high quality, aerospace-grade aluminum that is extremely light and thus allows for fast and easy hook extraction from toothy fish strains.

The pliers come equipped with a coiled lanyard as well as belt sheath for effortless access and easy reach while you are wading, bank fishing or surf fishing.

The pliers’ length is compact but the tool still delivers greater grip than most other models. You can use the tool for long without fatigue.

Factors to Consider Finding the Best Fishing Pliers

If you are starting out as an angler, you should know the importance of finding the right tools for the hobby or profession. Just knowing what you need is not enough. You must strive to find the right tool for your particular needs.

When it comes to fishing pliers, you must consider a number of important factors. Such factors will act together to help you arrive at the best decision. Here are the most important factors to consider in finding the best fishing pliers the angler’s market has to offer.

best fishing pliers reviews

The Purpose in Mind

Each brand and model of fishing pliers have its merits and demerits. Therefore, it is vital that you compare the strongest points of each model of pliers and their weakest points.

You have to tailor your findings with your specific fishing needs. Whatever works for another angler may not necessarily be suitable for you. Therefore, you must make a choice based on the purpose you have in mind.

How Long is the Nose?

When it comes to fishing pliers, the length of the nose is the single most important determinant of your fishing spot as well as the species of fish you intend to catch.

Generally, saltwater fishing requires longer nosed fishing pliers compared to freshwater fishing. This is because you are most likely to encounter larger and stubborn fish in salt water than the fish you will encounter in fresh water.

Construction Material

I believe you want fishing pliers that are strong, durable and capable of withstanding the corrosive effects of saltwater. The ideal fishing pliers are built from aluminum or stainless steel.

Aluminum is lightweight but moderately strong. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is very strong but maybe a little bit weighty.

The best aluminum for fishing pliers is anodized and aircraft-grade. The best stainless steel is 420HC steel. When it comes to the jaws, choose pliers with titanium coated jaws because they will not lose alignment fast as other material.

The Line Cutters

Besides removing hooks, good fishing pliers must be able to cut lines. You need to choose cutters that are strong and sharp enough to cut all types of lines including the braided ones.

Most ordinary pliers feature side cutters, which may work for normal types of lines. If you intend to use braided lines then you must look for pliers with specialized cutters.

Comfort and Ergonomics

As an angler, you know the conditions of fishing may affect your tackles. You need to look for fishing pliers that have handles that fit your hands comfortably and feature an ergonomic design.

This will provide you with an excellent grip so you can fish how you wish without strain or fatigue on your hands.


I believe angler wants fishing pliers that will weigh him or her down during a fishing trip. You need to find lightweight pliers that you can carry with ease, convenience, and comfort. Other convenience features include a belt sheath, lanyard

Final Verdict

There you go. Finding the best fishing pliers is the first step to a great fishing experience. In case you have been looking for the best pliers that will meet your specific fishing needs then you can find one among the top seven reviews.

Even better is the fact that you can do your little reached based on the buying guide and come to a suitable choice. Take advantage of this resource if you want to have an unforgettable fishing experience.

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