Best Benchtop Drill Press Reviews

Best Benchtop Drill Press Reviews


Best benchtop drill press can be a useful addition to any home, especially if you enjoy doing woodworking activities at your home. Drill presses can make any task easier, more efficient, and will even help improve your accuracy, versus using a standard handheld drill. If you have the space for this larger drill type, than it can be a great addition into your home.

Drill presses offer more power without the effort required for a handheld drill. For some models, you can take it to and from work with you, if you need this type of tool to travel. When looking for a benchtop drill press, it is important to do your research before choosing an option. This will help you get the most out of your investment.

Top 5 Best Benchtop Drill Press 2019

JET 354165 JDP-15M 3/4-HP 15-Inch Bench Drill Press

JET 354165 JDP is an incredibly easy-to-use item allows users to switch between large and small tasks without much effort seamlessly.
It also has a larger work surface that is about 10 x 13 inches and can be rotated 45 degrees in both directions.
Not only can you use this option for drilling into most materials, but you can also use this item for other projects as well.

JET 354165 JDP-15M 3-4-HP 15-Inch Bench Drill Press

Some of these additional tasks include sanding, shaping, and plating, among many other non-drilling tasks. While it may have a high price tag, this machine is a durable and quality option that you should consider. It is small enough to fit into most shops without taking up too much space.

This is not a portable option if you are looking for something that you can move around where you need it, but perfect for the intention of staying in your home workshop. It is worth every penny because its construction is very high quality, which can be seen in how heavy this product is.

Another thing to consider with this drill press is that it is a relatively quiet model. You will not disturb your house when using it. It is also a very easy to assemble drill, which is perfect if you just want to unpack it and get started using it. This drill does have a couple of downsides.

The work table does have some jagged edges that can hurt if you are not careful. It also has a bit of wobble to it, which can cause some issues. It also does not have a laser guide, which is something a lot of users are looking for. The table crank can be a bit difficult and not as smooth as one would expect for this price range.

Shop Fox W1668 3/4-HP 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press

This option from Shop Fox offers a quality drill press at a lower price than some other offerings. It is a versatile tool that can be adjusted 90 degrees in either direction and can be maximized for use for both drilling and sanding.
Shop Fox W1668 3/4-HP has a dust collection port so that you can sand without getting a mess everywhere.

You are also able to easily adjust the height of the machine to get exactly what you need to be done effortlessly.
This is a 4th ranked item in its field for a reason, and that is because it gives you quality at a lower price.

This model does have some excellent safety features, which can make you feel more comfortable using it. However, it is also a very powerful machine that can help you accomplish most tasks without any trouble. It is not only powerful, but it also makes beautiful and smooth cuts.

With enough patience and care, there can accomplish anything that you can throw at it. One downside of this tool is that it is a bit difficult to put together.

The instructions do not always match the device received and can be time-consuming to assemble. Some of the items look like they were not manufactured well, making this product look cheap. If you are looking for a product that looks as great as it functions, this may not be the best choice for you.

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press price tag on this option can be a bit off-putting to some buyers, but it is important to remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to most items. In this case, you are getting a very durable product that is perfect for both professional and residential uses.

This versatile machine is able to go against many different materials easily, though its main purpose is for use with woodworking. It has a heavy-duty motor that you can count on to get the job done right.

This particular model features an auto-tensioning belt system that can help make sure that you can easily and quickly switch between speed changes and will maximize efficiency. This drill was designed for the purpose of being a user friendly product. An LED will light up the surface as you work, and the base is incredibly sturdy.

This model comes with ¾ horsepower induction motor. It has the most powerful motor compared to WEN 4208 8-inch 5-speed Drill Press and WEN 4214 12-inch Variable Speed Drill Press.

One of the most impressive things about this model is that it comes with 16 adjustments for speed, which is significantly higher than what you can find from WEN 4208 8-inch 5-speed Drill Press and WEN 4214 12-inch Variable Speed Drill Press.

It is also commendable because it comes with Auto-Tensioning Belt Drive System, which is the feature that is responsible for providing easy adjustments of its speed.

This model has a length of 61 inches, the width of 31.5 inches, and a height of 13 inches. Meanwhile, it weighs 261 pounds. This is way larger and heavier compared to WEN 4208 8-inch 5-speed Drill Press and WEN 4214 12-inch Variable Speed Drill Press.

Compared to WEN 4208 8-inch 5-speed Drill Press and WEN 4214 12-inch Variable Speed Drill Press, this is more user-friendly. One of the features that make this possible is the auto tension belt drive system, which makes it easy to change from one speed to another. It also has a work lamp, which makes it easy to work even in low-light environments.

This is one feature that is not found in the two other models that we are comparing in this article. It also has an independent depth scale, and micro-adjustable depth stops to make it effortless to operate. Because of these features, among others, we are picking this as the best when it comes to ease of use.

If budget is not an issue, this is going to be an excellent pick, especially because of its high-end features. It is the most expensive when compared to WEN 4214 12-inch Variable Speed Drill Press and WEN 4208 8-inch 5-speed Drill Press.

WEN 4208 8-inch 5-speed Drill Press

WEN 4208 8-inch 5-speed model comes with a square cast iron table, which has the length of 6.5 inches and width of 6.5 inches. Its height can be adjusted based on the requirements of the user. It can also be tilted to the left and right both at an angle of 45 degrees.

This model comes with 1/3 horsepower induction motor. It makes the least powerful compared to the three options that we are comparing in this article.

With this model, speed can be adjusted in five different settings, ranging from 740 to 3,140 revolutions per minute. Regardless of the thickness and type of material that you are using, this can provide sufficient power that you need.

This model has the length of 22.9 inches, the width of 11 inches, and a height of 7.5 inches. Meanwhile, it weighs 35 pounds. It is the smallest and lightest from the three models, which is why we are picking it as the best. However, it should be pointed out that because of its compact size, its applications can also be limited.

One of the things that make it easy to use is the linear depth stop for the spindle travel. Its speed will also be easy to adjust. The handle is conveniently located on the side, which is easy to access.

If you are looking for an option that is budget-friendly, this should be on the top of the list. This is the cheapest from the three models that we are comparing.

WEN 4214 12-inch Variable Speed Drill Press

Like in the case of WEN 4208 8-inch 5-speed Drill Press, it also comes with a cast iron table, but it is slightly larger at a length and width of 9.5 inches. The height is also adjustable, and the bevel can be angled at up to 45 degrees, both on the left and right.

This model comes with 2/3 horsepower induction motor. It is slightly higher compared to WEN 4208 8-inch 5-speed Drill Press but lower compared to Delta 18-900L 18-inch Laser Drill Press.

The model comes with an adjustable speed of 580 to 3,200 RPM. It also comes with laser centering capability, which will make it easy to have it adjusted based on what is required by the specific application.

This model has a length of 36.6 inches, the width of 16.8 inches, and height of 13.5 inches. It weighs 89 pounds. It is slightly larger and heavier compared to WEN 4208 8-inch 5-speed Drill Press. Meanwhile, it is smaller and lighter compared to Delta 18-900L 18-inch Laser Drill Press.

Once it is taken out of the box, you will be able to have it assembled without requiring too much time and effort. There is a digital readout, which will make it easy to monitor its functioning. There is also an x-pattern laser that will lock the material that is being drilled and will eliminate the need for guessing.

This is a mid-priced model. It is more expensive than WEN 4208 8-inch 5-speed Drill Press and Delta 18-900L 18-inches Laser Drill Press.

Key Things You Need To Consider When Buying a Drill Press

Are you looking for the best drill press that is available in the market today? Keep on reading, and we will let you know some of the features that can be taken into account.

More importantly, we will take a look at three of the popular options in the market and compare them based on the features that are discussed. By the time you are finished reading, we will recommend which one is the best based on our discussions.

When the drill press was invented, it was used primarily to drill holes in metals. Through time, however, as many people realized its significance, it has been used in drilling on other materials as well. Today, it is a popular tool because of its power and accuracy, which cannot be yielded when you are drilling by hand.

While a drill press can indeed be beneficial in ways more than one, keep in mind that this will depend on the specific model that you will be using. With this, you should assume the role of a responsible buyer.

Consider the motor, warranty speed, construction, and ease of use, among other things. You should also consult with what other people have to say, and make sure to go beyond price. Being cheap is not necessarily an assurance of being the best.


As you compare the options that you will be confronted with, one of the first things that you should do is to take a look at the table of the drill press. It is important for the product to be designed with a flat table, which is going to help improve accuracy. It is also important for the table to be equipped with a solid base, which will make it stable when being used.

Aside from having a flat surface, it is also important to have an easy-to-adjust table. You must be able to modify its position and angle from left or right, up or down. This is going to make the press flexible in different drilling applications.


This is perhaps one of the most important parts of the drill press, basically because it will be indicative of power and reliability. One of the things that should be looked at would be the power of the motor, which is reflected on its horsepower.

It is also important to take a look at their revolutions per minute, which will have an impact on its performance. The motor must also be long-lasting and must be able to provide dependability through the years.


One of the most important things for a drill press is to have variable speed. With this, you will be able to enjoy the flexibility to see the drill press in a wide array of applications. Regardless of the materials that are used, you can have it adjusted to suit your needs.

Having more adjustments is better because it means that it is going to be more versatile. It is also important for the drill press to have user-friendly adjustment controls.


When it comes to the size of the drill press, there is no general rule of thumb with regards to which one is best. It will all depend on personal preferences and the intended applications. For the purpose of this article, however, we will pick the one with the most compact body.

This is provided that it is going to be used only for basic applications. With a compact body, it also means that it is going to be efficient regarding space consumption.


To have peace of mind with the drill press that you will buy, it is important to choose one that comes with extended warranty coverage. This means that you can rely on the support that can be provided by the manufacturer. If in case some problems or defects are not due to your negligence, you can ask the manufacturer to have it repaired for free.

Ease of Use

When evaluating the options that are available in the marketplace, it is important to choose one that is user-friendly. A lot of people hate the idea of working with automated machines because of the assertion that it is only going to make the work more complicated. In reality, however, they can make your life a lot easier, provided that you choose one that lacks complications.


Not a lot of people will be interested in buying a drill press because it can be costly. This may be the case, but this does not mean that you should look for the cheapest option. More often than not, the price is about quality. Therefore, if you are looking for one that can prove to be superior, be ready to spend more.

Various factors will have an impact on price. The reputation of the manufacturer, durability, ease of use, innovative features, and warranty, are just some of the things that can make one drill press more expensive than the other.


Your search for the best drill press will not be an easy task. With the abundance of the options that are available, it is easy to end up being overwhelmed. This, however, should not be an excuse to decide in haste.

Do not forget to consult with what other people have to say, such as through online reviews or asking for recommendations from people you know. Most importantly, consider the features that we have mentioned above.

From the discussions and the table above, if there is one that we can recommend, it would be Delta 18-900L 18-inch Laser Drill Press. It may be a bit heavy and bulky compared to the two other models that are mentioned. Nonetheless, it fared well when it comes to the table, motor, speed, warranty, and most importantly, ease of use.

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