Best Bike Lock – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide [2019]

The security of your bicycle is important, and one thing that can allow you to leave it unattended to is when you buy the best bike lock.

If you are an everyday bike rider, you really shouldn’t be contemplating whether or not you need a bike lock. The question should be, what is the best bicycle lock for me?

Unfortunately, no matter how great your bike lock is, it does not guarantee that your bike can’t be stolen, especially by highly skilled thieves with the right tools. Knowing this does not mean you should make it an easy task for them.

The grade of the locks may also depend on the type of material a thief requires to break. If you value your bike, then it’s essential for you to acquire the best bike locks that vow you the safety of the bicycle.

Here are a few bicycle locks that are worth considering whenever you visit a bike store.

Top 8 Best Bike Lock Reviews

We have reviewed a variety of bike lock products and we advise that you should make your decision based on whether you are aiming for maximum protection to keep off unwanted guests from your bike.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock

Kryptonite’s New York standard lock is arguably the best, regular sized U-Lock which is equipped with an 18mm steel shackle with two deadbolt locking. This lock is a bit more narrow than its counterparts making it safer but with the disadvantage that it gives you fewer things to lock it in.

Nevertheless, the New York Standard could be the perfect U-Lock for you if you are searching for the ultimate protection and don’t mind that the number of places you can park your bike is limited.

Users are always fascinated with how heavy duty and secure the chain lock looks. The most popular criticism is that the U-Lock is a bit small. It’s very useful when it comes to security but it makes things a little difficult to lock all the elements on your bikes like your seat and seat post.

Most riders recommend buying a couple of U-Locks or purchasing a cable to tie the U-Lock. Also, a certified and verified rider pointed out to us that Kryptonite does not offer any guarantee unless your lock is registered. It takes longer to cut through the New York standard lock unlike the others.

Schlage 999478 High Security Chain with Cinch Ring

Schlage 999478 High Security Chain with Cinch Ring is 5′ with a 12mm triple heat-treated manganese steel links. Its magnificent design gives room for more usable length, therefore, making it easier to use due to it being shorter and lighter.

This security chain is recommended to be used in high-risk locations. The chain comes with protective nylon wrapped around it to ensure both its durability and quality.

With this excellent additional features, your bike chain is now immune to any form of external threat like bolt cutters, saws, and chisels with the aid of Schlage security chain. This chains offer more usable length and are very easy to use.

With all these things said, we vow that buying the Schalage chain is a wise purchase and would even make your bike more secure if it is combined with Kryptonite U-Lock.

UShake 6-Feet Bike Cable Basic Self Coiling Resettable Combination

The UShake 6-Feet Bike Cable Basic Self Coiling Resettable Combination comes with a cutting-edge 4 digits locking system giving your bikes, ladders, ATV, fence, lawnmower, door, skateboard, grilles and many other types of equipment you might have in your maximum inventory security.

The numeric locking framework gives you the opportunity to reset or adjust the lock just by picking 4 different numbers in the range of [1 – 9], in your preferred order/sequence.

The cable has a length of 12m or 4 inches allowing you to get the rear wheel’s rim and the system strapped together, eventually attaching them to a stand or post.

The lock also comes along with a mounting bracket that makes it easy to secure your bike even while transporting. The interior area of the lock features hard steel cables that are somewhat indestructible by cutting or sawing.

You’ll have countless numbers of opportunities to create the right code that would be completely resistant to any form of decoding.

Kryptonite Keeper 785 Integrated Bicycle Lock Chain Bike Lock

The Kryptonite security products put a lot of work into this fantastic lightweight integrated chain in the Keeper line. It was made with 7mm four-sided chain links. This chain lock with from hardened triple heat-treated boron manganese steel chain.

Kryptonite Keeper 785 Integrated Bicycle Lock comes with a newly integrated lock head. The chain links are protected with the nylon-webbing sleeve to prevent its paint from scratching. It has an end pin-link design helps secure your chain which is made possible by its hardened deadbolts.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about someone stealing you are rid. We would recommend this chain mainly for people living in low crime areas.

It has a High security disc-style cylinder which is drill resistant. That’s more than enough proof that the Kryptonite Keeper 785 Integrated Bicycle Lock is the best bike chain lock product worth purchasing. It is Very flexible it is also strong and it is an affordable price.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 1410 Bicycle Chain and New York Disc Bike Lock

This is a lock that’s easy to use and will most likely ensure that no one uses your bicycle without your permission. It comes in three stainless steel keys with one key lighted with high-intensity bulb together with a replaceable battery.

The protective nylon cover has hook-n-loop that holds the lock place as well as ensuring its longevity. The presence of the Sliding Dust Cover provides that the High-Security Disc-Styled Cylinder lasts longer.

Also, the hardened double deadbolt and hardened steel crossbar ensure that there’s extra security. The high-security disc-style cylinder is reinforced with anti-drill and anti-pull protection to intensify the security features.

The inclusion of the New York Disc Lock with 15mm MAX-Performance steel shackle gives surety of the maximum security.

The price of the lock does not matter provided that it performs the sole purpose why you purchased it. However, it’s advisable to buy the lock alongside Kryptonite 16mm Bicycle Stronghold Anchor Bike Lock that attracts affordable price.

The patented lock has a dimension of 100cm of chain length and 15mm diameter of the shackle. Also, there’s 14mm six-sided chain link hardened with manganese steel for maximum protection. The weight of the lock is ideal for portability and usage.

OnGuard Pitbull STD U-Lock

The appearance of the lock resembles the locks that we use at our homes and the gates of most stores. The U-lock has an X4P locking mechanism that enhances security and protection of your bicycle.

The availability of TriRadius Hardened Shackles caters for numerous locking options thus safeguarding your bicycle in your absence.

The presence of Snap-Lock Release multi-position makes it easy to use the lock with any the bicycle even if it has a large frame.

It comes with five multi-Laser cut keys with an additional micro-light. Also, there are four extra grip keys Micro-light key projects a bright white beam for enhanced protection.

bike lock reviews

It isn’t easy finding a lock going at low prices yet still giving the much-needed security to your bicycle. The product measurement is 4.53 x 9.06-Inches, and it’s usually black.

CocoWeb Heavy Duty Bike Lock

The bicycle lock comes with unsurprising protection measures that prevent your bicycle from scratches and damages. It’s because the 2mm PVC coating does well to protect your bike from constantly scratching your bicycle frames.

Also, the High Grade 14mm solid steel design ensures that the lock lasts longer. Ideal for all weather and easy to carry. The weather guard feature ensures that the lock remains effective even during severe coldness that makes other bicycle lock products rust.

It comes with an easy to install comfortable bike carrying clip hence convenient for portability. Also, the presence of security cable increases protection.

Kryptonite 2079 New-U Evolution Mini-7 Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock

For instance, the patent-pending double deadbolt design ensures protection against thieves who steal by twist attacking. The protective Vinyl coating prevents scratching as well protecting the lock in adverse weather conditions.

The Sliding Dust Cover is helpful in ensuring that the High-Security Disc-Style Cylinder becomes durable.

The Cylinder exerts ant-pick and resistance to any form of drilling. The three stainless steel keys that come altogether with a single LED replaceable FOB makes it convenient to use even if you lost other keys.

The 13mm Hardened Max Performance Steel Shackle-offers resistance to bolt-cuts and minimized attacks. There’s Key Safe program with the lock.

How to Choose the Best Bike Lock

There is always that great feeling of owning a bike. Not only are they known to be great pastimes, but they can also be used to burn calories.

What’s more astonishing is that; rampant cases of bikes being stolen have been on the rise with the increase in their popularity. Due to these cases, some manufacturers have taken the golden opportunity and produced varieties of bike locks available in the market.

best bike lock

It will be a good option if you prevent your bike from being stolen by getting a bike lock.

In this article, let’s find out ways on how to choose the affordable bike lock.


Bike locks with preferred width are better in protecting and guarding bikes against threatening matters as they will require a lot of effort in breaking them.

It will also need that the thief to consume a lot of time due to their width broadness. The limitation that comes with this is that it will provide and give the criminal a wider area and portion of the lock to try and use every and all tools that he/she can access to smash down the lock.


Most probably, you will find three kinds of a category in locks that is: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The three are better categorized by how long or how much time it will take someone in breaching a lock.

Locks categorized as Gold are believed to be stronger and will require more time when breaking. If you happen to compromise on your bike cover, it will only cost you a dime and this will save in protecting your bike.

Point to note is that security level is directly proportional to the amount invested in a lock and failure to purchase a quality good lock will place you to the risk of being ready to purchase a new bike anytime soon.

Lock Type

There are around four ranges of locks i.e U-locks, chain locks, cable locks and seat/wheel skewers.

The U-lock is the most popular and is known to offer the most excellent security. It’s horse shoe in shape and it’s in goal is protecting the bike from being stolen by use of harmer or chisels.

Chain locks are known to be tough as they are built in special chain designs. The con is that they are the heavy type of locks and are not handy to carry around with.

Cable locks are great as well and are adaptable but they tend to offer less security compared to u-locks. They can be useful in areas with fewer crime rates.


Efficiency In purchasing a bike lock, go for the locks that the locking system are easy to maintain. During the different climate seasons such as cold climate, some locks clog up and this makes them seize.

Some liquids such as W040 makes it easier to maintain the locks as it cleans up the locking system which at times could have had a rust.

Make it a good practice to go for the option of easier to maintain bike locks when you want to purchase one.

No of Additional Keys

At times, we may wake up and have bad mornings or days. It feels terrible when you happen to lose your keys just as you are out and set to head to your workplace.

Two emergency keys are always included when you purchase bike locks and at times when you lucky, you might find three keys. When picking a bike lock, check the additional keys present and if it is just one, it would be better to choose another lock.

Remember to place your keys in safe custody when you have bought a bike lock.

Lock Weight

Consider the weight of the bike lock before picking one. Remember that any extra body weight on the bike signals you that it will require more and additional peddling work.

Superior bike locks such as chain locks are known and seen to be heavier than usual ones. If you don’t mind the weight, and if you are prone to many crime areas, go for this bike locks as your goal of bike protection will be achieved.

It’s good if we note that the keys that come attached to bike locks which are used to open the locks are very complicated. Some are cylindrical while others are just flat. This reason being is to make them be resistance to criminals.

We should always remember to purchase the best lightweight bike lock from its wise if we recognize that bike locks are as important as bike themselves.

How to Lock Your Bike Securely

Final Verdict

With the insight provided on the bike lock products in this review, you should now be able to make informed purchases when trying to secure your bike.

To make the determination more comfortable, make a list of what you really want out of your bike lock, and how much your budget is. This is how you can zero in on the best bike lock to serve your security needs.

Many people realize the value of their bicycles soon after losing them through theft. The theft incidences can be minimized if you acquire the right bicycle lock that can enhance the safety of your bicycle even when you aren’t present.

It makes sense when you mind about the security features of the bicycle lock that you want to purchase as this determines how long the lock can last. An ideal lock should be easy to use and offer protection to all theft schemes.

Either way, remember people can get still ways to steal your bikes irrespective of which lock you use on it, so be sure to use a right combination that’ll keep your bike secure at all times.

Happy Riding!

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