Best Cheap Mountain Bikes – Ultimate Guide to Buying Excellent Mountain Bike

Mountain biking makes for great outdoor activity. Apart from being a great way to have fun on your favorite trail, it’s also a good form of exercise. Very often, if you are new to mountain biking, choosing a mountain bike that is right for you can be downright daunting. But it doesn’t have to be.

Selecting the best mountain bike is important if you plan to spend some good time with your bike. Mountain bikes are available in various models, shapes, sizes, tailored to meet different riding styles, abilities, and budgets.

Whenever you just want to be started in the sport, or even if you are a newbie rider who wants the best affordable mountain bike, everyone wants to get the best value for their money. So our expert’s rider would like to suggest you buy a cheap mountain bike for a beginner and advanced riding.

Top 5 Best Cheap Mountain Bikes [Comparison]

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Things to Consider Before Buying Best Mountain Bikes

Here are important things to consider when choosing a mountain bike of good quality that suits your specifications.


As a matter of fact, the quality of a mountain bike you’ll get is directly proportional to what you pay for. Yes, a cheap bike may not be of the best quality. Usually, the price of mountain bikes ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Therefore, you’ll need to establish the amount that you’re willing to spend. Once you set the actual amount you are willing to spend on your new mountain bike, be sure to stick to it.

Most bike shops have models in various price ranges. With a little purchasing around, you can buy a mountain bike that will last you for years.

Riding Style

What is your riding style? It’s important to know the type of terrain you are planning to ride as well as your skill level. Nowadays, these bikes are designed for specific riding conditions. Your bike may get damaged because you harm if it’s not suited for a particular terrain.

If you are new in mountain biking, it would be advisable to consider a trail bike. Or do you want a bike for racing? It could be that you need a mountain bike for a free ride, street biking, cross-country, or downhill biking.

Knowing your riding style will make it much easier for you to decide which one to choose.


There are important aspects of a mountain bike that should be considered when choosing a mountain bike. Essential features such as wheels, saddle, shifting system, suspension, and brakes can help to improve control, rolling resistance and handling for better cornering.

It’s a good idea to choose a bike with disk brakes as they provide a stronger stopping force. When it comes to wheels, you should look at the width, hub material, and spokes.

Another essential feature in mountain bikes is the shifting system. The common types of shifting systems include trigger shifters, thumb shifters, paddle shifters, and twist shifters.

One should consider the advantages of each type of shifting system to establish what best meets their needs.

For safety reasons, purchase a good helmet and a set of lights to comply with road standards as well.

Hopefully, this has given you a helpful insight into the options bikes offer and what you require for your mountain biking adventure.

Frame Material

Mountain bike frames come in various materials. When choosing the frame material for a mountain bike, it’s good to look at things like flexibility, durability, weight, and cost.

The standard frame materials include; steel, aluminum, carbon, and titanium. Although they are relatively heavy, steel frames are more durable and flexible.

Unlike steel, aluminum frames are lighter and relatively affordable. But if you are considering carbon bikes, they are both light and durable and provide a lot of flex.

The best frame material happens to be Titanium as it is light, flexible and durable. However, Titanium frames are more durable.

Hard Tail or Full-suspension?

Hardtail mountain bikes do not have suspension in the rear and they are cheaper than full-suspension bikes. Unlike full-suspension bikes, hardtails are known to be more efficient on the ascent.

On the other hand, full-suspension bikes have suspension in the front and the rear meaning they are more comfortable. Moreover, they bounce less and have more contact with the trail.

Unlike in the past, full-suspension bikes provide better ways to adjust the amount of suspension depending on the conditions you are riding on.

Weight & Size

Weight is another important factor to consider when choosing a mountain bike. Regardless of the terrain, you intend to ride, you want something versatile and lightweight for purposes of little maintenance, better comfort, and speed.

Lightweight mountain bikes are a great preference for off the road rides. The decision of the ideal weight and size should be made after contemplating the type of terrain you intend to ride and your budget.

The size of the mountain bike must be a good fit for size impacts comfort and your performance.

Mountain biking is a great sport and a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Choosing the perfect mountain bike guarantees that you’ll make the most of your hobby and enjoy the outdoors.

As you can see, these are some of the important things to put into consideration when selecting a mountain bike. The best way to choose the perfect mountain bike is to determine the kind of aspects of the bike that suits your specific needs.

Above all other factors, an ideal bike should be comfortable. Most reputable bike shops allow for a demo ride before you can make a purchase.

Top 8 Cheap Mountain Bike Reviews [2018]

Choosing a good mountain bike when you have a number of options is really a tough job. But if you’re looking for the best mountain bikes under 1000 dollars, then here is a detailed review of the top mountain bikes that will suit your budget.

Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike

The Diamondback Hardtail is a bike that provides excellent performance, at a fair price whether you are a beginner or an experienced mountain biker.

This bike comes with Shimano 8-speed drivetrain system which allows you to adapt to different terrain requirements quite easily. The gears change efficiently and work for hand in hand with the 29-inch tires which have an excellent grip and remain sturdy over rugged terrain. Its lightweight build makes it easy to control over obstacles.

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The riding position when on the Overdrive bike is quite comfortable, thanks to its great design. It is well stretched out and handles corners well, while its WTB Wolverine wheels are well centered and balanced; the result is a smooth and comfortable ride.

Built using the 6061-T6 aluminum frame which is a combination of aluminum, silicon, and magnesium, the frame provides the rider with a lightweight frame with tensile strength. In addition, aluminum is rust-free and is not affected by outdoor weather conditions.

The Diamondback Hardtail bike is equipped with Tektro mechanical disc brakes that give the rider immense stopping power. The brakes are from the Tektro series and work well under any weather, terrain and even on steep slopes. The braking system on this bike is efficient and reliable. These brakes are designed to bring large wheels to a stop from high velocity fast, especially on uneven ground.

The overdrive comes highly advised if you are looking for quality at an affordable price. This is a great mountain bike especially for beginners as it has a lot to offer at a reasonable price. Compared to others in its class, this is a bike that a first timer will never regret buying.


  • Hand built aluminum frame with formed tubes
  • Lighter bike with better components
  • Smooth gear changes
  • 29-inch wheel
  • SR Suntour suspension fork


  • The seat is very hard and uncomfortable for long rides

Diamondback Bicycles Recoil 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The diamondback recoil 29er mountain bike is fun and quite affordable. It is one bike that can adapt seamlessly different terrain with an exceptional performance. This bike is designed particularly for all riders who prefer hitting the trails and handling off-road terrain with minimum effort.

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With a simple design that does not compromise on performance, the Diamondback recoil mountain bike comes with all the features that you would want in a bike.

To absorb the shock that comes with off-road biking, this unit is fitted with a coil shock that is equipped with oil damping properties. Combined with a Suntour XCM suspension, no matter how hard you hit the trail, you are guaranteed of a smooth, controlled and comfortable bike riding experience.

The frame is designed with the 6061-T6 aluminum alloy that is strong and sturdy which can support your weight comfortably when riding on rough terrain. The design of the frame ensures that you can take part in cross-country and mountain cycling events that are demanding and gruesome with relative ease.

For any given ride, brakes are very crucial. Having safe brakes makes the trip reliable. The Tektro Aires mechanical disc brakes provide this diamondback bike brakes that you can count on and that have adequate stopping power. They come with burly rotors that can happen to a stop even on steep inclines.

The mountain bike has twenty-four gear options you can choose from to allow you to ride across flat terrain and up hills at your desired speed.

Large wheels have low rolling resistance meaning they can move slightly faster. The Diamondback 29er mountain bike has got large wheels making it easier to ride over rough terrain.


  • Strong rims
  • Sturdier construction with a lightweight and wide hand bar
  • Reliable brakes


  • Has plastic pedals which are slippery under wet conditions

This is a high-performance mountain bike that is reliable, safe and ensures that your time outdoors will be memorable and worth your while. It is also easy to set-up and built from long-lasting quality components.

2018 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The Gravity FSX comes in different sizes; 15, 17, 19 and 21-inch sizes, to give you a wide range of variety when it comes to picking the most suitable bike for you.

To enable you to overcome bumps, hurdles, and obstacles while riding on trails, the Gravity FSX comes with an adjustable ear coil cover cartridge. This is an innovative technology that ensures easy and efficient handling while reducing vibrations when riding on rough terrain.

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The frame is made from aluminum which makes the Gravity bike light and comfortable to ride. The rims are built from stainless steel which gives your bike protection from rust even when it comes into contact with water.

For reliable stopping power, the gravity mountain bike comes fitted with front and rear disc brakes made by Shimano. The system provides you with safety and the ability to stop whenever you need to.

If you are looking for a new biking experience, this Gravity mountain bike will ensure you have a comfortable, smooth and stable riding experience. It has the ability to take on the toughest trails and gives you full control.


  • Available in 5 colors purchase the best one
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Lightweight frame and wheels
  • High number of gears
  • Great for uphill and downhill ride


  • The suspension is not designed for extreme riding or jumps
  • Short wheelbase

Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mg Alloy Wheel Mountain Bike

This mountain bike allows you to enjoy the services of the product at an affordable price. Features of the Meraxfiniss 26″ mountain bike

Just by considering the reputation of the manufacturer and the experience of other people, Merax finiss bikes are durable and lightweight.

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This is because of the 6061 heat treated aluminum frame, Shimano 21-speed Derailleurs changing the gears smoothly and effortlessly makes the sport of riding mountain bikes enjoyable. This can change up to 21 gears which give the rider the comfort to move faster on any terrain.

Without the assurance of safety, it turns out to be a scaring sport to ride a mountain bike. But this particular model of the mountain bike is designed with front, rear brakes giving you more control and confidence.

Magnesium alloy wheels are long lasting and lightweight And can easily make the mountain bike move over any obstacle.


  • It is comfortable right from the seat to the handlebar
  • Affordable yet with better features
  • Lightweight thus easy to ride around


  • Some of its parts are made of plastic components

Schwinn Men’s High Timber Bicycle

The Schwinn men’s high timber is a mountain bike with 21-speed shifters, a mountain-style frame, and a front suspension fork. The suspension fork and the mountain style frame, control the riding and pulls out the bumps and thumps on any trail so you can move without feeling them.

The bike has 29″ wheels with 21 shift gears and has a very front fork with shocks which offer a lot of help especially when crossing concrete and bumpy dirt roads.

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The bike is known to shift gears with no difficulties and it is very comfortable to get on or off and more so straddle when stopped. It also enhances the stability of the bike on the terrain.

The Schwinn suspension fork absorbs all the shock throughout your ride. This thus ensures that you have a very comfortable riding moment.

The sleek design of the bike and more so the MTB riser handlebar has been put up for your convenience and to enhance the happiest moments when riding.

This sleek looking bicycle has a mountain frame and suspension fork for more natural controlling of the gears while riding on off-road trails. It has 21 gears and the shifting is made easier for the riders.

Riding off-road can seem a little daunting, but this bike is built for it. It has a Schwinn alloy crank to offer riders better gearing. Even though it requires less maintenance than other bikes, some knowledge would be beneficial.

Even though it seems kind of scary trying to assemble your own bicycle, it is actually quite easy. The only things you will need to know are all written down in the user manual, so follow that and you are as good as gold.

Depending on your height and weight proportion, you might need to raise the seat and perhaps put on a different one. The comfort of the seat is crucial not only for longer and uncomfortable rides off road but also just pleasure rides around the town or city.

mountain biking

Also, you will need a set of tools to put it together and that can take a little while, but don’t be discouraged, give it a shot. If anything else fails you might need to take it to a bicycle shop and they will be able to help out.


  • Easy to transport because of the light frame
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Good for on and off-road riding
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat


  • Since it’s quite light, taller and heavier riders might need to pick a sturdier frame
  • Might require some maintenance knowledge
  • Can’t change the size of tires 

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

Mongoose is one of the best brands that produce mountain bikes with the best features that make the mountain bike ready to hit any terrain with a memorable experience. For instance, the Mongoose impasse bicycle is such a fun mountain bike that will drive a natural excitement when you start riding it.

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The bike is equipped with an aluminum full-suspension frame that offers the bike its durability mode and also maximizing your comfort and performance.

It is also trail capable bike which offers a smooth and very controlled ride featuring an element front fork which will smoothen bumps and also increase the control of your bike even when at very high speeds.

More features that will make you restless until you access this bike in your store are available on this product. The bike has alloy wheels with quick release front and rear disc brakes.

It also has 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur with the SRAM twist shifters which changes the gears effortlessly. Putting this kind of bike in whichever torture you may wish to will always make the bike come out with a clean bill of health.

Your safety in your riding hobby is the most important aspect to consider. The bike offers the front and rear disc brakes for great stopping or rather braking power. Practical experiments on this bike have proved that bikes have from time to time slowed down their bike even when they are riding so fast and without any difficulties.

To sum-up the bikes ability we can comfortably say that the bike offers a smooth ride on normal trails, it creates quite an excellent stopping power even when in adverse weather and more so the bike has low prices and with outstanding quality.

Cheap Mountain Bikes

This mountain bike has got large alloy wheels that can easily ride over obstacles. Furthermore, front wheels have got a release function that allows maintaining balance at the point of braking. And in addition, the alloy disc brakes are well suited for their purpose.

It is designed with an aluminum suspension frame which is strong and durable. Therefore, it can withstand your weight even if you ride it through rough terrain.

For purposes of comfort, the mountain bicycle has got an adjustable shock that can alter the suspension based on any given terrain.


  • Fast and reliable braking system
  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Have adjustable shocks
  • Element suspension fork
  • Alloy front and rear disc brakes
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat


  • Requires time to make some adjustments
  • The seat might not be the most comfortable

Northwood’s Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This rugged mountain bike with an 18-inch dual suspension and a lightweight alloy frame offers the bike a durable frame and still not as heavy as per say. With Northwood’s Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike you can easily get through on any trail and on its 26-inch tires fitted with alloy rims.

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The speed of this bike is impressive as it contains a 21-micro twist shifter and also a Shimano rear derailleur. This ensures that you have the best gear available for the climb and which provides that you have a smooth ride.

With the bike, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the bike whatsoever. The bike a 24-inch alloy rims with a steel triple crank and also added to it is an alloy seat clamp which has been sturdily built. This offers you the very safety conditions can offer.

Unlike other bicycle types, this one comes along with a full aluminum suspension and a 50 mm steel crown fork which offers very simple and comfortable riding activity.

The bike is very ideal especially if you are looking for a bike that will allow your son to get on the dirt trails and your neighborhood streets with reuse. This is because the bike is tough and rigid and yet it is very easy to handle.

Mountain Biking Tricks and Techniques

It is, therefore, an excellent entry-level mountain bike which will help you to test your riding skills off the road and more so while on the other terrains.


  • Easy gear shifting
  • Crank-steel triple
  • Alloy rims
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat


  • Problems in wheel balancing have been noted
  • Might be too small for taller people

Nashbar AT1 29er Mountain Bike

The Nashbar mountain bike was engineered to take on those tough outdoor trails with ease and without straining, making this bike a versatile and sturdy choice.

The Suntour XCT suspension fork that comes with the Nashbar bike ensures that the rocks, depressions, and roots that are common on the trails are tackled with fluidity. This, in turn, provides that you do not suffer from any uncomfortable riding. It also makes navigating the Nasbar a great experience.

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The Nashbar bike frame is built using aluminum with ergonomically designed handlebars and seat for extra comfort. It is also lightweight, ensuring that you can control the bike with ease.

This mountain bike comes fitted with Tektro disc brakes that are responsive and reliable. The brakes are designed to function well even under extreme weather and trail conditions that may arise when riding off-road.

With a quality aluminum build, gears that are easy to shift and 29-inch wheels, there is no place that the Nashbar mountain bike will not venture into The suspension system has been designed to take on the most rugged terrain while the bike’s pricing is fair and will not leave a hole in your pocket.


  • Durable and strong frame
  • Shimano revo shifter for precise gear shifting
  • Front suspension forks which give a comfortable ride
  • Strong frame
  • Price within range for everyone


  • Heavy Body
  • The linear pull brakes are not as effective as the disk brakes

Best Cheap Mountain Bikes

Bottom Line

One of the options is to go to a bicycle shop to look at some bikes to get some inspiration and understanding of what your requirements really are.

Also, a chat with a professional might make matters easier. Look at frame materials, seats, pedals and other parts. Perhaps invest in a good repair kit and read up on bicycle repairs just in case.

Everyone wants to buy the best one, but someone couldn’t find out the best one, it is a very important factor that choosing the right bike is a very serious matter.

Whenever If you have read our full article, you will be definitely become an expert to purchase the best mountain bike within your cheap budget. Hopefully, you have got helpful resources in this article to choose your dream bike.

Happy Riding!!!

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